Spirit Vessel - Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: 435

Everyone assumed that these houses were also creepy but this wasn’t the case . Each room had a table, bed, curtains, blankets, and an eternal burning lamp .

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Xiaoxiang heard Feiyun’s teasing so she slightly frowned with her willowy brows above the pair of pure almond eyes . This charm was simply too beautiful for words .

“Feng Feiyun, looks like you’re having fun . ” A voice as beautiful and pleasant as the chirping of an oriole came from outside the room . Its owner was surely a kingdom-toppling beauty .

Two different footsteps resounded . Feiyun quickly got up from the bed and cursed his own luck . ‘This damned Dongfang woman, why is she interfering at this key moment?’

The newcomers were naturally Dongfang Jingyue and her brother, Jingshui .

“Ah, the famous fourth daughter of the Yin Gou Clan . The moon is so beautiful tonight, why do you have the time to visit me on a nice day like this?” Feiyun sarcastically said .

Jingyue didn’t show any reservation before pushing in the doors, accompanied by a sweet fragrance . Her figure was simply impeccable - slender and long neck with skin as white as snow . Her waist was delicate, unlike her towering yet soft breasts . Each curve was created with perfection in mind .

The most important thing was still her temperament that was as wondrous as an immortal, unstained by the smoke of the mortal world .

She was too similar to Shui Yueting . Feiyun couldn’t calm down each time he saw her . It was as if Yueting was standing in front of him .

“With regards to being famous, of course, I’m not a match for the demon’s son . ” Jingyue calmly responded before gracefully sitting down on a worn-out chair: “Sorry for coming in like this, I hope we’re not interrupting you two . ”

Feiyun thought to himself: ‘This damned woman clearly heard what I said earlier . ’

Xiaoxiang’s cheeks turned red but don’t mistake her for a bashful woman . For some strange reasons, she would often blush in Feiyun’s presence .

Jingshui also came in with his perpetual evil affinity just like a devil king . His eyes flashed brightly as he remained vigilance .

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Feiyun coughed and said: “The two of you aren’t here just to chat, right?”

Jingshui said seriously: “Feiyun, this village is extremely perilous . People are dying even after hiding in the rooms . ”

“What happened?” Feiyun asked .

“Earlier, more people disappeared without a trace . ” Jingshui felt a bit helpless since he couldn’t grasp this situation despite his cultivation: “Perhaps all of us will die before dawn . ”

Xiaoxiang gently bit her lips after hearing this as her face turned pale . Even someone as fearless as Jingshui felt fear, let alone an inexperienced, fragile girl like her .

Some normal girls would have probably passed out already from fear . The fact that she could follow Feiyun quietly to this point was indicative of her mental fortitude .

Feiyun came over and held her hand tightly before pulling her into his chest then softly whispered: “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you and take you back to the capital with my life . ”

He only wanted to make her feel safe; this had nothing to do with romance .  

However, in our Miss Dongfang’s eyes, he was crossing the line for doing something rather ungracious before people . She was about to go crazy and would have rushed outside if it wasn’t for her brother holding her shoulder .

Feiyun saw her glare and glared right back at her: ‘Damned woman, why are you looking at your father like that?! It’s not like I’m hugging you, stop glaring!’

Jingshui really couldn’t stand this weird atmosphere and said: “Feng Feiyun, I heard you trained in the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record so you should know a bit about the ghastly phenomenon here . Why don’t we work together so that we can leave this place alive?”

This was actually Feng Feiyun’s secret but it wasn’t hard for a monster like the Yin Gou Clan to find out .

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Feiyun let Xiaoxiang hide her face in his chest and replied: “This strange ghost village is not part of the death zones listed in the record . However, I heard that an Enlightened Being had managed to leave this place successfully . There must be some marks left of him and they might even be able to stop these unknown things . ”

“So if we can find his path, maybe we can escape . ”

Feng Feiyun felt that this “water head” was a pretty cool guy . At the very least, he helped when Potian wanted to kill Feiyun and stopped that monster .

Jingshui said: “You have a way to find that path?”

Feiyun replied: “I can find the formations and marks left behind by that Enlightened Being . ”

Jingyue interjected with a sneer: “Boasting again, an Enlightened Being’s formations and marks have their own dao . One can’t see it unless they were at the same level . ”

Even a Giant couldn’t distinguish and find these marks, let alone Feiyun .

“Little girl, you’re purposely antagonizing me . Fine, I don’t give a damn whether you believe me or not . ” Feiyun retorted .

No one dared to call her a little girl beside Feng Feiyun . She was really angry this time and shouted: “Feng Feiyun, you must have been a wretched bird in your last life with a foul mouth like that . ” [1]

“A bird…” Feng Feiyun murmured to himself while thinking that this damned woman got it so right . Even though a phoenix wasn’t really wretched, it was still definitely a bird .

Jingshui rubbed his forehead again . These two are fated enemies . One was a graceful noble daughter while the other was the world-renowned son of the demon . However, they turned into brats that were always at odds when together .

Another scream came outside . It looked like another had gone down . The atmosphere became quite tense .

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Jingshui grimaced and said: “Feiyun, you and I will go find the marks from the Enlightened Being . I’m sure we’re capable enough to survive this . ”

“Then… what do I do?” Xiaoxiang quietly said . She felt insecure being away from Feiyun for too long .

Jingyue spoke up: “I will protect you . ”

The other three instantly stared at her with skepticism .

Jingyue felt uncomfortable from the stares and deepened her tone: “You three don’t believe me?”

“Cough, Miss Dongfang, everyone knows you are unhappy about Maestro Ye . What if you bully her after we leave? It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that… you can be petty…” Feiyun said .

Feiyun had already experienced Jingyue’s grudge so how could he dare to leave Xiaoxiang with her . Maybe when he came back, Xiaoxiang’s face would be swollen beyond recognition .

Jingshui, more than anyone else, was aware that his little sister had some kind of romantic feeling for Feng Feiyun so she considered Xiaoxiang to be a love rival . Who knows what will happen if they were to leave these two alone?

Jingshui pondered for a moment and said: “I got an idea . I’ll stay, Jingyue and Feiyun, the two of you go find the marks . ”

“What, us two?!” Feiyun was surprised .

Jingyue stood up and said: “I agree . ”

‘Agree your sister!’ Feiyun wanted to yell this out but he refrained from doing so since this was still the best course of action . After all, he didn’t feel right leaving Xiaoxiang with the grudgeful Jingyue .

He was completely confident in “water head” and his ability to keep Xiaoxiang safe . He took out a purple flute and gave it to her: “Take care, I’ll be back for you . ”

“Mmm, you be careful too . It’s more dangerous outside and you need to especially look out for … I feel that she really hates you . ” Xiaoxiang accepted the flute with her jade-like hand .

Feiyun nodded: “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be watching my back . ”

Jingyue naturally heard every word from these two . She was about to explode while nearly breaking the pipa in her hands . Nevertheless, she still maintained a nonchalant demeanor .

“They’re big bullies . ” Jingshui sent Jingyue a telepathic message while wearing an amused grin .

“None of your business . ” Jingyue frowned and sent a message back .

“Little girl, let’s go . ” Feiyun walked over and pulled her shoulder forward, making her tumble and nearly fall .

“You…” Jingyue became angry again but he was already standing outside . She calmed down and went out as well .

Jingshui murmured to himself: “I’m regretting letting these two go together, the future is so grim…”

1 . This line doesn’t make as much sense in English, but I kept it literal because the next lines require a literal translation . "鸟人" (bird man) sometimes has a derogative meaning as a "wretch", but also often used between close friends as affectionate appellation like "fellow" .