Star Odyssey - Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: A Woman Dressed As A Man
Lu Yin’s heart dropped as he could sense the disdain and mocking in the maid’s eyes . So before she could say anything, he quickly spoke up in a loud voice . “I wish to qualify through my strength . ”

The beautiful female had opened her mouth as soon as she had seen Lu Yin step forward, ready to throw out a new bevy of insults . Doing so delighted her, but just as she was about to speak up, she was cut off by Lu Yin . She looked at him in astonishment and said, “Qualify through your strength? You’re just a Limiteer, but you dare to compare yourself to a Cruiser? Is something wrong with your brain? Or are you drunk?”

Lu Yin raised a brow; this woman’s words were caustic to the extreme . “I’m confident, so hurry up . ”

The beautiful woman narrowed her eyes as she stared at Lu Yin . “Alright then, wait there . ”

Just then, one of the Sea King Dome’s soldiers walked over to the beautiful woman’s side and spoke softly . The woman’s eyes were filled with shock after hearing the message, and her attention soon shifted back to Lu Yin . “Are you Lu Yin? The one who’s hailed as an unequaled Limiteer?”

Everyone stared at Lu Yin, flabbergasted . The title of “unequaled Limiteer” was not one that could be lightly thrown around . Ling Que’s arrival had already sent shockwaves throughout the Sea King’s domain, but now that Lu Yin appeared as well, everyone was shocked once again . Wasn’t it rumored that he had died?

Lu Yin nodded his head and let out a sigh of relief . It would be easier to discuss matters now that she knew who he was .

The beautiful woman sized Lu Yin up, and her voice became much gentler, though her gaze was still as fierce as before . This contrasted greatly with her display from earlier . “Alright then, you qualify . ” With that, she tossed a medallion to Lu Yin . “With this medallion, you can board the ship at any time in the next five days . ”

“Thank you . ” Lu Yin accepted the medallion . He was unable to board the ship at the same time as the unbelievably handsome man; instead, he had to return to the crowd . On his way back, he glared at Lulu .

Lulu stuck out her tongue at him, but she thought to herself that things had turned out well .

Michelle also felt that they had been lucky .

Even Big Pao felt the same .

From a distance, Hui Daynight and the rest also felt that they had encountered a stroke of luck .

However, Feng Mo felt that it was unfortunate .

After Lu Yin left, many others went forward as well . They were roasted in an unbridled fashion one after another before turning around and leaving . Everyone there could tell that the woman had become even more scathing with her insults .

In the crowd, Coco’s eyes went wide as she looked at Xia Luo . “Big brother Xia, aren’t you going to go forward?”

Xia Luo gave her a faint smile and nodded . He then stepped forward and walked out of the crowd .

Everyone was ready to watch a good show at Xia Luo’s expense . In other words, the woman’s words were very entertaining to the crowd, as long as they weren’t the ones being roasted .

However, everyone was let down this time . As soon as the woman laid eyes on Xia Luo, she was smitten by his gentle smile . She raised a medallion in her hand and handed it to him as she said in a gentle voice, “With this medallion, you can board the ship at any time over the next five days . ”

Xia Luo faintly smiled back and nodded . “Thank you . ”

And with that, he returned back to the crowd .

Countless people looked at him with admiration; why was this guy so handsome? Or did he have some other redeeming qualities as well?

Coco was simply in absolute adoration of him .

Lu Yin and the others felt slightly resentful as they felt things were unfair . This was especially the case for Hui Daynight and Big Pao . They were now starting to look at Xia Luo with unfriendly expressions .

“If Hui Daynight fails, then there will be four people in our party who won’t be able to board the ship . Feng Mo is still watching from the back . This won’t do,” Lu Yin said solemnly .

Big Pao lowered his head, blaming himself for his ugly looks .

“What about the others?” Lulu asked .

Lu Yin felt helpless . The others? Little Pao? Darkvoid? Meng Yue? Zhao Yilong? Not one of them was as good looking as Hui Daynight; at the least, he had the benefit of having a trendy hair color .

“Let me try,” Lulu said with an excited glint in her eye as she stared at the beautiful woman on the ship in the distance .

Lu Yin was taken aback . “Don’t try anything funny . ”

Lulu raised her head high, snorted, and walked away .

