Spirit Cultivation - Chapter 218

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Chapter 218
When Xiao Wen turned to Wu Lan, the small girl already knew what was going on and pouted as she stood on her fellow sister's side, informing them right away, "Big Sister, don't listen to big brother . He is just trying to tease you all . "

Hearing Wu Lan, all three of them glared at Xuefeng and called out unhappily, "Xuefeng!" They were all genuinely concerned that Xuefeng for a moment forgot himself and actually believed Ning's words .

"Haha, what? You guys can tease me and I can't do the opposite? Now we are all even from before . " Xuefeng laughed as a smiled appeared on his face and he explained himself .

"Tsk… Okay, you got me for a second," Xiao Wen snickered, accepting defeat on this one, knowing he did it to have his revenge on them before asking, "Since when did you know she is fake?"

"Her acting was good, but it wasn't hard for me to figure that out . It was also too much of a coincidence, so I knew it was fake from the start . Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything with her even if you asked me to . I already have you all which is already a lot to handle . " Xuefeng assured them, making sure they wouldn't misunderstand him .

"Waah, you scared us…" Yiren who was the most naive of them all quickly run up to Xuefeng's and hugged him while pouting unhappily . She was genuinely upset for a moment, but it quickly passed as she returned her hug pulling her closer .

"Why didn't you expose her right away?" Wuying asked curiously with her annoyance already gone, copying Yiren way of hugging him .

Xuefeng shrugged with a smile, enjoying his two women in his arms and said calmly, "It wouldn't be fun right? I don't like people who want to scheme against me . Let her be for now with her hopes untouched . We can surprise her later . She didn't do anything worth having revenge on her, so I wouldn't want to do bad stuff to her . "

"Mhmm, I don't mind . Just don't let her touch you anymore . I don't like it…" Wuying nodded, satisfied with his answer, but still told him about her opinion . As his girlfriend, she had such right .

"Yeah, only we can touch you . Promise?" Yiren instantly nodded adding her words to Wuying's request .

"Alright . I will only touch you," Xuefeng didn't have too much to think about it, agreeing right away, hugging them tightly .

The only one left alone was Xiao Wen who watched the three hug bitterly, but Wu Lan squeezed her hand in support, which made her cheep up a little bit . She didn't want to stay on the side like that and wanted to be one of them . Xiao Wen didn't think she would survive in this state, so she had to act faster else she would go crazy and just eat up Xuefeng on the spot .

"By the way, what happened with all the food around you? There were many dishes here but now its all gone . Did you eat them?" Xuefeng asked after he suddenly spotted the difference on the tables .

Just as Wu Lan wanted to explain, her brother Wu Kong, who stood a few meters away from them, called out happily while eating parts of a giant beast leg, "Big brother it was me! Everything is so delicious here . Mhmm!"

"I told him to leave some for others… But he said he was still hungry while giving me his puppy eyes… I couldn't say no to him . " Wu Lan blushed because of her brother's shamelessness and explained his actions before proceeding to pull him away from the food by pulling his ear .

"Au, Au! Sis let go! There is still so much food left!" Wu Kong cried out as he glanced with despair at his meat which was drifting apart from him .

"Wu Kong, did you really eat all of this?" Xuefeng asked curiously, thinking that it was impossible for a small kid to eat this much food .

"Yeah, it was so yummy . I'm still hungry though…" Wu Kong nodded as if it was nothing, patting his flat belly while asking, "Big Brother, can I eat more? I need more food to grow stronger . "

"Oh, you say you grow stronger with the food you eat?" Xuefeng asked curiously as he let go of Yiren and Wuying and reached out to Wu Kong, commanding without waiting for his response, "Show me your hand . "

The first thought of Xuefeng was that they might have missed a talent, only considering Wu Lan to having one based on their observation and they forgot to actually test her normal looking brother . Ling also just advised him to let her test him .

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After doing exactly that, Ling told him what he kind of expected already . Wu Kong also had a dormant Fate Fragment in his body . It was the same type which would only awaken when the Fate Fragment Holder reaches maturity with his body . Normally it would be when they are fifteen or sixteen years old, but it varies from person to person .

'Those are the types which are too strong to be handled by a body of a kid so they only awaken when the bodies are strong enough . In Wu Lan case, her ability is very straining on her mind and when she fully awaken, she would be able to probably oversee the whole city with her power, instead of just her surroundings . She needs a strong mind for such a feat,' Ling explained what she knew about Wu Lan before comparing it to her bother, 'Wu Kong, on the other hand, would have his whole body affected if I can guess . I have no idea what is his ability, but for now, it seems to be somehow gathering Fate Qi through his eating . I have never met such Fragment so I can't say for sure . '

'How is Wu Lan gaining Fate Qi then? She is using her passive ability almost all the time . ' Xuefeng asked while processing her whole information he got from her .

'She doesn't . But in her case, it's a very low-cost ability as she recycles her Fate Qi . She releases it around her body in such thin threads that even I couldn't feel them at all . Only after spending so much time around her I started noticing the changes in our surroundings . Let the boy eat . The more he eats, the faster he will grow . ' Ling advised .

"Wu Kong, don't worry, you can eat as much as you can . If anyone complains I will be the one to talk to them," Patting Wu Kong head, Xuefeng said words that made the small boy beyond excited and quickly burst with happiness .

"Thanks, big brother!" Wu Kong gave Xuefeng a quick hug before he quickly skipped towards the table .

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"He is also special just like Wu Lan . " Seeing the gazes and others on his face, Xuefeng explained himself to which they all nodded with understanding .

"Sigh, and here I thought my brother is a pig . It turns out we are the same . " Wu Lan sighed in relief knowing there was nothing wrong with her brother . He always complained that he was hungry so she thought he was ill . Fortunately, it wasn't the case .

Just as Xuefeng thought of asking a very important question, Wu Lan already knew what it was and answered, "Our parents are not with us anymore . Actually, we never knew them . We were raised by our aunt who was a great woman . When the time was rough, she even shared her own food with us so we could survive .
Unfortunately, it led to her illness about two years ago which quickly led to her death, leaving us alone . We were lucky to sell auntie house and have money to live for the last two years, but we run out of the money just yesterday . We would be in serious trouble if not for big brother…"

"Oww…" Yiren felt touched hearing the sad story and hugged Wu Lan into her chest, assuring her, "Don't worry, we will take care of you guys . Xuefeng already proposed to take you with us back to the clan . You would be safe there . "

"Yeah, about big brother next intention, we would love to travel with you… We have nowhere to go anyway . I can help big brother with my readings and Kong can help… with gathering wood for the fire . We will definitely be useful to you," Wu Lan proposed, knowing Xuefeng would ask her .

"Alright," Xuefeng agreed, having such intention anyway before joking with a laugh, "Haha, I guess I don't even need to talk as you know everything . Wouldn't she be a perfect wife for someone in the future?"

Of course, Xuefeng didn't receive standing ovations for the joke and only a few pairs of glares .