Star Rank Hunter - Chapter 184.1

Published at 4th of September 2017 06:32:48 AM

Chapter 184.1

Chapter 184: The Co-op with the Third B Squadron [Part 1]

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Some time had passed after Dias’ wedding, and the A Squad sent news for all B Squadrons to prepare themselves, stock up on food and inspect their equipment . The A Squad were sending people over to install the latest developed weaponries onto their starships .

Due to the Sector S incident, all ten B Squadrons had temporarily returned to Vanguard’s base at Sector K whether they were currently undergoing a mission or not . It was very rare to see all Vanguard B Squadrons members gathered in one place .

When the A Squad sent people over to install a new weapons system for the Sixth B Squadron, Beaver, Eudy and a fews people had been watching from the sidelines all the time . The Sixth B Squadron’s engineering technicians paid full attention and examined the A Squad’s work closely . After all, if they went out on a mission and ran into problems, there was no way the A Squad would be around to repair them . They would have to test their own abilities .

Previously, the Sixth B Squadrons had developed several types of weapons using the special ores . However, the weapons developed by the A Squad were more refined in that they reduced the negative threats brought by the previous weapons system, and enhanced the weapons system’s stability by a lot when the system’s offensive and defensive power were increased .

The gray cat began to yawn non-stop after it took a brief glance at the installation . It was called out by Dough to watch the weapons system installation, and it basically figured out the whole thing in just one scan . It was incredibly boring .

After sticking up its butt, stretching its body and licking its lips, the gray cat decided to visit the lab and harass Cillin .

Right now, Cillin was developing antibiotic medicines alongside Rikulab and Tico . All of the news transmitted by the A Squad showed signs that they were about to depart soon, which was why they were rushing to develop the antibiotic medicines before they left . After all, once they set off the experiment conditions on the starship was most definitely incomparable to the base’s experiment conditions, not to mention that they would face many limitations as well .

While holding up a test tube, Rikulab’s eyelids twitched when he saw the gray cat walking into the lab openly and jumping right on top of the bench . How on earth did this fellow pass through the system’s inspection?!

This cat had seriously shocked him too many times already . He itched to whip this bastard cat every time he saw it, but Cary once told him that even ten of him might not necessarily succeed in the endeavor unless the gray cat willingly subjected itself to beating . What a shock!

“Say Wheeze, your majesty, are you here on an inspection or something?”

The gray cat cast a lazy glance at Rikulab and yawned, “Where’s Cillin?”

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“The commander asked for him . ” Rikulab took a few small tubes away from the gray cat, “This is not a place for you to play . Watch out for those liquid, they’ll hurt…”

Before Rikulab could finish his sentence, the gray cat immediately swiped over a small tube with its claws and gave its content a sniff . Then, it returned the tube back to Rikulab in disdain .

Rikulab shook his head helplessly before he tidied up the tubes . He was just about to speak when Tico started urging from inside the sterile room .

Rikulab picked out what he needed from the medicine cabinet . There were two support robots assisting him in tidying the items before he put them into an autoclave for several stages of scanning and sterilisation and delivered them into the sterile room .

“Alright, find somewhere else to play, will you? I need to continue conducting the experiment . ” once he said this, Rikulab walked to a small room outside the sterile room and changed into his hazmat suit .

The gray cat did not stay and left the room with a raised tail .

Rikulab let out a sigh of relief as he watched the gray cat leaving the lab . What a worrying fellow .

After exiting the lab, the gray cat was going to visit the commander’s office and look for Cillin, but it ran into Snowball along the way and was called to watch a show .

The so-called show was in fact Scarlet Wind’s awkward attempts at shooting . Cary and Tang Qiuqiu were teaching Scarlet Wind how to shoot next to him . Right now Scarlet’s fingers were growing more and more flexible, and he was slowly starting to accept life as a human being as well .

Other than shooting, there was also fighter piloting to learn . Both Scarlet Wind and Tang Qiuqiu were learning how to pilot a fighter, and judging from current trends they might need to pilot fighters a lot more frequently from now on . How could they not know how to pilot a fighter as the primary combat personnel? They must be well practiced too, or they might lose their lives or even cause the death of their own teammates if they panicked in a chaotic battle and made a mistake in control .

Cary dragged the snickering white fatty out of its hidden corner and tossed a gun into its hands . It was a beginner’s gun that fired metallic bullets and was a lot simpler in design . Its recoil wasn’t strong too .

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Snowball, who obtained his ‘toy’ no longer had the mind to jeer at Scarlet Wind any longer . It began practicing shooting with its fat and meaty palms .

