Spirit Cultivation - Chapter 278

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Chapter 278
Xuefeng thought that the situation would get intense right away, but surprisingly it went really smoothly . Knowing that Nuwa was Yiren's mother, even Xiao Wen didn't create unnecessary scenes as she was Xuefeng's girlfriend before her . Even with just that, fighting her would be akin to suicide, not even counting the fact that Nuwa was much stronger than her . Her own position wasn't secured enough for her to battle others .

One thing is sure, both Wuying and Xiao Wen didn't expect that Nuwa would be here, thinking such a meeting would be scheduled a little bit further in the future . Xiao Wen was supposed to experience her first time with Xuefeng today but she was surprised with Nuwa's appearance, which made her quite anxious . Would her moment even happen today?

'Xuefeng promised me… Let's see later…' Xiao Wen thought in her mind before nodding at Nuwa, greeting her respectfully . Nuwa was after all a senior as well as Yiren's mother . She decided to play it nicely from the start, moving the further planning for later .

As Wuying took down both Wu Lan and the sulking Wu Kong, Yiren stopped hugging her mother . She took her hand before dragging her excitedly in front of Xiao Wen and Wuying, introducing them, "Mom, this is my younger sister Xiao Wen and the beauty in black is my second sis, Wuying . They've been curious to meet you for some time already . " Yiren was probably the one who was the most excited of them all, which created a unique charm around her .

Nuwa looked at Xiao Wen first after hearing her last name and smiled, reaching out with her hand as a greeting, "Nice to meet you . Are you maybe Xiao Feng's daughter?" Nuwa noticed some similarities in Xiao Wen to Tianshi, who she met before so it was easy for her to see the similarities .

Xiao Wen wasn't quite bothered by getting discovered this fast and nodded as she accepted Nuwa's soft hand, admitting calmly, "Yes, I'm his second daughter if we count Yiren as the oldest . " She didn't mind revealing such stuff to her as they would get leaked one way or another .

After confirming her guess, Nuwa reached out, gently patting Xiao Wen's head and said softly, "Mhmm, I can see some of your sister's features in you . I guess I can be considered your half-mother then? Hope we get along well . "

Xiao Wen didn't comment anything on that and instead turned to Xuefeng who already walked up to them, calling out to him happily while rushing into his arms, "Xuefeng! I missed you…" She didn't mind everyone watching her and dived for a kiss right away, letting loose of her pent up longing .

"I missed you too . " Xuefeng hugged her tightly, not minding to return her kiss with enough passion to satisfy her . Meanwhile, Wuying also reached them and greeted Nuwa politely, "Hello, I'm Wuying . Yiren told us many good things about you . "

"Oh, really?" Nuwa looked at her daughter in surprise and smiled playfully, admitting, "She was just being polite . I'm quite a baddie . I'm Nuwa by the way . "

Before Wuying could reply, Nuwa noticed something and asked worried as she placed her hand on Wuying's forehead, "You seem to be pale . Are you hurt or something?" Nuwa also spotted a bit of redness in her eyes which was not normal, but just as she was about to point that out, Wuying shook her head and she returned back to normal .

Looking towards Xuefeng who already let go of Xiao Wen, Wuying explained herself kindly, hoping for him to hear it, "I'm fine… Just tired after the whole journey as we were flying a lot today . I think a nice hug from my lover would give me some energy . . . "

Xuefeng naturally couldn't reject her and quickly reached her, hugging Wuying into his arms while planting a long sweet kiss on her lips before saying apologetically, "I'm sorry, I will never ask you to travel alone again . I found another method and I will tell you about it later . "

Xuefeng could feel Wuying's shivers the moment he hugged her and he knew it wasn't because she was scared of him . Wuying was too excited to finally meet with him, or rather, his blood . She was fine a moment ago, but during their hug, Wuying suddenly placed her head on Xuefeng's shoulder and kissed his neck playfully . It looked like she was just trying to be funny but Xuefeng knew the real purpose .

'Sigh, I need to do something with this craving of hers . It's getting much worse with each day . ' Xuefeng thought as he pulled her away, knowing it wasn't the time and place for such games .

