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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:46:44 PM

Chapter 1

34 AYB Jakku System, Planet Jakku .

Silently a star destroyer approaches the desert planet which was once a lush and green place full of life until an unknown catastrophe transformed it into a desolate and hot location where life has to struggle extremely hard to survive .

Inside of one of the many transporter ships which are being prepared to be launched on the planet there is a stormtrooper forming with many others and waiting for his mission to start . His designation was not a name as the majority of sentient being would have but a number code: 2187 . All the cadets who had been trained since childhood had received a similar denomination but since they did not know about names they did not give it too much thought and just accept it as the most natural thing in the world . Since he was a child, he had been trained to be a warrior and to always follow orders even if he did not understand the reasons behind them, he only needed to obey and let the thinking to his superiors . If he did that, he had been told, his life would have purpose and he could be a defender of the peace in the galaxy which was the reason for the First Order to exist .

- "Mission starting now"- said a cold voice who seemed more robotic than human- "prepare for launch . "

Some seconds later FN-2187 felt his body trying to float due to the absence of gravity and he knew they had took off and where now in open space . He tried to calm down and focus on the task ahead . He was more anxious than nervous since this mission was of great importance to him . He needed this mission to be succesful, if not . . . his situation would get even worse .

The truth was that 2187 was considered a genius and one of the best stormtroopers anyone had ever seen . When he started his training in his childhood, he noticed that many things that he was asked to do came naturally to him and he easily performed better than the rest of the trainees . It did not matter if the tasks were physical or mental, he outdid his peers and even had better scores than many older cadets who had started their training years before him .

- "You will be transferred to a new unit"- he was informed one day and he just nodded since it was an order and he always obeyed what he was told to do- "it's a great honor, so you must do your best . You will be assigned under Captain Phasma in her FN Corps . You must know that this unit only accept the best of the best . "

He did not understand what was special about this new unit but since he had been told to do his best, that was what he did . He had heard that Captain Phasma was one of the most accomplished officers in the First Order and that she was one of the strongest warriors that one could find in the galaxy . However, 2187 did not see her even after being for months in his new unit . His denomination had changed and now he was known as FN-2187 and he followed the orders he had been given and did his best . The tasks and assignments in the FN Corps were definitely more advanced than those in his previous unit but he did not need too much time to adapt to the new unit and once again perform better than his peers . He did not understand why they praised him, in the end he was just obeying what he was ordered .

- "Shoot the targets in the least possible time!"- his instructor ordered him and he did .

- "Infiltrate that building without being noticed"- other superior ordered him and he did .

- "Defeat you opponent in less than three minutes"- they said and he did as told .

With time he realized that he was being praised exactly because he followed their orders and he started to have this feeling of accomplishment inside . It felt good to be recognized and praised and he decided to continue that forever . After some years his fame grew and even other corps knew of him and his accomplishments . They always talked of FN-2187 who was, in the words of all the instructors, the ideal stormtrooper whose qualities were epitome of what the First Order valued on its soldiers: Loyalty, duty, bravery, cunningness and strength . Whatever the test or evaluation FN 2187 always scored the top 1 and and he was someone who was considered a model to follow by his fellow cadets .

One day, he was assigned a squad and he had to lead his team in the simulator . The mission was very straight forward . They had to infiltrate and destroy the arsenal of a heavily guarded Republic post . Time, effectiveness and number of casualties would be considered in the final result . The event was watched by many officials and cadets who wanted to see if the Genius of the FN Corps could perform as effectively as before . The result was shocking, not only did his squad broke the record of time, he had even made sure all of the members of his squad, including the worst ranker, survived and the enemy did not have the chance to even ask for reinforcements . They were given the maximum score and FN-2187 was called to the officer's building were a special guest was waiting for him . FN-2187 could not believe his eyes when he saw the person in front of him . It was a very tall person whose presence inspired respect and fear . She wore a silver armor and a black cape that made her appear very dignified . FN-2187 felt intimidated by this person and his instincts were telling him very clearly that if she wanted, he would be dead before even noticing . He felt like a mouse in front of a cat who was looking at him with interest before deciding if eating it or not . FN-2187 just stayed motionless fearing that any movement would result in his demise . He had met many strict and strong instructors during his training but not one of them could make him feel the terror he was feeling now .

- "FN-2187"- said Captain Phasma who used a soft and friendly voice but that did not make FN-2187 relax at all- "I must say that I am very impressed with your skills and performance . Believe me when I say that it is not something that happens very often . "

The young cadet saluted and nodded feeling very honored that such important figure said those words to him but the sense of intimidation that this person transmitted was just too much . FN-2187 could only be grateful that this person was not an enemy .

