Star Odyssey - Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: Show Her Who’s Boss
Lu Yin looked at the four names on the list. He was quite familiar with the Nalan family, but their relationship had not reached the point where he could receive their support. He still hadn’t forgotten the loan document that Lulu had shown him, proving that Undying Yushan had taken out a loan from the Mavis bank. That document was a humiliation to the empire. What Lu Yin wanted was support, not a loan.

Lu Yin had already set something up in the Ross Empire, so there was sure to be a war in the future. What gave him the biggest headache right now was his lack of resources. This matter could not wait any longer.

Lu Yin eyed Liu Shaoge. “Where?”

“Tyrannical Weave. Millions City,” Liu Shaoge replied.


“That hasn’t been decided yet, so I’ll tell you once things are confirmed.”

Lu Yin nodded. “We have a grudge between us, but it’s settled for now.” With that, he turned around and left.

Liu Shaoge watched as Lu Yin walked away, a confident smile on his face. His instincts about this person were definitely right. Lu Yin was ambitious and capable, which was the kind of person that Liu Shaoge liked to work with the most. Even if he had to pay a price at the beginning, he’d be able to collect on it in the future. This person might even have a huge impact on the Daynight clan, which was what he valued the most in Lu Yin. There was no way that Liu Shaoge was willing to remain as Nightking Zhenwu’s subordinate forever.

The only thing Liu Shaoge wasn’t certain of was whether or not Lu Yin had taken any actions against Puyu yet. What he’d said earlier was merely his analysis based on what Lu Yin had done in the past, so he wasn’t completely certain.

Whatever his plan may be, Lu Yin was definitely not going to work with Puyu. The Councilor was an idiot who revealed all his cards up front; such a person had no right to work with Liu Shaoge.

Lu Yin returned to Wendy Yushan’s courtyard, but then, he suddenly recalled something: Nightking Qingyu. He’d completely forgotten to ask how that person was doing. From what he could recall, Qingyu had said that he would return to Earth in the future to take his revenge.

Qingyu had been able to travel through the universe without a spacecraft even before the trial on Earth, and he must have been quite powerful. That fight had been rather difficult for Lu Yin, even with the Cosmic Art pushing him to the level of a Realmbreaker, he had still been suppressed by Nightking Qingyu. He had no idea if this person would really return to Earth.

Probably not. He wanted to deal with Lu Yin for his revenge, so he would likely search out Lu Yin rather than return to Earth.

The Tyrannical Weave was located quite a distance away from San Dios: twenty whole Weaves away. It was, however, quite close to West San Dios, which was in the center of the Outerverse’s western region.

Not much information was available about the Tyrannical Weave on the network, possibly because of the distance. However, there actually was an entry on Millions City. The city was known as the richest city in the Outerverse. Even a beggar could become incredibly rich so long as they had enough to start begging in that place.

There was a saying that went around the network: as long as one managed to enter into Millions City, the city would definitely have a way of helping them become rich.

Discovering that saying made Lu Yin so fired-up that he couldn’t wait and wanted to immediately set off towards Millions City. He was in desperate need of more money.

It was no wonder why the four financial powerhouses would gather there. Only a city like that could contain them.

Lu Yin rubbed his chin contemplatively. Should he go? With his current status, there wasn’t much he could do in such a place. While he might seem to possess a lot of identities, they merely represented what he could potentially become. Him being a Lockbreaker or a part of the Ten Arbiters’ Council was nothing compared to those individuals who actually had the means to receive investments from the four financial powerhouses.

However, nothing was ever certain. Lu Yin’s identity was very special: he was the strongest Limiteer as well as a true Ten Arbiters’ candidate.

While nobody knew for sure if the Ten Arbiters would abdicate their positions when they passed the age limit of the younger generation, financial powerhouses might still see him as worth investing in. The question was how much they valued his potential.

Of the four powerhouses, Lu Yin was the most familiar with the Nalan family. If he said something, then he was sure that Madam Nalan would invest in him, but for some reason, Lu Yin didn’t like the idea of using her money. Perhaps it was because the woman was a widow.

