Star Odyssey - Chapter 596

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Chapter 596: 596

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There was a cracking sound, and the gun suddenly split apart and shattered. Lu Yin let go of the weapon, as the gun was now completely useless.

Eh? What’s that? Lu Yin’s gaze trembled when he noticed that there was something wedged between the layers of metal inside the gun. Shockingly, it looked like a piece of hide from some beast. He had no time to properly observe it, but he decided to save it.

Right then, Cursewind’s attack was about to land between Lu Yin’s eyes.

The hurricane that had combined with the inferno swept everything in its path away, and the bone-eroding wind combined with the soul-burning flames was enough to make Lu Yin feel an intense pain despite his universal armor, let alone the others like Lilyrose, Linley, or the heavily-injured Aden. 

Suddenly, the attack disappeared, which left Cursewind completely bewildered as he stood high above them in the sky. 

Lu Yin and the others all looked at the blue lion. 

Wind and fire alternated within Cursewind’s eyes, and after a bit, he reluctantly looked back at Lu Yin and the others. “Get Wang Wen away from here!”

Lu Yin suddenly turned to look over at Wang Wen, where he saw an enormous amount of rune lines converging beside Wang Wen’s transparent coffin. There was a Hunter hiding there. Not good. It’s a Yin Guai!

Lu Yin wanted to move to help, but right then, Cursewind’s left eye spat out a hurricane that swept everything away.

At that moment, an inferno engulfed the entire area as Huo Houye suddenly tried to attack Cursewind. 

Cursewind stared at Lu Yin. “Consider yourselves lucky. The Outerverse will belong to us sooner or later.” After speaking, he moved back into outer space and grabbed the transparent coffin. He blocked Huo Houye’s attack and rushed away from Brokenblade Fort. 

With the blue lion’s breakaway, the rest of the invading beasts simultaneously retreated like a flood.

“SAVE ME! SAVE ME!” Wang Wen screamed. 

Huo Houye reached out for the coffin, but Cursewind merely snorted at him. “Human Enlighter, you’re just slightly stronger than me. Unless a human has gone through the transformation of a six-stage formcast model, they’ve experienced no fundamental changes, so there’s no use.”

A hurricane then swept out that forcibly blew Huo Houye’s strength away.

Han Fei also tried to stop Cursewind from taking Wen Wang, but he was blocked by two Enlighter realm beasts. 

“Everyone, listen to my orders! Snatch Wang Wen back!” Han Fei’s voice was transmitted to everyone who was in outer space. 

Topmist, Huo Qingshan, Kong Shi, and a group of Hunters all rushed over.

Monster Loach and the Enlighter realm Amethyst Beast held Elder Lohar back while the old man furiously scolded, “You’ve decided to back off, so why must you capture Wang Wen?”

“This is an order, and you guys cannot stop it.” Monster Loach’s tail lashed out at Elder Lohar. 

The Enlighter realm Amethyst Beast also clashed with the human powerhouse.

In the battle in outer space, the overall strength of the beasts had already surpassed that of the humans, and multiple Enlighter beasts were blocking Han Fei, Huo Houye, and Topmist from taking back Wang Wen. 

Lu Yin’s eyes grew cold as he watched Wang Wen being taken away. He pulled out his Stellar Ruler and measured the distance. Back when he had been a Limiteer, he had used this Stellar Ruler to evade attacks from Enlighter realm beasts, and he had been able to teleport a considerable distance to escape from them. Now that he was an Explorer, his power had greatly increased, so the distance that he could teleport with the Stellar Ruler had also increased multiple times. Right now, Lu Yin could teleport to where Wang Wen currently was. 

Lu Yin’s body flashed, and he suddenly reappeared on top of Wang Wen’s transparent coffin. 

Wang Wen was thrilled to see Lu Yin. “Bro-ther-Pawn.”

Cursewind suddenly turned its head. “Lu Yin, you’re seeking death!”

Lu Yin’s left hand pressed against the transparent coffin, and he quickly pulled out the piece of flesh that was covered with lightning. Right next to him, the Hunter realm Yin Guai lashed out. Lu Yin was surrounded by many powerful astral beasts, and there were even Enlighters as well as Cursewind nearby. Although Lu Yin could withstand an attack from the Yin Guai, it would still send him flying, which would render it impossible to rescue Wang Wen and take him away. 

He only had one choice: not only did he have to block the Yin Guai’s incoming attack, but he also had to activate the lightning flesh in order to take Wang Wen away at the same time. 

