Star Odyssey - Chapter 526

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Chapter 526: 526

At this time, the Explorers who had been sent down to Planet Pyrolyte finally relaxed . Their advantage could only be displayed when they were physically in outer space . What use was an unequaled Limiteer if they were unable to freely roam the universe? However, when the Explorers thought of how Lu Yin had put on his universal armor and then severely injured Nightking Gu, their psychological superiority instantly vanished . They wished for Lu Yin’s universal armor to be destroyed so that he would die in space .  

They could not be blamed for being so malicious, as Lu Yin had indeed committed many nauseating actions in just one month . The most devastating blow to the Explorers had been when he seized their star essence skins . Beside the two skins that he had given to Wendy Yushan, he had also seized another eleven star essence skins . Given his personal power, the universal armor, and that chill-inducing gun, there had been no skin that he could not snatch .  

Of the eleven skins, he had sold five and saved six .  

The five skins had sold for 5,000 star essence in total, and although it wasn’t much, Lu Yin hadn’t been left with any other choice . The Explorers had all been from weaker forces, and there hadn’t been a single one of them who was equal to an expert in the top eighty of the Top 100 Rankings . The six skins that Lu Yin had saved were of the same quality as well .  

Beneath the various people leaving the planet, the ground ruptured . Hai Qiqi had already entered the spacecraft, and Wendy Yushan passed Lu Yin the two star essence skins that he had given her as she also went to sit in the vessel .  

Lu Yin remained there, waiting for Hai Dashao, as he knew that Hai Dashao would want to speak with him .

Soon, the void tore open in front of him, revealing Hai Dashao .

When he saw Hai Dashao, Lu Yin felt a reflexive disgust, as no one enjoyed being used . This time, he had been thoroughly exploited by the Sea King’s Dome .  

Hai Dashao was not unprepared for Lu Yin’s attitude . “Your betrothal gift is pretty decent . ”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed .

“Relax, the Sea King's Dome will keep its promise . From this day forth, Frostwave Weave will be under the Sea King's Dome’s protection and will become a part of it,” Hai Dashao stated proudly .

“Was that enough pyrolyte?” Lu Yin asked .  

Hai Dashao smiled . “That’s not for you to worry about . You’ve already done what you can, so you don’t need to think about what’s left . Hurry up and become an Explorer . Father really admires you . ” 

Lu Yin stayed silent .

Hai Dashao’s lips bent upwards . “Are you that offended by this matter?”

Lu Yin mockingly replied, “Do you enjoy being exploited?”

Hai Dashao shook his head . “I don’t know how to explain things to other people, and you aren’t qualified for me to even try . I just have one sentence for you: there will come the day when you understand how wise your actions this day are . ”

Hai Dashao then looked at the spacecraft and saw Wendy Yushan . “What’s your relationship with her?”

Lu Yin grew vigilant . “It’s none of your business . ”

Hai Dashao exclaimed, “Few people in the universe have access to a secret technique, and that’s something that even I don’t have . It would seem that her background isn’t simple . I can have Elder Ren send her to the Sea King's Dome and have Father protect her there . ” 

“There’s no need . We will handle our own business . ” Lu Yin felt disgusted, as the attitude of the Sea King's Dome was too arrogant . Even after exploiting him, they gave off the feeling that they expected him to be proud of the matter . This caused Lu Yin to instinctively oppose them, and he really wanted to punch Hai Dashao in the face .  

Compared to Hai Qiqi, Hai Dashao was too haughty, even more so than the Sea King himself .  

Hai Dashao withdrew his gaze, and he looked at Lu Yin . “Do you know what a secret technique represents? She’s already become the focus of many organizations . Even our Sea King's Dome promise might not necessarily be able to completely protect her . For her own good, let her return to the Sea King's Dome with . ” 

“I will not go to the Sea King's Dome,” Wendy Yushan’s voice sounded from the vessel .

Hai Dashao frowned .

From within the spacecraft, Hai Qiqi shouted at Hai Dashao, “Brother, you’re too stupid! How could picking someone up be that easy? You should smile and invite her cordially to the Sea King's Dome as guests and then protect them in the process . Stupid!”

