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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 50

Published at 9th of April 2018 05:07:23 PM

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – Don’t You Fxxk Around with Me

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Somewhere in a nameless forest .

A light carriage held three passengers, four with the driver . It sped away, bolted and penetrating the massive curtains of frigid rain and muddy uncultivated path .

With cold and unsteady hands, Baront Staterwind lit his tobacco . “Where’s Madam Ross?”

“I don’t know . I don’t where she went,” Merly Yurin replied .

“Can’t you use your spiritual connection to guess her location?” Jerrin Yurin asked .

Merly Yurin shook her head . They couldn’t locate Madam Ross when she wished no one to know where she was going .

“Nothing we can do except pray for her return . Here, drink some hot ginger syrups to warm yourself . ”

Three individuals in the carriage didn’t speak afterward . Sounds of rainfall and thunder filled the day, paled their faces even whiter .

Around two weeks ago, Madam Ross prepared a closed-door ritual to sharpen her mana and forcefully recovered portions of her power she lost since she died . The spirit lady said nothing about her plan . Solemness filled her beautiful ethereal face all days .

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Who would she fight against? If she was battling a dozen of high-leveled warriors and experts from superpower factions, even with her diminished state as a spirit, Madam Ross still could maneuver and drove them lost considerably, then returned without much harm . But this was worse than that . He remembered her last remarks before parting away was a warning of the spirit of Yashura Family, and Baront Staterwind felt his spine chilled at the notion of that .


A throne of skulls, hundreds of kneeling minions, and a dark lord with crown of blood crimson .

“The auspicious pillar of red light is the manifestation of the chosen one’s coming,” a hooded and crooked back villain said while he rubbed his palms in a peculiar way . Then, with more raucous voice, further he said, “Chosen one must perish, My Lord . If he is matured, he will stand against you in your ultimate path of world domination!”

“Ah, yes! Chosen one must die,” the evil dark lord said . “But first we must massacre his family but keep him alive with lots and lots of guilty feeling and let him sink into the spiral abyss of suicidal depression! We must torment him mentally and physically!”

“Why would we do that, My Lord? What if he gets the chance to grow and storm his way to our evil and spooky-looking castle?”

“Why, you asked? Because I’m EVIL of course! Muhahahahah!”


The giant skulls-decorated door slammed open . A roguish spirit with a grin entered .

“Dark Lord Zambiwawha, I’m Good-Natured Spirit from Liberators Organization . I’m busy so I’ll make this brief: touch no one concerning pillar of red light you guys saw the other days . In fact, forget the light even existed . This is a warning from my organization . ” After he said that, Good-Natured Spirit turned around and floated away . “Good day!”

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“Wait a minute!!!”

The spirit halted . He turned again and saw the crooked back villain stepped closer, aided by his evil-looking rotten staff . Flaming red eyes gleamed with fury from the shadow of his hood . “How dare you call My Wise Lord by that name! You make a fatal mistake!!!”

“Me? Mistake?” Good-Natured Spirit checked his paper list once again, then sheepishly smirked and apologized . “Oh, my bad . Dark Lord Zambiwawha should be the one who had a shitty castle in the west . He had ugly fangs and looked like a pig too . ”

“How could a puny spirit agent of Liberators Organization humiliates My Lord?” the crooked back villain said . “Kneel and ask for mercy at once!!!”

The carefree grin of Good-Natured Spirit disappeared from his face . “It’s true I’m from Liberators Organization . However, I’m anything but a puny agent . ”

“Pig! I said kneel and ask for mercy!”

“Tch . ” The roguish spirit sneered and turned around .

“How dare you!!!”

Good-Natured Spirit kept floating away .

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“Stop!” dark lord on the throne shouted .

Good-Natured Spirit stopped to hear what he wanted to say . “What is it again?”

“Which faction do you serve in Liberators Organization?”

“I’m not following anybody . ”

“Is that so? So you must be foot soldier then! Muhahahah!”

Good-Natured Spirit tilted his head and sneered again . “What the fuck you laughing about, you piece of shit?”

“I’m the dark lord! One who will dominate the entire world! You ignorant peasants someday will all kneel in front of me! For that stupid Liberators Organization, do you think they can stand tall as world hegemony forever? Muhahahah!” After he laughed out loud, the dark lord smiled an evil grin . “I tell you a secret, you puny spirit peasant . You Liberators people are merely devices for me . If someday I have the power to rule this world in darkness, I will make all of you my capable servants and become the evilest and most powerful dark lord in the whole world!”

His evil laughter filled the throne room . His plan was too grand and too evil to be kept for himself .

“You don’t ever fuck Liberators Organization in the back . That’s the rule,” Good-Natured Spirit said .

The dark lord flicked his fingers .

Suddenly, the dark royal guards formed formidable barriers in front of him and a magical force wall appeared . They were here to safeguard their dark lord against torrents of enemies attack .

“With this formation, even against the most powerful Tatalghia Kingdom’s legion, I will never be defeated! No magic missiles will ever harm me! Liberators are nothing!” the dark lord said . His eyes shone with pride and evil power .

As his tone turned brisk, the spirit said, “you can indulge in your fantasies and delusions all you want but I’m warning you, because you are one of our big investors, I had promised that tranny to not put a hole in your head . Don’t you fuck around with me . Just… don’t . ”

“You? You think you are the chosen one? Only a person with title of the chosen one had the right to threaten and face me in a life-and-dead battle! That’s the way it’s meant to be! You will die before even Liberators Organization know their fate already sealed! Only the chosen one can kill me!”

Good-Natured Spirit spat the floor . “Call me Mister Deus Ex Machina then, bitch!”

He pulled out a six-bullet sized magazine revolver and darted his hand .


The defensive force wall didn’t even react a bit . As the clamor and smokes of gunshot residue poured the room, without everyone noticing, the dark lord had a bullet hole in his head and died .