Unfortunately, Xuefeng wasn't the only one who noticed Wuying's behaviour . Nuwa was also someone who was closely observing the two new arrivals, planning out her tests . She wouldn't let them stay if she noticed that their feelings were not real and something told her that Wuying was suspicious .

'There is definitely much more to it than just tiredness… I need to investigate her first . I will leave the last two sisters for dessert…' Nuwa thought as she squinted her eyes at Wuying when she saw her shivers and suspicious behaviour . The order didn't matter for her as long as everyone was tested .

Looking at the last two kids which she didn't know yet, Nuwa decided to greet them when suddenly the small girl grabbed her brother's hand and approached Nuwa, greeting her instead, "Hello miss . I'm Wu Lan and this is my brother Wu Kong . Nice to meet you . " When she talked, Wu Lan grabbed the corners of her simple dress, acting all cute and lovely which quickly awakened Nuwa motherly instincts .

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"Ah, you are so cute . " Nuwa quickly squeezed Wu Lan's cheeks, expressing happily before asking curiously while brushing through Wu Kong's hair, "And why is this boy grumpy?"

"He didn't get to finish his meal so he has been upset since then . " Wu Lan explained helplessly, not knowing what to do with this brother of hers .

"Here, eat this and you will feel better . " Nuwa only smiled at this, already having a good idea of how to handle kids, and pulled out a small snack from her ring, hovering it in front of him .

When Wu Kong heard the word 'eat', a focused expression appeared on his face and he quickly sniffed around, finding his prey right away . Seeing Nuwa's gentle smile, he picked the snack and didn't hesitate to eat it with slow bites . He didn't have any food with him so he planned to enjoy it for a long time but just when the first bite of the snack entered into his mouth, he couldn't help but exclaim, biting into the whole snack momentarily .

"Mhmm, so good…" Wu Kong patted his belly satisfied before he hugged Nuwa's waist, asking while looking at her as if she was a goddess, "Big Sis, can I be your little brother?"

"Haha, just cause she gave you food, you will worship her now?" Xuefeng suddenly called out after overseeing the cute scene, walking back to the group with both Wuying and Xiao Wen .

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"Mhmm, Big Sis is a goddess . No one can match her in beauty and wisdom . " Wu Kong nodded firmly, ready to worship anyone who gave him delicious food like that . Nuwa only laughed at this and gave him another snack while patting his head .

"Don't give him any more food or he won't stop pestering you . " Xuefeng warned her with a smile, knowing that Wu Kong would do anything for the food, before he continued saying, "Nuwa, you met with everyone now . Hope you can all get along . " while looking at them all standing together .

So far, Xuefeng was amazed that everything worked out so smoothly, having no arguments or drama after their first meeting and Xuefeng already considered that a success . If only they could all continue being peaceful like that, Xuefeng would literally be in heaven .

"Mhmm, I'm hoping for that as well . We will stay together for a while so that's the only option for us . " Nuwa nodded, exchanging glances with Xiao Wen and Wuying, being all smiles for now . Nuwa would only release her storm if she discovered something she didn't like and she was sure it would happen . The only question was when .

Just when Wuying finally forced herself to pull her gaze away from Xuefeng, knowing she will only get her meal later, she glanced towards the group of ladies not too far away from them and spotted someone familiar . She couldn't help but exclaim right away and call out with a smile, "Oh! Shan! What are you doing here?"

For a moment she forgot about her craving and disappeared from where she stood and appeared next to Princess Shan who greeted her happily, "It has been a while . " They separated for more than three months ago after becoming friends in the short week Princess Shan stayed in the clan . They were actually each other's first friend so they remembered it quite dearly .

"Yeah, you are finally back . You seem to be coming for a visit, right? When are you leaving?" Wuying asked curiously after seeing the other ladies behind her . She figured out that she must have arrived with her sect senior sisters who accompanied her, but it was rare that disciples could leave for too long .

"She is leaving in a few days . " Instead of Princess Shan, it was Xuefeng who replied as they approached the White Lotus Sect's ladies, and just when Wuying was getting sad, he added, "But we will be leaving with them . "