Star Odyssey - Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: The Power To Protect A Plane
At this point, the handsome man turned towards the two of them and chuckled contemptuously . As he slowly walked past the two of them, he said, “Stop dreaming and just leave . You guys are nothing more than a part of the show . What the Sea King is really looking for is a handsome person like me!”

Big Pao’s eyes looked like fire was about to pour out of them . “I can’t stand him any longer! I’m going to beat his ass!”

Lu Yin grabbed the older youth . “If you do that, you’ll be going against the rules set in place by the Sea King . That guy’s just deliberately trying to provoke us and reduce the number of competitors he’ll need to face . ”

“Are we just going to let him go?” Big Pao was enraged .

Lu Yin smiled and pointed ahead . Lulu appeared in her men’s clothing and stood right in front of the hot guy .

When he turned to the north, she would as well . When he turned to the south, she would follow .

“Oi, are you blind or what? Even a piece of trash wouldn’t block my way like this!” Lulu shouted .

The handsome man grew furious . “You!”

“What? You’re so ugly . What makes you think that you can come here? Where do you think this is? The ugly guy club?” Lulu yelled .

The handsome man’s eyes widened like saucers, and he pointed to himself in disbelief . “Me? Ugly?”

Lulu snorted and pointed at Feng Mo, who was in the crowd of onlookers . “Even that guy’s hotter than you!”

Everybody turned towards Feng Mo, and his expression immediately turned sour .

The handsome man started raging, and he pointed at Feng Mo . “How can that ugly guy even compare to me? You’re just trying to insult me!”

Feng Mo’s eyes flashed with bloodlust, and he fixed an intense glare onto the handsome man .

Lulu looked over . “He has a mature charm that you lack . ”

“An old geezer like him already has one foot in the grave! Charm? Pfft . He’s only waiting to die!” the handsome man shouted .

Feng Mo clenched his fists, unable to restrain his bloodlust .

“That makes sense,” Lulu suddenly acknowledged . She then simply nodded and left .

The handsome man snorted and returned to the ship without giving Feng Mo another glance .

Below the spacecraft, everyone looked at Feng Mo with pity . He’d been cursed at out of nowhere, and his situation was rather pitiful .

Meanwhile, Feng Mo had already added the handsome man to his list of people who he intended to kill . As long as that kid didn’t become the Sea King’s son-in-law, Feng Mo would definitely kill him .

Two days later, the Sea King’s large ship set off, leaving the entrance of Starfall Sea and heading towards the Sea King's Dome .

As it left, quite a few vessels closely followed behind it . Staying close to the Sea King’s Dome’s ship would give them some measure of safety, and Feng Mo also joined the crowd .

Over the past few days, the maidservant, Jing Li had given out about ten medallions . Besides the one that Lu Yin had obtained by his strength, the rest had been given to handsome men . Of course, Lulu was another exception .

This was just one of the many ways to enter the Starfall Sea . There were numerous other ways inside, and many medallions had been given out . This was not the first batch of candidates, and all of the ships for the selection event had set off for the Sea King’s headquarters at around the same time .

Hearing about the Starfall Sea was one thing but actually experiencing it was another thing altogether, which was why everyone became astonished .

The Starfall Sea was located in a separate layer of space . After traveling for half a day, the ship arrived at the entrance to the layer . Far off in the distance, there was a gigantic, lowered region that looked like a part of space had sunk into itself . Even further out was the Starfall Sea . Water filled the space, and this was the area that had given rise to numerous legends: the Starfall Sea .

It made sense why there was the word “fall” in its name . The ship plummeted down into the spatial layer for five whole minutes before landing on the sea’s surface . Lu Yin had no idea how such a place could exist . Who could have imagined that there truly was a sea in outer space? There was water here, which made this place completely different from the Cosmic Sea .