There was one other question; if there really was a financial powerhouse who was willing to sponsor him, would it be for his personal cultivation and potential or for the Great Yu Empire? There was a huge difference between those two motivations.

Liu Shaoge had officially become an acting councilor and gained control over Seven Weaves, which was three more than what Lu Yin had managed to get as someone working on behalf of Wendy Yushan. Arbiter Zhenwu had a lot of support, and after Puyu discovered that he’d offended Arbiter Wen, he had started doing everything he could to win Zhenwu’s favor. Thus, he was constantly being incredibly polite to Liu Shaoge.

Liu Shaoge and Lu Yin’s relationship seemed completely fine on the surface, and a newcomer would never have been able to tell that they used to have a bad relationship.

The grudge that Lu Yin was talking about was how Liu Shaoge had bombed a city and nearly killed him back on Earth. Lu Yin would also never forget how Liu Shaoge had betrayed Earth, but that wasn’t his business. If Zhang Dingtian and Bai Xue were still alive, then they would be the ones to redress that betrayal.

Zhao Ran remained in San Dios as a servant. However, there was a slight problem—she forgot everything that had happened to her every few days, just like now.

“Who are you?” Zhao Ran stared up at Lu Yin with wide eyes filled with confusion.

Lu Yin was at a loss. “Don’t ask so many questions. Just stay here.”

“Okay. But where is this place?” Zhao Ran asked.

“East San Dios.”

“I’ve never heard of it. Why am I here?”

“I told you to stop asking. Just stay here.”

“I’m sorry. Did I make you angry?”


“There’s something wrong with me,” Zhao Ran said sadly as she lowered her head.

Lu Yin was speechless. She could remember that sentence perfectly.

This conversation happened twice over the next few days. Lu Yin had no choice but to record the entire conversation as a video and hand it over to Yue Xianzi with the explanation, “Whenever she loses her memories, show her this video. Don’t ask me anything else.” He left right away after that.

“You were the one who wanted her to stay here,” Yue Xianzi pouted as she looked at Zhao Ran’s big, confused eyes. “Let’s go. I’ll take you around to help you familiarize yourself with your work.”

“I’m sorry to bother you. There’s something wrong with me,” Zhao Ran apologized.

Yue Xianzi didn’t know how to respond. “Don’t say that in the future.”


On an ordinary day, an un-ordinary matter took place.

A personal spacecraft docked at the Prairie Flame Continent’s space station. A girl who exuded natural beauty, wore a tight, white outfit decorated with gold trim, and carried a two-meter long sword in her hand walked out from the spacecraft. Her long black hair clung to her waist, and she exuded a calm, ancient aura. It was Wendy Yushan. She had finally returned to San Dios.

Lu Yin, Puyu, Liu Shaoge, and the rest were all waiting outside the space station, watching her arrival.

Wendy Yushan was a legend. She was among the top twenty of the Top Hundred Rankings as well as the most powerful successor of the Innerverse’s Myriad Swords Peak. Her reputation was not limited to one region; she was famous throughout the entire universe.

What was even more well known about her was her charm. Numerous people went crazy for her, and Puyu was one of her admirers.

After staring at Wendy Yushan, Puyu hurriedly approached her.

Liu Shaoge sighed in praise. “You’re very lucky, Lu Yin.”

Lu Yin chuckled. Lucky? That wasn’t really so since this woman didn’t like him.

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“Welcome back, Councilor Wendy.” Puyu walked up and greeted her with great enthusiasm.

Wendy Yushan remained just as indifferent as ever and merely nodded towards Puyu. Her gaze then swept past Liu Shaoge to land on Lu Yin. “I advised Arbiter Lan to instate you as a Councilor of the Outerverse Youth Council, but he said no.”

Lu Yin shrugged. “I’m not surprised. It’s impossible to become a councilor without first becoming an Explorer.”

Wendy Yushan passed Puyu, took another step forward, and then vanished.

Puyu felt very embarrassed, but he had long since gotten used to such treatment, so he left the space station as well.

Meanwhile, Wendy hadn’t even acknowledged Liu Shaoge.

