Spirit Vessel - Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Chapter 24 : Chaotic Battle

A red seedling, just like a flame that was suspended in the dantian; it was born and grew on top of the “Dragon Horse River Diagram . ”

There were two long leaves with the shape of flames, tiny and delicate, as if they were just newly grown teeth – filled with spirit .

This was the Immortal Foundation, it was formed with the transformation of the Spiritual Realm!

The first step of condensation for the Immortal Foundation was successful . The inside was filled with spirit energy . The purity and density of this spirit energy were many times greater than the spirit energy inside the body of a Spiritual Realm cultivator .

“Early realm of the Immortal Foundation, but if I use all of my might, then I wouldn’t be at a disadvantage; even against an intermediate Immortal Foundation expert . ”

Feng Fei Yun opened his eyes, and slightly smiled .

An unknown amount of time had passed; the cabin still remained dark without any light . The outside was tranquil, there were only the footsteps of three or five Ancient Jiang soldiers on patrol .

Feng Fei Yun slightly opened the door of the cabin . Outside, the night was encompassing; only the clear and bright moonlight was shining down, leaving a reflection in the water like a silver fish’s scales .

“Within the radius of one hundred miles, one could only hide inside this red ivory warship . With the intelligence of Dong Fang Jing Yue, she wouldn’t be able to guess that I was hiding here!”

Feng Fei Yun naturally didn’t hope that Dong Fang Jing Yue would chase him to this point, but he didn’t want to think about the other anomalies within, so his heart had doubts!

I wonder, since she couldn’t find me, would she go to kill my father?

Feng Fei Yun’s body shook when he had this scary thought . If Dong Fang Jing Yue truly didn’t spare any schemes and made a move with Feng Wan Peng, then there was nothing else Feng Fei Yun could do .

In the end, both the cultivation and background of this damned old grandma were quite frightening .

“If that was the case, then I could only run back to Spirit State city and fight her to the bitter end . ”

With this thought in his mind, Fei Yun’s eyes became cold and solemn . Suddenly, a blinding light from the far distance reached the ship . A spirit aura came down repeatedly; it was definitely a huge mirror flying to this place .

Within the mirror, a bright silver light was hidden; it came down in ripples, like a bright moon, causing the red ivory warship to be enveloped in the light .

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I just thought about her, and now she is here!

“This woman could be considered somewhat magnanimous, only chasing me and not causing dangers to my family!”

Feng Fei Yun couldn’t help but to think a bit more highly of her . In the end, not everyone could distinctly see through their gratitude and grudges like this . [1]

Many people, once angry, would seek revenge . Once they were truly irritated, they would massacre the entire family of their opponent . However, even though Dong Fang Jing Yue was aware that if she caught Feng Wan Peng, then she could force Feng Fei Yun to obediently show himself, she didn’t do so .

At least, it proved that she was not a person who would employ any underhanded methods .

Even though he was being chased by her, Feng Fei Yun’s view of her, on the contrary, had improved . Of course, it was only just a little .


Dong Fang Jing Yue rode the wave like a “butterfly that flew gracefully on the water surface”; each step gently touched the large surging waves, causing small ripples on the large river .

Her long black hair fluttered in the cold river wind . The white veil slightly covered her peerless beauty, only revealing a pair of bright eyes like black pearls . Inside her eyes was a deepness without any emotions, giving others an enigmatic feel .

She was holding her ancient red lute, her slender and soft fingers gently held the strings . She hadn’t started to flick the strings, but it already gave off an unlimited pressure . Once she started to play, then one note of her lute could destroy a heavenly army and ten thousand horses .

“Dragon lake spans three thousand li, like a white jade hung from the silver river . ”

“Sun sets on the sacred bird monument, Haotian mirror rose from the moon!”[2]

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng stood above on the high platform, and lifted his head towards the Haotian Spirit Mirror in the sky . While his wrinkly face had a serious expression, he quietly mumbled, then raised his voice:

“I don’t know which expert from the Yin Gou family you are?”

The amount of spirit treasures in the Jin Dynasty was a lot, each all had their own legends . When the Haotian Spirit Mirror arrived in the sky, it was instantly recognized with one glance from Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng .

The Ancient Jiang people had always been in conflict with the big families of the Jin Dynasty . The other side was one of the Four Grand Families of the Jin Dynasty, an expert from the Yin Gou family, so the Grand Wisdom Master took heavy precautions . This was also a crucial period to find the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, there couldn’t be the slightest mistake .

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All of the Ancient Jiang warriors on the red ivory warship were alarmed . Each wore their iron armor, with weapons in their hands . Rushing out, their bodies were radiating a battle aura, the heavy pressure made the atmosphere frozen .

Even though Feng Fei Yun hadn’t entered his battle condition, he still felt the frightening aura from these soldiers . The battle power of these few thousand Ancient Jiang soldiers were truly scary, they must be more than ten times stronger than the Spirit State city’s guards .

Dong Fang Jing Yue hugged her lute and rode the big waves . Her eyes gently glared at the red ivory warship once, and replied without any emotions in her voice:

“This little girl’s status is humble, does not dare to state my name in front of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng!”

“How do you know I am Wisdom Master Jing Feng!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng smiled .

