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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:46:22 PM

Chapter 12

The Millennium Falcon took off into space and started to fly around the Keil Garris Ship . Han was obviously making sure all of the pirates and bounty hunters look at him .

- "So the plan?"- asked Finn starting to get nervous .

- "Making them go after us"- answered Han with a cocky voice- I suppose they'll start sending their greetings soon . "

- "Greetings?"- asked Rey and then they saw multiple star fighters coming to them at high speed .

- "You can start shooting when you want kids"- said Han to Rey and Finn who were stunned to the quantity of enemies they had to face- "Lando, shields at maximum . "

- "Worry about yourself, you crazy dog!"

- "I always do"- said Han grinning at what was coming- "let's show them, Chewee!"

- "Graaaaaaw!"- said Chewee with an excited voice .

The Millennium Falcon started to fly faster and then the starfighters started to shoot at them but Chewee easily evaded them and started to fly to their blind spots . Bala-tik was very angry at the sight of this since he did not ordered to shoot at the Millennium Falcon .

- "Stop you idiots!"- said Bala-tik shouting in anger- "the droid could be inside the ship! Do you wanna blow up our bounty?"

- "But . . . captain . . . ARGHH!"- the transmission was cut and the system showed the fighter had been destroyed- "Damn it! Switch weapons to Hacking Blades and stop them!"

- "Yes captain!"- said the pilots he had sent and then called to the other captains so they did the same since he did not want any idiot to make a mistake .

Hacking blades were the name people had given to a type of missile that had appeared in the Dark Net and that as the name suggested ivaded the systems of the ship it was attacked making it possible to control by the pirates operating them . It was perfect for stopping and raiding ship without destroying them and one of the favorites of any pirate and bounty hunter in the galaxy .

- "We just need one good hit and those credits are ours!"- said Bala-Tik with a horrible grin that combined expectation and sadism- "be ready to initiate the control of their systems as soon as one of our missiles hits . "

However, Bala-Tik's expectations did not occur at and insterad of the sound of hit and hack, he started to hear many of the sounds that indicated that his starfighters were being destroyed . And also, he started to feel that the tremors in his own ship were increasing .

- "What's happening?!"- he asked after the 11th starfighter was destroyed .

- "We are receving massive damage from the city ship and our starfighters are unable to cope with the Millennium Falcon . "

- "How useless our pilots could be?"- shouted Bala-Tik in shock- "how many other enemy starfighters are there?"

- "The Falcon is the only one . . . "- said the pirate with a low voice .

- "WHAT THE HELL . . . ?"- shouted Bala-Tik when he heard this- "HOW CAN ONE SHIP DESTROY 11 STARFIGHTERS?"

- "The count is 13 now, Sir"- corrected the pirate- "and the other crews inform that they have similar losses . "

- "What . . . then . . . How . . . . ?"- this piece of information stunned Bala-Tik who could not understand how one ship could make such damage, he could only watch to the main panel in shock and utter disbelief .

The truth was that the pirate pilots were definitely not amateurs and they had had their fair share of fighting before and many could be considered experts and even veterans but who were Han and Chewee? Not only had they survived in the smuggling bussiness during the dangerous days of the Empire when the security and trading was tightly controlled with an iron grip but they had also escaped and even cheated the Hutts who were the uncontested overlords of the underworld . After that, they had jined the Rebel Alliance and they had played a key role in the weakening and final demise of the powerful Galactic Empire . After the Battle of Endor they had continued fighting on the side of the New Republic in multiple cruel and bloody battles that put their skills and resolve to the limit . And lately, they had returned to battle the First order who nt only had excellent pilots but who also had high-tech technology and weapons .

Experts? Veterans? They were only pitiful greenhorns in the eyes of these two battle-hardened space warlords that had flown side to side with the best pilot in the Rebel Alliance . Many of the pirates did not even know how they had been shot down and they did not even know where the Millennium Falcon was .

- "Captain!"- said one of the pilots with a horrified voice- "I think Solo had made a deal with the other pirates! I was shot by the starfighters of the other crews!"

- "What did you say?"- Bala-Tik asked but the pilot had alrteady been killed .

- "Captain, we intercepted a message from Solo to the Irvin Brothers and the Russens!"- informed the pirate in charge of the systems- "The Jekkins Triads also confirmed this information . "

- "Fuck!"- swore Bala-Tik starting to sweat and he wondered what had Solo offer to them to convince them to betray him- "Open the communication with the other captains that are on our side and start maneuvers to attack the traitors!"

