Star Odyssey - Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: 549

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“Bronsen, go to the warehouse and bring me all of the universal armors,” Lu Yin ordered.

An hour later, all of the military warehouses on Zenyu Star had been scoured for universal armors, and every one that was found was now piled up in King Zishan's palace. There were more than 10,000 sets.

“Your Majesty, if that’s not enough, your subject will head to the military warehouses on other planets to fetch more,” Bronsen reported respectfully. 

“No need. This is enough,” Lu Yin answered faintly as he waved Bronsen away.

He then screened the monkey off, raised his hand, and brought out his die. Lu Yin stored all of the universal armors in his cosmic ring, set down his cosmic ring, and then tapped the die. It slowly spun around before finally stopping on four pips. In an instant, Lu Yin picked up his cosmic ring and entered his die’s Timestop Space.

He had not entered this space for a long time, but he had no time to think. Lu Yin tapped the die again, and this time, he rolled six pips, but that roll was useless. In the Timestop Space, rolling one, five, or six pips was useless. 

Every time he rolled in this space, he needed to rest for ten days before trying again.

Ten days later, Lu Yin rolled the die again, and this time, he got two pips. He was delighted, as while Blackhole Disassembly was usually not very useful most of the time, it was what he was looking for at this moment since he had something he needed to disassemble: the universal armors.

Of course, he was not going to disassemble the universal armor that he had upgraded to the point of being able to withstand an Enlighter’s attacks. Rather, he was going to disassemble all of the armors that Bronson had delivered to him, which totalled more than 10,000 sets. 

He used star crystals to extend the durations of the Blackhole Disassembly by a few hours and then started tossing universal armors into it. Under Lu Yin’s amazed gaze, the first set of universal armor vanished, only to soon be replaced by a strange material that Lu Yin was in desperate need of right now: polarium. 

Disassembling more than 10,000 sets of universal armor yielded nearly 500 tons of polarium. Polarium was a rare metal, and aside from being used to produce universal armor, it could also be used to make many other objects. Its characteristics were the complete opposite of pyrolyte. Pyrolyte took up a large volume while being very light whereas polarium was condensed and heavy. A piece of polarium that was the size of a palm could weigh dozens of kilograms. 

Usually, one set of universal armor would only require about a palm-sized piece of polarium, which was why each one sold for an exorbitant price. This showed the value of polarium. 

500 tons of polarium was very valuable, but this was not what Lu Yin wanted. He was actually hoping to get polarium essence. 

Polarium essence was basically refined polarium, and even 10,000 tons of polarium might not even be enough to produce any polarium essence. However, its uses far surpassed those of regular polarium. Lu Yin even suspected that the set of universal armor that he had obtained from the auction, the one that could withstand attacks with a power level of 100,000, had actually originally been made with polarium essence. 

In the past, Lu Yin had used Shuta Planet to trigger a conflict between Darkmist Weave and Darkstar Gorge to reduce the pressure being placed on Shenwu Continent. The reason why that planet had been able to trigger a conflict between those two powers was precisely because it contained polarium. To various powerful organizations, polarium was extremely valuable. Although the value of the metal could not compare to pyrolyte, the two had different uses. Pyrolyte could be considered as a strategic military resource, but polarium was the main component for many weapons and equipment. 

Shuta Planet alone contained enough polarium to incite a conflict. So what would happen if polarium essence was found on the planet? 

Shuta Planet definitely did not have any polarium essence, or else Darkstar Gorge would never have been able to lay a claim to this planet since the divided forces of Darkmist Weave would have long since banded together to maintain control of the planet, and the conflict would not have continued on for so long. However, Lu Yin could make the planet have some polarium essence. 

Even if a planet that contained polarium also had polarium essence, it would only be a few tonnes at best. A palm-sized amount of polarium essence was enough to manufacture a universal armor that could withstand a Hunter’s attacks, demonstrating its value. In the long run, the value of polarium essence surpassed even the value of pyrolyte. What if, all of a sudden, dozens or even hundreds of tons of polarium essence appeared somewhere? Lu Yin didn’t dare to imagine what would happen. 

