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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 27

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:55:56 PM

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – The Auspicious Pillar of Red Light

Inside a room in some random kingdom’s castle .

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“Your Majesty . We are certain now . That red pillar light was meant to be a sign of a heavenly treasure coming into this world!”

“Then what are you waiting for? Prepare envoy to visit the East Tiramikal Kingdom now!”

“Right away, Your Majesty . ”

On some powerful clan of Tiramikal Continent .

“That light is an aura of some powerful monster, Patriarch!”

“Come with me, bring a lot of our clan warriors! We have to subjugate this monster and loot its lair before someone else did it!”

“Please consider it done, Patriarch!”

Because they didn’t have spies near the source of the red pillar of light, nobody really knew what happened, but some idiots already ignorantly made presumptions . Because of that, rumors and stories of old legend came into the surface that caught more and more attention upon this matter .

No one knew who said it first, but the piercing light later was known as “The Auspicious Pillar of Red Light” .

Everyone went mad .

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The most powerful kingdom in Tiramikal Continent, Tatalghia Kingdom .

The kingdom was the most powerful and steady military oriented kingdom even if it was placed upon the whole world . Yet, they never showed any bold ambition to declare their own empire even though they had the power and influence to do so .

Tatalghia Kingdom was ruled by King Tatalghia IV . However, everyone who learned a little bit politics knew that the real power holder wasn’t the reigning king: it was his old grandfather, the revered Grandmaster Tatalghia .

He was a late Tier 3 Mage, Level 128 arcane type mage that was referred as the most powerful man on the whole Tiramikal Continent .

Right now, Grandmaster stared at the pillar of red light .

One look and he knew where exactly the source of the light was .

His eyes were bleak as he lamented about the old days in silent .

Knock knock knock .

An old eunuch knocked before he entered the Grandmaster’s study .

“Master . About the pillar on the horizon…” the old eunuch didn’t know what to say in his report . He looked at the gentle old Grandmaster, who nodded his head faintly, then said to him a knowing reply .

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“Yes, I know,” Grandmaster Tatalghia said . “It comes from Badril Village . Somewhere in its mountain . ”

Old Eunuch then said to him worriedly . “Your grandson the king currently preparing a convoy for the Crown Prince to visit Badril Village . Master might not hear about him, but the Crown Prince always brought trouble . ”

“What is there to worry about?” the Grandmaster said with his brow raised . “That place no longer held any value in my heart . Almost everyone I knew from that village was dead . It only brings pain to the recalled past memories . ”

“Then do you approve the king’s decision?” asked the eunuch cordially .

Grandmaster Tatalghia nodded his head . “Only if my grandnephew also went to supervise that Crown Prince brat . ”

After he received his order, the old eunuch bowed and left the place .

Silence filled the study room once again . A long sigh was heard minutes after that .

Grandmaster Tatalghia was tired after staring at the pillar of red light on the horizon for hours . He closed the curtain, turned around and accidentally, his eyes fell upon an old painting hung on the room’s wall .

He smiled . Back more than one hundred years ago, when he was forced to escape due to the kingdom’s bloody coup of his younger brother . The young Mage of Tatalghia and his most trusted eunuch were stranded on some backward village that happened to be Badril Village . They didn’t have money nor supplies . So the young Mage lost his hope to survive . It was only because kind acts of an old painter that he was able to find a will to live again and survived to this day .

“More than one hundred years passed . I wonder if Grandpa Badril still alive and really was an immortal like everybody in Badril Village once said . ”

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The Grandmaster Tatalghia didn’t have good memories of his younger days . But he still remembered his friends and benefactors a lot . One of these days, if he knew for sure his days were going to be numbered, the most powerful mage of Tatalghia Kingdom planned to travel the whole continent to meet them one by one .


Three most powerful factions in Tiramikal Continent now: Tatalghia Kingdom, Moon Temple, and Purple Garden Sect .

Purple Garden Sect .

It was a sect that founded by a woman and for women only . They mainly accepted female disciples from noble lineages .

Those disciples were nurtured with terrifying devices of political maneuver manual that led to the sect’s powerful political influence over hundreds of kingdoms and clans that surrounds it . However, just because it was a sect for women, and they only focus on their political power over the years, one shouldn’t look down on the Purple Garden Sect . This very sect’s existence was the main reason that descendants of gods were held back from wiping out the remnants of revolutionist army after the fall of the Red General thirteen thousand years ago . Some said they were backed by a powerful mysterious figure that even heaven themselves didn't dare to offend .

Right now, the young and beautiful disciples of Purple Garden Sect were gossiping around and passed rumors about the pillar of red light on the horizon . The elders and instructors of the sect also threw their opinions around this matter . The atmosphere was quite lively .

Though, it was different in the mail department . A young disciple was busily going through pieces of mail paper and stacked them to five different categories according to their importance .

A rare beautiful messenger bird arrived through the open window . And like the usual procedure, the young disciple gave the messenger bird a snack and retrieved the mail that tied to its leg . However, today, the disciple was confused when she found that it was not a piece of paper that the bird brought . Rather, an ancient looking ring with the sect’s emblem engraved on the ring’s gem .

“Teacher . A bird arrived with this ring . What category should I put this on?”

A middle-aged woman looked at the girl disciple . “Oh, you are still new so you didn’t know a ring represents old alumni of the sect . Here, let me look at it . ”

The young disciple gave her teacher the old ring . After inspected a bit, she put the ring on her ring finger .

Pieces of information suddenly poured into the middle-aged woman’s mind .

“Hmm . Its sender should be someone called Ross . And the recipient was… Luna Elzier? There was no one with such name here . ”

Decades worth of experiences worked in mail department, it was no lying if the middle-aged woman stated that she knew every name on the sect like the back of her hand . But the strange thing was she never heard of someone with the name of “Luna Elzier” like the message on the ring stated . Even her colleagues never heard of it .

Confused, the woman decided to take a little peek at the content of the message . Yet, before she even finished reading the first sentence, the middle-aged woman abruptly stood up with a dumbfounded look on her face . She was so scared to read the rest of the message that she immediately pulled back the old ring from her finger .

“This… this… message should be handed to the Sect Master!”

Later, the Sect Master of Purple Garden Sect received the old ring . The woman who worked at mail department might not know who Luna Elzier was, but she certainly knew .

After reading through the whole message, the beautiful Sect Master wore a complex expression on her face . Then she went into the forbidden area of the sect alone without a guard following her .

She arrived at a small house somewhere deep in the secret location of the sect . After that, Sect Master proceeded to kowtow outside the open door before she went in and said something to the owner of the house:

“Founder, Madam Ross sent an urgent message to you . ”