His subordinate nodded and started to comply . He had to act fast or soon the Garris would join the traitors and destroy him . Soon the holograms of the other captains showed in front of him sand their faces also showed intense rage .

- "I suppose I don{t have to tell you what happened!"- said Bala-Tik- "I just want to be sure that we are on this together!"

- "Death to the traitors"- said other gang leader and the others also followed suite .



Immediately after, chaos started and a massive space battle exploded and the former allies became bitter enemies who went all out to destroy each other while accusations were fired as much as torpedoes .

- "You fuckers intend to betray me?"- shouted Bala-Tik- "What did Solo offer you?"

- "I should be asking you that, you rotten backstabber!"

- "Send the Russens to hell!

- "Hahahah I can finally send you to your tomb, you pigs!"

Meanwhile, Han and Chewee looked at each other laughing and Finn and Rey looked in disbelief to the scene that was taking place in front of them .

- "Lando . . . "- said Han using the intercom- "keep the fire at the maximum"

- "Haha! Doing it and enjoying it"- said the naughty voice by the radio .

- "How did you do that?"- asked Finn who could not understand what had happened .

- "Those kids believe that Hacking Blades are a novelty"- explained Han with a cocky grin while he watch his enemies tearing apart each other- "they don't know that we were already using it even before they had been in the wombs of their mothers and obviously created counter measures . "

Truth was that the Millennium Falcon had been hit by the Hacking Blades of every crew, this had been done in purpose of course and Chewee had made sure to receive them in non-critical parts of the fuselage . At the moment of the impact, the hacking process automatically started but how could Han and Chewee fall for this trap? Han and Chewee were not the only ones to improve during war, but the Millennium Falcon . Years of hardcore improvements in high-tech illegal hardware and software had made the once Freighter used for trasportation into a Dragon-like existance that not many ships could compare to . Speed! Fire potency! Accuracy! Maneuvering! Defense systems! Detection! Stealth! Hacking! Interception! All of these stats were maximized and even the Republic engineers would sweat if they could see the capacities of this legendary ship .

- "Once the Hacking Blades tried to hack our systems"- continued Han while maneuvering the Millennium Falcon to shoot down more starfighters- "we hacked theirs instead . "

Han then explained what he had done after . Once the systems had been under their control, they had given false information to the starfighters and the systems started to show that the Millennium Falcon were in front of them . Not only that, but they also changed the weapon systems to normal torpedoes . Many of these pilots blindly followed the systems and did not notice they were attacking their allies with live shots and soon the confusion controlled them and made Chewee's work easier . It was true that they could have done the same using noral methods but their numbers were just too much . Han was sure that Luke could have destroyed them all completely alone, but Han had long accepted he was below Luke in flying skills .

- "Let's thin their numbers more"- said Han and Chewee nodded- "I'm sure they'll realize our little plan soon . "

Chewee and Han used this moment to maneuver around and give the Finn and Rey plenty of good targets that they did not miss . Meanwhile, Bala-Tik faction had already destroyed the majority of the traitor forces but he was not happy at all .

- "Damage report!"- he asked in a furious tone .

- "Defense systems at 40%"- said his subordinate- "weapons systems at 70% . Energy levels at 56% . Fuselage presenting important damage and we have lost a 54% of our ships and crewmembers . "

- "Fuck me!"- he punched his seat with fury . This mission would cost him a fortune and he doubted he could recover much after getting the bounty for the droid- "What about our allies?"

- "The Jekkins and the Guargs were completely annihilated"- replied the subordinate sweating profusely- "The Roccos managed to survive but their losses are massive and they can't move or attack . Only the Guavian Death Gang is in conditions to continue attacking . "

- "Tell them to attack the Garris and the Millennium Falcon!"- exploded Bala-Tik- "I'll get that damned droid and skin Han solo alive or my name is not Bala-Tik!"

Many more starfighters exploded in the middle of the space after very good shots from Finn and Rey who did not waste Chewee's opportunities .

- "Those two are good"- said Han after seeing their shooting accuracy .

- "Grrrr"- said Chewee and Han saw how te pirate fleets were starting to cease their fire .

- "Damn! That was faster than I expected!"- said Han who did not think the fight would end this fast .

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- "Well . . . "- said Lando who continued attacking them- "the enemy forces had been reduced greatly and only two fleets remain so I would say it's an improvement . "

- "I know . . . I know"- said Han and activate the communications with the Garris- "let's go to phase two now that we have their attention . . . Lendra!"

- "Yes, General"- the woman said

- "Send me the coordinates to the 'Rat trap'"- said Han and Chewee started to shout in horror .