Lu Yin was worried, but Michelle just indifferently told him, “Let her try . She might succeed . ”

“She’s a woman,” Lu Yin replied in an unconvinced tone .

Michelle calmly answered, “And how do you know that this maid, who represents the Sea King’s daughter, doesn’t like women?”

Lu Yin was stunned into silence as he found himself unable to retort .

Forget it, he thought to himself . He would let Lulu try since she was so eager . In any event, it would not put her life in any danger . Besides, those from the Mavis clan had mystical innate gifts, so perhaps she could pull off a miracle .

“With your looks, you are indeed pioneering uncharted territory for humanity . A new race of human-looking beasts . ”

“Are you twenty five years old, or are you really fifty two? Even if you are fifty two, you would still bring shame to those of that age group . ”

All of a sudden, the beautiful woman fell silent . The person standing below her now was a person with bright red lips and perfect white teeth . This individual was indescribably wonderful to look upon . It was Lulu, a woman dressed up as a man .

Everyone looked on distractedly as Lulu stepped forth . This was a woman! Could a woman also get a medallion?

Lulu’s appearance stunned the beautiful women into silence . Before she could speak, a jade green glow emanated from Lulu’s eyes, and with a smile on her face, she said, “Big sister, am I right to say that love has no boundaries?”

The beautiful woman nodded with a blank look on her face . “Yes, love has no boundaries . ”

After she spoke, she raised her hand to give Lulu a medallion .

“Thank you, big sister . ” Lulu giggled naughtily as she walked away .

From start to end, everyone was bewildered at what they had just seen . Did that really just happen?

The beautiful woman shook herself out of her daze and gathered herself . She felt her face burning red in embarrassment; why had she just given the medallion to a woman? That had been a mistake, and she felt as though her integrity had been compromised .

“Alright, that’s all for today . We will continue tomorrow . ” And with those words, the beautiful woman retreated inside the ship .

Below, the crowd was stunned for a moment, but their silence was quickly followed by a raucous chorus of voices spiritedly discussing what had just said . All kinds of things were being said, ranging from discussions about the maid being a lesbian to her possible bisexuality . It didn’t take long for all kinds of rumors to start spreading .

In the back of the crowd, Feng Mo was shocked at what he had just seen . He had obviously heard of what criteria a person had to meet to board the ship . Since the group of youths he was chasing had managed to obtain three medallions, he felt as though he had made a wasted trip . There was no one who would dare to mess with a ship of the Sea King's Dome .

As Lulu passed by Feng Mo, she intentionally laughed sarcastically and mockingly said, “Pathetic fool . ”

Feng Mo clenched his fists tightly . If not for the fact that they were at the entrance of the Starfall Sea and that the wretched woman was from the Mavis clan, he would have killed her right there and then .

There was a strange atmosphere inside the bar . Lulu had already changed back into her regular clothes and was happily drinking some fruit juice .

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Hui Daynight frequently shot dirty looks at her . He was still unresigned to the fact that he had lost to a woman .

On the other hand, Big Pao was magnanimous, praising Lulu from time to time .

“We have five more days until the ship sets off for the Sea King's Dome . We can only stay here for a maximum of two more days, so we need to board the ship within two days . What will happen to our spacecraft during this time?” Meng Yue asked .

Lulu waved her arm, signifying her wish to just abandon the ship .

Lu Yin was troubled by this . He had spent some of his money to purchase the spacecraft, but there seemed to be no way to take it along . They could just abandon the spacecraft, but would the others be agreeable to that?

A thought suddenly popped up in his mind, Lu Yin turned around to look at Lulu . Xia Luo, who had seemingly thought of something as well, also looked at Lulu .

Lulu’s filled with caution as she slowly blinked . “What do the two of you want?”

“We need your help to tell that woman that we want to bring our spacecraft along,” Lu Yin told her .

Lulu frowned . “No, I’m tired . ”

“The Sea King's Dome isn’t going to send us back, so if we don’t take the spacecraft along, Feng Mo could trap us within the Starfall Sea,” Lu Yin explained .

Lulu had no choice but to agree with what Lu Yin had said . Given the speed of a radiant-grade spacecraft, it would not be easy to catch up to them if they managed to get enough of a head-start . If they could not obtain the protection of the Sea King’s Dome, then it was almost certain that Feng Mo would catch up with them . Additionally, they were not actually trying to participate in the Sea King’s son-in-law selection; instead, they were just trying to take advantage of his protection .