-"You have great potential, 2187"- said Captain Phasma getting closer to him- "You are officer corps material and with more training you could become the best and even serve under the Supreme Leader himself . Remember, your duty is to the First Order above everything . Nothing else comes before that . We are the only hope for the galaxy and all the sentient beings in it . We re the only ones who can free the galaxy and bring true peace and order . "

Those words rang into the young cadet . Could he really be like Captain Phasma one day? Could he serve under the mythical Supreme Leader and bring peace and order to the galaxy? Something changed in that moment for FN-2187 . Until that moment he had just followed orders to be recognized and praised but now he understood that there was something more important than that . The galaxy needed him and he had the skills to take the task . Suddenly, the aura Captain Phasma was exuding was not as unbearable as before and he looked at her with another eyes .

- "It's an honor, Ma'am"- said FN-2187 who believed that he had found his purpose in life- "I'll do my best for the First Order and bring peace and order to the galaxy . "

- "I expect great things from you, FN-2187"- said Captain Phasma who seemed entertained and turned around to leave the room- "Do not dissapoint me . "

That day marked FN-2187 and he doubled his efforts to accomplish his objective . He would be an officer and he would work side by side with Captain Phasma in order to free the galaxy from the tyranny of the New Republic .

- "Estimated time for landing . . . 17 minutes 25 seconds"- the voice said again after they entered the atmosphere of the planet bringing FN-2187 to the present .

The vessel started to shake violently and FN-2187 felt that tingling sensation in the belly when you are going down .

- "Shoot this time, coward!"- said one of the people in his team using the intercom in their helmets .

- "Silence!"-said the leader of his team which seemed to be annoyed for more than just this comment- "focus on the mission and be prepared to engage the enemy!"

- "Yes, sir"- said the voice again but it was obvious that his tone carried mockery .

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FN-2187 smiled bitterly and he tried to ignore the feeling around him . That comment had been directed at him and he knew that stormtrooper was not the only one who thought like that . Even the squad leader had not defended him and just stopped the soldier by mere formality . There was a reason for that of course . It was the same reason why FN-2187 was not the leader of this squad and the reason why he was not an officer by now . The same reason why the person once called genius and who was looked up by all was now being called coward and treated with mockery . The reason was very simple, he had failed to accomplish what he was ordered in his first real mission . He had disobeyed an order for the first time in his life and to make things worse the person who had given those orders was not other than Captain Phasma .

- "Estimated time for landing . . . 15 minutes 13 seconds"

- "You'll be fine- said a voice for the intercom and FN-2187 looked at the owner of the voice- this time I'll help you . "

- "Hehe . . . who would think that the "ace" of the squad needed the help of Slip?"- said another voice mocking the previous comment .

- "FN-2156 if I hear your voice again, I'll have you report to Captain Phasma directly for disrupting the mission"- said the leader of the squad again with a more serious voice .

- "Sir, it won't happen again, sir!"- said 2156 .

- "The same goes for you FN-2003"- warned the squad leader- "you have finally gotten recognized, so do not make mistakes now . "

- "Sir, yes, sir!"- said FN-2003 who looked at FN-2187 and nodded his head .

FN-2003 or as the others called him "Slip," nickname given by his tendency to fall and fail at practically everything he did during the training . If FN-2187 was the top ranker, then Slip was the last one, but instead of isolate him like the rest, FN-2187 had taken him under his wing and he had tried to help him as much as he could since he felt sympathy for the poor cadet . You could say that their relationship a kind of protector and protegee more than a friend . However, now the situation had turned and the once protected was now trying to protect the fallen genius .

Due to his impressive scores and the recommendations of his instructors, he was given the chance to prove his worth in a real scenario and was ordered to go with his squad to one of the many mining sectors under the leadership of Captain Phasma herself . According to the data they received the New Republic had infiltrated people to create tensions with the workers and they had to restore order before the situation escalated and there were victims . FN-2187 was elated and he could not wait to go and finally help to restore the peace in this place . The situation, however, was completely different from what he had imagined .

- "Give us food!"- was the welcoming phrase that they were given once they landed on the mining center- "we need medicines too . "

FN-2187 had been ordered to accompany Captain Phasma as a support and to get experience learning from the best . His initial excitement vanished when he saw the place where the miners work and the state of the workers . He passed in front of malnourished and weak workers who seemed to be about to faint in any moment . The faces of all of them revealed a terrible condition and their eyes had lost the shine of what would expected from people who were protected by the First Order . Other thing that called FN-2187 attention was that even the children and old people had their hands full of calluses and their backs were marked with horrible scars .

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- "We won't work until you give us want we want!"- had said the representatives of the miners trembling in fear- "the demands of the guards are simply too much and they hit us for no reason . Even though we're doing our best, the rations of food have been diminished twice this year and we have been forced to work extra hours to reach the ever increasing quota of minerals . The only thing we ask is to get more food and hours to rest . Workers are starting to collapse in the place and many have even taken their own lives . This situation is just too cruel and must stop . "

FN-2187 agreed with the representative . He was sure that the officers in charge of the place had been commiting abuses and should be punished . He stayed in silence waiting for Captain Phasma to solve the situation . He was sure the miners would get justice and he wanted to be part of the process .