This was one of Wendy Yushan’s classic behavior traits; she completely ignored people she didn’t care about.

As she looked around her courtyard, Wendy Yushan had the same indifferent look in her eyes as she calmly stared at Lu Yin. “How’s Bazeer?”

“He’s under supervision,” Lu Yin replied.

Wendy Yushan had an indifferent reaction even to that news.

Lu Yin found that he actually hated her reactions. It felt like she thought of herself as always above everyone else, just like when she had brushed past him on Zenyu Star. The constant indifference on her face as she looked at him might hold a bit of praise now, but it only felt like an insult to Lu Yin.

“You’re a Councilor of the Outerverse Youth Council, and yet, you didn’t even know that your subordinate was siding with somebody else, nor that you’re only in charge of four Weaves. You’ve failed at your job,” Lu Yin accused without sugarcoating anything.

Upon hearing his words, Barley and the others who had gathered to greet Wendy were startled and hastily retreated, afraid to get close to the two.

Zhao Ran, who was standing not too far away, blinked while carrying some beverages forward. She couldn’t tell if it was better for her to enter or leave.

Wendy Yushan looked at Lu Yin in confusion. “Are you trying to micromanage me?”

“I guess?” Lu Yin stared right back, unfazed.

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“Damn, Seventh Bro, you’re amazing! Make sure she knows who’s boss!” the Ghost Monkey cheered.

Wendy Yushan’s gaze gradually turned cold, and it soon felt like the void had frozen over, and her bloodlust almost seemed to manifest into a physical force. That force made many feel a chill inside their bones. This was Wendy Yushan’s power. “It’s none of your business.”

As he felt the overpowering pressure radiating from her, Lu Yin could do nothing other than lower his head and respond, “I’m the Royal Regent of the Great Yu Empire and a member of the Astral Combat Academy Council. Also, I’m your fiancé.”

Barley and the rest froze for a moment before running away.

The next moment, a powerful force swept through San Dios as Wendy Yushan unsheathed her blade and coldly stared at Lu Yin. “I acknowledge that you’re the closest person to me as far as family is concerned, and you’re the only person I’ll admit to being my family, but you need to take that back. Don’t ever call yourself my fiancé again.”

Lu Yin stared into her eyes and released his domain. Wendy’s bloodlust filled aura was forced back, and a golden radiance appeared around Lu Yin. It was his five-lined battle force. “Your father, Undying Yushan, was the one who arranged the marriage with me, the last member of the Zishan family. It will remain effective for as long as I’m alive.”

Wendy Yushan narrowed her eyes and the void surrounding the two of them was shredded like a fragile sheet of paper. She launched no actual attacks, but the void, and even Lu Yin’s clothes and cheeks, were flecked with tiny blood splatters.

“You’re too arrogant. I am your sister!” Wendy Yushan icily retorted, her face showing her fury.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened in response. “I am your husband.”

With a clang, a sword was pressed against Lu Yin’s neck. Wendy Yushan clutched the hilt of her sword. “You want to marry me? Fine, but only if you manage to take one attack from this sword of mine.”

Lu Yin glanced at the sword. Although there wasn’t any kind of aura to it, he was certain that Wendy’s attack would definitely not be any weaker than Liu Shaoqiu’s Thirteen Swords. On the contrary, Wendy Yushan’s skills were far beyond Liu Shaoqiu’s, and they were not something that Lu Yin could stand up to. Not being able to tell how amazing something was in and of itself proof of how great it was.

“Does that mean that I can marry you if I win?” Lu Yin asked boldly.

Wendy Yushan’s eyes narrowed. “Yes.”

“Fine!” Lu Yin exclaimed. “Give me a year and I’ll challenge you.”

Wendy Yushan snorted disdainfully. “I meant right now.”

“Are you in that much of a hurry to marry me?” Lu Yin retorted.

Wendy Yushan became absolutely furious, and her sword emanated a killing aura that made everyone in San Dios feel a chill. Even Puyu, Liu Shaoge, and the others were shocked by what they felt.

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