- "Wait!"- said Lando in a grave tone- "Do you want to destroy another ship? If that's so, please do it in a different one!"

- "It's the only chance . . . now that they are focused in us, they will destroy our shields in no time . . . "- said Han but you could notice a little wavering in his voice- "Lendra, did you hear?"

- "Yes, general . . . " - she replied but her voice sounded doubting

- "Don't worry . . . "- said Han this time with a confident tone- "we have practiced many times, right?"

- "And 60% we have failed and almost died"- said Lando

- "Grrr . . . "

- "It will be fine! . . . Lendra . . . do it!"- ordered Han with a firm tone

- "Yes, General . . . "- the voice sounded resigned .

- "Lando I need you to contact Leia as soon as they follow me"- said Han .

- "You just want to avoid paperwork"- said Lando

- "How could you think that after my sacrifice?- said Han with a hurt voice- "tell Leia we'll use Maz' place to transmit the information . "

- "Roger that"

- "Open the chat with the enemy"- said Han and then he could listen the furious voice of Bala-Tik and Han could only imagine his face- So . . . still think I'm just and outdated old man?

- "Shut up, Solo!"- exploded Bala-Tik- "you were lucky that those bastards believed your bunch of lies!"

- "Not lies . . . opportunities!"- said Han with a cool and confident voice .

- "What, Solo? called to ask for mercy?"- said Bala-Tik in the other side of the intercom who changed the topic since he felt he was falling on Solo's rythm - "If you give me the droid I could consider let you go in your beloved Garris City . "

- "Ha! Keep dreaming kid! There's no person I've ever begged for anything!"- said but then Lando coughed saying the name of Leia- "Shut it!"

"I'll never beg anything to anyone and less to a child like you who still stinks to his mother's milk . . . "- said Han with such contempt that even Lando felt he would feel offended in this was directed to him- "I'm calling jhust to tell you that I'll jump into Hyperspace in the fastest ship in the galaxy to receive the reward that is rightfully mine .

He changed the commnication to hologram and showed Bala-Tik their image next to BB8 and Han started to taunt him .

- "And since I'm in a good mood for the bounty I'm about to cash I warn you not to follow or you'll regret it . . . Understand?"- Han said with a very cold and serious tone that not many had heard from him- I repeat . . . Don't you dare to follow!

The threat was said in such a way and tone that Bala-Tik, who could be considered a very experienced and brave pirate, felt a shiver in his back .

- "Of course if you do . . . "- said Han using a mocking tone- "you'll save me the credits of your payment . . . so dio what you want, I'll win anyway . . . Now piss off, Boy!"

And after saying this, Han cut the communications and started to prepare the Falcon to enter Hyperspace in any moment .

- "Now Han . . . "- said Lando after a sigh- "Was that really necessary?"

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- "I don't want to have his death on my concience?"- said Han smiling- "I suppose I've gotten softer with the years . "

- "Pfft! What softer!"- mocked Lando- "After what you say you know he'll definitely follow you!"

- "I tried my best!"- said Han using a father-like tone- "if he doesn't value a good suggestion and want to throw his life away then it's not my problem . "

- "What about your lives?"- asked Lando

- "Grrrr"- Chewee said with a worried tone .

- "You have lived enough"- said Han finalizing the system setup

- "Not me"- said Finn and Han sighed .

- "Your name is Finn right?"

- "Yes sir!"- answered Finn .

- "Don't worry, Finn!"- Han said using his softest voice- "I do this all the time and is very safe!"

- "Don't lie to the kid!"- shouted Lando

- "What does he mean?"- asked Rey who was now very nervous .

- "Nothing!"- said Han- "Prepare to enter Hyperspace . "

The pirates saw the Millennium Falcon dissapear in a estelle of light but even after some seconds of silence they did not know what to do .

- "Captain, the Garris is about to enter hyperspace too"- informed ther subordinate and Bala-Tik woke up from his dizziness .

- "Shoot everything we have and stop them!"- ordered Bala-Tik but he already knew that it was already too late .

The Garris City dissapeared at the speed of the light before the furious eyes of the three remaining fleets that had been left alone in the middle of the space .

- "Do we have the coordinates of their destinations?"- asked Bala-Tik

- "Yes, Sir"- replied the pirate- "they are at opposite directions from each other . Which one should we follow?"

- "Damn!"- Bala-Tik was paralized since he did not know if the droid was with Solo of if he had tricked them and send the BB unit on the Garris- "To the hell with it! Let's go after Solo! Even if he does not have the droid I'll make sure he cannot enjoy the bounty!"