Hai Dashao and Wendy Yushan exchanged glances . “The promise of my Sea King's Dome can temporarily provide peace, but no one can predict what will happen next . Take care of yourselves, and my promise to you will still be valid in the future . ” He then passed his contact details over to Wendy Yushan .  

Hai Dashao fancied Wendy Yushan . This was something that Lu Yin and even Hai Qiqi could plainly see .  

Lu Yin didn’t like it . “If there’s nothing else, then you can leave now . ”

Hai Dashao glanced at Lu Yin once more before leaving through the void .

After Hai Dashao left, the next person to appear was Lily Anne . It could be said that during her first meeting with Lu Yin, she had already made plans concerning Frostwave Weave . Even back then, she had accurately ascertained the importance of Frostwave Weave in Lu Yin’s heart . This woman had incredible foresight .  

“Brother Lu, Granny Chan has asked me to represent Northline Flowzone and thank Brother Lu for his help . No matter how much pyrolyte we ultimately obtained this time, Northline Flowzone will not forget the kindness shown to us by Brother Lu,” Lily Anne said solemnly .  

Lu Yin nodded . “If you really want to thank me, then take these off of my hands as well . ” He then pulled out the remaining eight star essence skins . “I’ll sell them all to you for a flat 5,000 star essence . ” 

This was a fair price . Although the star essence skins were now useless, the amount of raw star essence that they contained was not only 5,000 .  

Lily Anne seemed to already have made preparations for this as she immediately pulled out 5,000 star essence from her cosmic ring, but then she brought out another 3,000 . “A total of 8,000 . We can’t allow Brother Lu to take a loss . ” 

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Lu Yin’s eyes lit up . He knew that all this star essence was quite a large sum to Northline Flowzone, but not excessive . However, for him, this was an unprecedented sum . Even when he had used the Sea King’s token at the Sea King's Dome for an all-expense-paid shopping spree, the total had only amounted to about 15,000 star essence . But now, his cosmic ring already held more than 17,000 star essence .  

He felt moved, and he even felt that he was too rich now .

Storing over 10,000 star essence in his cosmic ring took up a great amount of space . Fortunately, the cosmic ring that Northgate Lie had given him before was still enough . However, as he became richer, the size of that cosmic ring might not necessarily be enough for him . Others could store their wealth in their cards, but he could not since he needed his star crystals and star essence to be available at any time .  

What a headache .  

Lily Anne left after promising Lu Yin that Northline Flowzone would do all it could to help Frostwave Weave’s economy recover . Also, the youths of Northline Flowzone would recognize Lu Yin’s position under the Ten Arbiters Council and acknowledge that he had the authority to judge and supervise the younger generation . This meant that Lu Yin’s position was now above Northgate Lie’s in Northline Flowzone .  

Lu Yin grimaced, as there was no point to such things . As soon as he returned to Zenyu Star, all of the different organizations would start moving, and they would send out their old folks to capture Wendy Yushan . He would have to ask Mister Mu for help . At that time, not only Wendy Yushan, but he himself would be forced to leave and make a clean break with the Great Yu Empire as well as the Sea King's Dome . The two of them would join Leon’s Armada in the Cosmic Sea, and Lu Yin might just become a glorious pirate after all .  

However, before any of that took place, he wanted to take a trip to Shenwu Continent so that he could settle his affairs there and help Ming Yan . That was another headache, but it was nothing too difficult to resolve . The strongest person on Shenwu Continent was a Hunter, and with Lu Yin’s current abilities, he could preserve his life and escape from a Hunter .  

The main thing that he had to consider was his timing . He had to take Ming Yan away before the various great powers arrived at Zenyu Star for the secret technique and also before breaking away from the Sea King's Dome . Then, he could head towards the Cosmic Sea with Mister Mu’s help, where he would be safe .  

The only issue was that Lu Yin didn’t know how strong Mister Mu was . If even Mister Mu couldn’t help him against the coming various forces, then Lu Yin would have no choice but to send Wendy to the Sea King's Dome .

