Spirit Vessel - Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: 387

Ten thousand “Sen Luo Black Robes” guarded this place on top of sixteen Supreme Elders sitting the floating black palace . Their body was resplendent like sixteen gods in a temple .

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There were also six Giants, evident by their faint aura . This was the reason why the Feng seniors didn’t dare to do anything . The slightest mistake would result in their clan’s demise .

A group of pretty girls was led out this time just like Feng Qingyu . They were from the direct branch, daughters of city lords and leaders . The once pampered ladies were now prisoners .

Their fathers and uncles were all dead . They were only spared because they were pretty girls .

There was 136 of them total . Half were around twelve to sixteen . They were pale and trembling with fear . Each of them was as pretty and charming as a flower .

The heretics here became excited with perverted laughter . Their eyes peered at these beautiful girls and wanted nothing more than to rush up and have their way with them .

Wan Xiangcen smiled again: “Feng seniors, as you can see, our cultivators are salivating at the sight of your daughters…”

Someone couldn’t help but shout from inside the ancestral ground: “Demoness, touch them and we’ll fight to the very last man . ”

She covered her mouth and laughed: “Don’t be angry now and no need to fear about not having descendants . Even if all your men die, our several thousands of cultivators will help you pass on the seed . Haha, what are you waiting for, strip their clothes . ”

Xiangcen smirked . She knew that these ancestors could handle a slaughter but not this humiliating rape . Otherwise, even if the Feng were to survive this disaster, they wouldn’t be able to lift their head again in the cultivation world .

She already had the psychological advantage in the beginning .

“Haha, we’ve been waiting for the order!” A group of heretics howled like wolves and rushed for the girls .

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“No, no, ancestors, save us!”

“Grandpa, save me!” 

“Boom!” The celestial formation was finally opened . A door made from light appeared and an old man came out . He unleashed a ray from his finger and directly blew those heretics flying with blood spurting out from their mouth .

They helplessly drifted like the leaves during autumn . More than twenty heretics were killed on the spot with blood flowing from their seven orifices . The others were seriously injured and unable to stand up .

Xiangcen didn’t become angry since the big fish had finally bite .

“Haha, Feng Hanyao, you old turtle has finally shown your face . Come, let me send you off to the afterlife . ” A Giant flew over from the darkness . This person had a bright red armor and unleashed a palm strike at the old man .

Feng Hanyao was one of the three ancestors of the Feng . He has lived for more than eight hundred years so he didn’t have much vitality left . Nevertheless, he was still a Giant .

He took out an exquisite cauldron with two handles and four corners, engraved with ancient words and endowed with great spirituality . This was one of the clan’s three spirit treasures with the name “Jin River Cauldron” . It was excavated from the river and had been rotten to an indiscernible shape .

It contained the power of the earth after being taken out by an old ancestor . He then refined it into a fist-sized cauldron .

Feng Hanyao fluttered in the wind like a leaf and attacked with the cauldron, killing many heretics .

The Giant’s bloody palm strike finally struck the cauldron, creating a loud explosion .

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“Pluff!” Hanyao was too old so this palm strike made him vomit blood . He turned in order to escape .

A second palm strike came about and stained the sky red with waves . Each attack made Hanyao cough out blood .

“Haha! You’re too weak . Even a spirit treasure won’t do save you from me today!” This Giant was one of the Seventh Hall’s protector with the name, Lu Jun . He had cultivated for five hundred years and was among the top five in terms of power .

The battle between two Giants was devastating . Mountains shattered with boulders running everywhere . The trees shattered into pieces from the deathly shockwaves .

Hanyao couldn’t stop Lu Jun’s barrage . Even the crest on his head broke so his white hair draped down in a messy manner .

Feiyun watched indifferently . He had no love for the three ancestors of the Feng; they were three greedy bastards . In order to seize the gown, they expelled him from the clan on top of imprisoning his grandfather and trying to catch his father .

In order to refine the gown, they even wanted to kill him . He didn’t forget about this feud just yet . Even if the Seventh Hall didn’t kill these three dogs, he would do so later given the chance .

So what if it was unfilial? They were the ones to start this mess . However, he didn’t have the same hatred towards the other children of the clan and would even help them at times .

“Lu Jun! Your Seventh Hall is going too far, you only want the Nine Doves Gown, right? Why did you have to kill our prodigies too?” A yellow light came from the ancestral ground . The second ancestor of the Feng joined the fray and fought against Lu Jun with Hanyao .

The two of them barely stopped Lu Jun .

Lu Jun became increasingly fierce as the one-versus-two battle waged on . His aura materialized into physical clouds as he laughed wildly: “Geezers, you’re not any better than us since you wanted to kill your own junior just to have the gown . ”

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The Feng Giants’ expression soured . They used their spirit treasure and attacked Lu Jun at the same time . The soil on the ground was flipped over like a tsunami .

This was a high-level battle, causing spectators to palpitate . If anyone interfered without being Giants themselves, they would be killed in a matter of seconds .

The scene outside the Celestial Paradise was a mess now .

Feiyun’s eyes became serious . He saw a girl running out from the ancestral ground . She was around fourteen years of age with a pretty face . Her eyes were round and shiny like two crystal grapes .

He didn’t recognize her at first until he saw the white kitty in her embrace . That confirmed that this beautiful girl was Little Demoness .

After two years, the little girl that used to follow him has grown taller . Even her breasts were bigger now . After hitting adolescence, she turned from a little loli into a beautiful maiden .

Who would expect that this elegant maiden was the evil Little Demoness?

She took out a purple pouch with gold inlays . A group of purple cloud flew out and enveloped the girls from the Feng .

“Return!” The clouds receded like the tide back into the pouch . She tied it up and put it back on her slender waist and shouted, “mission accomplished!”

“How bold, you dare to save them? Come back here!” Wan Xiangcen turned into a rain of flower and rushed towards Little Demoness .

Twelve old men at Heaven’s Mandate followed her like twelve black fogs sweeping over .

“Haha, come then! I’ll give it back if you can catch me . Wow, you smell so good, I can't take it!” She licked her lips and stared at Xiangcen for a bit before escaping .

“Meow!” The white kitty jumped out from her chest with a white light . When the light dissipated, the white kitty became as big as a tiger with nine tails with the word “king” on its forehead .

“Beauty, bye bye now!” Little Demoness sat on Whitey’s back . Four fiery plumes ignited on the beast’s legs as it flew to the sky . The girl even turned back and waved at Xiangcen .

Whitey’s speed was unbelievable . Even someone like Xiangcen couldn’t catch up and could only watch Little Demoness run away .

“Little Demoness, I’ll wipe that smile off your face one day . ” Xiangcen landed on top of a hill and stared coldly at the escaping kitty .

Her black hair was fluttering in the cold autumn wind . Even her hair was full of fragrance . Her complexion was shining like jade beneath the moonlight . Her sculpted brows belonged to the heaven .

When she was about to head back, a cough came from behind . It was a very rough and hoarse sound as if the guy was about to cough out his organs .

“Who?!” She was startled . Someone had actually managed to come this close to her undetected .

A sickly man slowly walked out from the darkness with his sleeve covering his mouth . He was still coughing all the same but his eyes were especially bright, just like two stars .

The smirk on his face would scare any woman in this world .