Star Rank Hunter - Chapter 168.1

Published at 23rd of July 2017 03:49:50 AM

Chapter 168.1

Chapter 168: ‘Little Flying Snake’ Qi Geyou [Part 1]

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“How is that possible?!” the young man exclaimed in alarm .

The young man had remained calm and casual ever since he arrived on this grade three prison planet . He had never been this surprised until now .

He could not be blamed for his surprise either . Even the current generation’s Devil Butterfly, Zero, was ruthlessly shocked when he saw that person who was emanating with peace and calm and was very much incompatible with his surroundings .

The lone wolf Hunting Knife Jiada was one of the most famous lone wolves, his reputation falling behind only to that one solo Star Rank Hunter . Even the veterans of Vanguard’s A Squadron had to pay the utmost care when going up against the Hunting Blade Jiada . While the Hunting Blade Jiada wore a peaceful skin on the outside, he was ruthless and pitiless on the inside . Otherwise, he would not have been known as the ‘Hunting Blade’ .

Jiada was well versed in blades, and there were no lack of reputable people who had died under his blade . A lot of these people were on par with Barthus, and this was was one of the reasons why people were afraid of Jiada .

His tracks were already indeterminate as a solo Hunter, but indeterminate tracks did not mean that he had completely vanished without a trace . Even though there weren’t many news on formerly famous lone wolves, they would still appear from time to time to prove their own existence .

Later on, ever since that conflict from fifty years ago was over, there had not been any news on the Hunting Blade Jiada for a very long time . No Hunter related electronic publications reported anything on Jiada . This disappearance lasted for fifty years . Those who knew a little about that incident back then did not think that Jiada had participated in that incident, not to mention that the list of people jailed back then did not include the lone wolf Hunting Blade Jiada . Otherwise that would have been a most stunning news no less impactful than the relevant great four’s important personnel being jailed .

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Some people had even conjectured that the Hunting Blade Jiada might have died somewhere in a corner of the galaxy, but Devil Butterfly never imagined that he would meet that lone wolf in a mere grade three prison . Originally, he did not need to complete this grade three prison mission himself, but since he happened to be passing by he took over the job for Devil Butterfly Seventeen . Devil Butterfly Seventeen was the young man who spoke up just now . A coincidence allowed Ghost Butterfly Zero to meet the Hunting Blade Jiada who had disappeared for fifty years .

“How can someone like the Hunting Blade Jiada be imprisoned in a mere grade three prison?” the young man appeared a little uneasy . This name brought him great worry .

With someone of the Hunting Blade Jiada’s skills, how could a mere grade three prison hold him?

“Could it be, that he is grievously injured?” the young man asked .

“He’s very fine . He still looks the same as before, and he is still as strong . ” he still was the same devil wearing a gentle skin too .

The young man walked in circles on the same spot uneasily, “What about the operation?”

“Let us continue . I’ve discussed this with them already . As long as we don’t anger that fellow, it should be fine . ”

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“Zero, say… how many other people like the Hunting Blade Jiada do you think are hiding in Sector S’s earth grade prisons?”

“I don’t know . ”

During this time, both Cillin and Lung intercepted quite a lot of secret transmissions . However, the useful information that could be decrypted wasn’t much, and those few important players were not mentioned within these decrypted messages . However, through these scattered bits of decrypted messages, Cillin and Lung both felt at the same time that the turmoil had already been brewed to completion, restless and stirring . All it awaited was a certain fuse .

However, no one knew that this fuse was just a mere grade one prison brawling incident .

Today, Cillin and Lung arrived at a district in an unimportant zone of Sector S . This zone was a little bit of a mixed bag, and there were plenty of grade one prison planets in this zone . After all, the amount of people locked in grade one prisons was the greatest .

There was an unwritten rule in Sector S . The convicts who were locked behind grade one prisons were either the hooligans of Sector S, or subordinates who were disliked or punished this way as a means of discipline by some slightly reputable figures among Sector S’ prison guards or grade one garrison . Other than grade one prisons, most grade two prisons were also like this . There were only an extremely small amount of people who were from other Sectors .

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“I didn’t imagine that there would be so much enjoyment to be found in grade one prisons . ” Lung’s fingers swiped across the screen as he propped up his chin . He was reading through the recent incidents in this zone . Ninety percent of the news in this zone were about the things inside the prison, such as how many casualties were inflicted during the gang fight in xxx Prison, or how many forces were involved in the conflict between xxx Prison and xxx Prison etc .

Gang fights between grade one prison planets and grade two prison planets were a common thing . This fell under Sector S’ internal state of affairs, so it wasn’t convenient to interfere even for the relevant governments of other Sectors . Of course, they could be involved in the incidents, secretly adding fuel to fire and buying manpower etc .

If we were to choose the most anti-foreigner Sector out of all Sectors in GAL, even Sector V had to admit defeat since the number one spot absolutely belonged to Sector S . Sector S’ people were ruthless, pitiless and fierce . They could only be better than the people in Sector V .

As a person of Sector S, you could cooperate or hire someone from outside Sector S, but you must never become a vassal to a force belonging to a foreign Sector . Otherwise, the other forces in Sector S would send out their killers to kill you . If it wasn’t for this philosophy, Sector S’ matters would not have been this difficult to deal with .

“Oh, look at this . Two days ago there was a riot at the S-O District of a grade one prison planet . Two large factions had clashed against one another, and casualties reached up to several thousands of people . Holy crap, several thousands of people man, it should be quite a large scale fight . Even the prison guards and relevant garrison forces were involved as well . That being said, there were plenty of people in grade one prisons in the first place . There was definitely some people who were willing to see so many cleared space . ” while speaking, Lung summoned a few more versions of the same news, “This one’s called the ‘Double Spy Incident’ . This was actually a big messy fight caused by spies . Say, Cillin, do you think their shadows are behind this incident?”

Cillin was also reading the relevant news on another screen . He knew who Lung meant by ‘their shadows’ .

“It may be, but it may not be either . If it’s two large factions, then not even the great four would have an easy time slipping into their ranks . A riot this big can only mean that it absolutely involves something at the heart of the two large factions . ”

“That’s true . But those observers must have feasted their eyes quite a bit . It was a big messy battle, man . ” Lung sighed regretfully . Since it involved the two large factions of Sector S, the relevant footages were not publicised . The critical parts of the incident were blurred out as well .

Sector S’ grade one prison . While convicts could not leave the prison during their prison terms, there was a relatively huge gathering place inside the prison . The convicts were allowed to settle things through force inside this gathering place, and all they needed was to go through the motions by submitting an application form to the prison manager . Of course, if the application was made by someone not of Sector S, then it would almost certainly be rejected right away . It was differentiation treatment .

While listening to Lung sighing regretfully by the side, he suddenly noticed something out of the ordinary on the scanner .

“Something’s up!”

Upon hearing Cillin’s words, Lung stood up and moved before the big screen, staring at the image scanned out by the scanner .

“An escape pod?” Lung made some adjustments on the control panel, and the results of the new scan was displayed on the scanner once more, “There are three people . Their life signatures are all weak . ”

Looking at Lung’s shiny eyes, Cillin knew that this fellow’s curiosity had been piqued once more . However, looking at that escape pod, Cillin kept having the feeling that they were getting close to a certain something .