Star Odyssey - Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: Rabbi
Lu Yin instantly thought of the tree-shaped sourcebox as he looked at the nine-headed savage ape. Could the two things be related?


Yue Xianzi’s gadget suddenly exploded, and her expression changed. “A creature with a power level over 200,000! LU YIN, HURRY UP AND RUN!”

Lu Yin didn’t hesitate and dashed into the distance.

The nine-headed ape climbed out from the ground, revealing its full height of several thousand metres. The void shattered like glass, and the entirety of Savage Ape Planet trembled.

The average planet would not be able to withstand an impact from a creature with a power level of 200,000, and if viewed from space, the entire planet would be trembling.

Lu Yin dragged Yue Xianzi and Zhao Ran along with him as he hurriedly fled from the planet, constantly avoiding various spatial cracks. His face was grim, and occasional blasts of the creature’s aura swept out from behind him, making him take out the Giant Emperor’s third eye and clench it tightly as he used Secret Sidestep to dodge the sweeping aura.

Countless cultivators were awed by the nine-headed ape’s aura.

Zhao Ran wept in horror and stared at the ground.

Lu Yin and Yue Xianzi looked down as well to see that numerous cultivators had been smashed into puddles of blood by the ape. There was even an Explorer among the victims.

In front of a being whose power level exceeded 200,000, an Explorer was nothing more than an ant.

The nine-headed ape had no intelligence, so it was only moved by its instinct to slaughter.

Master Jun joined forces with a few Cruisers to try to wrangle the ape under control, but it was the same as a group of normal people facing a wild beast; intelligence could not make up for the incredible disparity in strength.

At this point, Lu Yin still had not left what used to be Nine Peaks Mountain. Since the surrounding void was in a state of constantly shattering, he was unable to leave. Casanova and the rest were caught in the same situation.

“Everyone, attack the eyes!” Master Jun bellowed before attacking himself. The space-exploring powerhouses all acted together, targeting the ape’s eyes.

The eighteen eyes on nine heads were attacked simultaneously, and the nine-headed ape let loose a fierce bellow as it pounded at the void with its hand, causing a deafening noise that left countless people feeling numb. It felt as if the sky itself had been broken.

Lu Yin only felt his heart drop, but Yue Xianzi spat out a mouthful of blood onto Lu Yin. And yet, on his other side, Zhao Ran seemed to be completely fine.

Above the planet, the fleet of spacecraft that had sealed the planet suddenly collapsed, reduced to dust.

Lu Yin raised his head, and his expression turned ugly. It turned out that he would not be able to leave until the giant ape was eliminated. Even if he managed to reach his spacecraft, he still wouldn’t be able to leave. With the ape’s strength, its attacks could even reach distant points in outer space.

There was another loud explosion as a boundless wave of energy swept out, distorting the void and causing everyone to helplessly tremble in the wake of the storm it raised.

Lu Yin kept a tight hold on Yue Xianzi and Zhao Ran as a figure flew towards them from the front. He wanted to avoid this person, but then, another energy wave swept out from behind him, which meant the person in front of him would be shredded by the energy wave if he moved.

With no other choice, Lu Yin told Yue Xianzi, “Hold on tight.” He then stretched out a hand to rescue the figure inbound to the three of them before suddenly dropping down in order to evade the energy wave.

He looked at the figure in his grasp. He could tell the person was a woman, but he did not have enough time to carefully look at her features since he had to move fast to dodge the incoming energy wave.

“What a bunch of useless goods! I knew that it would be nothing good, but I still wasn’t able to calculate that such a big fellow would be hiding there!” Lu Yin heard a familiar voice and turned around. Behind his group was indeed the unreliable fortune-teller, who was carrying his now-broken wooden pole as he dodged about in a pathetic state.

Zhao Ran immediately shouted at Xuan Jiu, “Gramps, RUN!”

Xuan Jiu rolled his eyes. “It’ll take a miracle for us to escape. The entire Savage Ape Planet—no, the space surrounding the planet is within the attack range of this animal. Unless we can break through the void and escape to a surrounding planet, we might as well just wait for our deaths.”

