Spirit Cultivation - Chapter 105

Published at 7th of February 2019 08:41:16 PM

Chapter 105
As Xuefeng closed the door to the bathroom, he approached the shower and poured the cold water on his head . After that dream, a sudden melancholy hit him . Xuefeng was having fun in the new world, cultivating and playing with girls, while his real parents were probably still devastated by their loss .

Earlier, he was lying to himself imagining that they will quickly forget about him and will continue to live their lives as they used to, but he knew it wasn't true . Xuefeng understood, that if he was the one to lose Tianshi in the similar way she lost him, he would probably be overwhelmed by emotions and not recover for a long time .

Every time Xuefeng tried to measure the pain they must have went through, he felt a light stab right in his heart . He knew it wasn't his fault, but he still felt bad for leaving them alone .

He recalled the last seconds of his first life and looking back from today perspective, he wouldn't change anything . He would still safe Tianshi instead of himself . If he didn't, he knew that the guilt would eat him alive from the inside and destroy him later on . He didn't regret it even once since then .

'I'm sorry… Mother, father… I won't be able to take care of you when you get old… You won't get to see me growing up into a fine man… You won't get to see your grandchildren running around at your house during Christmas dinner… But I promise you…sob . . . ' Xuefeng looked up as he closed his eyes, allowing the water to wash away the tears which flowed in streams from his eyes .

'I promise you… It doesn't matter if I'm here, in this Cultivation world… Or any other world in this universe… I will be a good man and make you proud…' Xuefeng vowed to himself as he rubbed his eyes .

He also started thinking, what Tianshi could be doing right now, entering deeper into his emotional pit .

'She should be studying to enter the university we wanted to go together… I hope my death won't ruin her exams results and her future…Tianshi . . . ' "Real men don't cry . " Tianshi's face appeared in his mind as he continued to dig deeper in his memory when suddenly he was hugged from behind by the Queen, as she said sweetly, placing her chin on his shoulder .

Because of the running water, he didn't hear when she entered into the bathroom and sneaked behind him, but he wasn't surprised she would come .

"Is there anything I did wrong?" The Queen asked hugging into his back as she tilted his head so he will look at her . Sadness and pain were clearly visible on his face .

"No… I just recalled some sad moments from my life and felt emotional, that's all . " Xuefeng smiled weakly at her as the memories vanished from his mind .

"Don't think about them . All sad memories should be forgotten . You can only recall happy moments . " The Queen grabbed his nose and ordered smiling . She didn't know what he went through in the past, but she believed that the present and future were the most important .

"Yes, mom . Haha," Xuefeng nodded teasing her and laughed seeing her angry face .

"Who is your mom!? I'm your lover, you hear me?" the Queen shouted angrily as she reached down to his abdomen and grabbing him by the balls .

"Relax, I won't let my woman go . You are already mine . " Xuefeng smiled at her reaction and kissed her lightly while hugging her into his embrace . He meant what he said and she could see it in his eyes .

"That's right . I will treat it as a promise then . You can't abandon us . " the Queen gladly received the kiss and forced a promise on him . She was also satisfied seeing his mood return to normal, which meant her distraction was successful .

"Well, at least as long as I'm able to be in this place . I won't be able to take care of you when I'm forced to leave . " Xuefeng recalled the bothering issue and corrected himself . He can be ejected from this world any time, so till then, he will do his best .

"So until you can't stay in the Holy Land anymore, you won't leave us, right?" the Queen asked to confirm as she smiled mysteriously .

"Yeah, that's what I meant . Don't worry, I keep what I say . " Xuefeng thought she acted weird but didn't find anything suspicious in the conversation . He would have never thought that there was a method that can allow him to change his race .

"Okay, I will remember . You can finish your bath alone as I have something to take care off . I will be back in an hour to take you guys somewhere," the Queen smiled, hearing his answer and slipped out of his arms . She gave him a quick kiss and left him alone after a short explanation .

Xuefeng watched her back as she closed the doors and sighed . He thought she will take a bath with him but she escaped as fast as she came . Xuefeng didn't forget about the previous thoughts as the Queen was thinking, but this time he focused on the bright side instead of negatives .

He had two beauties with him, while the next one was waiting in the outside world . From the viewer's perspective, his life wasn't that bad right now . Tianshi would definitely want him to live his life to the best he could and that's what he was doing .

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After finishing a shower, he walked back to the room and didn't see the Queen anywhere . Only Yiren was left, sleeping soundly, huddled into a ball like a little kitten, as she hugged into the pillow .

He didn't want to disturb her, so he sat down next to the bed cross-legged and decided to regain his Qi . During the battle on the arena earlier he used some Spirit Qi and he still didn't replenish it . There was no Spirit Essence is the Holy Land so he had to use Spirit stones instead .

He realized earlier, that it was easier to expand his dantian with Elemental Qi, compared to Spirit Qi . With the latter, he had to slowly absorb Spirit Essence and convert it into Spirit Qi, which pushed the dantian into new limits .

With Elemental Qi, taking Air Qi he gained yesterday as an example, the dantian was expanding as fast as the Qi was coming in . The only limitation was that each element couldn't exceed the main one . His Spirit was awakened with the help of Spirit Qi so it became his main element .

Xuefeng pulled out the Spirit Stone and started absorbing Spirit Essence within . It took him about ten minutes to fill his Spirit Qi space to the brim . He thought it was too long compared to how fast he could fill his Lightning Qi with the Wisdom Tree .

With the addition of Air Qi, his dantian was now split into three parts . Xuefeng was thinking, that maybe he could fill free Lighting Qi space with Spirit Qi and increase the balance limit, but unfortunately, it didn't work like that . He could only place one type of Qi in each part .

"Uhmm, good morning . What are you doing?" The moment he was done, Yiren happen to wake up and greeted him with a smile .

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"I was filling my dantian with Spirit Qi . I used some in the battle yesterday . " Xuefeng answered truthfully .

"Oh, you did it with a Spirit Stone? We don't have Spirit Essence in the Holy Land . My mother brought some Spirit Stones from the outside world, so we could use Spirit Rings . It's much more convenient than carrying stuff . We are low on them already . If you have a lot of them you should trade with us . " Yiren proposed as she showed off the ring on her finger . Xuefeng didn't know how much space it had, but it should be at least Rank 3 else it wouldn't be shaped into a ring .

"Yeah, sure . I have a lot of them . You can take one . " Xuefeng agreed and pulled out another Spirit Stone, placing it on the bed .

"Thanks! We wanted to bring a lot of them into our Holy Land and sell them here afterwards, but we decided against it . There was a high chance that we would be exposed if we started to import high amounts of Spirit Stones inside . Also, it was hard to get them . Mother had to kill a huge beast, to later sell it for Spirit Stones . " Yiren recounted .

"That would be quite a business here . If only I had a way to enter and leave as I wanted, I would definitely try that . " Xuefeng imagined limitless about of Fate Stones falling into his hands if he could pull this off .

"Yeah, that would be perfect…" Yiren imagined having Xuefeng for herself forever and couldn't help but smile, but then recalled he won't be here anymore soon, causing her smile to diminish .

"Don't worry, I will still be here for a few days, right? We can have lots of fun together . " Seeing Yiren like that, he sat next to her and caressed her cheeks, trying to cheer her up .

"Yeah, I can't wait for today . " Yiren hugged him and felt better . The day when she can finally become one with Xuefeng came .