Star Odyssey - Chapter 431

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Chapter 431: Awakened
Lu Yin silently recited the Stonewall Scriptures in his mind . There were only about ten hours left before they arrived at the Starfall Sea . It was a short amount of time, and he actually wanted to take a nap, but he got the same overall result from reciting the Stonewall Scriptures .

However, Lu Yin never expected that the moment he started reciting the Stonewall Scriptures, his heart, left arm, and right leg suddenly became hot . It was so intense that the three areas felt like they were being seared by a high temperature flame . The heat did not affect anything outside of his body, but he felt like he had been tossed onto a stovetop . He couldn’t endure the painful heat for more than a moment .

Lu Yin immediately stopped reciting, panting heavily as sweat beaded on his forehead . What’s going on? Can the Stonewall Scriptures influence Fatesand too? That’s so ridiculous!

Lu Yin muttered to himself for a moment before he heard the Ghost Monkey start inquiring about what had happened, but he quickly screened his right arm off . It was precisely because of this monkey that he had fused the Fatesand in his left arm, as he feared that screening his right arm might affect the Fatesand’s fusion with his body .

No, he had to try again . Lu Yin’s gaze firmed . It would be ideal if the Stonewall Scriptures could speed up the integration process between his body and the Fatesand grains .

As he continued to recite the Stonewall Scriptures, Lu Yin was once again thrown into the suffering feeling of being cooked alive . With his physical strength, he should be fine even if he was thrown into a star, but at this moment, he felt like he was melting . No, he was actually melting . The Fatesand grains were fusing into his body, which meant that it had not integrated at all before .

The three grains of Fatesand were like three locks that had sealed away his physical strength, and they had not begun truly fusing with him yet . Without taking this next step, they would not awaken .

Lu Yin rejoiced that he had decided to recite the Stonewall Scriptures and that the Fatesand grains were finally beginning to integrate into his body . Otherwise, his future might have really been destroyed by them . The three grains of Fatesand were enough to eternally trap Lu Yin within the Limiteer realm .

The painful integration continued as Lu Yin endured the scorching heat and tuned his senses inwards, towards the Fatesand . At this time, he could acutely sense that the grain of Fatesand in his heart was gradually morphing into a new shape . Once it finished, it would fully awaken . He was excited to discover what form it would take . A powerful weapon? A psychic treasure? A cryptic ancient piece of art?

Lu Yin could feel that the Fatesand in his heart was changing the fastest . No matter how many grains of Fatesand one fused into their body, they could all only take one form . This meant that, when the Fatesand around his heart completely awakened, the remaining two grains of Fatesand would only increase its bulk or strengthen its power . They would not become new awakened forms .

After some time, Coco’s excited voice rang from outside his door . “Brother Lu, we’ve made it to the Starfall Sea! Come take a look, it’s amazing!”

Lu Yin’s ears moved when he heard her voice, but he did not respond since he felt that his Fatesand was finally about to awaken .

Unconsciously, Lu Yin’s domain spread out further and further, until he could perceive the entire spacecraft . Aside from Xia Luo sensing Lu Yin’s domain, no one else felt anything, and they all excitedly looked outside the spacecraft .

The Starfall Sea was famed throughout the entire universe, and there were too many legends about this place . The region’s entrance was very unique: there was an enormous piece of seaweed growing there that was so large that words could not describe its size . It was like a continent floating in space, and it covered an endless area in front of the group . Past the seaweed was the Starfall Sea, which took on the appearance of a fissure with an endless amount of surging water .

No one knew where the Starfall Sea’s water came from, and no one knew where it went either . The water flowed from a waterfall in an unknown part of the universe, and it all eventually drained out into a reverse waterfall that went to another unknown space . It was a mysterious location to the extreme .

A powerhouse had once searched for the origin and the end, but they had achieved no results .

The entire Starfall Sea was essentially a valley in space, similar to a gigantic lake connected to two unexplorable waterfalls that were its beginning and end .

To those who arrived at the Starfall Sea for the first time, it was a rather magnificent sight due to the constant flow of water that engulfed everything and even covered the stars .