“Then what can we do? Those uncles don’t seem like they’ll be able to beat that monster.” Zhao Ran had a bitter expression.

Xuan Jiu incredulously replied, “It’d be strange if they could beat it! That’s a creature with a power level of over 200,000. Do you know about the different cultivation realms? That’s the equivalent of an Enlighter! What you guys frequently call an almighty powerhouse. Even without any intelligence, that thing can still suppress cultivators whose power level is below 150,000, and that’s being conservative. Those people won’t even be able to injure the beast.”

Lu Yin frowned. “We’re doomed unless the almighty powerhouse from the Vastdearth Sect acts.”

Xuan Jiu replied. “It’s too late, the nine-headed ape has already awakened, so destroying this planet will only take it a few minutes. As soon as it escapes those people’s control, we’re finished.”

At this point, the woman whom Lu Yin had grabbed and rescued woke up and looked around. When she discovered their current situation, she thanked Lu Yin, but no one had the time to bother with her.

From deep underground, a red magma spread out; the entire planet was splitting apart.

Master Jun and the rest were trying their best to withstand the destructive power of the ape, but it was all to no avail. Just as Xuan Jiu had said, the nine-headed ape would take only a few minutes to destroy the entire planet.

For an Enlighter powerhouse, they only needed a single attack if they truly wanted to destroy a planet.

The ape suddenly rose into the sky with a loud cry. Under the night sky, a giant shadow enveloped the entirety of Nine Peaks Mountain as it raised an arm.

Xuan Jiu exclaimed, “Now it wants to destroy this entire planet! This pile of rotten goods.”

Master Jun and the rest were overwhelmed while Lu Yin clenched his fists. Was this going to be his last day?

No one would have thought that a social gathering held by the Lockbreaker Society would attract such a terrifying creature. No one, including the society, had noticed the existence of this terrifying beast since they had all been focused on the tree-shaped sourcebox.

And now, once everyone died on this Savage Ape Planet, the effects from the matter would be great. Disregarding a Hunter like Master Jun, the youths such as Casanova, Dao Bo, Xi Qi, and Lu Yin all carried impressive statuses to the point where this disaster would end up being recorded down in history.

Everyone stared at the flying ape with despair in their eyes.

One strike from a creature with a power level of over 200,000 would destroy everything—not just the planet would shatter, but even the surrounding planets might be destroyed as well.

The ape hollered and raised its arm high. It seemed like it was about to strike the ground, but then, the mouths of everyone watching suddenly fell open as they saw what was behind the ape—no, above it. A leg had appeared. No, not a leg, a paw… Was that a rabbit’s paw?

Above the ape, the void suddenly split open, although at the same time, it seemed to still be intact. It seemed as if it was real and illusory at the same time.

A giant rabbit, shrouded in flickering lightning, stepped onto the apes head before vanishing back into the void.

The creature’s actions seemed like it was merely stomping on something inconsequential before it vanished in the blink of an eye.

Everyone stared into the skies; could that have been an illusion?

But the next thing that they all witnessed confirmed that it had been no fantasy. The nine-headed savage ape fainted.

Lu Yin was in disbelief. What is this?!

Xuan Jiu opened his mouth and gestured with his finger. “An ape with a power level of over 200,000 just fainted from a rabbit’s stomp. Where did this rabbit come from? Was that rabbit crazy?”

The ape crashed to the ground with a loud thump, completely unconscious. Flashes of lightning still arced across its body from time to time, and its body was releasing a singed smell.

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Everyone was stunned. After all, that ape was a powerful creature with a power level of over 200,000. Master Jun and the rest of the Cruisers had not been able to harm it in the slightest, but it had been stomped unconscious by a random rabbit. Everyone was wondering where that rabbit had come from? What kind of perverted rabbit was that thing?

“Br- Brother Lu, I think I saw a rabbit,” Zhao Ran said blankly.

Lu Yin frowned, but was also still in a daze.