The Hunter realm Yin Guai was strong, and although Lu Yin felt confident in being able to beat it, he didn’t dare to confront the beast head on in a contest of strength. As for the Yu Secret Art, it allowed Lu Yin to redirect attacks and even Lu Yin himself, but it would be very difficult to shift the Yin Guai at all. Lu Yin only had one chance to act—one chance! But so be it! 

The finger that transcended the heavens appeared in Lu Yin’s mind. It had frequently appeared in his dreams, and although he did not know whose finger it was, or why it triggered such a furious reaction from him, there was no doubting the power contained within that finger. 

During his process of breaking through to the Explorer realm, he had remained unconscious for more than ten days, and during that time, he had observed and studied every minute change and charm contained within the movements of that finger. He had even managed to see a trace of what looked like a battle technique. 

It was a finger that could transcend space and disregard any distance. Lu Yin was certain that this finger surpassed any attack that he had ever seen, and from the bottom of his heart, he felt that even the Yu Secret Art could not compare to that finger. That was the finger from his dreams. 

Lu Yin raised his right finger and tapped out, though his eyes suddenly glazed over as he fell into an unconscious state. At that moment, he had reentered his dream and was once again witnessing that finger while his heart burned with a boundless rage. His finger seemed to merge with the finger in his dream as he tapped out towards the Yin Guai. 

They were obviously on a battlefield that was filled with seething bloodlust and death, but at this moment, the Yin Guai was not able to hear or see anything. It could only look at that finger. The finger pointed towards it, and time seemed to freeze. That finger transcended everything as it ruthlessly moved towards the beast. 

This finger pierced through the Yin Guai’s claws to tap against its forehead, which suddenly exploded. Traces of ripples and fluctuations could be seen within the void, but not a single spatial crack appeared. The next instant, Lu Yin successfully activated the power within the piece of lightning flesh, and he disappeared from the sea of the beasts along with the transparent coffin. 

Everything had happened too quickly, and from the time Lu Yin appeared to the moment where he had vanished, the whole event did not even take three seconds to pass. By the time Cursewind and the other beasts tried to take action, Lu Yin had already disappeared along with Wang Wen. However, the Yin Guai that had been guarding Wang Wen was already completely dead. 

Cursewind stared at the Yin Guai’s corpse in shock. How was this possible? Lu Yin had just instantaneously killed a Hunter realm astral beast, and a Yin Guai at that, without using a power vessel. The human Explorer had used his own strength, and Cursewind had very clearly seen the finger, though he had not felt anything formidable about it. Despite that, the finger had completely crushed the Yin Guai. 

Cursewind turned to look at Brokenblade Fort. How had that human done it?

Cursewind was not the only one overwhelmed by the event, as even Lu Yin himself was frightened by what had just happened. He had not expected the finger to be so frightening, as that lone finger had crushed a Hunter. Even in his dreams, he had not thought that the power would be so great, but the price that he had paid was similarly extreme. He looked down to see that his right finger was dripping fresh blood. Lu Yin grimaced, and he used some of Shamrock Enterprises’ special medicine to treat it. 

“Chesspiece Bro, I love you!” Wang Wen screamed. Emotional tears rolled down his face as he gazed at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin sighed, as he had been forced to use that piece of lightning covered flesh. However, it was well-worth the price since he had rescued Wang Wen. At this moment, Lu Yin was worried that the astral beasts would not give up on Wang Wen and that they would rush back to the fort. 

Fortunately, his worries were for nothing as the invading beasts quickly retreated. Not one of them moved forward to try kidnapping Wang Wen again. 

Before long, all of the beasts were completely out of sight, only leaving a ruined Brokenblade Fort behind. 

Han Fei and the others exchanged glances, seemingly lost. The astral beasts certainly could have breached Brokenblade Fort this time, so why had they retreated?

After Monster Loach and the Enlighter realm Amethyst Beast pulled back, Elder Lohar’s arm shuddered as he stored his weapon and released a slow breath. 

Even though the astral beasts had retreated, most of the defenders believed that they would soon face another attack, and that the next attack would be no different from the one that had just ended. 

“Elder.” Han Fei and the others flew towards Elder Lohar, all of them looking at him in confusion. 

Lu Yin also took Wang Wen over. 

Elder Lohar’s gaze passed over all of them, and then in a voice that betrayed his exhaustion, he said, “The battle has ended.” 

Han Fei and the others were astonished.

Wang Wen stepped forward and looked at Elder Lohar. “What battle ended? Speak clearly.”

