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Star Odyssey - Chapter 364

Published at 19th of January 2021 09:56:03 PM

Chapter 364: Lu Yin And Liu Shaoge
Lu Yin raised a hand and swatted at the air. Perhaps, at a distance of no more than a single step away from him, there was another, higher civilization that was observing him like a lab rat. He laughed in spite of himself, since such a thing was not impossible.

The heavens decreed one’s fate, but who knew what the heavens really were? If Lu Yin was willing, then he could completely change the fate of a random person on the Prairie Flame Continent below him, and Lu Yin would be the heavens to that person. If that were the case, then who was the heavens looking down upon Lu Yin like an ant?

Was it a powerhouse with a power level of several hundred thousand? Or that finger from his dreams?

“Seventh Bro, who’s that person? You seem to hate his guts,” the Ghost Monkey asked.

Lu Yin’s mood became depressed, and he looked out at the sky, seemingly overwhelmed by his thoughts. “It’s none of your business.”

The monkey cried out, “Damn it, Seventh Bro, you and me share one body! There’s nothing of yours that isn’t my business. If he’s your enemy, then he’s my enemy too. Just let me know, and I’ll curse him to death!”

Lu Yin frowned, as the monkey was becoming stranger and stranger every day. Initially, he had had a cold disposition towards him, but as time passed, the monkey seemed to become much more garrulous. Was this the astral beast’s natural demeanor, or was it because the monkey had become lonely after being trapped in Lu Yin’s for so longarm? It almost felt like the monkey was venting in this manner.

“Monkey, are you lonely?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

The monkey was stumped and did not respond for a while. “Sev- Seventh Bro, what are you trying to say?”

“Sometimes, you have a lot to say.”

The monkey didn’t respond.


Lu Yin’s gadget sounded out with an alert, but it was an unfamiliar notification for Lu Yin. This time, it was a recorded conversation.

‘Representative Liu has only just arrived at San Dios, so you may not be too familiar with how things operate around here. That Lu Yin is very arrogant. He abuses his power often and has even colluded with pirates. I understand Arbiter Zhenwu’s intentions in sending you here, but I still need to remind you to be cautious.’

‘Thank you, Councilor Puyu, for reminding me. Lu Yin and I are old friends, so I understand him somewhat.’

‘That’s good. What does Representative Liu plan to start with?’

‘Does Councilor Puyu have any suggestions?’

‘Not a suggestion, but since Representative Liu comes from the same place as Lu Yin, then perhaps you could start thinking in that direction.’

‘Haha, thank you for the reminder, Councilor Puyu.’

‘Such a thing doesn’t deserve to be called a reminder; it’s just a few casual words. Right, there is someone that you can go to concerning many matters: Bazeer. He was the one in charge of the Great Yu Empire Youth Council, but he has been imprisoned due to his feud with Lu Yin. You should be able to understand the present situation more thoroughly through him.’


The recording detailed a conversation between Puyu and Liu Shaoge, but it was actually Liu Shaoge who had forwarded it to Lu Yin.

‘Brother Lu, let’s talk!’ Liu Shaoge soon sent another message to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. “Sure.”

They were both from Earth, but the two had taken opposing paths before meeting once again in another location.

To Lu Yin, Liu Shaoge was someone he had to kill, but it was impossible to do at the moment. He was also curious about what Liu Shaoge wanted to talk about.

Lu Yin remained where he was, at the edge of San Dios, and Liu Shaoge slowly walked over with a smiling face, radiating an indescribable charm. He stopped about three meters away from Lu Yin. “Brother Lu, the scenery here must be quite beautiful.”

Lu Yin did not turn around to face Liu Shaoge. “I refuse to believe that you can truly block my attack, so it’s not impossible if I truly want to kill you.”

Liu Shaoge’s lips curled up as he walked next to Lu Yin. “Yes, Brother Lu is unparalleled within the Limiteer realmand is also a universally recognized Ten Arbiters’ candidate. Out of all those within the Limiteer realm, no more than five can withstand your attack, and I’m definitely not one of them.”

