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Spirit Cultivation - Chapter 178

Published at 13th of April 2019 09:00:06 PM

Chapter 178
"I am Xiao Yiren . It's nice to meet you . " Yiren bowed to the Clan Leader and his wife while giving them the sweetest smile they've ever seen .

When Xuefeng entered Clan Leader's study, his mother just happened to be there with his father discussing some clan matters which was just perfect for Xuefeng's current situation . They greeted him happily, knowing that he finally came back, but then their faces changed when Xuefeng pulled Yiren through the doorstep and showed her to his parents .

At first, they were surprised, but it quickly passed as they looked at each other and Mu Lan had an expression as if saying, 'Didn't I tell you to talk to him about it already?'

Xuefeng's mother was always against Xuefeng having more than one wife, so when she saw another unknown beauty arriving with her son, she couldn't help but have some second thoughts about how bad at raising children she was . Mu Lan as a mother instantly blamed herself for not teaching her son properly . If she taught him this rule since a young age, he would not behave like this .

Only when Yiren introduced herself, did Mu Lan finally understand that there was no new woman in Xuefeng's life as she already knew about this one . It lessened her pain by a lot, allowing her to return a warm smile towards Yiren while saying, "Oh, Xuefeng's told us about you many times . Sweet child, come closer to aunty so she can see you . "

"Yes!" Yiren happily exclaimed seeing that Xuefeng's mother accepted her and quickly let go of him to run into Mu Lan arms .

"You are so pretty and your dress is so lovely . Did you bring it from your home?" Mu Lan asked curiously as she touched the fabric of the flower dress . She had actually never seen such a dress before, so she knew it had to be something new .

'Fuck, I'm done for . My mother will want an endless supply . ' Xuefeng cursed in his mind after hearing her mother's talk and instantly tried to save the situation by giving a light cough, hoping Yiren will understand .

Unfortunately, Yiren took it as if he was reminding her to add his contribution, so Yiren happily said as she looked at Xuefeng, "Oh, this dress? It was Xuefeng who bought it for me . He even especially prepared it beforehand . Isn't he super sweet?"

'Shiet, I called it . . . ' Xuefeng facepalmed himself . He already knew what will happen next .

"Son? I guess you don't love me anymore, right?" Mu Lan called out to Xuefeng, just as he expected and he couldn't help but sigh .

"Don't worry mother . . . I will also prepare something special for you…" Having no other option, Xuefeng had to give up and say what every son would .

"Hehe, I guess my son still loves me after all . Your name was Yiren, right? Come, tell your auntie more about yourself . " Xuefeng's mother giggled after getting what she wanted before she pulled Yiren by the hands and sat her on the sofa .

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"Where did you get such clothes? I have never seen anything similar to this . " Liu Xiaobei also asked curiously as he approached Xuefeng and touched the cool leather jacket .

"Actually it is the work of the local tailor . I only provided him with my ideas . Do you like it?" Xuefeng showed off his black jacket with a smile and asked .

"Not bad . Did you ask if that tailor would like to work for us?" Liu Xiaobei nodded and asked as he rubbed his chin .

"Of course I did . Not only did I ask, but I also partnered up with them already . Hope our clan can work with them . I already informed Elder Ming . " Xuefeng grinned admitting proudly .

"Ha, as expected of my son . Our Clan is willing to hire all talented people . " Liu Xiaobei patted Xuefeng on the shoulder and gave him a proud look which caused Xuefeng to have great satisfaction . He was always a filial child, so when he heard the praise from his father he couldn't help but lift the corners of his mouth .

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"Actually, my plan was much bigger than what you think . I don't want them to only…" After getting praised, Xuefeng wanted to present his idea to his father as well, but just when he wanted to start, he felt something coming at him .

His Spirit Awareness was trained to the level where he would barely lose any Spirit Qi when he maintained a dense net around him . Just when someone broke his net, he was instantly alerted . He already almost died to assassination once, so he was already oversensitive to such situations .

Feeling the shadow dashing towards him, Xuefeng was ready to pull out his sword and attack, but at that time he felt something familiar from the shadow .

'Wait, isn't that Wuyi…' When he finally recalled from where he might recognize it, the shadow finally arrived upon him and knocked him over to the ground as it wrapped around his neck .

"Mhmm…" Xuefeng's lips were instantly covered by something soft and squishy before there was an addition of a slimy object which quickly slipped into his mouth . Xuefeng was very familiar with this feeling so he knew that he wasn't in any threat this time . The only danger he was now facing was the lack of air to breathe .

The body of the attacker was gradually being revealed down from the legs up to the head, and soon Wuying's face kissing Xuefeng was unveiled . She had been waiting for this day ever since she left for the Central Region and she didn't show any signs of letting go until she was satisfied .

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"Sigh, I do not know how he does it… God is probably ranting on right now at how lucky he is…" Liu Xiaobei sigh before he muttered under his breath . As a father, he was definitely proud of his son, but as a man, he would love to beat Xuefeng up .

Yiren already knew she would meet her new sisters that also loved Xuefeng, so she was kind of prepared for such sight . Feeling with her connection that Xuefeng was happy right now, she didn't do anything and only smiled towards Mu Lan who was glancing at her, trying to get some sort of reaction .

Seeing the smile Mu Lan thought that Yiren is only forcing herself and it pained her seeing Yiren treated like this . They talked for a moment and Mu Lan already could see how nice of person Yiren was . She hugged Yiren's head to her chest saying quietly, "Gosh, this cruel son of mine… Child, don't worry . I will scold him for you . Such a gentle girl like you deserve better treatment . "

"No, no… I just want Xuefeng to be happy . When he is well then I'm too . He cares for me a lot already…" Yiren instantly denied the help, but it only made Mu Lan desire to punish Xuefeng more .

"Xuefeng! Wuying! Do you treat us as air?!" Mu Lan called out loudly to the pair kissing on the ground, but only Xuefeng reacted as he tried to stand up . Wuying was still kissing him without caring about anything in her surroundings .

"Wuying calm down for a second…" Xuefeng finally pulled away from Wuying and stopped her . He preferred for them to find a place somewhere private instead of doing stuff like this in front of his parents .

"I'm fine… I just haven't seen you for so long…" Wuying quickly hugged Xuefeng right after and called out lovingly before opening her eyes behind his back . They were both red and only after Wuying calmed down did they return back to blue . She pulled back and looked Xuefeng in the eyes and smiled saying, "With you here I'm fine . "Please download our sponsor's game to support us!