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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:46:01 PM

Chapter 17

The Hosnian System which was the political, economical and bussiness center of the galaxy had en chosen at the beginning due to its great resources and and cosmopolitan nature . It had always been a very close competitor of Coruscant but due to the latter being the capital of the Old Republic for centuries and later also of the Empire, Hosnian Prime had been overshadowed by that planet .

- "The Rebel Alliance won!"- had been the transmission given to all the galaxy .

All had changed, however, with the Fall of the Empire almost 30 years ago . Politically talking, Coruscant was not fit to continue being the capital of the New Republic due to its role during the dark times of the Empire . The public sentiment was extremely negative and the majority of worlds did not wish to continue having the Galactic Senate in the same place where Democracy had died and so, in order to start clean and get distance from the remnants of the Empire forces that still lingered around, it was decided that the capital of the New Republic needed to be a new one . There were many candidates but in the end Hosnian Prime was elected after much consideration taking in consideration its position inside the Core Worlds which was near the center of the galaxy and also its location along the Corellian Trade Spine which gave it an absolute advantage in the commercial routes . Along with the desigantion of Capital of the New Republic and tghe Seat of the Galactic Senate, the Hosnian system had taken the role of giving the image of prosperity and development that the New Republic needed to give stability to the rest of the wolrds in the galaxy . The Hosnian System was formed by five planets which shared the same Sun but each one of them had particular features that in the end contributed to the system development .

Hosnian System . Planet Cardota .

This planet had been one of the main reasons of the development of the system in general due to its abundance of rare minerals like Azurite and Ionite which were indispensible for the manufacture of military buildings and equipment . Even after centuries of extraction, people still found new veins every year which gave this planet the nickname of "The Last Hope" since every year, desperate people from all over the galaxy came in order to get enough credits to free themselves from debt or to create new bussiness and your chasnces were relatively high since if you were lucky, you would get enough to pay your debts and maybe ascend economically .

- "Welcome to Hosnian Bank"- said the beautiful Twi'lek attendant using her most respectful and professional tone even though the person in front of her was just a young man- "how may we assit you today . "

- "I wish to make a deposit to an outer world account"- said ther young man giving the attendant the documents necessary to make the transaction- "send this quantity . "

The attendant was a little shocked at seeing the number that was requested to transfer and she could not help but look at the young man in front of her with new eyes . She was a young Altiri male of probably twenty years . His strong body showed his hard working nature and his hands showed calluses which indicated her that he was a miner . His eyes showed the normal shine of youth but he also transmitted a strong and decisive aura which was not common in people his age . She showed an even wider smile which had helped her ascend to her current position tryintg to test the waters with the young man . , However, the man showed no interest at all which impressed the attendant even more .

- "Is there something wrong?"- asked the young man showing a little impatience .

- "Not at all"- said the attendant who knew how to retreat but that did not mean she was not regretful- "please we need your retinal check and a drop of blood here . "

After the transaction was done, the young man abandoned the bank and once in the street he finally relaxed and after a long exhalation, he started to laugh aloud and he felt he could jump in happiness .

- "At last I can return!"- he said feeling his eyes getting teary while still laughing madly .

Genti Dana was the name of this Altiri boy of just 19 years old who had came to this planet out of desperation like many to get enough credits but it was not for greed but to save his family . Six years ago his father had died in an accident and he, his mother and his sister had been left alone . His mother had immediately started working until the exhaustion and Genti and his sister Aurine had tried to help as much as they could but he knew that he could do very little which had brought him a lot of frustration and rage . Many times, her mother had pretended to eat just to make sure her children had the little food she managed to get .

- "It's ok, Genti"- had said his mother called Kalei Dana many times- "I already ate in the market and I'm full"

Month after month, they had gotten deeper in debt and it seemed that the situation had no solution but somehow they had managed to survive depending on just themselves . All of that change to the worse three years later when a gang boss had arrived to their town and had set his disgusting and perverted eyes on his sister going as far as hitting his mother until she was knocked out and kidnapping her sister . He had also been hit savagely but he had managed to take his mother to the hospital and then he followed the gang .

- "Never cross an Altiri"- there was a proverb wehich summarized very well the vengeful and stubborn nature of this race .

