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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 45

Published at 2nd of April 2018 02:34:51 PM

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Back to Yashura Family (1)

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Beneath the full moonlight, Shuro Yashura lamented for his family bad luck . Yulong, the old butler, poured a bottle of hard booze to his cup, obediently heard the middle-aged patriarch’s nonstop complaint .

“Haiishh . Look at Shira that brat . An accident just when a famous instructor interested in him . He was stone cold for days already,” he sighed, gulped his drink . “Now that Sir Instructor left without news, I’m afraid his luck spent dry by now . ”

“I’m sure Young Master Shira will be fine in the future,” Yulong said .

“Yes . Yes . ” Shuro Yashura nodded, yet couldn’t hide bitterness on his face . “Let’s hope that will be the case . ”

At that moment, an ethereal body of a youth floated in front of them .

Shuro Yashura couldn’t see Shira in his current condition . But Yulong, for only a moment, was shocked . A smile bloomed on his face and his eyes wet with tears of relief .

“Yulong . What’s happened to you?” asked the family patriarch .

He wiped his eyes . “Oh . Sorry, Patriarch . Fireflies got into my eyes . ”

“Fireflies indeed,” Shuro smiled . He poured a drink for Yulong and himself . “You’re a good person, Yulong . Let’s toss and drink to our heart’s content . ”

Both of them drank till they passed out that night .

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Shira Yashura held his breath as he entered deep his family household .

The places he saw all familiar . More and more memories burst onto the surface of his mind, thus he was dizzy for a moment . “This is Yashura Family…” he said .

He stood in front of the nostalgic door . Beyond was his bedroom, and his ethereal body passed the solid wall .

He saw his real body was lying unconscious on the bed, with his torso naked . A young woman tended him and bathe him with a wet towel . Old bandages scattered everywhere . Potions and other aids were put on stacked books on Shira’s bedroom table . Sometimes, the young woman would pour some green paste into clean water, and applied the thick medicine on his body . She bandage her younger cousin’s body with new bandages when she was done with all that .

The young woman’s brows arched and her face filled with sadness, yet she moved her hands patiently and her eyes firm and strong .

“Elder Sis Mila,” the watching ethereal Shira remembered the young woman . He sighed . If his purple-haired lover didn’t urge him to leave the sea, he might forget his entire family forever, and would never know the worried hearts who waited for his return back home .

He glanced around, found an open book . Mila Yashura didn’t see a quill moved by itself and scribbled something on the blank paper after dripped on blank tinted ink .

“Do something good to your family,” Shira wrote . After a moment of thought, he added, “a lot . ”

He planned to leave something behind for him later, in case his current memories will be wiped out by the fisherman .

He thought if he could add some more messages . But a cute and lovely face appeared on his mind .

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“She never told you her name . Ask her name . The young girl you met in the flower field,” he smiled .

The younger him may shy and hopeful but he already felt decades of loves and heartbreak . He planned to add some more messages about her likes and the things she hated, some killer tactics to advance and warnings if she was angry and things like that .

However, after he recalled the fisherman warnings, he decided to be cautious .

He scratches his head for a moment . Should he leave one last message?

“Beware of bastard spirit . ”

After he wrote that, Shira put down his quill .


Somewhere . In another realm .

A boat floated calmly on the surface of the sea .

A regretful sigh was heard .

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“I told you not to cheat the rule,” the fisherman shook his head .

Inside the realm of the strange sea, the dawn was approaching . And when the sun showed itself, it suddenly bright as the day was already afternoon .

The fisherman prepared his bait for his fishing rod . Then swung his the rod toward the sea . He stretched his back, waited for his bait was taken, which never did since the sea realm was created long, long ago .

Still, the fisherman was carefree . He took off his conical hats so he had something to fan his face . Because of that, one could see his face . Which was exactly the same as the youth who stuck inside his realm .

The fisherman was Shira Yashura .

Back in the Badril Mountain’s replica . The peak of Badril Mountain .

The shadow held a dry bread for him to eat . He crumbled the bread and fed the crowding paper cranes . Because of that, one could see his real face . Which was also the same as the youth who barged into his place .

The shadow was Shira Yashura .

When the shadow realized that the youth back then didn’t heed the fisherman warning, he laughed a rare laugh .

“Boy, how bold you are . Fortunately for you, there still me who watch your back . ”

Back to Yashura Family household .

Shira’s bedroom .

The night was late . Mila Yashura cleaned the room and packed her things .

When she picked her book, she halted her busy movement and tilted her head . “Uh?”

She read an unfamiliar writing about do something to one’s family, about a female’s name, and a warning about spirit .

“Strange . I didn’t recall writing this,” Mila Yashura said to herself .

Mila was confused for a moment . But her eyes were heavy . She wished to bring herself to her bed and take a good sleep right now . So she finished packing her things along with the book, tiptoed her feet out the room, silently closed the door . “Get well soon,” she said, her gentle whisper lingered .

Not long after that .

The unconscious youth’s fingers twitched .

His trembled eyelids slowly opened .