Within the spacecraft, Hui Daynight grew excited . “For us to enter the Starfall Sea, we should put on a coating with that giant seaweed, or else the spacecraft might be easily destroyed by a random current . ”

Lulu proudly raised her head and stepped forward . They had discussed this matter before, and it had fallen to her since she was wealthy .

Aside from the students’ spacecraft, there were quite a few other vessels sailing around the entrance . The closer they came to the seaweed, the slower they flew as they prepared to land on it .

Suddenly, an endless pressure swept out like an astral storm, causing all the nearby spacecraft to shudder .

The crowd’s faces changed as they looked behind them to see a radiant-grade Aurora speed over without slowing down at all . Atop the spacecraft stood a man with killing intent nakedly displayed on his face as he stared at Lu Yin’s spacecraft . There was even a trace of a sneer on his lips .

Xia Luo’s pupils constricted . “Hurry over to the seaweed! It’s Feng Mo!”

There was actually no need for Xia Luo to say anything since Meng Yue had already raised the vessel’s acceleration to the limit . However, it was going to be very difficult for them to stay out of Feng Mo’s reach even if they had almost reached the seaweed already .

Feng Mo raised a hand, and a stifling feeling of danger pervaded the entire space before the spacecraft closest to him actually exploded . This was the strength of a Hunter, and it was enough to shock the heavens .

Xia Luo and the rest felt their scalps go numb, and Big Pao and Little Pao exchanged glances and tore through the void to stand atop the spacecraft . “Feng Mo, Deep Crimson Hall only wants us . If you want to kill, then just kill us . There’s a Daynight clan member in there . Do you really dare to attack them?”

Feng Mo coldly replied, “I can refrain from attacking the ship, but aside from you two, there’s one more person I have to take away . ” He waved a hand, and an image of Lu Yin appeared before him .

It had been extremely simple for Deep Crimson Hall to investigate Lu Yin, precisely because there had been no one other than Lu Yin who had entered Deep Crimson Planet in the time period between him rendezvousing with Xia Luo and the rest and the breakout .

“Feng Mo, do you know who that is?” Little Pao barked, but he was paralyzed by Feng Mo’s star energy before he could finish speaking .

“I was hired to do a job . I don’t need to know who he is,” Feng Mo replied indifferently . Abruptly, a ray of light shot out from the spacecraft . It was from a Money Bomb .

The emotion in Feng Mo’s eyes changed slightly, but he just shifted to the side, easily evading the ray . He then looked at the spacecraft . “That’s a familiar weapon . ”

Inside the spacecraft, Lulu distributed one Money Bomb to each person and then waved her small hand . “Fire away!”

The next moment, light rays shot out one after another, filling the heavens . Two of them were even aimed directly at Feng Mo’s spacecraft .

Feng Mo became furious, and a blood-colored knife appeared in front of him that sliced through all of the light beams before continuing on towards the youths’ spacecraft, it’s power undiminished .

The group went numb, as this was Feng Mo’s innate gift . A Hunter’s attack was something that they were unable to resist .

Lulu gritted her teeth and hardened her gaze . It seemed like she was preparing something .

Xia Luo’s face sank, and his eyes were as dark as the abyss .

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The rest were overwhelmed with horror, and they could feel death approaching them .

At that moment, there was a loud sound from within the spacecraft as Lu Yin directly burst through the transparent metal and stood in front of his comrades . He reached out with both hands, and a special light sparkled before him . This was his Fatesand; it had awakened and consolidated its shape . The awakening of the Fatesand had not only changed the Fatesand itself, but it had also partially restored Lu Yin’s physical strength . The muscles throughout his entire body swelled as he grabbed the morphed Fatesand and slammed it towards Feng Mo’s blood-colored knife .

Under everyone’s attention, that glimmering light morphed into… a clump of soil .

For an instance, Lu Yin was caught off guard, and the rest were astonished as well . Even Feng Mo was flabbergasted at what he saw . He wants to use a clod of dirt to block my innate gift? Is he trying to humiliate me?

Lu Yin did not think that his own Fatesand would awaken into a clump of dirt . What is this?!