Unfortunately, it would be difficult for him to return to Earth, which had been the most peaceful time in his past, and it had also become his self-acknowledged home .  

Lu Yin had almost forgotten that Wendy Yushan’s secret technique was something that was extremely appealing to the Sword Sect, the Daynight clan, and all the other powers . However, it was important to note that it was the technique itself that was important, for Elder Viletree and Nightqueen Qiuyu at the very least had not recognized it as the Yu Secret Art . It was different for the Yōu Court or the Neohuman Alliance, as they would definitely recognize the secret technique .  

In space, Yōu Ye'er flew by the three people in her spacecraft and gave Wendy a strange look . “I never thought that the Yu Secret Art would appear again, and in a fringe weave at that . Yu family, you won’t be able to escape . ” 

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In the darkness, a pair of non-human eyes were similarly fixed upon Wendy Yushan .

Days later, Lu Yin managed to get Hai Qiqi and Wendy Yushan back to Zenyu Star . Hai Qiqi seemed reluctant since she still wanted to go out and play, but she did not kick up a fuss . She knew of the secret technique’s existence, and she was well aware that Lu Yin and Wendy Yushan were about to be placed in a difficult situation .  

The various great powers were still sealed next to Planet Pyrolyte and were unable to send out any information . As soon as the seal was removed, there would be a storm waiting for Lu Yin and Wendy Yushan .  

Wendy Yushan had originally wanted to head to the Innerverse’s Myriad Swords Peak, but she was stopped by Lu Yin . The Myriad Swords Peak also would not let the Yu Secret Art go, and no one there would be able to protect her . The only possible place where they would be safe was the Cosmic Sea, since his family, Big Sis, and Uncle You Ling were all there .  

After giving some instructions to Huo Qingshan and the others, Lu Yin reached out to Barley at East San Dios, as he had once asked Barley to focus on the situation at Shenwu Continent .

At first, Lu Yin had intended to head straight to Shenwu Continent after handling matters on Zenyu Star and coming up with a way to take Ming Yan away . However, after speaking to Barley, he had learned a bit of bad news . When Shenwu Continent’s interior had fractured, Reverent King Ming Zhaoshu had allied with outside forces, and many powers from the universe had stationed their powerhouses outside of Shenwu Continent . Aside from the people from those organizations, no one else was allowed to enter, and the Daynight clan was one of those powers .  

Lu Yin’s heart fell, as he had not considered this possibility when he should have . The Daynight clan behaved tyrannically, and the other great powers in the Innerverse acted similarly . If Ming Zhaoshu was willing to cooperate with them, then they naturally would not allow anybody else to dip their hands into this opportunity, so they would have sealed off Shenwu Continent .  

It would be temporarily too difficult for him to enter Shenwu Continent, and even if he managed to do so, leaving that place was entirely dependent on the Daynight clan and the other forces guarding that place . It was possible that, after the various forces left Planet Pyrolyte, that the Sea King’s protection would be enough and that nothing would happen to Lu Yin, but Wendy Yushan did not enjoy the same protection as him . Also, the Sea King's promise was less significant than a secret technique .  

Lu Yin locked himself in King Zishan’s residence and pondered things over for a good day . At the end, he finally decided to not head to Shenwu Continent for the time being . Aside from Ming Zhaoshu, no one else was aware of his relationship with Ming Yan, which meant that no one would be able to use it against him either . Ming Zhaoshu also would not casually use Ming Yan as a bargaining chip, so she should be safe for the time being . All Lu Yin could do at the moment was stay on Zenyu Star and wait for events to unfold . Besides, even if he wanted to bring Ming Yan out from Shenwu Continent, she might not agree to it .  

If the various great powers had a falling out with the Sea King's Dome because of the secret technique, then Lu Yin’s only option would be to ask Mister Mu for help .

A few more days passed, and after Northline Flowzone finished refining the pyrolyte ore, Elder Ren released the seal over Planet Pyrolyte . At the first opportunity, many spacecraft flew out .  

Elder Ren calmly watched the scene .