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Spirit Conductor - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:56:08 PM

Chapter 4: 4

CHAPTER 4 – This Generation’s Most Unique Class

“Wait a minute, you bastard!” Mila Yashura roared . She steps out of the Yashura Family’s crowd with a ferocious yet confidence face . “You piece of shit wish for people watching a duel, right? Well . I give it to you then . Bhela Malikh you traitorous bitch, I challenge you to a duel of death!”

Everyone was dumbfounded .

In a secluded place, Shira Yashura could only do a facepalm .

Mila Yashura brought more shame to his father . Yet, Shuro Yashura did nothing to stop his daughter . Even some people in Yashura Family, were rooting hard for Mila’s victory .

That annoying laugh of Good-Natured Spirit stopped at this point . He rubs his chin, smiling interestedly, and said, “duel between beauties… hmm…”

“They wouldn’t fight till the other side died, would they?” Shira Yashura asked with a hint of worried tone .

“Hehe . What can a bunch of little girls do? At most, they would spout endless nonsense insult and then ignore each other to death . ”

Shira was relieved at the spirit words . But soon, his face drenched in cold sweets again .

Mila pulled out her giant and fierce looking sword . Everyone turned serious . Also, the wide-eyed Shira staring the familiar sword with anxiety within his mind .

At the other side, someone handed Bhela a short bow and bunch of arrows . She even made sure the pointy arrows were sharp enough . The girl didn’t speak much . But everyone knew she had accepted the challenge .

“Bitch, prepare to die!!!” yelled Mila furiously as she charges toward Bhela with a sloppy stance .

On the other hand, Bhela only needs one arrow, aiming high into the sky, then release her fingers steadily .


Utilizing her Mana, Bhela actually immaterializes her released arrow into a fast and blazing soaring ethereal bird .

Its wind-piercing furs were made of hard spiked energy, flapping furiously as the magic projectile diving towards the ground in a sharp arced turn .

Mila didn’t react . She was dumbly staring at the projectile with her mouth gaping wide . Despite the enemy’s attack clearly approached towards her .


Out of the blue, flashing red ribbon clashing with Bhela’s arrow, making the dangerous attack evaporated in an instant .

No one knew what was going on . Everything was silent for a moment, as everyone held their breath staring at the empty space where Bhela’s attack was countered .

Then, suddenly, a carefree sound was resounded . “I accept the duel . But it has to be two months from now . Let me prepared . There’s no need to continue this stupid fuss now . ”

Everyone looked at the source of the voice . All of them unconsciously connect the position where they were looking with the direction of the flashing red ribbon’s origin . Suddenly, what was they were seeing was a leisure looking youth, who put his hand inside his pant pockets like a thief who hides their hands . He was Shira Yashura .

Everyone was speechless with the carefree youth .

Shira didn’t bother with everyone . Without any further words, he left the place moving into Yashura Household . Every member of the family was looking at him with hints of mixed emotions . The crowd of Yashura Family retreated, then closed their wide gate to state their opinion about the convoy of Malikh Family .

When Yashura Family were gone from the sight, discussions suddenly broke .

“Isn’t Shira was a trash? How did he block Bhela attack with that flashy thing?”

“Holy cow! That birdy looking arrow was extra fast, yet he could shot it with a faster and accurate counter!”

“Did you see how he calmly walks into the crowd just now? Isn’t he quite different from the stories you heard?”

No one actually saw how Shira blocked Bhela’s arrow .

For Bhela, looking her arrow was easily blocked, she felt a surge of unsatisfied urge . She was indomitable while practicing her bowing accuracy . Thinking about the flashing red ribbon, any thought that crossed Bhela’s mind was tightly set schedules of practicing her arrow speed and power for the next month .

At the Malikh Family side .

“It would be a good lesson for them if we really could kill that Yashura’s girl somehow,” the Young Master of Blackwood family said dissatisfied .

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His attendant kindly advised him . “Young Master, please refrain from having a bad thought about Yashura Family . We could bribe and control elders of Malikh Family . But it would be a disaster if we try to move our hands toward that barbarian family now . ”

“You people still fear that man named Jhuro Yashura? Didn’t my mother say Uncle Nura would take care of him? Just kill some people in that shitty family . Thus I wouldn’t wait two months to bring Bhela to my room and have some fun . ”

The old attendant speaks a few more words to calming his friendly looking yet wild and vulgar Young Master . It would dangerous if people heard the casual words of him . Especially when Blackwood Family didn’t control the full situation . There’s a lot of variables at hand . Even weakening and planting a seed of corruption in Malikh Family were taking Blackwood Family full two years to prepared .