Lu Yin had sensed Feng Mo’s blood-colored knife through his domain long before it had approached the spacecraft . He had used his perception and mutated eyes that could see rune lines to gauge its strength, and he was certain that his Fatesand could withstand this attack . Moreover, this was just a casual strike from Feng Mo with his innate gift .

Being able to withstand the knife was one matter, but the how was another one entirely . Lu Yin himself was embarrassed that he had used a clump of soil to block the attack .

His awakened Fatesand had formed a clod of soil? Lu Yin still hadn’t properly reacted to this sight .

The blood-colored knife collided with the soil, and a strange scene unfolded . Even if it was a casual strike from Feng Mo, it was still an attack from a Hunter, but it was completely resisted by that dirt pile . The blood-colored knife gradually vanished, and it released an unusual energy as it disappeared . Even Lu Yin could not sense this powerful energy, but it had happened once before during the Tournament of the Strongest; Yun had released a similar energy when she had attacked Han Chong in the trial zones .

This powerful energy clearly existed, but at the same time, it was something that no one could sense . It almost seemed as if the two groups were isolated from each other .

Feng Mo stared at Lu Yin in shock . This person was clearly just a Limiteer, but he had blocked one of his attacks . Impossible! Even the top fifty on the Top 100 Rankings would have a tough time blocking such an attack . The pressure of a Hunter’s star energy should have been enough to shatter this brat into pieces long before the knife even reached him . How had he done it? It was too absurd, and the scene had toppled Feng Mo’s understanding of the cultivation system .

Lu Yin coughed up a mouthful of blood . The Fatesand lived up to its reputation of being an apex treasure since it had actually been able to block that attack . However, the aftershocks from the collision were still enough to make Lu Yin spit out blood . Fortunately, by borrowing the momentum from Feng Mo’s blow, the spacecraft had successfully arrived at the seaweed .

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The Starfall Sea had a rule that no one was to battle upon the seaweed . Even an almighty Enlighter would not dare to break this rule, so Lu Yin’s group was considered safe as soon as they landed upon the seaweed .

Feng Mo could only stare blankly as their spacecraft was pushed onto the seaweed by his attack, but he had no other choice . His expression was cold, but there was an indescribable glimmer of apprehension within his eyes . A Limiteer had actually managed to block his attack, and even if the kid had relied on that clump of dirt, he had still survived the aftershock of the attack . That kid was an absolute freak, and he had to be killed . Otherwise, he would have no end of troubles in the future .


A corner of the students’ spacecraft exploded, and they were thrown out of the ship onto the seaweed .

The clump of soil transformed back into a flowing light and reentered Lu Yin’s body .

Lu Yin spat out another mouthful of blood and then looked up with bloodshot eyes to see Feng Mo above the seaweed . He grinned . He had managed to stop a Hunter’s attack; even if it had just been a casual strike, and even if he had relied on the Fatesand, so what? He, Lu Yin, had blocked it! What other Limiteer could match such a feat? Could Ye Xingchen, Mu Rong, or Ling Que do so?

“Brother Lu, how are you?” Coco asked in a concerned voice as she rushed over to help Lu Yin .

Zora, Meng Yue and the rest stared at Lu Yin in shock . He had actually just blocked a Hunter’s strike! It was too difficult for them to wrap their minds around what they had just witnessed . It should not have been possible . Had even the Ten Arbiters been capable of such a feat when they were Limiteers? Lu Yin’s comrades could no longer see the Ten Arbiters as the supreme standard of strength within a realm since Lu Yin’s performance just now had been too outstanding .

Compared to the shock of Zora and the rest, Xia Luo and Lulu’s astonishment was completely different, and that was because they had recognized that the clump of dirt was actually Fatesand .

“I’ll be damned, Seventh Bro . You really do have Fatesand!” the monkey cried out in disbelief .

At this point, Feng Mo maneuvered his spacecraft onto the seaweed as well . He arrived right after Lu Yin and the others touched down, and he stared at them with cold eyes from nearby .

Xia Luo and the others could not control their shock even as they vigilantly kept an eye on Feng Mo . Lulu pulled out two Money Bombs, ready to attack him at any time .