He rescued his sister after cutting the throat of the pedophile and poisoning most of the gang without showing the least remorse . He returned with his sister and the enough money to pay for the treatment of his mother . Unfortunately, the public officers investigated the matter and finally found him . Before he could be arrested and with a broken heart, his mother had sent him out of the planet with a kiss and her blessings . He knew that if he stayed, he wouild probably be executed so he had reluctantly escaped his homeland not before promising her family to return in glory and honor . He had worked hard in many places and every time he received money he had sent it to his mother and sister . It had been three years of suffering and great sacrifice but finally this year, he had digged a huge sum and had been the best year so far finding azurite . However, the thing that had made him strike it rich was his discovery of a rich vein of Ionite which was much more valuable than azurite .

- "I can't believe I could pull it together"- he said still being on guard while walking on the street .

It had been very dangerous and he had been extremely cautious and careful and even like that he had almost died by robbers and miners . However, after many months and careful planning he had managed to sell the vein to a corporation for a huge sum . Finally he could return home to pick up his mother and sister and pay all the debts . So what if he was still wanted . He had enough to pay his bail and start anew . He entered a communication Office to send a hologram transmission to his family . He knew his mother would immediately invest the money . She had talent in bussiness and only needed the capital . Even when she did not have any money, she was still a good merchant, so now with money, it was like giving wings to a tiger . He wished to have her food again and then go on vacation with Aurine . The boy smiled feeling his spirit lighter and he started to dream big about his future .

( . . . )

Hosnian System . Planet Courtsilius .

Courtsilius was a blue planet which was totally different from Cardota . The only way to describe it would be using the word "paradise" . The weather conditions and the temperature were so perfect that it presented all the ecosystems that anyone could ask for going on vacation . If Cardota's main bussiness was mining, then Courtsilius main industry would be tourism . Long time ago, the cosmopolitan citizens of Hosnian Prime decided to make the full planet a countryside retirement where they could alleviaste the ever present stress they suffered by living in such bustling planet . Of course, the entertainment and amenities were first class but only for those who had the means to pay for them . Every meter of land was incredibly expensive and the maximum a normal person could aspire was to spend some days of relaxation in "The Jewel of Hosnian" as it was called .

- "As usual it is a pleasure to make bussiness with you, Lord Finwej"- said a bussinessman showing his most servile attitude in front of the powerful man that had hired his services .

- "Your reputation is well earned"- said Lord Finwej with the typical attitude of a high class man who could move mountains with his connections and money- "I am sure this will not be the last time we work together . "

- "We certainly look forward for your next request"- said the bussinessman whose eyes shone at the perspective of another lucrative deal like the one they had just finished .

- "Have a nice day"- Lord Finwej said nodding at his butler- "My servant will show you out . "

- "It was a priviledge"- said the bussinessman- "and if you permit my daring . . . I wish to congratulate you, Lord Finwej . "

Lord Finwej did not respond but he gave him one of his unusual smiles and just nodded before turning around and walked to the stairs of his manor . After reaching the second floor he walked quickly to the west wing of the manor until he found a beautiful woman of golden hair who showed him a radiant which was only a priviledge he had to see .

- "I can't believe this is really happening"- said she hugging him with emotion .

- "It is"- said Lord Finwej showing a very satisfied expression in his face .

Many powerful families had made of this jewel their homes and one of those was the Finwej Clan who had a huge bussiness in many rubrics and could be considered one of the most affluent families in the galaxy . Rebar Finwej and his wife Aima lived here The Finwej were now looking at each other with radiant smiles while looking at the bedroom that had been just prepared by the man that had just gone a few minutes ago . For people like them that had a lot of money, a simple room wold not attract any attention, of course, but this room was definitely special . They had finally finishing preparing the bedroom for their unborn child . Rebar hugged his wife and caressed her belly and Aima kissed him with an overjoyed expression . Even though they had anything they wanted as the high class couple they were, they had been difficulties in having children which had cast a shadow in the couple happiness for many years . However, this year they had finally received the beautiful news the an heir was in the way at last .

- "So, have you decided the name?"- Lady Aima asked with shiny eyes .

