Star Odyssey - Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: An Arrogant Lu Yin
Lu Yin laughed . “It’s said that the Lily family is famous for its beautiful women, and it certainly seems to hold up . Miss An’er and Miss Shu’er are both very beautiful . ”

“Now then, tell me . Who’s prettier, my sister or me?” Lily Shu'er instantly asked while staring intently at Lu Yin .

Lu Yin was stunned . He had just said that to be polite, but it felt like he had trapped himself with his own words . Lily Shu'er seemed to be genuinely interested in hearing the answer to her question .

Lu Yin was speechless, but he sheepishly answered, “Both of you are equally beautiful . ”

“Brother Lu, please sit down . Don’t just stand around . ” Northgate Gang said as he pointed to an empty chair .

Lu Yin looked over and saw that the seat he had been offered was not the top seat, or even the second seat . According to the rules, the seats were ordered in terms of hierarchy . This meant that, at least as far as Northgate Gang was concerned, there were three people with higher standings than Lu Yin .

Lily Anne’s expression changed and she looked sternly at Northgate Gang . “Young Master Northgate, it seems like you’ve pointed to the wrong seat . Brother Lu should sit there . ” She then pointed to the top seat .

Northgate Gang sneered as he replied, “Miss Anna, the top seat naturally belongs to my elder brother . However, my elder brother has gone to greet the witness from the Fire Scorpion Sect of the Tempest Flowzone, and I believe that their witness happens to be the chief disciple of the Fire Scorpion Sect . So tell me, Miss Anna, do you really believe that the chief disciple of the Fire Scorpion Sect is not fit to sit in the second position?”

Amused expressions appeared on everyone’s faces as they looked at Lily Anne and Lu Yin .

Since Northgate Lie was ranked on the Top 100 Rankings, many of the Northline Flowzone’s youths believed that he deserved the top seat . The question was really a matter of who qualified to sit in the second seat, since that would indicate that they were second only to Northgate Lie .

Lu Yin’s status as a member of the Ten Arbiters Council was in no way inferior to anyone from the Fire Scorpion Sect’s . However, Northgate Gang simply did not like the sight of this representative of the Ten Arbiters . Furthermore, Lu Yin had no background and had even offended the Daynight clan . Who knew how much longer he would survive for? In the eyes of many here, offending someone who could quite possibly be killed off at any time while risking the chance of offending the Fire Scorpion sect was a foolish thing to do . The Fire Scorpion Sect was a power second only to the Feng family within the Tempest Flowzone, and they were known for their cruel way of dealing with others . They were also a force that the Northline Flowzone could not ignore .

Lily Anne’s voice turned much colder . “Brother Lu represents the Ten Arbiters Council . Young Master Northgate, do you really believe that the Ten Arbiters Council is inferior to the Fire Scorpion Sect?”

Northgate Gang immediately retorted, “This gathering right now is only for those in the younger generation, so there’s no need to mention people’s status . Even if we ignore the fact that my elder brother is a ranked individual on the Top 100 Rankings, Miss Anna, you are a powerful Explorer as well . Even you should be seated more prominently than Brother Lu . Brother Lu, are my words wrong?”

Before Lily Anne could reply, Lu Yin raised his hand to stop her . He looked at Northgate Gang and then casually asked, “Brother Northgate, correct me if I am wrong, but you’re basically saying that the seating is done according to our individual abilities, right?”

Northgate Gang loftily replied, “That goes without saying . ”

Lu Yin nodded his head . “If that is the case, you are right . I should not be seated in the third seat . I should be seated . . . ” Lu Yin let his words trail off for a moment as he pointed at the top chair before continuing . “There . ”

After he spoke, everyone’s expression changed .

Northgate Gang slammed his fist into the table and stood up, glaring at Lu Yin . Everyone’s face became worried .

What arrogance! This man was claiming the head of the table as his own even after being told that it was reserved for the most powerful individual! Did this not imply that Lu Yin believed that he was stronger than Northgate Lie, someone who was on the Top 100 Rankings?

Lily Anne was stunned . During the few days that she had spent getting to know Lu Yin, she had come to believe that he was a humble and approachable man, and he had even downplayed her many compliments every time they came . So why was he being so arrogant at this moment? Northgate Lie was a man in the Top 100 Rankings! He was someone who had received countless resources and who had spent his entire time being trained by the Northgate family and Shangwu Academy . Who was Lu Yin to claim to be stronger?

Meanwhile, Lily Shu'er’s eyes were captivated by Lu Yin’s image . What a suave man! Even though he didn’t have much to boast about in the looks department, he had an exceptional heroic spirit . How smooth!

Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold . He had initially intended to keep a low profile during this mission, but since he was representing the Ten Arbiters, he had to act with a certain amount of assertiveness . According to the Sandmaster, the Ten Arbiters represented boldness and vast power . Since Lu Yin was currently representing them, then he could not back down at this moment . If he did, it would affect not just his seat at this table, but also how he was seen by the Ten Arbiters .

The Ten Arbiters Council was not known for appearing weak or acting humbly . Since the Ten Arbiters claimed to be undefeatable, then Lu Yin had to behave in the same manner while acting on their behalf . How else would they subdue the younger generation of the Northline Flowzone? Acting in a modest manner would only make the council more vulnerable to outside attacks .

Before arriving at the Northline Flowzone, Lu Yin had already made up his mind that he would not play nice during this visit . He had come here to demonstrate the power of the Ten Arbiters to the Northline Flowzone’s younger generation . He was certain that, instead of playing tricks in the dark and biding their time, the Ten Arbiters’ style was one of complete and utter dominance .

Just the idea that any one of the Ten Arbiters had ascended to their current positions through petty acts of trickery and deceit was blasphemous . Each one of the Ten Arbiters represented unsurpassed power and an enigmatic person .

For Lu Yin to truly step into his current role, he needed to treat these youths the same way he treated those of the Great Yu Empire . Back then, he had stood far above everyone else . He had to act in the same manner here, especially when around those of his generation .

Northgate Gang stared fiercely at Lu Yin, at a complete loss for words .

Just then, the room door suddenly swung open, and a young man with a dignified presence entered . His eyes darted past everyone before fixing straight on Lu Yin, staring at him hard .

“Elder brother!” Northgate Gang cried out with joy .

Everyone else in the room also looked at the young man with happy faces .

The young man who had just entered was none other than Northgate Lie . He was ranked ninety third in the Top 100 Rankings . He was also the strongest member of the Northline Flowzone’s younger generation .

Lu Yin raised his head and locked eyes with Northgate Lie . This was not the first time he had come across a powerful figure from the Top 100 Rankings . Puyu, Wendy Yushan, and even Mira were much stronger than this Northgate Lie . However, this was also the man who made Lu Yin the most excited . This was purely because Lu Yin was confident that he was able to defeat Northgate Lie .

When Lily Anne saw Northgate Lie arrive, she hurried forward . “Big brother Lie! It has been a long time since I last saw you . ”

Northgate Lie did not shift his gaze away from Lu Yin to look at Lily Anne . Behind him, another young man walked into the room . This second person had a scorpion prominently tattooed on his face, and his eyes were dark red, giving him a rather sinister look .

“Are you Lu Yin?” Northgate Lie asked, his voice resounding through the room like the toll of a large bell . One could tell from his tone that he was a firm, ruthless man .

“And you are Northgate Lie, someone in the Top 100 Rankings,” Lu Yin replied .

The corner of Northgate Lie’s mouth twitched . “I have long heard about the champion of the Tournament of the Strongest, Lu Yin . I heard that you can easily defeat powerful Explorers and even Cruisers . Now that I see you, I can see that your reputation is indeed well-deserved . In fact, you are even more arrogant than I expected . ”

Lily Anne’s face changed . “Big brother Lie-” But before she could continue speaking, she was stopped by Northgate Lie . “Anna, the Northline Flowzone cannot be looked down upon . ”

After those words, Lily Anne could no longer speak up . She only shot Lu Yin a complicated look .

With a smile on his face, Lu Yin said, “Brother Northgate, I have never looked down upon anyone . It’s merely that, on some occasions, some people tend to underestimate me . Sometimes, respect needs to be earned on our own . ”

Northgate Lie cried out, “Well said! I was under the impression that you were coasting along on the Ten Arbiters’ prestige . ”

Lu Yin stopped smiling, and his face turned grave . “While I may represent the Ten Arbiters here, I am still my own person . Brother Northgate, you should be well aware that I should have arrived at the Northline Flowzone a long time ago . If I relied just on the official seal from the Ten Arbiters to command the respect of all of you here, it would be very difficult . Besides, I do not enjoy letting others fight my battles . ”

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Northgate Lie lifted his head . “Well said, Lu Yin . You are more bold than I imagined . The Council of Astral Academy rarely asks about the younger generation of Innerverse . They act more like clerks for the Ten Arbiters who do paperwork . They often rely on the Ten Arbiters Council to accomplish their tasks, which makes all of us look down upon them . Since you have the courage to come here on your own and make such a brave proclamation, then I’m willing to be your friend no matter what . However, I do hope that you aren’t just spouting off empty words . ”

Northgate Gang immediately spoke up, “Lu Yin, since you talked a good game, have a battle with my elder brother . ”

“Yes, Lu Yin . Fight him if you think you are so good!”

