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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 39

Published at 26th of March 2018 01:00:33 PM

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Fertity

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Arden Gilmour’s face stone-cold since yesterday .

His bodyguard poured him some wine, then sat on the corner to eat his bowl of jerky . They didn’t talk for a long time .

Underground braziers were lit in the darkness were their only source of light . Arden Gilmour looked at the map on the table, his face turned cold realized something .

“That spirit had made a move . It’s too soon,” he mumbled to himself .

The bodyguard wanted to comment but didn’t open his mouth . He knew his master referred to the pillar of light they saw back yesterday .

Two hours later, there were knocks on the underground’s door . The bodyguard stood up to receive their guests, two beautiful ladies who came from the organization to tended Arden needs .

The leading of the two, a mature-looking lady with alluring and exposed cleavage, said to him, “I’m sorry we were late, Sir Gilmour . The desert was too flat and confusing that we had a hard time reading the map . ”

“It’s fine,” Arden Gilmour said . “I’m the one to use this kind of deserted place to trap Jhuju in the first place . ”

“Then thank you for your pardon, this is the information you asked for . ”

She bowed her body to give Arden his documents, intentionally revealed her two ample secret weapons complete with a concealed wink .

Arden noticed she was smiling invitingly at him .

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“Your breasts are big,” he said .

“Yes,” the beautiful mature lady said . Her sexy bright red lipsticked lips bloomed into a naughty smile .

“Show it to me . ”


The mature lady and her younger partner were speechless by the straightforwardness of the man .

Before coming here they already knew the rumors about Arden Gilmour . He was the rising star in the organization, picked as the candidate leader for their organization leader in five years from now . They even said the mysterious man was connected with a hidden powerful faction that would support when he blasted his way as the most powerful candidate . His future very promising . However, he was a loner and had no lovers . So the matured lady once said she would use most of her saving to buy expensive perfumes and dresses so she could score a night with the prodigy man .

But they didn’t expect that the man would be this daring . Arden’s face was serious when he told her to show her breasts, thus the lady decisively lowered her chest dress to show those two plump milky and beautiful fruits . Her tits were big and firm . Though her darkened berries not as sweet and light colored as cute maidens still, they were alluring with their crown inverted like two shy little princesses .

“Mmmmhhh… . ” She moaned with a pleasant voice as the pale face man grabbed and squeeze hard her elastic left breast .

“It’s a good quality,” Arden said .

“Thank you for your praise, Sir . ”

“Your butt also good quality,” the man put his hand on the lady’s buttock .

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“Ah, good Sir . Please slow down a little,” she said with self-made innocent whispers .

The pale man didn’t budge a little . Still, with a serious expression, he continued . “Raise your arms . Show me your armpits . ”

This man is a pervert, the lady thought . But she was glad . The more perverted the man was the more easily she could control him later . Just satisfy his weird fantasy and endure the embarrassing moments a little then he would do anything she wished for . It was a success five years before when the lady approached noble who like to have sex in public places .

Therefore, the lady didn’t hesitate to raise her arms and revealed her smooth and shaved armpits .

He used his fingers to rub her armpits, was checking for something . The lady’s lips trembled a little as she found his rubbing was too ticklish for her to endure .

“How many times do you have sex a week?” the man asked .

“I don’t intimate with a man often,” the lady answered . Her face was dreamy .

But Arden knew better . “You lied . ”

“I… . I… . ”

“When the last you have sex with opposite gender?”

The lady didn’t dare to lie this time . “Two days ago . ”

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“With how many at one time?”

“Just three,” she lowered her head .

The bodyguard who heard her shameless confessions was laughing . She had sex with three men and she referred the shameful scene as “just three” .

“Show me your lower private area,” the man later said .

The lady removed her white panty and raise her lower dress, obediently spread her legs to show him the forbidden bushy mature kitty .

And then, suddenly, the lady rubbed her genital playfully with her saliva-lubricated fingers .

“Please, Sir . Have mercy on me . You made a girl do shameful things and you should responsible for it . ”

The pale man said nothing for a moment as his eyes still glued to the lush hair on her crotch .

“Do you want to have sex now?”

The lady smile shyly before nodded her head .

“Then follow me . ”

He guided her into an isolated room .

The younger lady was glad that her good friend got whatever she wished for, although, the process was embarrassing for her to watch .

The bodyguard at the corner laughed in a vulgar manner . He then said at the confused-looking lady who stayed there . “Your friend is fertile and my master quite like a fertile woman . ”

“I’m sure my partner will satisfy your master,” the lady said .

“Yeah, and that lady seems love gangbanged too,” the bodyguard smirk vulgarly . “If that was the case then I’m sure my master will satisfy your partner . ”

A loud and scarred woman shriek was heard from the distant:

“Please no! No! No! Have mercy! Mercyyy! Aaaaaaarrkkkhh!”

Then, the loud shriek became pained groans and passionate moans and some other excited woman screams echoed across the entire underground

The lady who stayed the room had a complex expression on her face . She knew her partner was a master in acting like perfect innocent village girl or became the wildest slut she ever knew if needed . But now, her scream… . was a little bit too real .

She knew something off going on . Thus became frightened at her own thought .

Then, with a calm stride, the pale man came back and sat again on his original chair and examined the documents two ladies brought to him before . His clothes still without wrinkles and his face still as the same as before . However, horrifying screams of a lady having rough time still there for them to hear . Only this time she sobbed and ask for mercy again and again, again and again and again .

Arden Gilmour scrapped his ear with his little pinky and sighed . “This intel is not good enough . I don’t know what was that spirit was planning in Badril Village . ”