- "So you are saying that you are dissatisfied with you job?"- said Captain Phasma after listening to the complains of the representative- "you are saying the First Order is unfair?"

- "I'm not saying that"- said the representative sweating profusely- "but we just want to have better conditions . That way we'll work better and more efficiently . Please, we beg you to solve this situation . "

- "What did you do with the officers in charge of this mining center?"- asked Captain Phasma .

- "They are in the prison"- answered the representative- "they are fine and we treated them well . "

- "I see"- said Captain Phasma who then looked at him- "FN-2187!"

The young stormtrooper step ahead and waited for orders . He was impatient to solve the terrible situation in this place and bring justice to the people .

- "Kill him"- said the Captain Phasma and her words shocked FN-2187 who thought he had heard wrong- "this man has commited an act of treason against the First Order and must be executed . Shoot him and then hang him in the entrance of the mines for everyone to see . "

- "Wait! I'm not saying I won't work! Please, we just want more food!"- shouted the representative and desperation .

FN-2187 had stayed in the place motionless . He was still waiting for the correct orders since he knew this could not be the justice that the miners deserved .

- "What are you waiting for, FN-2187?"- she asked him with the coldest attitude you can imagine and the young stormtrooper knew that she was serious- "Follow your orders, now!"

FN-2187 had always followed his superiors orders but this time something was different, this was not the thing he wanted to do, but then he remembered his training . He had to obey the orders and let the thinking to his superiors, only then his life would have purpose and he could bring peace and order to the galaxy . So he aimed his blaster at the representative of the miners who was crying and begging in desperation .

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-"Please, please! I have family! They depend on me! Who will take care of them?!"- he knelt and begged even louder- "I'll talk to the rest of miners . . . please give me a chance!"

FN-2187 knew what to do but he couldn't do so . He felt divided and confused about what to do . The man in front of him was just trying to improve the lives of the people in this planet . He was not guilty of anything . The officers in charge of this center were the responsible for this mess . It was even possible that some Republic agent had influenced him to be like this . He started to tremble and to breathe faster .

- "Shoot now, FN-2187"- said Phasma taking her rifle- "Are you disobeying my orders?"

- "Please . . . please . I don't want to die!"-said the man noticing the stormtrooper indecision- "I'll do whatever you . . . "

He couldn't finish what he wanted to say since he had been shot on the chest and was now dead on the floor . However, it hadn't been FN-2187 who shot, he turned around and saw the responsible who was still aiming at the man .

- "FN-2003"- said Captain Phasma who sounded a little impressed- "why did you shoot? it was FN-2187 responsibility . "

- "Ma'am"- said FN-2003- "I considered we were wasting too much time with this . I'm sorry, Ma'am . "

- "Don't take actions that you haven't been ordered again!"- said Captain Phasma but her voice did not sound angry at all- "it seems I misjudged you . . . hang him on the entrance of the mine and execute the leaders of the rebels . "

The stormtroopers moved and Captain Phasma looked at FN-2187 . He couldn't see her expression behind her helmet but he knew she was very dissapointed . Since then, his instructors and his fellow stormtroopers changed the way they treated him and those who once looked at him with admiration, now looked at him with disgust . He had even heard how they call him coward and even traitor . He was isolated and avoided by everyone and he understood that none of them wanted to be with the one that had disobeyed Captain Phasma . He doubted about his decision, maybe he should have shot, maybe Captain Phasma knew information about that man that he did not .

- "Wait, maybe . . . "

Maybe that man was an agent of the Republic and she was just testing his commitment to the cause . When he realized this, FN-2187 wanted to hit his head against the wall . How could he have been so fool? He had failed because he had not done what made him special since the beginning . He just had to follow orders and everything would be fine . He should not have questioned his superior and let strange ideas eneter his mind . Captain Phasma was just trying to bring peace and order to the galaxy and definitely would not have executed that man without reason . This tormented him for a long time and had affected his scores and performance which made the rest of his comrades to mock him even more .

There was only one who had never stopped talking to him and who was the same with him . Slip had said he didn't want to waste time but in the end it had been Slip and not FN-2187 who had followed the order of Phasma in the previous mission and he had taken the burden of killing the representative in his place . It was ironic, due to that episode, Slip had ascended in the eyes of Captain Phasma and their fellow stormtroopers while he had fallen to the bottom . And here he was now trying to help him and cheer him up as he had done previously . FN-2187 didn't say a word and just nodded while feeling a lot of gratitude towards him .

- "Estimated time for landing 4 minutes 40 seconds"- the robotic voice announced and he steeled himself .

This time he would succeed and be what all expected from him . This was his last change to prove himself worthy to the First Order . He didn't know how he knew it but his instinct had never failed him before . He could not fail this time or he would lose his purpose and something terrible would happen .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!