The Cosmic Sea was filled with liquidized energy that was composed of a mix of various energies . If someone fell into it, they would very likely die . On the other hand, the Starfall Sea was a real sea filled with all kinds of unique fish . Above it was a boundless dark space, and below it was more space . Within the sea itself, there were planets .

Besides the employees and soldiers of the Sea King's Dome, the rest of the people on the ship stood on the deck and stared at the wondrous view . For most of them, this was their first time visiting the Starfall Sea, and they were awed by the scenery .

The water roared, and something dripped onto Lu Yin’s hand . He rubbed his fingers together, surprised to find that it was water .

“Ladies and gentlemen, it will take us around thirteen days to arrive at our destination . During these thirteen days, you will come to understand what exactly the Starfall Sea is, how amazing it is, and how amazing the Sea King is . Do your best, and who knows—the Sea King’s future son-in-law might be amongst you . ” The maidservant, Jing Li, stood on the deck and spoke arrogantly . She then added, “Though that doesn’t seem possible . ”

Everyone had already experienced her venomous tongue and thought nothing of her comment .

Lu Yin scanned his surroundings . There were quite a few people standing on the deck as well as quite a few to the back . There were also dozens of people in the midsection of the deck, but only around a dozen of them had actually obtained a medallion . He was the rare one to do so amongst them, for he was the only one to have obtained it through his strength .

“Um, if I become the son-in-law of the Sea King, will you, as his daughter’s servant, follow her?” somebody suddenly asked .

Everyone froze, and even the soldiers from the Sea King’s Dome looked over at the man .

Jing Li immediately blushed and glared at the man on the deck .

Big Pao, Little Pao, Zhao Yilong, Lulu, Coco, and Zora all looked at the guy in shock . Big Pao, in particular, even gave him a thumbs up . “You’ve got balls, dude . I’m surprised that you like her . ”

Everybody stared at the man .

The man was incredibly confused, but after seeing that the maid didn’t seem quite keen about what he had said, he hastily added on, “I didn’t say that . ”

Big Pao patted him on the shoulder and spoke in an awestruck voice . “Bro, a guy needs to be able to own up to what he says . It’s normal to like a girl like her, just like how you told me earlier that that girl in red has a very perky ass . You’re a real man . ”

Up on the deck, the girl Big Pao referenced immediately glared hard at him in embarrassment . In front of her, an incredibly handsome man who had also received a medallion had a look of pure murder .

The poor person who had misspoke was on the verge of tears, and he desperately wanted to explain himself . However, he was just a mere Scout, and there was nothing he could do to Big Pao . He looked even worse than if he just burst out crying .

Jing Li snorted and left . She had had a good impression of this person before, so she was incredibly surprised to discover that he was such a frivolous person .

The man stretched out a hand, wanting to stop her, but Big Pao prevented him from doing so . Big Pao was all smiles and appeared affable, but in this man’s eyes, Big Pao was incredibly annoying . At that moment, he decided that, if he managed to become the Sea King’s son-in-law, this guy would be the first person he took care of .

The fiasco ended quickly enough with the handsome man fleeing from the deck . He didn’t dare to make another appearance .

Jing Li disappeared as well .

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Lu Yin found this a huge pity . He had wanted to ask her about the legends related to the Starfall Sea, specifically about the Undying Manual, but whatever . He would be spending thirteen days on the ship, which was more than enough time .

There were quite a few vessels following behind the large one that they were on . Just like the large ship, each one of them floated atop the surface of the sea . Not one of them dared to pass the large ship and risk losing their way, not even Feng Mo .

“When are you guys going to get here?” Feng Mo’s voice was incredibly cold, and he was obviously in a bad mood . During his entire time in the Starfall Sea, everything had been miserable .

Bo Senior’s voice replied from the gadget . “We just arrived at the entrance . We’ll need two more days to get the coating on our vessel before we can enter the sea . ”

“Alright . Don’t forget what you promised me . Each one of these brats has strong connections, and I’m still not sure if this is worth it,” he said in a low voice .