“And yet, you still dare to meet me alone.” Lu Yin turned towards Liu Shaoge, revealing his naked bloodlust.

Liu Shaoge lazily stretched out and then raised his right hand with the palm down. “Brother Lu, do you want to guess what I see right now?”

Lu Yin did not answer.

Liu Shaoge’s spirits soared. “Domination.”

He then looked at Lu Yin with a serious expression. “From this position, one can dominate the Prairie Flame Continent in the same manner that Brother Lu used the authority of a councilor to determine the fate of Firesmelt Planet. I watched it all.”

Lu Yin sneered as he replied, “Liu Shaoge, don’t toy with me. I’ve never dominated anyone.”

“Brother Lu, you’re mistaken. Someone such as Puyu holds no interest to me. Although he’s a part of the Outerverse Youth Council and is ranked within the Top Hundred Rankings, he’s not on the same level as Brother Lu. I’m not so short-sighted as to collaborate with him to try to deal with Brother Lu.” Liu Shaoge’s voice was practically dripping with disdain.

Lu Yin smiled. “Dealing with me is not only Puyu’s intentions, but also that of the person behind you. Your confidence stems from Arbiter Zhenwu’s backing, and that’s who you’re relying on to stop me from killing you.”

Liu Shaoge smiled. “That’s one part of it, but the actual reason why I’m not afraid of Brother Lu attacking me is actually not because of Arbiter Zhenwu. I believe that, even if Brother Lu killed me, you would still be confident in avoiding Arbiter Zhenwu’s retaliation, just like when you saved Zhuo Daynight in the past.”

Lu Yin’s gaze sank. Clearly, Liu Shaoge knew more than Lu Yin imagined, which proved that his position in the Daynight Clan was not too low.

“Brother Lu’s the same as me, someone who wants to dominate the world. That is what I rely on,” Liu Shaoge spoke with certainty.

Lu Yin scornfully replied, “I’ve already said that I’ve never wanted to dominate anyone else.”

Liu Shaoge seriously replied, “Wrong. Brother Lu’s actions screams with the desire of domination. Will Brother Lu really leave the Great Yu Empire’s monarchy behind? Even if it’s to Wendy Yushan, can Brother Lu give up the position of councilor? Can Brother Lu accept others in the same realm being ranked above you? All this just proves that Brother Lu’s ambition is boundless.”

Lu Yin raised his hand to stop him from continuing. “Liu Shaoge, there’s no need to guess at my thoughts. Your words are ridiculous! Is this how you curry favor with Arbiter Zhenwu?”

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Amusement flashed across Liu Shaoge’s eyes. “Perhaps. Since Brother Lu doesn’t wish to hear such things, then let me change topics.” He paused and then slowly said, “Has Brother Lu ever thought about controlling all of East San Dios?”

Lu Yin’s eyes shone as he stared at Liu Shaoge. “You’re crazy.”

Liu Shaoge smiled. “Brother Lu can consider me crazy. I hope to cooperate with you and eliminate Puyu so that we can seize control of San Dios together.”

Lu Yin sneered and instantly rejected the proposition. “I understand clearly why Arbiter Zhenwu sent you here. Firstly, to deal with me, and secondly, to make preparations for the Daynight clan’s future moves upon San Dios. Compared to cooperating with me, why don’t you consider how you can better cooperate with Puyu.” Lu Yin then turned around to leave.

Liu Shaoge watched his retreating figure. “From Earth to the Great Yu Empire, then to Astral-10, and now, even to San Dios. The shadow standing behind so much of what Brother Lu has done is the single moment where Puyu ordered Bazeer to humiliate you in the Great Yu Empire. Brother Lu cannot possibly have forgotten this matter.”

Lu Yin did not slow his steps towards San Dios.

Liu Shaoge continued, saying, “Given Brother Lu’s current conduct, since you’ve already decided to act against Bazeer, you will definitely not allow Puyu to slip away. Previously, pirates attacked over a hundred powers, and a powerhouse even slashed Darkstar Gorge in half. These matters should be related to Brother Lu, but none of these are Brother Lu’s way of dealing with Puyu. Such things are too heavy handed for your personality.”