- "I think so"- said Rebar laughing at her childish behaviour- "how about Jeran like his grandfather . "

Aima could not contain her tears at the sound of this name . Her father had just recently passed away and he had always been very good with her since she was a child . Even before his passing he had always told them his wish of seeing the face of his grandchildren which had always made Aima sad since she was the only daughter and his father had gone without knowing the baby that was finally going to come to this world . She sobbed and nodded with happiness at her husband .

- "Jeran Finwej"- she said caressing her belly and feeling the life growing inside her wishing that he came faster to finally see his face- "Jeran is a wonderful name . . . thank you, dear . "

- "No . . . Thank you for making me the happiest man in the galaxy"- he said cleaning the tears in her eyes tenderly- "I may have many valuable things but you . . . you and the child inside you are the my most precious treasure . "

He held her on his arms in a princess carry and started to spin around while laughing playfully and entering the bedroom which would soon have the presence of a new Finwej . Aima laughed but also grabbed her husband tightly .

-"Careful with the baby"- she said in joy while grabbing his neck in delight .

They kissed each other and then they returned to their extranced look while imagining the room which radiated so much life and envisioning the manor full of children running and playing around . They could not be happier .

( . . . )

Hosnian System . Planet Raysho .

Raysho was the third planet that belonged to the Hosnian system and just as Coourtsilius it was a fertile and beautiful planet but instead of being used as a resort, the mission of the people in this planet was a more necessary one . The planet was the main source of plants, groceries and ingredients of the entire system and had the responsibility to provide food to the rest of the planets . Due to this, the farmers and field workers were treated extremely well by the politicians and higher ups and were ready to help if some kind of problem ocurred to the planet or its inhabitants . The farmers received very lavish presents and the contracts they had with the different companies permitted them to live a more than relaxing lives .

- "One does not mess with the cook of the ship"

This was a very famous phrase and the government of the Hosnian System had taken these words very seriously . It did not matter who you were or where you were from, as long as you were willing to work in the fields, you would receive compensation and good treatment . Of course, the inhabitants of the planet would defend tgheir positions ferociously and they controlled who bought land and regulated the type of crop one would plant each year to not create disloyal competition .

- "Go and dance hahahaha!"- said an old Besalik female called Nalah Theriam who was watching overjoyed how his family enjoyed the family meeting she had been planning for months- "Those who don't dance will not eat!"

The rest of the family burst into laughter and many more joined the dance in the center of the big yard which was part of this country house which was in the center of a massive field which had different crops growing around . She suddenly felt a strong pain in her back but managed to restrict her voice from moan . Her daughter did not miss this and carefully got close to her .

- "Are you ok, Mama?"- she said while caressing the back of the old woman tenderly .

- "I'm fine, Lil Yola"- said Nalah returning the caress on the face of her caring daughter and then she looked at the children who were playing a little far from the adults- "I still remember when you were the same size as them . . . time has surely passed . "

- "Hehe!"- laughed Yola lookinga t the children which included some of her own children- "It will get even more animated when the rest arrive tomorrow . "

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- "Humph!"- snorted the old Besalik remembering the ones who were not still here- "even though I told them with so much time of advance they dare to be late . . . they'll hear what I have to tell once they are here . . . "

- "Aww, mom"- said Yola trying to mediate- "forgive them . . . you know that it's not easy to come to the capital . It's only a day, I'm sure they are also looking forward to see you . Especially Jong . . . "

Nalah could not stop having a wide smile on her face . Jong had been her last so, the one she had delivered when she was considered quite old . She still could remember the face of her husband when he new the news . Maybe it was because of this that he had been the most beloved of all her children and now her lil Jong had finally become a father and was coming to introduce the new member of the family . Nalah was exhilarated and wanted that they were here already .

- "You see this, old man?"- she said in her heart talking to her deceased husband- "I'm sure you're smiling like a fool from whenever you are, huh?"

She could almost listen to him answering that she had the same stupid smile right now . Damn she missed him so much . They had grown together as neighbors and to be hiinest she had considered him like an annoying brother with whom she used to fight a lot until one day day he had asked her to marry him .

- "Huh?"- had been her answer to this surprising demand- "are you serious?"

- "Damn it, woman"- he had said having all his face totally red in embarrasment- "you think I'd joke with this? Just say yes and be my wife already!"