Five minutes later, the gray cat let out another yawn from above the items cabinet at the side . It forced a word out of its mouth after cocking its head and observing Snowball’s performance for a while, “Clumsy . ”

The white fatty’s round ears twitched as it caught wind of the gray cat’s comment while it was shooting . It turned its head to look at the gray cat, “Do you think you can do better than me? At the very least I can hold up a gun, but what about you? You can’t even hold up a gun with your claws, can you?”

The gray cat’s ears flicked in obvious disdain of the comment, “Why would I hold a gun for?”

The gray cat jumped down the cabinet, raised its head high and walked elegantly to Snowball’s side . After look at the faraway target and moving a few steps to the side, it turned around to look at Snowball, “Keep shooting . ”

Snowball didn’t know what the gray cat was planning to do . It raised its fat palms and fired a bullet with a bang, and the gray cat’s tail swung at a speed that was almost indistinguishable with the naked eye .


“Ten points!” the system’s voice rang .

This was the first time Snowball heard the system’s voice after it started shooting for a long while . Previously, it hadn’t even hit the sides of the target since he started shooting .

Snowball’s big mouth opened, closed, opened and closed again . It scratched its butt and head with its palms and asked, “It was you?”

Snowball might be terrible at shooting, but it did not mean that it was stupid . On the contrary, it was incredibly smart . Naturally, it knew that there was no way it could hit the center point of the target with its abilities .

“Uh huh!” the gray cat sat there with a ‘worship me’ expression, looking very pleased with itself .

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“Great job!” Snowball went over happily to ask for its guidance . Humans have their own human methods, but so do they . The techniques that were suitable for humans might not necessarily be suitable for them .

While the gray cat and Snowball were investigating the shooting techniques of a beast, Cillin was inside Shawton’s commander office .

The other lieutenant commanders were here as well . Shawton was passing down the A Squad’s intentions .

All sides were starting to quieten down after the matter at Sector S had come to an end of a phase . The A Squad decided that the B Squads could start acting again, but with a new twist in the formula . The A Squad’s wish was for the B Squads to cooperate with one another in missions and watch out each other’s backs . Right now, it was too easy for a single B Squadron to run into a mishap .

Two B Squadrons would form a group with each other, and the team on each side would discuss, decide and coordinate time of operation, target location and departure time in tandem .

“The Third Squad?”

The rest of the lieutenant commander looked very puzzled despite much thought . Why on earth had the Third B Squadron requested to cooperate with them on their own? They did not think that such a thing would happen with someone like Falvey in the other squad .

However, when they recalled that Falvey had personally piloted an airplane over to receive Cillin, the lieutenant commanders looked at Cillin and pondered on the real reason within .

Shawton tapped the table with his finger and said, “Alright, let’s not think about the unnecessary and focus on the present . What I want to tell you all is that the Third B Squadron currently has a job at Sector G . Falvey has inquired my opinion on this since our two squads need to cooperate with each other, and according to our original plans our holiday hasn’t ended yet . Therefore, I would like to ask your opinions on this . Should we continue the holiday as planned? Or should we go along with the Third B Squadron?”

“Why is the Third B Squadron going to Sector G?” Akayi asked .

“They’re transporting a batch of T13 minerals to the Robert Family . In light of the agreement, they would be given a batch of robots made of T13 minerals besides a considerable amount of remuneration after the job is done . ”

“We’re going . Of course we’re going with them . We have been resting for a long time now, and all of the members receiving treatment at Sector E have returned safely as well . Right now everyone is itching to do something . If it wasn’t for the earlier incidents, they would’ve applied to head out a long time ago . ” lieutenant commander Lu Suo said .

“I agree that we should go too . If we keep resting like this our bones will get rusty . ” Lalo said .

Wa Qing also agreed with their opinions .

Zaya Kasa and Akayi kept quiet .

Shawton turned to look at Cillin . Although Cillin was also keeping quiet, he knew that it wasn’t that he hadn’t made up his mind yet . Right now, Cillin was considering some other things as well .

Sector G was the biggest manufacturing Sector of robots in the entire GAL . There, a kind of mineral was produced in abundance, and it was a very important element in the alloy materials used to produce robots . Quite a number of big families have manufacturing bases set in that location .

Noticing Shawton’s gaze, Cillin straightened himself and asked, “How much are we profiting from this?”

“It’s an overall four six split . We get a three seven split in terms of remunerations, and a two eight split in terms of robots . ” Shawton answered .

“That little?” Akayi was a little dissatisfied with a disproportionate split like this .

“They are the ones who found the T13 minerals . If it wasn’t for the A Squad’s arrangements, they would’ve gone to Sector G alone . After all, they don’t want others to take part in their profits too . ”

“That is true . ”

The lieutenant commanders began exchanging opinions with each other .