“Seventh Bro, I saw a rabbit, too. Such a big and awesome rabbit,” the Ghost Monkey said sluggishly.

Everyone landed and stared at the mountainous nine-headed ape.

Master Jun checked the beast and then solemnly said, “It won’t wake up for the time being. It’s been completely subdued by the electricity.”

Countless people relaxed. This ape had nearly wiped all of them out.

“Ha, I don’t understand what you two-legged beasts were so worried about. With Lord Fish around, forget a power level of 200,000—not even 2,000,000 would matter. One slap of Lord Fish’s tail would smack it dead!” the fish atop Xi Qi’s head began to speak once again, still just as abrasive as before. This time, even the giant ape was included in the fish’s ridicule.

Many rolled their eyes, as this fish had been scared silly just moments ago.

Xi Qi grew embarrassed and fled the scene.

Lu Yin raised his hand and approached the ape, but his fingertips turned numb before he could even touch it. Through this, he could feel the power of the rabbit’s lightning. This wasn’t just any normal lightning, as even Lu Yin with his robust physique did not dare to touch this electricity. It was no wonder how this rabbit had been able to electrocute the ape and cause it to faint.

Master Jun used his gadget and seemed to be communicating with someone, presumably the Lockbreaker Society. That rabbit was very abnormal, as it was rare to encounter powerhouses whose power level exceeded 200,000 units. But this bunny had trampled one silly with a single step, so even with a conservative estimate, its power level had to at least be 250,000. This sort of powerhouse was too fearsome, especially when it was just a rabbit.

In the Human Domain, this matter was enough for the Hall of Honor to step forward.

Master Jun said, “Alright, everyone should leave now since the Savage Ape Planet is at risk of collapsing at any moment.”

Many hurried to leave.

“Brother Lu, let’s go as well,” Yue Xianzi said.

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Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. “I’m a little injured, so give me a moment.” He then looked for a more secluded area where he could avoid the crowd.

Yue Xianzi felt strange as she had not seen Lu Yin being injured. Still, she did not press any further and just silently waited for him.

Xuan Jiu moved around the ape while chanting mysteriously. No one knew what he was doing. Zhao Ran followed the old man with interest since she believed that Xuan Jiu was very capable, but her behavior just frustrated the man.

“Useless goods, stop following me!” he barked.

“I am indeed useless. Thank you for always reminding me, mister kind-hearted fortune-teller.” Zhao Ran was thoroughly delighted.

Xuan Jiu was left speechless.

Casanova looked around for Lu Yin, but he ended up deciding not to pursue him. Since the white fruit had already been split apart, it was impossible to put it back together. Also, he had obtained the golden fruit, so he wasn’t even losing out. Besides, he had also agreed to the contest with Lu Yin, so he really should drop the issue.

In another area, Lu Yin hid in a secluded cranny and set his cosmic ring aside in case he rolled Possession. Then, his die appeared, and he tapped on it. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to roll it.”

The last time he had rolled the die had been in Astral-10, which was more than a month ago, so his chances should be pretty good now.

The die spun rapidly before finally stopping on one pip: Pilfer. Lu Yin unconsciously looked around out of fear that someone was around in case something like a woman's clothing would appear out of nowhere and create a misunderstanding. Fortunately, a firearm appeared, which he threw aside since it was useless. He recharged the die with a cube of star energy and tapped it again.

The second time was two pips, which was also useless. Lu Yin quickly tapped it a third time.

When the die stopped spinning, Lu Yin looked at the number and became ecstatic. Five pips: Gift Copy. Without any further thought or hesitation, he charged forward and nearly tore through the void as he approached the nine-headed ape, startling Xuan Jiu and causing the old man to jump in fright in the process.

Lu Yin reached out as he approached the nine-headed ape, and even though his fingers went numb, a strand of electricity twisted towards him.

Xuan Jiu’s eyes went wide. “Are you looking for death, you useless goods? Do you really think that you can play with that like a toy?”

Lu Yin grinned. “I was just curious.”

Xuan Jiu rolled his eyes. “Useless goods.”

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