- "Humph! I'm not that easy!"- had said her that time turning around and going away also very embarrased- "I want a more romantic confession! Return when you have a better one!"

- "The hell with that . . . "

Nalah guffawed at this memory and wished she could return the time to live with him ince more . Balem had been a tough bone and he was one of the most untactful and rough men she had ever known but he was honest, responsible and would defend his family until the death . Once he knew what was necessary, he would jump into action like a hurricane . When the Empire tried to harm them, he had immediately joined the Rebel Alliance even though he was already old and he as usual he had been a very tough nightmare for his enemies . He had participated in the Endor Battle and had even met the legendary Luke Skywalker in one of the missions the ocurred later .

- "You couldn't leave it until the end, you old fool"- said Nalah feeling melancholy mixed with pride at remembering her foolish yet valiant beloved .

He had died in the Battle for Jakku just months before the war had finished . The old man did not have to participate but he had always believed in creating a safe galaxy so that their children and grandchildren could live in peace . She had been angry but at the same time she had been very proud to see that the years had not rusted the flame in her man's eyes which had been the main reason for her to fall for him in the first place .

- "Look, you old fool! Our family is big and well"- she said looking at the sky- "I'm sure you are laughing like a delinquent as you always did . Enjoy while you can since I'll be going with you soon . Wait for me a little more . "

- "Grandma!"- a small child ran to her and showed her a flower being followed by more children .

- "That's beautiful, my dear . "

- "Want to make it a crown"- the small girl said .

- "Haha, Ok, sit down and I'll teach you . "

- "Yay!"

- "It seems I still have some people who need me, my love . So wait a little more . "- Nalah said knowing her husband would understand .

( . . . )

Hosnian System . Industrial Planet Hosnian .

If Raysho produced most of the raw materials, then it was Hosnian the one that transformed them into products and consumable goods . The whole planet was an infinite chain of factories and laboratories where millions of workers fought intensely to ascend in the competitive and merciless laboral battlefield . If Hosnian Prime was the heart of the politics, then Hosnian was the economic veins which provided the continuous flux of money and commerce . Torm Arekson was a Muun male who was celebrating in a bar for his recent victory . He was a very important figure in one of the most famous laboratories in the Hosnian system . It had been a very rough ascension, which included years of continuous boot licking, hypocritical flattery and countless fake smiles to people who he just wanted to punch . In the end all of this was with one single objective in mind .

- "I told you, Jekin . . . "- he said with a voctorious grin while drinking his 23rd cup- "I promised you would pay . . . "

Jekin had been once a big fish who had been his suerior in the sae company for years . He was a total as**ole who used his position to abuse of his subordinates including many female workers who could only grit their teeth and accept his perverted propositions to keep their jobs . Torm had also been a typicial victim but with time he had managed to gain his confidence and share some of his dirtiest secrets . After careful and patient planning, Torm had managed to collect very compromising evidence of his embezzlement and dealing with with competing companies and he had denounced him to the higher ups .

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- "You bastards you who the hell I am?!"- he had shouted while being arrested

The investigation followed, of course and he was imprisoned until the day of his triasl . Meanwhile, all his assets were confiscated and Torm had heard his family was now burning the last remnants of valuables they had wishing for a miracle to ocurr so Jekin could fix the situation using his connections . However, and here Torm grinned even wider, their hopes had vanished this day when unfortunately the old Jekin had finished his days hanging himself in his cell overcame by guilt . Of course, even though none could prove it, everyone knew he had been killed by the company he had betrayed but since this ocurred very often, none said a word and just accepted the official version .

- "This is just the beginning, Jekin"- Torm said with a voice so cold that the barman gulped unconsciously even though he had heard his words- "I'll send all your family one by one after you so you don't feel lonely . "

His hatred had been born many years before . In that time he was still a delusional fool who believed in justice and fairness . He had loved a beautiful girl who had promised him to spend the rest of her life with him and so he had been working hard in order to give her the luxury she deserved . However, the w***e had not doubted for a second when she received the proposal of Jekin to be his in exchange of wealth and servitude . Not only had she betrayed him, but she even had the nerve to boast and mock him in front of her new owner .

- "I deserve more than a poor and useless nobody like you . . . "- she had said while grinning evilly in front of the teary Torm .

