Star Rank Hunter - Chapter 160.2

Published at 4th of July 2017 03:57:18 AM

Chapter 160.2

Chapter 160: Interaction [Part 2]

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“Haha, I guess I did underestimate you . No wonder you can become an official member at such a young age . Well done!” the brawny man smiled and lost the disdain he had before after snapping out of his daze . Then, he continued to walk towards Cillin’s group .

Meanwhile, the person beside the brawny walked directly up to Rikulab and looked at him from top to bottom . Since the beginning, he had found Rikulab’s appearance very unpleasant to the eyes .  So you want to act cool, huh?

While spinning his boomerang dart with one hand and slapping Rikulab with the other, he said with a smile that did not reach the eyes, “That being said, it would see that this guy here did not have an badge . Could it be that you’re not one of us Vanguard? Sigh, there’s no need to feel down . Although the little girl qualified even though she’s so much younger than you, but there’s no need to be too discouraged, yeah?”

The strength he used to slap Rikulab’s shoulder was stronger than one might expect, causing a loud pop with every slap . However, Rikulab stood firmly on his feet and did not shift a step .

The man was going to praise Rikulab seeing that he was able to endure this level of strength, but when he saw that Rikulab was still wearing the same annoying look where he could not even be bothered to be bothered, his anger immediately surged up once more . He put his hand on Rikulab’s shoulder and increased his strength, saying, “You’re a new reserve crew, aren’t you? As a Hunter, you need to learn the courtesy necessary when facing your seniors!”

Cillin curled his lips . What was the courtesy necessary for Hunters? It was actually four words in a nutshell – the strong is king!

Although the brawny guy from before looked a lot stronger than this person, in reality the brawny guy was absolutely incomparable to him in strength . The first impression this person gave was that he was an agility type, but the truth was that he was a strength type . Therefore, when Rikulab had shown that he was able to endure the person’s force earlier, some of the people around him had already acknowledged him in their hearts . However, they did not mind watching Rikulab’s reaction from the sidelines after that person had increased his strength .

Reality exceeded everyone’s expectations . From the start Rikulab did not show any reactions at all . He did not even change his expression . The one who showed a reaction was the other person .

The person’s hand that was placed on Rikulab’s shoulder began to expand rapidly . What was obviously a steely and powerful hand with five well defined fingers swiftly transformed into a fat and thick meat palm in just a couple of seconds . His five fingers had lost their original forms, and the appearance of them joined together with the meaty palm was pretty comical . More importantly, the person did not feel any sense of pain at all . It was as if the nerves in his hand had been paralysed, or the receptors had been cut off . Thus, the true feelings of his hand could not be transmitted to to his brain at all .

The changes on his hand was just the beginning . As his palm continued to swell, his wrist were slowly starting to turn thick before spreading up to his arm as well . It was as if there was an air pump pumping air into his arm continuously . When the swelling spread up to his shoulder, the man gradually lot control of this arm as it drooped powerlessly towards the ground .

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The surrounding people subconsciously touched and felt out their own arms when they saw this scene . They were all afraid that the same thing would happen to themselves .

“Hey you, kid!”

The brawny man took a huge step towards Rikulab, but found himself stopped by Cillin’s arm . The brawny man tried to push Cillin’s arm away from his path, but then realised that he could not move it an inch no matter how hard he pushed . By now the brawny man understood that they had ran into a real match this time . No one who could wear the badge of a lieutenant commander would be weak, and the other thing he learned today was that age had nothing to do with whether one could possess the badge of an official member, or assume the seat of a lieutenant commander .

The brawny man sucked in a deep breath and lifted his eyes to look at Cillin . However, he saw that this young lieutenant commander was wearing a faint smile that was neither alienating nor cordial . The good news was that he did not see any malice or disgust in Cillin’s eyes towards their provocations . This was a good sign for the brawny man .

“My brother, we have made an error in judgment this time, and this is our fault . We apologise . Please help cure my, ahem, brother’s* condition . ”

*just to clarify, but brother is a common Chinese term used to indicate intimacy . It is a term used to indicate a friendship that’s close enough to be compared to real brothers .

Cillin looked at Rikulab, and Rikulab shrugged, “It’s fine . He will recover very soon . It won’t affect his body . ”

Cillin turned around and said to the brawny man, “Then I guess it’s no big problem . It’s just a little prank, so relax . ”

Relax? Like hell we can relax! Can you stay calm if it was your hand that was turned into a balloon? The brawny man and the other person grumbled . What kind of a prank was this? They were absolutely running as far away as possible if they met him in the future .

However, Cillin actually had seen someone who could still laugh and fool around despite having a ridiculously swollen hand due to allergy . For example… that fool young master Lung of the Andrea Family .

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It was as Rikulab had said . The person’s swollen hand were confined only to his shoulder and his arm, and when two minutes had passed the swelling began to subside slowly . Five minutes later, his arm had already returned to its original form . Although there were initially still some wrinkles left on his skin, even those quickly faded as well .

The person looked over his arm and glanced at Rikulab with very odd eyes, “You can’t be an honor student who specialises in pharmaceutics or something, can you?”

