Star Odyssey - Chapter 656

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Chapter 656: 656

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“Little brat, does your master truly not wish to reveal their name?” Elder Lohar asked.

Lu Yin was instantly put into a difficult position. “Master didn’t even tell Junior his name, so I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted to.” 

Elder Lohar fell deep into thought. The current Fifth Mainland only had ten futons, so where had the additional one appeared from? The Sixth Mainland had many, but there was no way for their Fifth Mainland to seize them from the Sixth Mainland. Was Lu Yin’s master someone who had come from the Sixth Mainland? That was also impossible, as those from the Sixth Mainland would not accept anyone from the Fifth Mainland as their disciple. Or, was it that Lu Yin was actually from the Sixth Mainland? 

Elder Lohar immediately shook his head to reject such a thought. There was no need for the Sixth Mainland to send such an innately gifted youth to this place, and if Lu Yin was truly from the Sixth Mainland, then he would not have revealed that he had a futon. 

Were there still other futons hidden within the Fifth Mainland?

After a long period of silence, Elder Lohar spoke to Lu Yin again. “Little brat, you used the Hall of Honor’s name of your own initiative to establish the Great Eastern Alliance, and I have represented the Hall of Honor in deducting two of your Honor Points. However, you have used a futon to enter the Daosource Sect's ruins, and this is a great contribution. There’s also the possibility that you might obtain an inheritance from the ancient Daosource Sect. I now represent the Hall of Honor in bestowing upon you seven Honor Points. From now on, your total Honor Points will be raised to eleven.”

Lu Yin’s heart trembled, as him being able to enter the Daosource Sect had turned out to be even more important than what he had previously imagined. It had caused his Honor Points to instantly shoot up to eleven in one go, which was a different level. Eleven Honor Points meant that his death would be investigated by the Hall of Honor, and if it turned out that he had died from someone’s animosity, the Hall of Honor would take revenge for him. Eleven Honor Points was the equivalent of being exempted from death. 

In the regions of the Human Domain where the Hall of Honor held control, as soon as it was revealed that Lu Yin had eleven Honor Points, even those Innerverse powers such as the Daynight clan would not dare to kill him. This was an absolute privilege. 

Lu Yin’s breath quickened. “Thank you, Elder.”

Elder Lohar acknowledged him with a grunt, and then continued, saying, “Little brat, you must be careful in everything you do inside the Daosource Sect's ruins, and you must also be certain to not expose your identity. Before you reach the Ten Arbiters’ level of power, do not confront too many cultivators from the Sixth Mainland. Although their system of cultivation is rigid, the increase in power that they receive from their imprints is considerable. For now, you should place the greatest importance on preserving your life.” 

“Yes, Elder,” Lu Yin replied.

Elder Lohar’s figure soon disappeared, but Lu Yin could not contain the excitement within his heart, and he had quite a cheerful expression.

The Xun family had wanted to use the matter of Shenwu Continent to force Lu Yin into offending the Hall of Honor and then use that disagreement to deal with him. However, the Xun family could never have imagined that he would be able to turn the tables on them. The Ten Arbiters had been able to shift so much authority to the younger generation precisely because they were able to enter the Daosource Sect's ruins and seize some ancient inheritances from the Daosource Sect for the Fifth Mainland. Their positions had been bestowed upon them by the Hall of Honor, and Lu Yin had just been given a status that was no worse than the Ten Arbiters’. It could even be said that Lu Yin was currently the only one of the Ten Arbiters in the Outerverse. 

Exposing the fact that he had a futon had both pros and cons. His status would completely change from this point forward, but similarly, he would be burdened with responsibilities that others could not imagine.

The Hall of Honor was not a charity organization. They might award him with special privileges today, but in the future, they would absolutely have Lu Yin repay them. 

But fortunately, with the Innerverse and Outerverse separated, the Hall of Honor’s influence had dropped, which also decreased the pressure that it could place on him. At the moment, Lu Yin could enjoy the privileges that the Hall of Honor had given him without suffering from too many constraints. And now, the matter of using the Hall of Honor’s name to establish the Great Eastern Alliance could be done completely openly. 

“Come!” Lu Yin barked. 

Kayze quickly entered the room. “Your Highness.”