“Fight! Fight!”

Everyone around immediately started to chant for a fight .

The sinister man behind Northgate Lie sized up Lu Yin, his eyes full of amazement .

Lu Yin released a slight smile . “Sure, but first, let me state the conditions before we have a match . ”

Northgate Lie raised a hand . “If you win, the younger generation of Northline Flowzone will do everything you ask . We’ll also willingly cede control of Shangwu Academy over to you . ”

Lu Yin nodded his head . “Alright then . If you win, then I, Lu Yin, will never ever ask about any matters concerning the Northline Flowzone . I will also get the Ten Arbiters Council to stay out of your affairs . ”

“Alright, we have a deal,” Northgate Lie crisply replied .

On the side, Northgate Gang was becoming increasingly excited . He did not believe that there was any chance that Lu Yin could beat his brother . No, it was impossible! Getting into the Top 100 Rankings was no mean feat . Among the Northline Flowzone’s entire younger generation, only Northgate Lie had managed to get on the list . As far as Northgate Gang was concerned, his brother was unbeatable within his own realm . There were only those hundred other cultivators within the entire universe that could compare to him! That was how rare it was to get onto the rankings . It was something that most people would never be able to achieve in the course of their entire life, so it was obvious that Lu Yin couldn’t defeat Northgate Lie!

Northgate Gang was still struggling to come up with a way to get rid of Lu Yin, but he had never expected it to happen this easily . To think that he had struggled so long to come up with a plan, only for Lu Yin to walk straight into this fight . Clearly, Lu Yin was not a cool-headed man .

After settling the details of the battle, Lu Yin bid goodbye to Lily Anne and left . No one at the gathering liked him, so there was no need to stay any longer and take their looks of disdain .

Just as he walked out of the Northgate Mansion, Lily Anne caught up to him and apologetically said, “I am sorry, Brother Lu . I didn’t think that things would turn out this way . ”

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Lu Yin smiled . “You have nothing to apologize for . I already expected something like this to happen . ”

Lily Anne sighed before saying, “The Ten Arbiters Council is working to take control of the universe’s younger generation . There will be no exceptions anywhere, and the Northline Flowzone is naturally included in their goals . That’s why Northgate Gang and the rest are trying to get rid of you . However, they don’t realize that, even if you leave, someone else will just replace you . The Ten Arbiters will not let go of any region . ”

There was a glint in Lu Yin’s eye . It was obvious that Lily Anny had carefully thought things out before speaking . She had sensed something coming .

“If you leave, your replacement might be an individual who is ranked even higher on the Top 100 Rankings . So if and when that happens, even Northgate Lie will be rendered helpless . The Ten Arbiters Council will not let Northgate Lie gain control of the Northline Flowzone,” Lily Anne mused .

“Is Northgate Lie also a part of the Ten Arbiters Council?” Lu Yin asked, taken aback . He did not know about this .

Lily Anne nodded . “He joined them after he joined the Top 100 Rankings . ”

“Which Arbiter is he under?” Lu Yin asked curiously .

Lily Anne shook her head . “I don’t know . It’s forbidden to speak the names of the Ten Arbiters, and Northgate Lie wouldn’t dare to break that rule . ”

Lu Yin was disappointed . At the present, he only knew the actual names of three of the Ten Arbiters . The Arbiters that he was aware of were Nightking Zhenwu, Wen Sansi, and the Divine Fist, Lan Si . He had heard about some of the other Ten Arbiters, but he had not learned their names . All he knew was that one was from the Sword Sect, one the Phoenix clan, and someone nicknamed the War King . Lu Yin knew nothing at all about the last four Arbiters . Did their true names really need to be shrouded in such mystery?

Lu Yin was starting to wonder why the Ten Arbiters felt such a need to hide their names; what were they afraid of?

“Miss An’er, please go back . With this gathering of the seventeen families, your presence as an esteemed member of the Lily family is important,” Lu Yin said with a smile .

Lily Anne apologized once more, but she left soon after that .

Lu Yin raised his head . Some things really had to be done with his own power . The Ten Arbiters were extremely powerful, and any one of the Ten Arbiters had the power to destroy a powerful force on their own . But in the end, that was the Ten Arbiters’ strength and not Lu Yin’s own strength . If he relied on their prestige to get things done, then he would live in their shadow for the rest of his life .

In fact, there were even members of the Ten Arbiters whom he saw as enemies .

The massacre of those with the surname “Lu” was something that he would never forget .