- "But . . . Sir . . . what he said . . . "- said the pirate timidly remembering the warning Solo had told them .

- "So what?"- spitted Bala-Tik- "If we dont go, what will happen to our reputation . . . today I'll end Han Solo's legend for good! Follow!"

- "Yes, Sir . . . "- said the subordinate with a scared voice but it was not sure if it was fear to Bala-Tik or Han Solo- "Setting coordinates . . . and entering Hyperspace!"

Soon, they were flying inside the beautiful and luminous alternate dimension that allowed any sentient being to traverse the galaxy no matter how far they were . However, Bala-Tik was not in the mood to appreciate the spectacle and was just anticipating the clash he would have with Han Solo . The droid did not matter anymore . . . this was more personal now and he felt excitement at the perspective of having a glorious battle against a living legend like Han Solo .

- "Coordinates reached!"- informed the subordinate- "abandoning Hyerspace in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . "

As soon as they left the Hyperspace their faces showed horror and shocked since they could never have imagined where had their targets decided to escape .

- "EVASION MANEUVERS!"- shouted Bala-Tik but his response was already too late since his ship and many others in his fleet were received by gigantic asteroids which hit them with all their power .

- "What the hell?"- he coud hear many vpoices from the other ships- "where are we?"

- "It's a fucking asteroid field!"

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- "FUCK YOU, SOLO! YOU'RE CRAZY!"- shouted Bala-Tik watching the fleet that has cost him so many years and credits to build explode and dissapear in seconds- "GET US OUT OF HERE!"

However, this was easier said than done . The size of their ships which were their best asset against Solo's Millennium Falcon was now their worst weakness to maneuver inside the asteroid fields . They were destroyed and the lucky survivors had to use pods to escape . Meanwhile, at a safe distance from there, Han and the rest of the people in the Millennium Falcon were also evading the asteroids with great difficulty and the damages were increasing by the second .

- "Grarrrghewo!"- said Chewee with a very unsatisfied tone .

- "Well . . . I told him not to"- said Han referring to Bala-Tik's problems- "And don't feel pity for others when we are in the same situation!"

- "Whose idea was it?"- asked Finn wh was trying his best to shoot down as many asteroids as he coud .

- "If you have time to complain, shoot more of those damn rocks Kid!"- replied Han clicking his panel board while changing data by the second- "Just shoot the small ones . I'm switching the energy from weapons to the shields so you'll have minimun power to clean the ones that you can . "

- "This is insane!"- shouted Rey who was also having a very stressful moment .

- "BB8! Help me with the calculations!"

- "Beepap bobotik!"

- "Do your magic, Chewee . . . - he said watching his loyal companion of thousands of battles- if someone can pull this off, it's you!"

- "Grrrrr . . . . warooow!"

After an hour or so of intense maneuvering they finally abandoned the asteroid field and they could breathe a little . All of them just let their bodies relax on their seats while the Falcon was left floating .

- "BB8 . . . damage report . . . "- said Han with a tired voice .

BB8 beeped and informed him of the damages they had taken and Han smiled with a satisfied expression .

- "Well . . . it's not so bad"- he said and put a hand on the Wookie nxt to him- "you did it again my friend . You certainly haven't lost your touch . . . "

- "Greawwwoow!"- replied Chewee with a cocky tone .

- "Of course, you're the best pilot of the galaxy!"- said Han accomodating himself on his seat and entering the coordinates for hs next destination .

- "So, what's next?"- asked Rey who seemedto have run a marathon .

- "The information must be given to the resistance"- said Han- "The communication relayer is damaged so we'll have to go to a safe place to send the data . . . hey, Lando . . . we managed to escape . . . how are the things over there?"

- "You crazy dog!"- said Lando laughing- "I can't believe you pulled it off . "

- "It was a piece of cake"- said Han and Chewee complained loudly .

- "I know, Chewee!"- said Lando with an annoyed voice- "don't worry, I'll have him work in a mountain of paperwork when he returns . . . "

- "Cheh! I won't return then!"- said Han and started the coutndown to enter the Hyperspace- "I'll go with Maz in Takodana . "

- "I'll send the information from here also just to be sure . "

- "Ok, just be careful!"

- "Ok, send my regards to Maz!"- said Lando

- "I will"- replied Han- "If she doesn't punch me first, of course . "

- "You know you deserve it"- said Lando- "good luck . my friend . "

- "Hey, kids . . . prepare to enter Hyperspace!"

And like that Han, Chewee, Rey, Finn and BB8 continued their adventure to the green planet of Takodana .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!