As soon as polarium essence was discovered on Shuta Planet, and huge quantities at that, chaos would erupt on the planet. It would be similar to Planet Pyrolyte, and Shuta Planet would attract Enlighters. For example, those Enlighter powerhouses from Darkstar Gorge and Darkmist Weave would definitely head over.  

It was a good plan, but he was relying on his luck to pull it off.

Another ten days passed, and Lu Yin rolled the die again, but this time, he rolled one pip: Pilfer. Useless. 

He used over 1,000 star crystals to increase the duration of the Timestop Space to over thirty days, and soon, another ten days passed. Lu Yin tapped out again, and the die spun slowly around before it finally stopped on three pips. 

This roll was the one that was the most helpful to him: three pips, Enhance.

As he watched the two light screens appear, Lu Yin casually threw out a piece of polarium and a hundred star crystals. The polarium upgraded three times and transformed from the most ordinary kind of polarium into polarium essence. The metal now flickered with a dim radiance. 

He touched the polarium essence and sighed. Each piece of polarium essence could be sold for tens of thousands of star crystals, but it only took about one star essence to upgrade each piece of polarium into polarium essence. That was the equivalent of about 100,000 star crystals. This was such a loss! Unfortunately, he had no other choice, leaving Lu Yin helpless. Such a material was hard to acquire even if one was willing to spend exorbitant amounts of money, so he just would just have to quietly suffer the loss. More important was how he would use all this polarium essence. 

500 tonnes of polarium were upgraded into polarium essence, which cost Lu Yin more than 10,000 star essence. This expenditure pained Lu Yin, as it meant that he was broke once again, as he had just used up 10,000 star essence. He had to make sure to take back at least this much from those Enlighters.

He still had about 12,000 star essence remaining, so Lu Yin took out the piece of flesh that was covered with flickering lightning that he had won from an auction. According to the Ghost Monkey, this was a piece of Void Thunderbeast flesh, and it could be used to tear through the void as an escape item. This was something that was extremely difficult to obtain.

He tossed the flesh onto the upper light screen and threw 1,000 star essence on. As he watched the flesh undergo its upgrade, a thought suddenly flashed into his mind. An actual Void Thunderbeast won’t be upgraded out of this, right?

The die’s Enhance ability was very mysterious, and it seemed to be able to upgrade anything. At times, Lu Yin wanted to toss himself onto the screen to see if he could achieve a breakthrough. 

This thought was actually very enticing. 

It took more than 1,000 star essence to upgrade the lightning-covered flesh once, and the second upgrade took 2,000. Lu Yin could not handle the cost of upgrading it any further, but after thinking about it, he still went ahead with a third upgrade, despite it costing him more than 5,000 star essence. By this point, the lightning flickering across the flesh had changed color, and it was even causing the void to become unstable. 

According to his best guess, this thing should allow him to make an escape by instantly moving across a vast distance. He filled his eyes with star energy to look at it and saw that it had countless rune lines, the number actually surpassing what he had seen on Karthika, which was astounding. This thing would definitely allow him to escape from an Enlighter. 

This was the lifesaving item that he wanted to give Wendy Yushan. This thing had cost him almost 8,000 star essence to make and could safely be called the most expensive escaping tool. 

As he looked at his cosmic ring, he saw that there were only about 3,000 star essence remaining. Lu Yin thought about it and then used his last 3,300 star essence to upgrade one Money Bomb, so that it could instantly kill an Enlighter. This was another lifesaving object that he wanted to give to Wendy Yushan. 

Lu Yin already had his universal armor and the gun, so he intended for Wendy Yushan to have the lightning-covered flesh and the Money Bomb. With some luck, this would allow them to deal with the oncoming crisis that was facing them. 

He hoped that everything would go according to plan, or else he did not know how they would survive.

An entire night passed as Lu Yin whiled the hours away, thinking. When the next day arrived, he filled Wendy in on the current situation.