“Send word down for a court meeting tomorrow.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”


At the same time, in another part of the Outerverse, Elder Lohar immediately tore through the void after ending his call with Lu Yin, heading for Ironblood Fort, which was currently being rebuilt.

Ironblood Fort was the closest stronghold to the Primal Zone, and it was also the most important stronghold within the Ironblood Weave. Elder Lohar had made various powerhouses stay behind even after the invasion from the Astral Beast Domain ended, such as Nightqueen Qiuyu and Huo Houye. This had been done to guarantee that Ironblood Fort would be safely rebuilt and that there would not be any interruptions from the Primal Zone during this process. 

At the moment, Nightqueen Qiuyu was helping them to rebuild the stronghold.

Elder Lohar’s sudden appearance caused Wang Wen to jump up. “Why is this old man here? The Primal Zone can’t be attacking, right?” 

Huo Houye, Granny Chan, and a few other Enlighters all bowed in unison towards Elder Lohar, and among them was Nightqueen Qiuyu. 

“Nightqueen Qiuyu, come with me,” Elder Lohar said softly before he stepped through the void and vanished. 

Nightqueen Qiuyu immediately followed after him. 

In the distant quiet vastness of space, Ironblood Fort was being rebuilt as countless spacecraft ferried resources about. Planets were dragged over one after another by powerhouses, and the entire scene was quite impressive. 

Nightqueen Qiuyu looked at Elder Lohar and respectfully asked, “Elder, what’s the matter?’

He looked at her and sternly said, “Do not mess with Lu Yin any longer.”

She was taken aback. “What does Elder mean?”

“Literally what I said. You are no longer allowed to cause any problems for  Lu Yin,” Elder Lohar said strictly. 

Nightqueen Qiuyu frowned. Although she respected the Hall of Honor, that did not mean that she was afraid of it, as the Daynight clan feared no one. “Elder, Lu Yin is an enemy of my Daynight clan. Does Elder intend to side with him?’ 

Elder Lohar serenely answered, “It is not me alone, but rather that the entire Hall of Honor won’t allow you guys to eliminate Lu Yin anymore. He currently possesses eleven Honor Points, and you should know what that entails.” 

Nightqueen Qiuyu was stunned, and asked in disbelief, “Eleven? Impossible! It requires the recognition of a certain Judicial Commissioner from the Interstellar Supreme Court for someone to receive eleven points! Now that the Innerverse and Outerverse have been separated, how can he possibly have obtained eleven points?” 

“There are certain special circumstances that do not require the recognition of the Judicial Commissioner where one can be directly given eleven points. All you need to know is that Lu Yin currently has eleven Honor Points, so don’t ask any further questions.” Elder Lohar’s tone then turned dark. “Also, warn the Xun family to stop their dirty tricks. If they dare act against Lu Yin, they can’t blame the Hall of Honor for not showing any mercy.” And with those words, he left. 

Even a long while after Elder Lohar had completely vanished, Nightqueen Qiuyu still could not believe what she had just been told. She knew very clearly what it meant for an individual to have eleven Honor Points, and even Enlighters like herself probably could not easily obtain eleven Honor Points. How had that brat done it? What exactly had he done? 

Inheritances were the most important thing for their civilization. The Daosource Sect had existed since the most ancient times, and it also held the Fifth Mainland’s greatest inheritances. To the Fifth Mainland, the Daosource Sect was more important than anything else. Whoever was able to enter the Daosource Sect would become the Fifth Mainland’s favored child. The Ten Arbiters enjoyed such a position, and that was how they had shifted so much authority over to the younger generation and had obtained a supreme authority over all others of the younger generation. Lu Yin had now become someone with that same status, which meant that his position in the eyes of the Hall of Honor had already surpassed that of Enlighters, and it was even greater than that of Elder Lohar himself. 

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“What? Eleven Honor Points?” In a beautiful courtyard, Xun Qianye stared at the screen before him in shock as he spoke with Nightqueen Qiuyu. 

“That’s right. Elder Lohar has increased his Honor Points to eleven,” Nightqueen Qiuyu said coldly. 

“Based on what?” Xun Qianye could not wrap his mind around such a change.

Nightqueen Qiuyu frowned. “I want to know that as well. Enough, terminate all of the matters that we arranged before. That is all.” She then very decisively ended the call.