“Fine, I’ll try . However, let me be clear that I might not succeed,” Lulu replied lifelessly . The innate gift of the Mavis clan was not that easy to use .

“Try your best . If we fail, we might really have to sacrifice someone to become the Sea King’s son-in-law,” Xia Luo jokingly added on .

Lulu rolled her eyes .

Lu Yin was not too bothered either . Even though he was very confident in his abilities, he was not arrogant enough to believe that he could defeat those who ranked towards the top of the Top 100 Rankings . The competition to become the Sea King’s son-in-law would definitely feature individuals who ranked in the top eighty of that list . Such individuals would probably be more powerful than Lu Yin, given that he didn’t use his Fatesand .

However, if he used his Fatesand, then Lu Yin was confident that he could defend himself from the attacks of even those who were ranked at the very top of the ranking list . After all, it had blocked an attack from Feng Mo . Alas, the Fatesand could only block such attacks, so it could not guarantee victory . Lu Yin could not count on a clump of dirt to defeat such powerful experts .

Half a day later, Lulu returned with disappointing news . She had failed in her mission since the servant girl had become cautious towards her .

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Their actions could not escape Feng Mo’s attention . They could not hide what they were attempting even if they wanted to . Even though the Hunter had not comprehended a domain, his star energy could cover too large of a region . As long as a Hunter wished it, they could even envelope an entire planet with their senses . However, that was not something that a Hunter would do under normal circumstances . Still, with Feng Mo’s abilities, it was impossible for the youths to hide their conversations from him .

He walked out of the bar and opened his personal gadget to get in touch with the Bo Duo .

For a Hunter whose power level was at 150,000, it was humiliating for him to be unable to capture the people who were right in front of him . All he needed was a single moment to subdue all of them, but it was something that he dared not to do in this place .

Physical attraction was an extremely subjective ideal that varied from person to person . And yet, be that as it may, Lu Yin and the others felt that the servant girl from the Sea King's Dome had very high standards when it came to determining beauty .

Men with power and wealth always pursued beautiful women . With a beautiful woman by their side, even if she had relatively weak genes, their offspring would at least be not bad-looking . This trend would improve over successive generations, and typically, the number of potential beautiful partners for each generation would not diminish . As such, all of the influential powerhouses who were qualified enough to come to the Starfall Sea were young and good-looking .

However, in the mouth of the servant girl, the word “ugly” had been transcended . Her eloquent remarks made it clear how utterly revolting an individual was to her, and it was as though there was no one attractive in her eyes .

It was a different feeling altogether when the group saw those on board the ship .

As Lu Yin leaned against the side of the ship and watched the beautiful servant girl dole out her caustic judgments, he felt a certain sense of inexplicable happiness .

The ship was very tall, and from the deck it was possible to see far into the distance . Big Pao came up to Lu Yin’s side and looked into the distant horizon . “It looks like Feng Mo isn’t going to give up . ”

Lu Yin nodded his head, and they both looked over at Feng Mo, who had made no attempts to conceal himself . He coldly stared at them, certain that no one within their group would become the Sea King’s son-in-law . Therefore, all he had to do was to wait for the selection process to end . Then, he would be able to capture whoever he needed to .

However, something was still puzzling Lu Yin . “As a Hunter with a power level of 150,000, why is Feng Mo still so loyal as to keep working for Deep Crimson Hall? Can Deep Crimson Hall pay such a price?”

“It’s very strange indeed,” Big Pao said with a frown .

The snide comments from nearby stopped momentarily, as the beautiful servant girl had become thirsty . She ordered someone to fetch her water, and a very handsome man respectfully walked to her side, bringing her a drink with a smile on his face .

There was an extraordinary splendor in the servant girl’s eyes as she happily took a sip . “Thank you . ”

The handsome man smiled as he shot a pompous look at the crowd while flashing them a smile once again . In all fairness, the man was extraordinarily handsome, and his appearance caused a group of girls to scream in joy .

“I really feel like kicking him off,” Big Pao said as he ground his teeth . He had been acting bitter since he had always believed that he wasn’t actually bad looking and that beauty was somewhat subjective .

Lu Yin let out a short laugh . “Don’t bother with him . ”