Wendy Yushan’s eyes turned frost-cold as she gripped the hilt of her sword.

Lu Yin slowly said, “Go to San Dios, and tell Puyu that you traveled there alone and that I’m still in the Great Yu Empire.”

She nodded and did not ask any further questions. She trusted Lu Yin and was completely confident that he would not allow her to be captured by Enlighters. 

Lu Yin looked at her. “Be careful while you’re by yourself.”

He gave her the upgraded Money Bomb and the lightning-covered flesh. “This Money Bomb can severely injure or even kill an Enlighter. As for this piece of flesh, it comes from a Void Thunderbeast. If you’re facing an impossible situation, you can use this to tear through the void and escape. It should allow you to cover quite a large distance.”

Wendy Yushan silently stored the two items away and then looked at Lu Yin with a worried face. “What about you? Where are you going?”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered. “To hunt.”

She averted her gaze. “If we can both survive this time, I’ll marry you.”

She appeared to be indifferent as she left King Zishan’s palace after saying those words to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was stumped for a good while. Was she mistaken about something? Lu Yin had no plans to marry her, and yet, his heart was uncontrollably moved when he looked at Wendy Yushan’s beautiful face. Truthfully, this woman was extremely attractive to all men, and even more so to those who had a heart for conquest. 

To the Great Yu Empire, Wendy Yushan was a goddess, but Lu Yin was teased by her.

“Seventh Bro, congratulations! The rainbow comes after the storm, haha!” The Ghost Monkey 

ridiculed Lu Yin.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes. Would he actually turn her down if Wendy Yushan truly intended to marry him? Ming Yan’s image appeared in his mind, and he remembered the lock of hair that was still in his cosmic ring. Lu Yin suddenly shook his head. Don’t overthink it, never overthink things! But oddly enough, at that time, the enchanting Madam Nalan popped into his head. 

East San Dios was located in Adonis Weave, and Shuta Planet was located where Darkmist and Woori Weave met, and it was slightly closer to Zenyu Star than East San Dios. According to the planned routes, if Lu Yin and Wendy Yushan set off at the same time, then he would arrive at his destination two days before she finished her voyage. 

Two days was not a lot of time, so Lu Yin set off immediately. He grabbed a radiant-grade Aurora and rushed towards Shuta Planet. 

Ever since it had become the focus of a conflict, the planet had undergone a complete change.

In the past, Shuta Planet had given birth to strange metal lifeforms that were able to produce polarium. This planet had been controlled by Darkmist Weave’s forces, like the Nine Allied Nations. Aside from young trial takers from Darkmist Weave, the remaining people on the planet were mostly miners. The entire planet didn’t have any established cities, just various mining towns. 

Each day, as regular as a clock, battles would break out all over Shuta Planet. Darkstar Gorge and the Nine Allied Nations would go through several violent exchanges each time as neither organization wanted to leave Shuta Planet. However, neither party wanted to start a full blown war over just one planet. This led to many skirmishes between both sides’ younger generation, and the youths had already destroyed several mining towns. 

At the moment, Shuta Planet had been divided into several regions, and both sides restrained themselves from stepping into their opponent’s territory.

This was the situation when Lu Yin arrived on the planet.

There were many planets that were similar to Shuta Planet in the universe, planets that were covered with numerous mines. Such planets often had poor living conditions for normal people, and often, only cultivators were able to barely survive. Some planets were even harsher than the vacuum of space, as they might be filled with poisonous gases, have scorchingly high temperatures, magma, violent gales, or unexplorable meteorological phenomena. 

Shuta Planet was quite mild as even Scouts were able to survive on the planet.

Lu Yin stepped onto the planet’s surface. The ground was parched and cracked, and occasionally, a strange looking worm would poke its head out of a fissure and threateningly snap its jaws at Lu Yin. These worms were rather large, and each one could swallow a person in one gulp.

Lu Yin casually waved a hand, sending out a gust that stripped the top layer of soil away and reduced many of the worms that were hiding in the ground into splatters of blood.