Out of everyone present, he was the only person who dared to speak to Elder Lohar in such a tone. 

Elder Lohar looked past Brokenblade Fort. “The Astral Beast Domain is being invaded, and the Celestial Beast Empire is going all-out in it’s war preparations, so it has no energy to deal with us here.” 

The crowd was stunned. 

Wang Wen could not understand the explanation. “Old man, are you sure that the Astral Beast Domain is being invaded? By whom? The Innerverse?” 

Elder Lohar continued speaking in a soft voice, saying, “There are some things that you don’t have to know just yet. When you become a Hunter or an Enlighter, I will naturally explain everything to you. In any case, Ironblood Weave’s battle will end here for the time being.” 

Lu Yin looked at Wang Wen, who was clearly conflicted, and also at Elder Lohar. He then quietly asked the Ghost Monkey, “Your Astral Beast Domain can still be invaded? Elder Lohar does not seem to be referring to the Innerverse. Does the Astral Beast Domain have other enemies?” 

The monkey was also at a loss. “There shouldn’t be any. The Astral Beast Domain is only bordered by the Astral Wilderness and your Human Domain, so only your Human Domain can possibly invade it.” 

“Are you sure?” Lu Yin did not believe the monkey’s words. If the Innerverse was the one invading the Astral Beast Domain, then there would be no need for Elder Lohar to hide the matter. And judging by the speed that the beasts such as Monster Loach had retreated, the invasion was no small matter. Logically, since the Astral Beast Domain was being invaded, and the war in Ironblood Weave had come to a temporary end, Elder Lohar should be very happy. However, his expression was actually even more worried than before. 

“Definitely. That is, unless a new civilization has been discovered in the Astral Wilderness that has the power to invade the Astral Beast Domain,” the monkey replied confidently. 

Close to Lu Yin, Wang Wen was still discussing things with Elder Lohar, and he seemed to want to receive a straight explanation. Elder Lohar had Han Fei take Wang Wen away, and then he looked over towards Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin sensed Elder Lohar’s gaze, and he hurriedly stepped forward. “Junior Lu Yin greets elder.” 

Elder Lohar nodded and then commented, “You were able to deal with Enlighters while still at the Limiteer realm. Kid, you’re very powerful, as not even the Ten Arbiters were capable of such feats when they were in that realm.” 

Lu Yin promptly replied, “Junior was only relying on external strength, and I cannot compare to the Ten Arbiters.”

Elder Lohar smiled. “As long as you know it. Kid, I must warn you, though. It’s not good to rely on foreign objects, unless it’s truly a matter of life and death. Sometimes, crises are able to ignite your potential. The universe does not lack for powerful treasures, which the Ten Arbiters are also able to obtain, but they hardly ever use them, precisely for that reason. You may obtain status and glory by borrowing strength from external  that surpasses your own, but you should also be aware that you will owe a debt for such things.” 

Lu Yin seriously replied, “Junior understands. Rest assured Senior, I will not borrow external strength anymore unless it’s truly a last resort.”

Elder Lohar sighed. “In the past, the Hall of Honor had a genius who was incredibly talented in his cultivation, and his innate gift also perfectly complemented power vessels, giving them a mysterious ability. He used his innate gift many times to fight across realms and kill his enemies, and he was unrivaled within his own realm. Unfortunately, once he became famous, he was targeted in every battle, and he eventually fell prey to the schemes of others. 

“If excessively high prestige cannot be supported by sufficient strength, then only death will follow. It’s the same as digging one’s own grave.”

After his speech, Elder Lohar left. 

Lu Yin remained rooted in place, lost deep in thought. Excessively high prestige? 

Many people currently viewed Lu Yin as someone who stood on the same level as Enlighters, especially after the various battles in Ironblood Weave. This was readily apparent from the fact that all of the beasts sent to deal with him had been Enlighter realm astral beasts, not to mention the fact that he had even caused old freaks whose power levels were at 300,000 to be apprehensive. This truly was an excessively high prestige, and if Lu Yin went through a few more battles of the same level, then he really might be targeted and killed off. 

“Seventh Bro, don’t bother with what that old fart just told you. You were also forced to take such actions.” The monkey tried to console him. 

Lu Yin looked up; he had indeed been forced, as if he had not done so, the Great Yu Empire would have ceased to exist long ago. Still, no matter what, he had to place restrictions on himself, and he could not always use external aids against his opponents. 

Once he became accustomed to using external strength, it would be very difficult for him to improve his own strength any further.