Lu Yin did not stop, but his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“I believe that Brother Lu has already made sufficient preparations to deal with Puyu and that you have even already taken action. However, it’s only that Puyu cannot sense anything yet.” Liu Shaoge’s tone was heavy.

Lu Yin finally stopped and replied. “You’re thinking too much into it.”

“Is that so? I, Liu Shaoge, can enter the sights of Arbiter Zhenwu even as an Earthling. I reached the position that I hold today without any overwhelmingly powerful innate gift. However, I’m rather skilled in assessing people, and I trust that Brother Lu Yin is already completely confident that you’ll be able to deal with Puyu. If that’s the case, then why would I want to collaborate with a failure?” Liu Shaoge was confident.

Lu Yin turned around. “Since you were sent by Arbiter Zhenwu to deal with me, then aren’t you afraid of Nightking Zhenwu’s retaliation if you collaborate with me?”

Liu Shaoge smiled. “Dealing with you is the objective, but I decide on the methods to do so. Also, only I know your true objective, since Arbiter Zhenwu is not an omniscient being. How about it, Brother Lu? Do you have the confidence to cooperate with me and seize control of San Dios together?”

Lu Yin folded his arms and leaned against the wall, looking at Liu Shaoge with renewed interest. “I’m very curious. Since you’re certain that I’ll be able to deal with Puyu, how are you so certain that you can cooperate and actually share San Dios with me? If I can dispose of Puyu, then shouldn’t I also be able to take care of you?”

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Liu Shaoge spread his hands apart. “It’s simple—it’s because I’m under Arbiter Zhenwu. Unless I commit a heinous crime such as betraying the human race, no one will dare to touch me. Brother Lu, do you think that you have the power to charge me with the crime of betraying the human race?”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed; betraying the human race? That was the crime that he had charged Puyu with.

“So long as you can’t touch me, we can cooperate. At the very least, I won’t obstruct Brother Lu from taking certain actions, and we can put on a good show for the Ten Arbiters. After all, we are both from Earth, and we will both serve Earth in the future.” Liu Shaoge smiled.

Lu Yin looked at him closely, considering how he should deal with this person. Liu Shaoge was very troublesome, and his supporter, Arbiter Zhenwu, was rather unyielding. This was especially so ever since his prestige had soared after he arrested Grand Marshal Shui Chuanxiao and imprisoned him in Gaia's Swamp. Liu Shaoge was right in that there was no way for Lu Yin to deal with him unless Liu Shaoge betrayed the human race, but that accusation would not be so easily backed up. If it was so easy to discover traces of the Neohuman Alliance, then they would not have been able to remain hidden for countless years.

Impatient, Liu Shaoge looked at Lu Yin. “Brother Lu, it looks like you still hold that hatred from Earth in your heart.”

A coldness flashed across Lu Yin’s eyes. “I will never forget.”

Liu Shaoge had no choice, so he simply activated his gadget and sent Lu Yin a few names.

Puzzled, Lu Yin looked at them. There were four names in total—Amethyst Exchange, Eternal Shield, Nalan family, and Endless Borders.

“Brother Lu should be clear on a certain principle. No matter what you do, money is critical.”

Lu Yin’s eyes brightened, as he unconditionally agreed with Liu Shaoge’s words.

“No matter if it’s for an individual’s lifestyle or for a power struggle, nothing can be done without money. Since ancient times, whether one discusses the changing of an imperial authority or a battle between the Weaves, the most critical factor is not a power’s experts but rather their resources. These four names represent the four wealthiest financial corporations, and they are going to have a conference very soon to discuss some sort of collaboration,” Liu Shaoge said with confidence.

“What does any of that have to do with me?” Lu Yin asked coldly.

Liu Shaoge’s lips rose. “Nothing at the moment, but no one can predict the future. Perhaps one day Brother Lu will require money.”

Lu Yin internally mumbled to himself, It isn’t “one day,” but every day!

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