- "This is a good lesson, kid"- Jekin had told him hugging his new toy while having the attitude of the winner- "you can only have what you want with power and money . Otherwise you can only be stepped on like now . You should thank me for my free lesson, hahahahahaha!"

The useless Torm died that day and he reborn as a ghost of vengeance . He knew that he could do nothing for the moment but a gentleman can wait ten years for revenge and now many years afterwards, he was the one who had won . Of course, he was the one who personally had sent the bastard his way not before telling him his identity, of course . He still smiled with joy every time he remembered the shock and disbelief Jekin had in his face once he knew who Torm was . How could he have imagined that pitiful kid who for him was nothing would be the one bringing his doom . The horror in his eyes before "hanging" himself was once the most delicious memories he will have for the rest of his life .

- "Thank you for the lesson"- he had said in the cell before taking his sweet revenge- "permit me to pay you back now . "

However, it was not the end . The next would be the woman who had betrayed him . He would let her suffer first . Now that Jekin had died, she and her cursed offspring would have extreme economic and social difficulties . Torm would of course accelerate the process and once she was in the deepest ruin and desperation, he would buy her as a slave and take his time to make her regret her decision until her last breath . He could not wait, but if he had learnt something all this years was to be patient .

- "Another bottle of your most expensive wine . "- he ordered with the joy that only victory could allow .

( . . . )

Hosnian System . Hosnian Prime .

Hosnian Prime was the political center of the galaxy where the government decided the laws and destiny of the countless world on it . As such it was the place where most of education centers and universities were located, The most prestigious of which was the Hosnian University of Political and Diplomatic Sciences which only allowed the most talented and outstanding students to get one of the limited spots in it . The exam was infamous for its great difficulty and in the opinion of many ridiculousness . Even so, it was well known that any graduated of the university would be someone remarkable in the future and he or she would have a seat in the Senate without a doubt .

- "Today we celebrate until the morning, yahoo!!!!"- said a young Togruta girl who was part of a group of young people .

- "Hey, hey, are you really Kristah?"- mentioned one of the kids with her who0 was shock for the behavior of the normally quiet and focused girl- "are we sure we don't have the wrong girl?"

- "Shut up!"- said the girl named Kristah Linaki- "since tomorrow I'll be the same as usual but today we have to celebrate! I'm a student of the Hosnian University hahahahahaha!"

The girl started to dance in the middle of the street in joy without minding the looks of the people around . She did not care what they thought of her since now her status was much higher than those common people . She had finally accomplished her dream of entering the best university of the galaxy and her path to be an elite diplomat had finally started . After years of exhausting and dedicated what looked like unending study, she had finally managed to reap the fruits of her work .

- "You'll be a great politician!"- said one of her friends who could not hide her jealousy .

- "I'll be the best!"- said Kristah puffing her chest proudly- "I'll be as great as Leia Organa!"

- "People say Leia Organa is here in Hosnian Prime to attend the voting agaisnt ther First Order"- mentioned another person in the group- "Do you think we'll be able to see her . "

- "According to my sources she will be part of the opening ceremony in the Hosnian University after the voting" . said another .

- "Are you sure?"- asked Kristah who could not hide her emotion at the perspective of meeting her idol- "Another reason to celebrate . . . let's go!"

And the group headed towards the best bar in the city to celebrate for so many good things happening . She was finally a member of the best diplomatic university . She would meet the greatest diplomat in the galaxy and the First Order would be a thing of the past . Everything weas perfect and she promised to study hard and one day be woirthy enough to stand side by side with Leia Organa and bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy .

( . . . )

Ice Planet StarKiller Base

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Unknown to these people, the First Order did not plan to just accept defeat by the Senate and prepared a powerful preemtive attack on the New Republic . In the StarKiller base hundreds of troops formed in batallions in front of a big stage which was adorned with the flags of the New Order . On the stage was General Hux who was recognised as one of the most talented and assertive strategist in the galaxy and who had permitted the New Order to fight on equal grounds against the Resistance and the New Republic . The man walked to the stage and his confident and powerful gaot irradiated power and invincibility . He used his most potent and gallard voice .