“Ghalim Malikh isn’t an ordinary person . Naturally, Jhuro Yashura was more fierce than him,” that would the remainder of Big Lady of Blackwood to his son . A secret weapon that the old attendant grip tightly to shut his young master mouth .

While a lot of people in Yashura Family doesn’t know where did Blackwood Family come from, surprisingly, they have a little history in the previous generation . But that was a story for another day .


The crowd discussion started heating to another direction .

It was somebody who started to question about Bhela’s power . Normally, a fifteen years old girl still on Novice level right now . People knew Bhela was a talented girl but none of them actually knows where did exactly her progress currently lied .

Then, one elder from another big family said some suggestion .

“Let us see her current Status . Naturally, we would know the answers . ”

People began to search for Specialist . The information provider Class were gathered, young and old with variants of level and capabilities, yet the number still quite a few in comparison to the big crowd .

“We wouldn’t be satisfied if we can’t make the big reveal,” a person said . Others nod at his word . They want to make a scene . But Bhela wouldn’t wait for them to gathered bands of Specialist, would she?

Suddenly, a scholarly middle-aged guy appeared before the crowd .

“If the people want to have some fun, naturally I would give some hand,” said he .

People gazed at him, unsure if this scholar was playing a joke on them . Some people were frowning their brows . Even if he was a Specialist, he shouldn’t talk big like that .

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“You?! Are you that famous person from Blue Diamond School?” someone exclaimed in shock while he himself didn’t actually remember the scholar name .

“Oh, there’s someone in this small village who knew me?” the scholar smiled .

Who was him?

Then, suddenly more people remember .

“He is Baront Staterwind! The famous instructor of Blue Diamond School!”

“Shit dude! It’s him! A big figure appears on our village! This is history!”

Everyone suddenly leaned on him . But not so close because they still remember their status, no one wanted to annoy the famous person .

Baront Staterwind himself actually quite relaxed .

“Mr . Baront… what did bring a famous person like you to this humble village?”

Baront politely refused to answer . “Didn’t people want to have some fun? Why? There’s no point to talk about my affair now . ”

“We are sorry to be rude to you, Mr . Baront Staterwind . We heard you were a high-leveled Specialist, a Tier-2 Class at that! Could you make a Status Window for everyone to see at the same time?”

“Of course, of course . If people passing the news one at a time, it wouldn’t be fun, wouldn’t it? But before that, I need a permission from Young Lady Malikh . ”

Everyone glance at the cold beauty . Bhela couldn’t make a decision, so she glances at the old attendant of Blackwood Family .

In the end, it was Young Master Blackwood who called the shots . “Let them see how marvelous my girl is!”

Baront Staterwind nodded .

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Baront Staterwind was a Tier-2 Specialist Class . He was more adept and capable than a newcomer like Mila Yashura .

Tier-2 Class refers to a high-level warrior who able to crosses the second test of their class . Naturally were stronger compared normal Class warriors . Usually, people in this state were over Level 40 . There’s still Tier-3 among the stronger warrior, whom usually above Level 70 and considered pillars of respective faction . But of course, the latter type of people never show themselves in a rural place like Badril Village .

Soon, Baront Staterwind’s magical paper appears in the front of everybody . The papers were made to contain the overall information about Bhela progress as a warrior .

“Unique Class!” almost half of the yelled at the same time .

“A person with Unique Class is highly respected in our village! Look at Jhuro Yashura years ago, he was a Unique Class called Swordfang Swordsman and now he was a bigshot in two-ranked school now!”

But there is some who were confused when looked at the papers .

“Eh? This isn’t quite right… . or is it? Is this an error?”

“You dumb fuck actually doubted Sir Baront Staterwind ability? Do you want our village to lose face?”

“No . Actually, this is quite confusing . Usually, people have one line in Elemental Affinity section . But this time…”

“There is no error . It was four line for Young Lady Malikh,” Baront Staterwind take a curious gaze at the cold girl, who silently retreated to Blackwood’s carriage when people were busy discussing .

“Eeh? That’s mean…”

Nobody continued the words, because they simply didn’t believe it .

So it was Baront Staterwind who kindly explained to him . “Normally, one person can only have one Elemental Affinity in his life . Two if he was a genius . Three, if he was a rarely seen talent in tens of years . But four Elemental Affinity? That would only appear few times in history . And naturally, this Young Lady Malikh, was the most favored child of heavens: because of the fact that she obtained the generation’s most unique class . ”

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