“You’ll need to decide that for yourself, Mr . Feng . However, since you’ve entered the Starfall Sea, I’m sure that you’ve already made up your mind . Don’t worry, that thing will be in your possession no matter what,” Bo Senior reassured the assassin .

Feng Mo cut the connection and stared at the large ship in front of him with icy eyes . The journey to the Sea King’s Dome would take thirteen days, and the selection process itself would take at most half a month to complete . Then, that item would finally be his! Just the thought of it alone was enough to excite him .

The Starfall Sea had a unique scenery . While standing on the deck of a ship, one could look down and see more than one spacecraft flying by . Also, there was more than one way to travel through the Starfall Sea; for example, ships could sail on the surface or dive beneath it .

“Look! There’s a huge planet at the bottom of the sea!” someone shouted . It was the girl in red .

Everyone looked down and saw the faint outline of a huge planet .

The handsome guy that the girl was following casually explained, “There aren’t a lot of planets in the Starfall Sea, but any planet that can survive here definitely has ultra powerhouses on it with power levels of over 300,000 . ”

Quite a few were shocked, including Lu Yin . He had no idea that such a thing existed here . A power level of 300,000? That was rare even within the entire Innerverse . Even an Enlighter with a power level of 200,000 was a rare sight . Were such beings common in the Starfall Sea?

Upon seeing quite a few people look over, the guy became cocky . “Every once in a while, the waters in the Starfall Sea become quite violent . Spacecraft without the special coating will be destroyed, and similarly, planets within the sea will be struck by powerful rogue waves . Only those with power levels of over 300,000 are able to block the waves and protect a planet . Otherwise, they’ll be destroyed just like the spacecraft . ”

“That makes sense . Does that mean that there are ultra-powerhouses with power levels of over 300,000 on that planet?” Little Pao asked .

The guy nodded . “Of course . ”

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Lu Yin and the rest glanced down at the planet . 300,000? That kind of existence stood at the peak of the universe .

“I wonder how high the Sea King’s power level is,” Lu Yin muttered to himself, feeling slightly unsettled .

The maid of the Sea King’s daughter, Jing Li, walked by at that moment . After hearing Lu Yin’s question, she arrogantly responded, “Don’t even try to guess how powerful he is . It’s something that you’ll never be able to understand!”

“Does that mean that you can understand his power?” Lu Yin was confused .

Jing Li paused, but then she rolled her eyes . “Weren’t there rumors saying that you died? How are you still alive?”

Lu Yin pursed his lips . “Did you watch me die?”

She was stumped once more, which caused her to frown . “You’re pretty good at aggravating people . ”

“I’d say that you’re even better when it comes to cursing at people . ” Lu Yin grinned . He didn’t mind offending this girl since he wasn’t planning on becoming the Sea King’s son-in-law . He still had Ming Yan waiting for him!

Jing Li snorted . “Out of the four most powerful Limiteers in the universe, two of them are in the Starfall Sea . I’m quite curious as to who’s stronger—you or Ling Que . ”

Lu Yin was confused . “A lot of people would say that Ling Que is stronger since he’s from the Lingling family . Isn’t that what you think as well?”

“So what? Being from a good family isn’t a sign of one’s strength,” she said as she eyed him, looking slightly disappointed . “It’s a pity that there’s no need to even check . It’s obvious that you’re no match for him . ”

“Why not?” Lu Yin was curious .

“Because he’s hot,” she answered without skipping a beat .

Lu Yin was speechless . In the end, he still hadn’t managed to escape his fate of being mocked .

“How badly is this place lacking in hot guys?” Lu Yin couldn’t help but ask .

Jing Li looked up and seriously considered his question .

Lu Yin hastily tried to stop her . “Stop! Don’t bother thinking about it since I actually don’t want to know anyways . However, I do have a question for you . Have you heard of the Undying Manual before?”