Spirit Cultivation - Chapter 153

Published at 24th of March 2019 01:25:13 AM

Chapter 153
"Gosh, you came so much, it is spilling all over my legs…" The Queen complained after she finally stood up from Xuefeng's lap and at the same time pulled out Xuefeng's friend who was still strong inside of her a moment ago .

Standing up, the seeds which Xuefeng pumped into her started spilling out on her thighs, so she didn't have any other choice but to absorb them . She knew that Xuefeng's liquid was very nutritious, so she didn't hesitate to do it .

Even if Xuefeng already came twice in a short span of time, he still had enough energy to satisfy Yiren, but he wanted to finally start their training . They had a lot of time to play later at night if they wanted .

Even if he needed a break after the first two times, he could always ask Ling for help . She could use her regeneration ability to bring his friend back into readiness but he didn't want to ask for such favour . She would definitely want something in return for a shameless request .

Before they started the next part of the training, Xuefeng slid back into the water to clean himself from all the sweat . Even with all the physical training, he had so far, their passionate sex could still make him break a sweat . He was extremely glad that he had the regeneration ability when he imagined how his future life would look like with so many women around him .

Leaning against the wall of the fountain, Xuefeng relaxed and pulled out a fruit, which was the size of an apple and started eating it . Without Ling, he had to regenerate his lost energy in the traditional way . Xuefeng grabbed a few fruits from the Queen's room when he arrived as he recognized them for the ones he tasted before and he actually loved them .

Giving the fruit a few bites, he gained the Queen's attention, who walked back up to him and asked cutely, "Can I have a bite?"

"Sure, I took a few more with me before we went down here," Xuefeng smiled and pulled out another one before giving it to her . He didn't expect her to not take it but instead, the Queen sat down on his legs and said lovingly while opening her mouth, "Feed me…"

"Since when are you acting this cute? Are you ill or something?" Xuefeng placed his hand on Queen's forehead and asked worriedly, thinking that something was wrong with her . She never acted this cute towards him, with her tone so warm .

"Just feed me! What are you blabbering about? Geeez… I want the one you had…" The Queen's cheeks turned red after hearing Xuefeng's questions and she shouted at him with her tone back to normal, before she went back to her new cute tone .

She couldn't tell him that she finally accepted him to be her man as it was just too embarrassing so she grabbed his hand with the fruit that was half eaten already and gave it a taste .

"Haha, you don't need to try so hard to be cute . For me, you are cute the way you are . " Xuefeng patted the Queen on the head and watched as she ate . He didn't know what was going on with her but she definitely looked cute for him right now .

As Xuefeng played around with them in the water, he didn't forget to continue absorbing Water Essence into his body . His dantian was completely empty after his Spirit swallowed everything but now, after the transformation was complete, he could enjoy its wonders . His Spirit could now absorb almost thirty times more essence than it could before which was ecstatic news for him .

Not only did he fill his Water Qi sector in his dantian in a moment, but he also did that with the other elements like air and lightning . Earth and fire essences were not available to him in the bathroom and the same worked for Spirit Essence which the Holy Land didn't have at all .

"Let's practice now, alright? I already filled my dantian with Water Qi . " Xuefeng asked feeling that if he was not the one to stop their cuddles, they would never end .

"Okay… I will start!" The ladies agreed, although unwillingly, and the Queen was the first to volunteer . Xuefeng noticed the change in her acting but he didn't say anything, afraid that he would make her go back to her usual self . He liked the new Queen which was more loving towards him .

. . . … . .

It has been a normal day with nothing unusual happening for Princess Shan when she heard someone calling out to get from behind, "Hello, is this Miss Shan?"

She was just done with her training and was heading back to her place after leaving the Training Pavilion and she was quite surprised to be stopped by someone . She was acting very cold to everyone around her and didn't make any friends so far, but that's what she wanted .

Princess Shan turned around and spotted a man which she didn't recognize . Only after she noticed he had a Trade Union logo on his shirt, did she answer, "Yes, it's me . How can I help you?"

"I'm a courier from the Trade Union . I have a letter of high priority for milady . " The courier bowed lightly before he pulled out a sealed letter from his ring .

"Oh! Thank y . . . " Princess Shan got excited hearing about it and reached out for a letter but was stopped by the courier as he said, "The High Priority Letters have a security program . Milady has to confirm her identity before she can receive the letter . The sender passed down a question which milady has to answer first to double check . "

"Okay . What is the question?" Princess Shan asked impatiently . She expected this letter to be from Xuefeng so she didn't want to wait any longer .

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"The Question is: What was the best gift I gave you?" The courier quoted .

"It's the necklace . " Princess Shan didn't hesitate too much as this was the only gift she received from Xuefeng .

"Correct . Here is your letter . " The courier smiled and flew away after confirming that the delivery was complete .

'I thought he already forgot about me but he actually still cares about me…' Princess Shan thought excitedly as she walked back towards her house while reading Xuefeng's letter . She didn't want to wait any longer as she already waited for more than three months .

As she read what Xuefeng wrote, she laughed from time to time as she read Xuefeng's jokes . She was satisfied with his answer and knew he would slowly grow stronger and come save her . It was just the thing she wanted to survive the rest of her days here .

"Auch . . . " Just as she read the whole paper, someone crashed into her from the side and called out in pain . Princess Shan was too excited while reading that she didn't see the person running straight towards her . Unfortunately for the unlucky female, Princess Shan wasn't that easy to move and she bounced off from her before landing on the ground .

The girl had a cloak on her head but when she crushed into Princess Shan, it fell off, showing her hidden face . When Princess Shan looked at her, she was shocked .

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"What happened to you… Wait!" Princess Shan asked but the girl already stood up and started running away while covering her head once again .

"That bastard…" Princess Shan cursed, realising what was going on, but she didn't chase the poor girl . What she saw, were a lot of bruises on the girl's neck and cheeks as if she was choked repeatedly and slapped hard multiple times .

Princess Shan recognized her as the black haired girl who she met near the transport platform . She was the one that was talking only good things about the prince of Sacred Sword Kingdom, Zhen Zhao and one of the girls that were spending the last few days with the Prince .

Princess Shan overheard the conversation of the two girls in the training room lobby who were talking about exactly this . Recalling the bruises of the girl, she didn't want to even imagine how much pain she was in on the other parts of her body .

"Sigh…" Princess Shan sighed, walking back to her house . She couldn't blame herself as even if she warned her, the girl wouldn't listen . Now she probably experienced the same as all the other girls that were lured by the man Princess Shan hated the most .

'One day he will pay back for all the things he has done… If Xuefeng can't, then I will kill him no matter the cost…' Princess Shan reached out with her hand, creating an ice sculpture of a man with her Water Qi before she crushed it with her fingers, spreading the ice on the road .

She hoped that Xuefeng would end that man's life before he ruins too many females .

"Xuefeng, how are you doing…?" Princess Shan asked herself with longing as she looked into the sky . After this much time, she had to admit that she missed his gentleness and smile . The longer they were apart, the more she realised that she wouldn't find a better man for her .