Spirit Cultivation - Chapter 263

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Chapter 263
Just as Xuefeng's consciousness returned to his dantian with Ling in his arms, Ming commented while smirking, "Hah, you guys are finally back . It took you quite a while . "

Without wasting any time on a useless talk, Ling called out while glaring at Ming, "Are you ready? Let's be over it fast . " This was how she would act normally even if they didn't decide anything earlier with Xuefeng so she didn't need to pretend to trick Ming .

Seeing Ling glaring at her like that, Ming couldn't help but laugh and relax a bit, already expecting that Xuefeng would tell Ling everything . Thinking that everything was under her control, Ming called out while giggling, "Haha, yeah, I'm ready . You both come here . " She didn't suspect anything as for her, it was impossible that the bracelet's Spirit would lower himself to work with Xuefeng .

"What is the process? I want to know which method you plan to use . " Ling asked just to make sure they knew what they were doing . If she saw anything incorrect in it, even if that could help then, she wouldn't risk Xuefeng's life . Spirit was a very delicate object that could be easily hurt if one handled it incorrectly .

Ming only smiled at her investigation tries and pointed at Xuefeng's spirit, saying relaxed, "We have to start with Xuefeng taking over his own Spirit's body and controlling it first . After that, we will be able to connect our souls through direct contact and a contract spell . A kiss and an embrace should be enough I think . "

Hearing there was a spell involved, Ling squinted her eyes and asked sharply, "What contract spell?"

Ming smirked and explained further, "You don't trust me? Don't worry, I can go first and show you if you want . It doesn't matter if we go separately as the contract only trade one-fourth of your Spirit . It is also completely safe . Well, for us at least . Xuefeng might feel some pain but he is a big boy and can handle it, right?"

Knowing that she couldn't let that happen, Ling called back right away, "No, I will go first . Tell me the spell . " Xuefeng's safety was always Ling's first priority . She knew that there was little chance that she wanted to hurt him as she already had a chance to do it but didn't . It was always better to be safe than sorry later .

"Alright, I don't mind . " Ming could only shrug and pass the technique to Ling through touch which Ling quickly checked . Only after she found no problems with the skill, Ling turned to Xuefeng and nodded her head .

Xuefeng approached his own Spirit and asked confused, acting genuinely, "What should I do then? I never tried to connect with my own Spirit so I have no idea where to start . "

"Just touch its forehead and wish you could connect . You are one after all . You are both the same . " Ming quickly explained to which Xuefeng nodded and tried right away .

Just as Ming said, when he touched the Spirit's forehead with the intention of entering and controlling it, the vision of his own consciousness materialisation disappeared . The next thing he saw was the view from the Spirit's eyes which didn't feel different from the previous one .

Moving around with his fingers to feel the body of the Spirit, Xuefeng asked curiously, "Are there any other uses of this move?" The only difference was the feeling of the fleshy body as he didn't have it while travelling with the help of his consciousness .

Before Ming could answer, it was Ling who approached him and replied, "You can cultivate faster if you connect with your spirit, but it is not necesarry when you have me . I can do that for you . "

"Alright, thank you . " Xuefeng kissed her on the forehead as he thanked her before asking, "Are you ready?"

Seeing the care Xuefeng was giving to Ling somehow triggered Ming as deep emotions started getting out on the outside as if Little Ming was trying to express herself, but the mature Ming quickly muffled them, locking her little sister tighter . They had quite a nice relationship but right now Little Ming was undergoing a punishment .

'Sis! Don't do anything bad to him! I care about him! You promised to leave them alone!' Little Ming was shouting inside her sis mind but no matter what she said, there was no response sent to her . Little Ming knew she shouldn't have given the bracelet to Xuefeng but she still didn't regret it after it happened and could only hope that Xuefeng learns how to use it before it's too late .

Hearing her little sister muttering, Ming only sighed internally, not bothering to explain it to her anymore and called out to Xuefeng, "I'm ready as well . You guys can start and I will supervise . " In this world, selfish beings survive the most and that was exactly her plan . Her other self was too soft sometimes and no matter what she said, it didn't work on her .

"Alright, come here milady . " Xuefeng was still happy he could connect with Ling so the first part of his plan was just enjoyment . He grabbed Ling into his arms with his Spirit body and hugged her tightly . He could already feel a strange vibe between them just as he touched her, which confirmed that this method worked .

Without waiting for Ling to say anything, Xuefeng muttered while rubbing his nose against his, kissing her right after, "You won't be able to leave me after this…" Xuefeng didn't go crazy this time knowing the situation was serious but still used countless deep kisses, hoping to make their bond even stronger .