Xun Qianye slammed a fist on the ground and shattered the courtyard. His expression explicitly displayed his profound incomprehension and confusion. What had Lu Yin relied on to obtain eleven Honor Points? Xun Qianye had calculated everything to perfection so that they would disrupt the formation of the Great Eastern Alliance and then use Shenwu Continent to lure Lu Yin into clashing with Elder Lohar. After that, it would be the optimum time for them to act. He had planned everything out, only for this matter to suddenly occur. 

How did Lu Yin do it? Xun Qianye racked his brain, but he could not come to any sort of answer. Who could jump past the Judicial Commissioner’s approval and directly obtain eleven Honor Points? Not even Elder Lohar himself was qualified for such a thing, so how had Lu Yin done it? Could he be the son of the Judicial Commissioner? 

“Uncle, what’s the matter?” A group of people rushed into the ruined courtyard and nervously inquired as to what had happened. 

Xun Qianye was downcast. “Publish those worthless secrets that we’ve gathered.”

“Uncle, didn’t we already contact Elder Lohar to have him punish Lu Yin? Why do we have to release those secrets?”

“Go and do as instructed! Who taught you to spout off so much?”

“Yes, Uncle.”


To most, the Great Yu Empire’s court meetings were something that would only be done in the participants’ spare time. The Imperial Cabinet discussed official matters every day, but having a court meeting just once a month was already considered too frequent.

As he faced the expectant gazes of the ministers who were crowded together, Lu Yin felt a little embarrassed. That was because during this court meeting, Garope had been the first to suggest that Lu Yin hold the court audience on a daily basis. 

“A daily audience is impossible, but I will do my best to participate in these court meetings more often.” Lu Yin felt embarrassed. 

Garope sighed. “Your Highness, various external powers have already made numerous denouncements against our Great Yu Empire, and those concerning the court meetings are the worst. It’s completely illogical for the leader of the empire to not participate in the court meetings.” 

Lu Yin shook his head. “Enough, we’ll talk about this matter another time. The topic of today’s discussion is the Great Eastern Alliance.” He scanned across the crowd of ministers before sternly continuing on, saying, “The Great Eastern Alliance will be a beneficial alliance formed and led by our Great Yu Empire that allows all of its members to share and enjoy collective resources while also presenting a common front against external enemies. Be it regarding the economy, administration, welfare, technology, or resources, the Great Eastern Alliance will produce results that will greatly surpass the free development of any single weave. 

“Today, I formally announce that under the call of the Hall of Honor, the Great Eastern Alliance is formally established.” 

Within the court meeting, many ministers were stunned, and Hill Auna was the first to speak up. “Your Highness, are you saying that the Hall of Honor supports the Great Eastern Alliance?” 

Lu Yin’s lips curled upwards. “Of course. I have spoken with the Hall of Honor’s elder, and the Great Eastern Alliance’s purpose is to resist enemies from the outside. Why wouldn’t they support it?” 

Garope and the others exchanged doubtfully glances. Although they had not been involved in any of the matters regarding the Great Eastern Alliance’s establishment, they had access to some insider information as well. From the very start, the Great Eastern Alliance had only occasionally borrowed the name of the Hall of Honor, and even that was just along the lines of using their powerful connection to intimidate others. But now, Lu Yin was announcing it outright. 

“Hill Auna, formally inform all of the empires and powers in the surrounding weaves that under the Hall of Honor’s guidance, the Great Yu Empire will establish the Great Eastern Alliance with the intention of resisting the Astral Beast Domain and assisting the Human Domain. Get them all to join as soon as possible, and we can share our resources then,” Lu Yin ordered loudly. 

Hill Auna hurriedly acknowledged his orders. 

Many ministers attending the court meeting appeared dazed. 

Garope, Gavin, and Hill Auna remained behind to learn about the news concerning the Hall of Honor, but Lu Yin sent them off with no more than a single sentence. “From today onwards, I can represent the Hall of Honor.” 

If the Innerverse and Outerverse had not become separated, then Lu Yin would not have had the nerve to do this, but things were different now. Elder Lohar’s attitude towards Lu Yin had expanded Lu Yin’s understanding of his own value. Eleven Honor Points was proof of that, and the establishment of the Great Eastern Alliance was infinitely far from even approaching the Hall of Honor’s bottom line. As long as Lu Yin did not collaborate with foreign powers or the Three Dark Hands, he could confidently represent the Hall of Honor.