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Chapter 250: 250

Chapter 250 Skulls on The Blood Pagoda

“Yes, I will come here frequently for the next few days . Please make sure your men let me in . ”

His words left Ma Cheng speechless; this was not helping .

“I can’t thank you enough for your help . If you need anything more, just give me a call . ” Ma Cheng stood up and stared at Ye Shaoyang, “You are indeed a charming lad, no wonder… . ”

“No wonder what?” Ye Shaoyang asked .

Ma Cheng placed his hand on Ye Shaoyang’s shoulder, “I owe you a favor, so if we fall for the same girl, I promise you that I will win the game fairly without deploying any dirty tactics . ”

Falling for the same girl? Did this fellow here misunderstood something?

Before Ye Shaoyang could open his mouth to explain, Ma Cheng had walked out of the garden .

“This dude is really weird!” Ye Shaoyang shook his head .

“Junior brother, thanks to you, I’m earning a lot this round!” Old Guo gave the sweetest smile, “It’s really great to follow you on this business trip! After this job is done, I’ll share twenty percent of the earnings with you!”

“We’ll talk about that after we walk out of this place alive . ”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, as he sat on the ground . He took out the notebook and passed it to Old Guo . As he looked at the sakura garden, he started explaining, “I told you before that this place is a dead place . This space has been sealed by a complicated formation . It is not as simple as just the Nine Divine’s Moon . The Nine Stars are connected to give rise to the Star of Kings . And the Star of Kings is under the well . ”

Old Guo observed the drawn map with a stern face, “Star of Kings should be arranged in the house and Star of Knights at the field . Where is the Star of Knights?”

“I’ve done some calculations . An auxiliary formation stands at the north-east direction, nineteen kilometers from here . That is where the Star of Knight is . ” Ye Shaoyang said, “The fifth formation is there . And this is Madam Chee’s main camp . The Star of Kings and the Star of Knights resonate with one another, forming a dynamic formation; this is unbelievable!”

Xiao Ma chipped in, “Can you both speak human language? I don’t even understand a single thing here . ”

“I’ll explain it to you later, after I enter the well . ” Ye Shaoyang directly approached the side of the well and took out the red strings and the Spirit Repelling Bell

Xiao Ma and Old Guo panicked when they saw this . Old Guo warned Ye Shaoyang, “Junior brother, this is too dangerous! We are already sure that Madam Chee is trapped under there . If you go in, a fight will be imminent . Are you sure you can handle that alone?”

“Would you like to come with me?”

“I can’t . ” Old Guo backed off, “I’m too old for this . I’ll die in there for sure, and I will just be a burden to you . It’s better if you go alone . I’ll be your watchman here . ”

Ye Shaoyang was at a lost for words . This old man was truly a coward .

“I’ll only go down to observe . I’ll run if I get into any trouble . You guys just stay here . ” Ye Shaoyang placed a Vermillion cultivation pill in his mouth and activated it with his Gang Qi . Then he leaped into the well .

“Like the great strength of thousand jin that tames all beings; all water shall kneel and back from me as swiftly as the wind!”

As Ye Shaoyang finished chanting the Water-Repelling Chant, water backed away from his body instantly . However, he could still feel the coldness in the well, and it sent a chill up his spine .

This matter left him taken aback . He did not expect the Nine Divine’s Formation to be able to gather so much Yin Qi in a matter of three years . Luckily, Old Guo was not here, or this old man would suffer . The Yin Qi would be able to invade his body .

Ye Shaoyang dived for a few dozen meters more before he finally reached the bottom .

Ye Shaoyang looked around . There was a figure resembling a mountain at the north, and water flowed from that direction . Ye Shaoyang could only guess that this was a natural lake . It was located at the fourth point of the dragon’s tail . In feng shui, this was called The Fountain of Dragon’s Water, it was indeed a true dragon’s nest .

Not far away at the south, he saw a shadow that resembled branches of a tree . He walked across the rocks toward that direction . With each step he took, he felt the Yin Qi grow stronger . Ye Shaoyang felt perplexed . Even with his abilities, he started to feel overpowered .

Ye Shaoyang quickly took out a Great Coin Of Carving and grasped it in his palms, as he started chanting . The coin instantly released violet rays, as it dispersed the Yin Qi around him . Before the Yin Qi could gather again, Ye Shaoyang sprinted toward the shadow .

Once he reached the shadow, he looked up and was instantly dumbfounded:

It was indeed a tree, completely crimson like blood!

Ye Shaoyang observed the tree carefully . The leaves were just like pagoda leaves . This was a Yin-grown Blood Pagoda!

This tree could not be found in the mortal world, only in the Underworld . Just like a pagoda tree in the human world, this tree would gather Yin Qi . However, the usual pagoda belonged to the element of earth, so it absorbed Yin Qi through the soil . On the other hand, the Yin-grown Pagoda Tree belonged to the element of water, so it grew in water and absorbed the Yin Qi in it .

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang understood the whole scenario . The sakura garden created Hateful Qi through bones of men and animals, and this Qi was passed through the Nine Divine into this spot . It was the formation of Nine Divine’s Moon, and this tree acted as the ‘moon’ .

This could only mean one thing: Madam Chee’s hiding place was inside this tree!

Just when Ye Shaoyang was immersed in thoughts, the tree suddenly shook on its own . Massive barks extended from both sides, revealing the inner part of the tree, exposing a horrific scene to Ye Shaoyang:

Countless human heads were attached to the tree branches by their hair . The branches were filled with heads, and the heads were from people of all walks of life, men and women, old and young .

Some were dressed as intellectuals, some wore ancient palace official hats, and some were monks . However, most of them were just regular folk . Then, Ye Shaoyang noticed a head of a sorcerer with long hair . On his forehead, there were dotted inks, signifying that this sorcerer was an Enlightened One .

As the tree bark extended, more and more heads were revealed . Every head belonged to a different person, but they all had expressions of suffering . Some were bleeding all over their faces, some were rotting, and some even had worms crawling in and out of their eye sockets .

Ye Shaoyang knew that this was an illusion, but those heads on the tree belonged to those who had really died here . Since some wore ancient clothing, which meant that this plant had existed for a few centuries . Moreover, it was powerful enough to kill an Enlightened Sorcerer .

The scene looked like hell to Ye Shaoyang, with people crying and moaning out of agony .

Although Ye Shaoyang was a calm and brave person, this scene made him feel depressed . He trembled, as cold sweat rolled off his forehead .

Suddenly, he felt a pressure on his left shoulder . He turned and saw a hand gripping his shoulder . A head with long hair rested on it, showing a face with fair skin . It opened its mouth, revealing its disgusting rows of black sharp teeth, as it aimed and bit at Ye Shaoyang’s neck .

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