Dong Fang Jing Yue said:

“On top of the red ivory warship hangs the flag “Feng Tian”; this is the symbol of the Ancient Jiang city’s Feng Tian Bu . There are only three people of Feng Tian Bu that could control the red ivory warship . One is the Feng Tian general, the other is Grandma Gu Yu, and the last is Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng . With predecessor’s appearance and age, naturally you are not the mighty Feng Tian general, Ling Geng, and definitely not Grandma Gu Yu . The only person left is Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng . ”

“Ha ha, this little girl’s mind is meticulous . If I didn’t have an important matter to do, then I really want to make you a disciple . ”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng smilingly said .

The number of wisdom masters compared to blacksmith masters, pill masters, animal taming masters, were less . Each wisdom master was worth the price, respected and courted by all the major powers, let alone a grand wisdom master .

If one could become the disciple of a grand wisdom master, it would definitely be an extremely great honor .

Dong Fang Jing Yue was still serene, and she said:

“Many thanks for Grand Wisdom Master’s kind affection, but this time, this little girl is only here to catch a little thief . I am sorry to intrude Grand Wisdom Master’s convenience, but please be willing to let me board to force his appearance . ”

“This person is onboard of the red ivory warship?”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng asked .

“Absolutely not wrong . ”

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Dong Fang Jing Yue’s eyes brilliantly shined; they looked around the red ivory warship, wanting to find Feng Fei Yun .

This old grandma was like a haunted apparition that won’t move on . Not good, if she steps on the red ivory warship, then I would have no road for survival – Feng Fei Yun thought this in his mind .

His eyes looked in the direction where Dong Fang Jing Yue was staring at; the corners of his mouth revealed a cunning smile . He already had calculated a top-level ruse in his mind .

Feng Fei Yun decisively stepped out from the cabin, from behind the backs of the Ancient Jiang soldiers, and quickly flew by . His speed was as fast as a ghost’s shadow, not allowing others to see him .

Dong Fang Jing Yue’s eyes angrily sank; having found Feng Fei Yun, the anger that was initially in her heart was burning once again . Her fingers motioned on the lute’s strings, creating a light sound .


The lute had just rang, and an invisible killing light immediately flew outward .


An Ancient Jiang solder yelled out and then fell to the floor . He rolled down the warship, and then stopped moving!

“Oh heaven! The demon girl from the Yin Gou family is killing people!”

“Everyone, join together to fight her, this woman is so vicious and merciless!”

“This is a provocation to us Ancient Jiang people . If we don’t repay this blood feud, then our Ancient Jiang people shall perish . ”[3]

Feng Fei Yun, with extremely fast speed, was constantly changing directions . The loud shouting of the few thousand Ancient Jiang soldiers increased the hatred in their hearts; the murderous atmosphere intensified . Two Ancient Jiang soldiers wearing iron armor, with fingers the size of a cup, jumped out of the red ivory warship and headed towards Dong Fang Jing Yue .

“This demon girl is pushing us too far, actually killed my people for no reason . Let us see if this grandpa today will kill you for your murderous crime?”

These events happened way too fast and this was outside of Dong Fang Jing Yue’s expectations . Earlier, her Murderous Calm Sound Wave clearly headed for Feng Fei Yun, how could it kill an Ancient Jiang soldier?

That Ancient Jiang soldier naturally wasn’t killed by Dong Fang Jing Yue’s Murderous Calm Sound Wave, but because of Feng Fei Yun’s fist . At the moment that Ancient Jiang soldier had stood up, his hand rubbed his neck, not understanding what had just happened .

But right now, no one payed attention to him because the Ancient Jiang soldiers were maddened; many of them left the red ivory warship to vanguard their lives against Dong Fang Jing Yue .

The situation became crazy, all kind of attacks began, and their power caused loud explosions on the river’s surface .

“The price for murder is death; a life for a life!”

“If we don’t kill this demon girl, where will we show our Ancient Jiang’s face?”

“Today, we will fight for equality and fairness . ”[4]

The Ancient Jiang people were candid and frank, plus, they were frequently oppressed by the big families . With just a little provocation from Feng Fei Yun, all of them became angry; all of them turned into fierce murderous devils, losing their minds like wild beasts .

At this moment, Dong Fang Jing Yue was annoyed and depressed . Naturally, she knew that Feng Fei Yun had done some scheming behind the scene, but even if she had one hundred mouths, she couldn’t explain herself at the moment . She could only use and activate the Haotian Spirit Mirror to block these barbarians .

Feng Fei Yun was sitting at the highest point of the red ivory warship, looking at the flustered expression of Dong Fang Jing Yue, and loudly laughed:

“Dong Fang Jing Yue wants to fight with this young master, you are still too young!”

As Feng Fei Yun was happily smiling, an old noise came from behind his back:

“The person she wants to catch is you!”

Feng Fei Yun could no longer continue laughing . He turned his stiff expression to directly look at the old wrinkly face, he nodded and smiled .

[1] Idiom, meaning that the person is honorable . For example, they won’t involve innocent bystanders in their revenge or if they owe someone a debt, they will repay that person ten times more
[2] First line – Long hu san qian li, Bai yu gua yin gou – silver hook meaning Yin Gou .
Second line – Ri luo niao ji bei, yue chu hao tian jing – The two lines are meant to be poetic and also relating to her and her mirror . The sunset bird monument is a real artifact from the Qing dynasty .
[3] The second line is basically saying if we don’t kill her, then let our clan be doomed
[4] Equality and fairness here has a victim connotation . The soldiers considered themselves to be victims against Dong Fang Jing Yue’s murder