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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 26

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:55:58 PM

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – The Rebel Comes Into the World

Strange, unfamiliar runes kept appearing one by one, clashing with Good-Natured Spirit’s ethereal runes of his rebel’s seed .

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The roguish spirit knew the ghost that resided Shira’s body would do something to repel his marking . However, he didn’t expect that Shira’s body would host a bunch of spirits at once .

“This body is mine, dammit! Dammit!” Good-Natured Spirit gritted his teeth, then used his spiritual power to pull more scrolls from book racks on the other side of the peak .

“Shit!” he swore once again . His hand moved fast to write runes on the scrolls’ surface with an ancient brushed, then injected mana energies into the written runes so he could use them to enhance his rebel’s seed .

Fortunately, spirits inside Shira’s body didn’t work together to oppose him . Good-Natured Spirit conceived that those hateful spirits were in a conflict or they were just plain stupid . Regardless what happened in Shira’s body, Good-Natured Spirit would use whatever chance he got to kick their asses once and for all .

After many scrolls were used, the roguish spirit felt it wasn’t enough . With a wave of his hand, a dozen of giant paper cranes started to move and picked more and more scrolls for him .

“Let see how you lowly spirits handle my rebel’s seed after I buff it with one hundred scrolls!”

“There’s no need . ”

Before Good-Natured Spirit started the extra scroll, all of the sudden, silhouette of an old spirit appeared from Shira’s body .

Good-Natured Spirit jumped out, picked the Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw and intimidated the newly appeared old spirit with the chainsaw’s furious engine roar .

“You dumbfuck finally appear! Where are the others? Tell them to G-T-F-O or else…”


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The old spirit looked calmly at him, didn’t even budge an inch .

“GTFO! That means Get The Fuck Out, dammit!!!”

Old Spirit frowned, then shook his head slowly . “Young people, such a loud voice…”

“You old shit wanna shake hands with my little bro?” Good-Natured Spirit sneered .

“No,” Old Spirit answered . Then he casually picked a random pebble with his fingers, flicked and shot it toward the chainsaw .


Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw exploded by the pebble .

“The fuck? Little bro?” Good-Natured Spirit stared dumbfoundedly at his chainsaw, then at the Old Spirit, after that stared back to the destroyed chainsaw on his hand . “Noooooooo!!!”

“Your time for fooling around has come to an end . Now it’s time to work, little boy,” Old Spirit said .

The old spirit waved his hand . The air around him suddenly become violent as the law of the space around him broke, forming a black hole in front of him .

Good-Natured Spirit could see a pale-skinned body of a young knight who wore an ancient rusty heavy armor inside the black hole . The young knight sat peacefully . He was hidden by the law of the space, appeared to be sleeping for ages .

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Only after the Old Spirit tapped his forehead that his eyelids reacted with a slight tremble .

Then, slowly, the ethereal entity of old spirit seeped into the forehead of the young knight .

Old Spirit became one with the young knight . In fact, he was the young knight in the first place . A young body; ancient soul .

His body radiated a thick aura of blood . For such aura still emitted in his body for thousands of years, Good-Natured Spirit could guess how many millions of descendants of gods were died by his hand .

“Ah, I thought I was an evil bastard back then . Don’t expect to see a crazier dude here,” Good-Natured Spirit said .

The young knight face was bloodless and expressionless . “You might be tired getting drunk with glory thirteen thousand years ago . But in front of me, you just a little brat, Gyl von Tiramikal . ”

Good-Natured Spirit smiled coldly when he heard his name mentioned . His eyes became sharper . “You know who I am . ”

“I knew even more than you,” the young knight said .

Good-Natured Spirit didn’t show his killing intent . However, before even he made his move, a pointy spear that flashed out of thin air swiftly rested against his chest .

“Be careful . That man certainly wouldn’t forgive me if you were accidentally killed in my hand,” the young knight warned, pulled his spear from threatened Good-Natured Spirit again and gave him some space .

Good-Natured Spirit knew he would never win against this young knight in a frontal combat . So all he could do now was sitting in a comfortable chair and said something to the young knight: “fuck you . ”

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The young knight didn’t care about the roguish spirit’s anger . He glanced at the unconscious body of Shira .

“The rebel comes into the world,” he said . Young people had given their own rebel’s seeds to the youth of Yashura Family . From this day onward, Shira Yashura would be labeled as an enemy of the heaven, someone who inherited the old ways of warriors that the descendants of gods were afraid of for millions of years .

Good-Natured Spirit might have an ulterior motive when he gave Shira the rebel’s seed . The spirits inside the gate would also spout their seeds out of boredom . But for the young knight, he was different . He was a man with a plan .

“Come, young Spirit Conductor . Let the mountain see you . Let the sea recognize you . And let the sky admit your existence . Today, as the day of destiny, I would show my rebellious soul… and let you walk the way!”

With that, blood-red runes started appeared around Shira’s body .

However, it was a moment . The runes suddenly expanded and exploded like a balloon . Radiated a bright red light that could blind a normal person’s eyes, forced the Good-Natured Spirit to cover his face .

“What a strong seed! Who are you?!”

The young knight didn’t answer him . As he turned around, runes from other rebel’s seed also exploded by the glaring red light of his .

The young knight’s seed of rebellion was so strong that its light burst through Good-Natured Spirit’s well-prepared concealing formation, formed a red pillar of light that pierced into heaven .

And by now, almost every powerhouse of the continent gazed at the red pillar on the horizon . Even the descendants of the gods upon the heaven must realize something amiss happened somewhere in Tiramikal Continent .

That sounds like trouble .

Good-Natured Spirit would be spat out a mouthful of blood due to anger if he was alive right now .

At first, he took a retreat step and wanted the young knight did whatever he wished, then patiently waited for a chance for a stab in the back . However, the roguish spirit didn’t expect something bizarre as this would happen to him . The young knight simply too strong .

“Remember, Gyl von Tiramikal . Finish what you started . Let the young Spirit Conductor choose his own path of bloodbath . After everything was done, the Mountain will come to pick you up . ”

After he said that, the young knight swung his spear at one of four magical wall formations, destroyed it in an instant . He jumped out from the mountain peak, then disappeared amidst the mountain woods .

Good-Natured Spirit narrowed his eyes, was silent for a moment .

Then he scoffed . What the fuck was that message supposed to mean? And who the hell is the Mountain he mentioned?

He looked up to the sky . The pillar of red light that rooted by Shira’s body was really pissed him off . He waited for one year and everything almost went down to shit after just one day . He caught unprepared .

“Don’t let me see you again . Or you’ll suffer a horrible death . ”

Good-Natured Spirit might admit he would take an utter defeat if he fought the young knight in rusty heavy armor before .

But when it comes to assassinations, no matter how much strong his enemies were, Red General never failed to bring back their heads . That was a fact .