Star Odyssey - Chapter 683

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Chapter 683

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The middle-aged man was shocked. His right arm was being held so tightly by Lu Yin that his bones were being crushed. His face went pale, and he glared at Lu Yin angrily. “I’m warning you, let go of me! Don’t go looking for trouble! There are some things that you shouldn’t know about.” 

Lu Yin frowned and exerted a bit more strength. The middle aged man yelped as his arm was twisted by Lu Yin. “I’m from the Wei family of Armament Weave. Our young lady came here to take the exam today, and the Young Master asked me to meet with Lady Felynn to help his sister look for a good tutor.”  

“Do you think that I’m an idiot?” Lu Yin asked coldly. He tightened his grip on the middle-aged man’s arm and snapped it in two with a crack, causing the man to scream. “Keep going, I want to see what else you have to say.” 

The middle aged man started panting as sweat poured from his forehead. “I’m really from the Wei family, and you should know about how powerful the Wei family of Armament Weave is! I’m telling you the truth, and I can even take you to the Young Master if you don’t believe me!” 

Lu Yin glared at the middle-aged man. “Felynn is planning to overthrow Saul, and it seems that the Wei family is one of the forces collaborating with her. Well, who else is she working with? I want to know!”

The middle aged man looked at Lu Yin in disbelief, and then realization flooded over his face. “You’re Lu Yin!”

Lu Yin smirked. “So it really is you guys.”

The middle aged man’s eyes flashed, and his expression changed rather abruptly.

Lu Yin sneered, “So tell me. We’re on the same line, and we all want to beat Saul. There’s no harm in telling me.” 

The middle aged man lowered his head and remained silent.

Lu Yin exerted even more force through his hand, but the middle-aged man showed no reaction. Lu Yin picked him up, only to realize that the man had already died.

“He committed suicide, Seventh Bro! It looks like there’s something more involved going on,” the Ghost Monkey said seriously.

Lu Yin’s expression turned grim. The man had initially tried to fight back against Lu Yin, before trying to take Lu Yin to meet with his Young Master, all while the man had not known who Lu Yin truly was. However, as soon as the middle-aged man realized what Lu Yin’s true identity was, he had immediately committed suicide. He clearly knew that Lu Yin was also involved in the plan and was on their side, but he had still killed himself. This meant that the plan wasn’t as simple as what Felynn had shared with Lu Yin. If the man could tell Lu Yin the truth, then there was no way he would have killed himself. 

Since the man had committed suicide, the plan was clearly not what it appeared to be. 

The Wei family. Lu Yin thought about the situation for a moment and then sent a picture of the middle-aged man to the Limiteer Mistchild, who was on Mafioso Planet, as well as Bach Shamus, the chief of the Six-Fingered Tribe. He remembered that Armament Weave was to the west of Lars Weave as well as an enemy of Lars Weave; perhaps Bach Shamus would know something about them. 

The bespectacled Mistchild replied promptly, but she merely said that she didn’t know anything about this person or the Wei family. Armament Weave was very far away from Mafioso Planet, and it could even be considered part of the central weaves.

Bach Shamus also contacted Lu Yin soon after receiving the message. 

Lu Yin answered the call, and Bach Shamus appeared on his screen with a grim expression. “Your Highness, how did you end up killing someone from the Wei family?”

“You recognize him?” Lu Yin asked.

Bach Shamus nodded. “He’s one of the underlings of the Wei family’s Young Master, Wei Rong. He was very loyal to the Young Master.”

So he really was from the Wei family. Lu Yin continued on with his questions, saying, “Tell me more about Armament Weave and the Wei family.”

Bach Shamus was very curious about what Lu Yin was doing that was related to the Wei family, but he refrained from asking any questions of his own. “Armament Weave is on the western side of the Lars Weave, and the people there have been our enemy for centuries. That weave is highly populated with Astral Horses that can easily shatter spacecraft. The Wei family is the leading family in Armament Weave, and they also control the Astral Horses. 

“The Wei family has never interacted with the eastern weaves, but they are on good terms with the central weaves. They have a knack for forming alliances, particularly that Young Master, Wei Rong. He has travelled all across the Outerverse to recruit talents for the Wei family. In the past, my Six-Fingered Tribe was comparable to the Wei family, but because of their Young Master, we have fallen into a disadvantage.” 

Lu Yin was shocked, as it seemed like Wei Rong was someone who was similar to Wang Wen, which would be very troublesome for Lu Yin to deal with. Wei Rong was currently at Sourcepeak Planet, so he probably had a big role to play in the upcoming plan to overthrow Saul. 

“Your Highness, are you planning to get Armament Weave to join the Great Eastern Alliance?” Bach Shamus probed.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. “What would you think about that?”

Bach Shamus shook his head and laughed. “It’s impossible. Armament Weave treats the eastern weaves as their enemy, and the Wei family has never had any interactions with the eastern weaves. Although Wei Rong has travelled throughout half the Outerverse, he has never traveled to the eastern weaves, and that weave will never join the Great Eastern Alliance unless you completely destroy the Wei family.”

Lu Yin nodded. “Alright, I understand. Thank you, Chief Bach.”

“It’s no problem, Your Highness. You’re currently on Sourcepeak Planet, right?” Bach Shamus asked.

