Spirit Vessel - Chapter 417

Published at 25th of September 2018 03:25:01 AM

Chapter 417: 417

The three in black were shocked outside of the pavilion . Their identity was figured out so easily by the enemy . What could they do now? If this matter was exposed, it wouldn’t only end with their death .

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They ate some spirit pills in order to recover and got up . Wolong Sheng didn’t care at all and gave them the time to mend .

Beiming Que stared at the two men and said: “If you know we’re from the Beiming Clan, you should also know that you’re in big trouble . ”

“Trouble?” Haha, Brother Feng, this guy is still sleepy, right?” Wolong Sheng mocked with his eagle eye . It was sharp like a poisonous blade .

Feiyun poured more cup and smiled back: “I’m actually scared though . Messing with the Beiming Clan might end with our death!”

Beiming Que and Beiming Jing naturally sensed the sarcasm and became even angrier . Someone actually dared to not care for the Beiming Clan at the capital? Such outrageous boldness .

“Who the hell are you two?” Beiming Que asked again .

“It’s fine to let you know . ” Wolong Sheng got up and said: “The guy sitting directly from me is the Third Rank Holder of the lower historical list . ”

“The demon’s son, Feng Feiyun!” The three became devastated after hearing this and stared at Feiyun . They then retreated and took out their soulbound artifacts .

Feiyun slightly grimaced and thought to himself: ‘This Wolong Sheng is quite calculating, revealing my name so that I will have to kill them . Even if a wisdom master from the Beiming was to calculate this sight, it would be my fault . The Destruction Cave will have nothing to do with this . ”

Moreover, he had to kill them . Letting them escape would still bring more trouble .

Wolong Sheng snorted: “Now that you know, tell us your meeting location and I can… grant you a swift death . ”

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“What meeting location, what are you talking about?” Beiming Que said .

“Boom!” Sheng gently raised his palm . A huge palm strike descended and pushed down on Beiming Que . He threatened: “Don’t play dumb now . A big shot from your clan wants Ye Xiaoxiang and sent out twelve people to ambush the convent with the help of the Dark Realm . She was captured and you want to help them get into the capital . Where is the meeting location?” 

This was a very mysterious mission and was mostly done by experts from the Dark Realm . However, the Beiming Clan still got exposed at this moment .

“Who knows!” Beiming Que clenched his teeth with a determined glint in his eyes . He suddenly self-destructed his dantian . A devastating explosion blew his body and the nearby vicinity .

The suiciding blast of a second-level Heaven’s Mandate was quite powerful . Wolong Sheng, Feng Feiyun, and Xiangcen instantly retreated .

“Bang!” The entire peach mountain quaked continuously with smoke everywhere . All the trees nearby turned into ashes . Four great cracks emanated from the top all the way down to the base of the mountain .

‘Whoosh!” Wolong Sheng flew down with a flash in his one eye: “Not good, Beiming Jing and Hu Ying got away!”

“They won’t make it!” Feiyun floated to the sky with two plumes of fire emerging in his eyes . Two tracing rays shot out .

Beiming Jing and Hu Ying were top heaven-defying geniuses so they both had qi image . They could run and hide their aura but not their qi image .

Plus, they were grievously wounded and couldn’t get that far .

“Got them, to the east . ” The flames disappeared and Feiyun activated his Swift Samsara to give chase .

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His speed was comparable to a half-step Giant so he instantly disappeared from sight . Xiangcen and Wolong Sheng couldn’t compare to him at all in this regard .

“So fast!” Sheng was shaken . This was indeed the Young Lord of the Feng . The guy didn’t disappoint him at all, worthy of his third-ranked position .

“Boom! Boom!” Two thunderous explosions resounded causing the ground to quake . Countless buildings collapsed . One large street was separated into two halves .

Once Sheng and Xiangcen got there, they found Feiyun standing among the ruins with two gigantic pits nearby .

Xiangcen got next to him . After seeing that he was fine, she asked: “What happened?”

Feiyun replied: “The two of them saw that I caught up and knew they couldn’t get away so they self-destructed . Fortunately, I realized it in time and dodged their desperate attacks . ”

“That’s top experts from the Dark Realm and Beiming Clan for you . ” Wolong Sheng’s expression became even uglier .

Xiangcen said: “This commotion will attract many experts, we need to leave first . ”

The other two nodded in agreement . They turned into faint images before disappearing .

Even though fighting was forbidden at the capital, robbing, killing, and competition always happened . The prodigies didn’t care for the military .

A fight between Heaven’s Mandate experts was too destructive . They could easily destroy an entire area . That’s why the buildings at the capitals were reinforced with a formation to limit the property loss .

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Otherwise, two self-destructive experts wouldn’t have just destroyed a street .

“We lost our lead . If they take Ye Xiaoxiang to the clan, no one will be able to save her . ” Wolong Sheng tapped his forehead and seemed to be worried .

Feiyun was slightly surprised: “We’re not here tonight to talk about the alliance?”

“The alliance will have to wait . I owe Fairy Ye a favor so I will not let her be captured by the Beming Clan and become a boy to some old scum . ” Wolong Sheng said .

Feiyun was even more taken aback . This brutal man was actually quite emotional . At the very least, he wasn’t one to forget favors .

Xiangcen frowned: “But the four are dead, we don’t know which gate they’ll be bringing her into the capital from . ”

Sheng said: “She’s the most famous maestro at the capital right now and many characters at the marquis level are her fans . Even those who want to monopolize her wouldn’t dare to do so openly . ”

Feiyun continued: “Half-steps and Giants have too big of an aura . Plus, they are always under watch by other great powers and garner too much attention . Thus, the best way is to have the top youths do it . If things were exposed, they can blame it on a youthful competition and deny everything . ”

The three of them were on the same boat right now . If the Feng Clan wanted to form an alliance with Destruction, Feiyun needed to help Wolong Sheng save Ye Xiaoxiang .

After a while, Feiyun said: “When Beiming Que died, Beiming Jing and Hu Ying could have separate and escape for a higher chance at survival . However, they both ran towards the east . ”

“Right! People naturally gravitate towards something at a subconscious level . They clearly needed to head east tonight so when they tried to escape, that was their direction . ” Xiangcen agreed .

Wolong Sheng nodded: “Very likely . We need to stop them at the east gate . ”

Even though the possibility wasn’t great, this was their only way so they need to give it a shot .

Sheng slightly touched his left eye socket . His right eye became even more unyielding . If it wasn’t for Fairy Ye’s song, he would have died five years ago .

Back then, he challenged one of the eight older historical geniuses, Beiming Potian, but lost completely and was blinded in one eye . Potian wanted to kill him then . After all, he was too talented and would be a big threat . Killing him would end this future problem .

But the kind Ye Xiaoxiang coincidentally walked by and felt pity . Thus, she pleaded for the blind man lying in the pool of blood and played her flute for Beiming Potian . Potian agreed to spare Wolong Sheng .

Sheng still remembered it deeply and always cared about Ye Xiaoxiang’s matters . Thus, after finding out that someone from the Beiming Clan wanted to scheme against her, he came without hesitation .

“There are only three paths from Faith Convent to the capital . The first is to borrow the route from the Earth’s End Slave Auction . The second is the canyon by the eastern forest . The third is the ancient road by the Beast Mount Jiluo . ”

“Miss Wan, please take a trip to the slave auction . That’s the closest and safest place . Brother Feng, you are the fastest among us so please go to the beast mountain . That’s a dangerous path but they might still pick it . ”

“I think the eastern canyon is the most likely path, so I’ll take that one . Let’s go!”

The three leading experts of the young generation picked three different paths and set off .