- "Soldiers ofthe First Order . . . Today we finally strike directly to the heart of the Republic . Today we show all the galaxy the real power of the First Order . Today it's the culmination of decades of preparation and planning . . . Today is the end of the Republic!"- his voice was so powerful that even the last soldier in the final line of the batallions could clearly hear his voice- "Today is the end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder . At this very moment, in a system far from here . . . the New Republic lies to the galaxy . . . while secretly supporting the treachery . . . of the loathsome Resistance . This fierce machine which you have built upon which we stand will bring an end to the Senate! To their cherished fleet! All remaining systems will bow to the First Order! And will remember this as the last day of the Republic!"

- "All systems ready, General"- said the officer through the intercom- "Waiting for orders"

A cruel light shone in the eyes of General Hux and he even smiled a little while enjoying the power that he had in this moment . He inhaled and exhaled before giving the order that would change the course of the war .

-"Fire!"- he said and his voice sopunded so cold and merciless as if he would be talking about the dead of a colony of insects .

All the base trembled and the ground shook so intenselty that cracks appeared like rammifications all around the yard . However, the stormtroopers who had already felt this in the practices did not move an inch . After some seconds, they could see how the planet absorbed the Sun which had existed next to the base and then a sound similar to a huge trumpet resounded in all the area like announcing a great event about to ocurr . However, for a moment there was only a silence so intense that it seemd that none was breathing . It was a very short moment, though and then, the titanic cannon shot the infinite energy wehich was manifested in a red colored beamed that iluminated the planet with the intensity of ten suns and it let out a horrifying sound that was similar to the wail of a demonic banshee whose voice was enough to cut the soul of anyone who listened to it .

- "The weapon was shot, Lord Ren"- informed an officer and the young Sith Lord walked to the window of his ship .

The energy produced by the planet was so strong that space itself was distorted and the red massive lines of energy traversed the galaxy using its own space-time dimension . It was possible to see it from many places of the galaxy . Even Kylo Ren who was getting close to Takodana was able to see the espectral, majestic and yet mortal beams of red energy that seemed to be slowly advancing at the distance . Eventhough that w how it looked, the truth was that thoe beams were traversing the galaxy at speeds even greater than light itself .

At the same time, the Hosnian system was showing a strange spectacle to all its inhabitans who saw the sky . It had became of an intense red color not matter if it was morning or night .

- "Mother . . . "- said Genti after finishing to send the message to his mother and sister .

- "I love you . . . "- said Rebar and Aima while hugging each other .

- "Calm down everyone . . . let's eat while enjoying the spectacle"- said Nalah with a comforting voice to all her family .

- "Just wait for my vengeance"- said Torm who was asking for another drink .

- "Yahoo! Ambassador Linaki . . . "- shouted Kristah who was already drunk .

The red light engulfed all of them in an instant and they knew no more . Their stories and futures were destroyed in an instant as well with the planets in which they lived . Love, hate, revenge, ambitions, hope, good and evil . . . all was vanished and forgotten in an instant . In seconds, the Hosnian System including its Sun dissapeared and simply vanished from existance leaving just traces of rock and star dust and gravitational forces which were in chaos now .

( . . . )

Altiria/Anarris System

Kalei Dana received the holoprojector from the messenger and quickly called her daughter Aurine to listen to it together . After clicking on the button of start the figure of his son who was taller and more mature appeared in front of them . He beamed with happiness and confidence and his voice was tender and with the most hopeful tone .


I finally did it . The money I'm sending is more than enough to pay off all our debts . Do it immediately and also separate something for the dowry of Aurine . Invest the rest in the store you always wanted so you can have one of the many dreams you have finally realized .

I'll return in some months to finally be reunited as the family we always be . I'll finish some things here in Cardota and then I'll head back to at your side from where I should never have left . I look forward to hug you and kiss you once more .

Kisses to Aurine . Tell her his big bro will bring presents .

I love you two .

Your son and brother Genti . "

- "He's returning!"- shouted Aurine who started to jump and dance all around and then she hugged her mother .

The old woman smiled while crying next to her daughter . His son had saved them and with the money he had sent, they would be able to change their lives forever . However, all that was nothing in comparison with the promise of seeing his beloved son again . Kalei Dana placed the comm in her chest and blessed his son in the distance, waiting anxiously for the day when her son would finally return .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!