Lu Yin nodded. “Yes, I’m participating in the upcoming Lockbreaking Competition.”

Bach Shamus frowned. “The members of the Wei family are good at scheming. Since they’re also there, then you must be careful, Your Highness. There might also be some changes to this year’s competition since many things have changed after the Outerverse was separated from the Innerverse.” 

Lu Yin agreed with the recommendation of caution and hung up. 

Bach Shamus was certain that there was something off with the events on Sourcepeak Planet as soon as he realized that there was someone from the Wei family present. This meant that he had most likely been intimidated by the Wei family. 

Wei Rong was an intelligent person, and Lu Yin wasn’t good at dealing with such people. He wasn’t good at scheming, and so he decided to contact Wang Wen.

“Chesspiece Bro, I wasn’t expecting you to call me. What? You missed me?” Wang Wen’s annoying smile appeared on the screen of Lu Yin’s gadget.

Lu Yin was speechless. “I told you not to call me Chesspiece Bro.”

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Wang Wen raised his head up high. “Everyone in this universe is a chesspiece to me, and there are some people who can't even be considered pawns. You should be honored!” He then leaned closer to the camera and grinned. “I heard that you’ve been getting quite popular recently, and even the Hall of Honor started protecting you. Chesspiece Bro, you’re doing quite well! It seems like you have learned a bit of wisdom from me.”

“Seventh Bro, this guy’s still as annoying as ever!” The monkey was outraged.

Lu Yin pouted. “Alright, I do have something to ask you.”

Wang Wen grunted and leaned casually against a chair. “Go ahead and ask.”

This fellow always enjoyed demonstrating his superiority.

Lu Yin paused for a moment before telling Wang Wen about the current situation on Sourcepeak Planet, which actually intrigued Wang Wen. Lu Yin concluded by asking, “What do you think I should do?”

Wang Wen laughed. “That’s great! Sourcepeak Planet is about to undergo a tremendous change. I’ve never liked those Lockbreakers! They hid themselves and defied the draft orders to help out in Ironblood Weave. They’re all arrogant pricks, and it’ll be good for them to be defeated.”  

Lu Yin was offended. “I’m a Lockbreaker too!”

Wang Wen waved a hand. “Don’t mind me, you’re just an amateur.” 

“I’m a five star Discerning Elementary Lockbreaker,” Lu Yin informed him.

Wang Wen blinked. “Why are you at such a high level for an amateur? It’s no wonder why Saul sent someone to assassinate you—how can an amateur become a five star Lockbreaker? What’s going to happen to other people if you start focusing on it seriously? It’s your own fault that they’re going after you.”

“Fine. What should I do? Tell me,” Lu Yin asked.

Wang Wen thought about it for only a moment. “That’s simple: just don’t do anything.”

“Don’t do anything?” Lu Yin was lost.

Wang Wen nodded. “That’s right, don’t do anything. You should know that everything in the universe follows a certain pattern. Sometimes, the final outcome of an incident won’t change no matter what you do or don’t do. Besides, from what you just told me, neither Felynn nor the Wei family are dumb, and they definitely rely on just you to accuse Saul. In these circumstances, you can just wait and see how things play out before responding accordingly to maximize your benefits.”

“If I don’t accuse him, then Felynn won’t give me True Insight,” Lu Yin said.

Wang Wen rolled his eyes. “Brother, after all the chaos they’re going to create, the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society will end up on the verge of collapse. Are you still worried that you won’t be able to get True Insight in that situation? Don’t forget that you’ve killed an Enlighter before, and they’ll be worried that you’ll side with Saul instead of them. They absolutely won’t dare to offend you, so just sit back and enjoy the show.” 

Lu Yin realized that Wang Wen was right. He had only been thinking about what he should do to get the most benefits, but he hadn’t even considered the option of not doing anything. Since nobody would dare to risk offending him, then they would definitely agree to whatever he wanted, and that way, he wouldn’t need to offend Saul either. 

“How can you be so sure that they have a backup plan?” Lu Yin asked as he suspected that Wang Wen just wanted to watch a good show. 

Wang Wen smirked. “Is Wei Rong the representative of the Wei family?”

“You know him?” Lu Yin was shocked.

Wang Wen sneered, “I’ve met him once. Just listen to me and don’t do anything. Wei Rong is very meticulous, and he’d definitely meet you in person if he actually wanted you to help out. Furthermore, that person from the Wei family committed suicide as soon as he realized who you were, which proves that you’re not important to the Wei family. On the other hand, Felynn met with you personally and even promised to give you the True Insight, which shows that you are very important to her. These two details combined suggests that Felynn is not important to the Wei family. Now do you understand?” 

“So are you saying mean that the Wei family has its own plans?” Lu Yin raised his brows.

Wang Wen nodded. “You’re pretty smart. Wei Rong is the best when it comes to betraying people, so you should just quietly watch the show take place. Sourcepeak Planet is about to get very interesting, so go ahead and contact me anytime. Haha, I’m looking forward to seeing what Wei Rong is going to do!”  

Lu Yin hung up. Wang Wen’s analysis of the situation had allowed him to gain a better understanding of his current circumstances, but he still wasn’t sure about what the Wei family’s plans might be or who they were working with. Despite that, since he now had a better grasp of the situation, he could finally make a decision.

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