Their lips moved but Xuefeng didn't feel anything special happening . He decided to pull away from Ling to check what was going on but then suddenly, his body felt as if it was struck by lightning . He felt a horrible pain as if his body was being ripped apart by some strange force .

He expected some pain just as Ming mentioned it, but he didn't think it would be this bad . Fortunately, the sweet kiss with Ling continued and she even began using more force in seizing his lips which distracted him a bit from the pain .

Just when Xuefeng wondered how long it will last, he felt a soothing sensation filling the spot of his pain, neutralizing it quickly . He didn't need an explanation anymore to understand what happened .

Ling didn't feel the pain as she received one-fourth of his Spirit first and only then did she exchange her own for that . Knowing this, he didn't feel bad about the pain anymore . Xuefeng would rather hold onto most of the pain himself as long as he can spare Ling from going through such trouble .

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After finally pulling away from him when the connection was finalized, Ling asked right away with worry, "Are you alright…?" Ling could feel the shivers of Xuefeng's Spirit after having part of it tore apart and she immediately felt guilty .

"I'm alright… Your Spirit smoothed the pain quickly so I didn't feel it for long…" Xuefeng lied to her so she wouldn't feel bad but she could somehow feel he was lying . She wanted to scold him, but in the end, she stopped herself, kissing him once again as payment for resisting it bravely .

"We are connected now… I'm glad . " Hugging him tightly she expressed her happiness, feeling a bit relieved that it finally happened . Now, hopefully, nothing could separate them .

Unfortunately, before they could enjoy themselves to the fullest, Ming called out to them, breaking their moment apart, "Alright lovebirds, that's enough . If we prolong it too long, Xuefeng's Spirit will heal and he will feel even more pain the next time he trades his Spirit . It's my turn now and this is the best time . "

Ling didn't want to leave Xuefeng's arms but the argument of causing more pain to Xuefeng convinced her as she finally pulled away from him, saying from the side, "Alright, take care . "

Ling didn't plan to leave their side just in case anything bad happened, but Ming didn't mind that and boldly wrapped her arms around Xuefeng's neck, staring at him curiously . As they stood together, their white hair matched in colour, creating quite a nice picture .

Of course, Ming also noticed it and teased Xuefeng as she glided with her nails on his cheek, saying playfully, "Don't you think we look good together? Hehe, we will have a lot of fun together…" Just as Ming said so, she leaned over and covered his lips with a sweet kiss .


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Xuefeng expected a small buffer of time before the pain would come just like in Ling's case, but not much time passed after their lips touched when he heard a flat ripping sound in his mind . When comparing the current pain to the earlier one, the one cause by Ming was definitely more than ten times extra painful .

It was caused by the fact that his Spirit still didn't integrate properly with one-fourth of Link's Spirit and right now, he was ripping another part, basically leaving him with only half left which was barely enough for the Spirit to function properly .

Fortunately, Ming didn't take pleasure in torturing him and quickly sent her part as well, patching the missing piece . Even after that, Xuefeng could still feel the lingering pain inside of him . Ling was trying to be gentle with him and smoothed the whole feeling with gentle kisses but Ming didn't beat around the bush, going straight into it without hesitation .

Finishing her job, Ming pulled out her tongue which she slipped into his mouth in the process to provide better connection and said with satisfaction, "I guess we are done . Now both me and Ling are connected with your Spirit, making you a Dual Spirit Fate Holder . Aren't you happy? Having two Spirit beauties who serve you every day, no matter if its a day or night?"

Xuefeng held his stomach as he muttered to her, "Yeah, as long as they behave nicely, I don't mind that . " He knew she wasn't a good girl so there were bound to be problems with her in their connection stayed like that .

"Haha, don't worry . I wouldn't mistreat my Fate Holder . As long as you behave, I would also stay nice . We are after all bound together already . " Ming laughed as she patted Xuefeng on the head, only to be lightly pushed away by Ling who hugged Xuefeng in worry, but she didn't mind, leaving those stuff to her .

Knowing there was nothing left for her to do, Ming glanced at Xuefeng's bracelet and called out, "I will return to my place then . If you need something, then call me . I will handle the bracelet problems . " Mind didn't wait for his answer and simply reached out to Xuefeng's right hand .

"Activate!" Just as she was about to touch it, Ming heard Xuefeng's shout and suddenly familiar energy forced her hand away, causing her face to pale at the same time .

Ming stared in shock at Xuefeng as she took a few steps back and seeing the smirk on his face she finally realised what happened . Even while understanding what is going on, she couldn't help but cry in confusion, "Impossible!"