Seeing that there were no petty resentment in the person’s attitude – in fact, he appeared rather undisturbed – Rikulab also stopped giving him an attitude and smiled, “No, I haven’t even received intermediate level education yet . ”

That’s even scarier! The crowd thought . A guy who could reach this level completely on his own without even receiving an intermediate level education was either a genius or a monster . Wouldn’t he become even greater than he was now if he finished higher education and filled up the blanks then? Or maybe he could just not receive higher education and keep working on his own, and who knows, maybe he could even publish some kind of achievement in some high contribution points medical type electronic publications .

It appeared that Sixth B Squadron’s individual abilities were pretty good this time! Dammit, how did the Sixth Squad find such amazing talents?

While everyone was harboring their own thoughts, the woman over twenty years old who had been holding up her chin and watching from the main service desk all this time smiled and walked towards them . Her firm butt wrapped in her short skirt swayed rhythmically along with her footsteps, but the Hunters around her hurriedly turned their gazes away instead when they saw her . They randomly picked a topic and began to talk bullshit, looking like they had not noticed the commotion at all .

The brawny man and his companion also escaped like the wind after giving Cillin and the others an awkward smile . Before he left, he moved his mouth said soundlessly, “Watch out!”

It would appear that this woman here had special status and was not easy to deal with .

But contrary to everyone’s thoughts, the woman who walked over said while wearing a cordial smile, “You are Cillin, Wheeze, Tang Qiuqiu, Rikulab and Udoze, am I right? Senior Barthus had told me to treat you well . Your meals have been prepared at the restaurant, and please tell me if there’s anything else you need . Allow me to lead the way . ” once finished, she made a welcoming gesture .

When the surrounding people saw the boss lady of the first floor who appeared to be a babe from a distance but was in fact a fearsome bandit at close range treating Cillin and the others with such courtesy, their jaws nearly fell off in shock . Since when was their tyrannical bandit girl this polite?

There were also some people counting their fingers and realising that the boss lady had said five names in total . However, there were only four people present in the group right now . So where was the last person?

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In reality, the gray cat had felt drowsy ever since it had its fill at the dessert store, and was sleeping on Cillin’s shoulder all this time . As long as it wasn’t something big, mister cat could not be bothered to lift even an eyelid .

Cillin thought that this woman was rather interesting . Despite having been notified by senior Barthus beforehand, she still watched them being provoked by the surrounding people from beginning to the end before finally showing up . As expected, this was how Hunters interacted with each other .

The woman looked at the gray cat laying on top of Cillin’s shoulder and sleeping, and smiled, “We’ve purposely prepared some fishes as well . Steamed, saute, cooked, deep fried, roasted; we have everything…”

Mm, fish was important business . Therefore, the gray cat’s ears captured the eligible keyword and awoken unhurriedly . Then, it stretched its back and yawned, “I’m hungry . Let’s eat . ”

The woman hid a smile behind her hand, saying, “What do you think of this place, Wheeze?”

“Think?” the gray cat said lazily while scratching its ears, “I don’t know, I was asleep . ”

Everyone: “…”

As expected, they were utterly ignored .

After the woman had brought Cillin’s group to the restaurant, someone pulled her when she came out and asked carefully, “Hey boss, just who are those people?”

This boss of the first floor was never this courteous even when she was facing a B Squad’s commander .

The woman spread her arms helplessly and said, “What can I do? Senior Barthus himself told me to receive them well and not cause too much trouble . ”

The person came to realisation . So it was senior Barthus; no wonder their boss didn’t cause any trouble today and ended things after just watching a show from the sidelines .

Cillin directly connected with the Sixth B Squadron’s main control room and reported his return and the two new recruits he would like to recommend to Shawton . Naturally, Shawton was very happy about this, but when he looked at Cillin, there was some measure of worry in his eyes . He told Cillin to meet up with them as soon as possible, and that there was something important they needed to discuss .

After ending his conversation with Shawton, Cillin pondered about Shawton’s worried gaze for a moment . It was obvious that it hd something to do with the mission Barthus had told him about . After a moment’s ponderment, contacted again the control room of his squad’s* starship .

*Not the B Squadron, but the small team he’s in like Cary and the others .

The first thing that showed up on the screen was Cary’s huge face when the connection had gone through .

“Cillin, your bro misses you so much! No wait, let me try this again . LC Cillin, we miss you so much we could die!”

Cillin had the impulse to throw a kick right into his face .

Before Cillin could speak, Cary continued to get high on his own from the other side, “Also my beloved Wheeze and my cute Qiuqiu, you bro misses you all so much I could die!”

Someone was pushing Cary by the side, and judging from his voice it was Xiaoshang . Dough seized the opportunity to jump in front of the communicator before it was grabbed by the tail by Cary in an attempt to throw it away . Dough hugged onto the communication panel and refused to let go as Cary continued to yell in excitement, “Qiuqiu, your egg has been hatched!”

“Really?!” Tang Qiuqiu’s impatient face nearly filled up the entire communicator .