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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:46:35 PM

Chapter 7

Hosnian Prime was a very multicultural and vibrant city in the core of the Hosnian system . After the official victory of te New Republic over te Empire, this planet had been chosen as the new site where the Republic would have its new capital . As such, Hosnian Prime became the new center of economy, commerce, education, arts, culture and politics . The planet was always so active that many would see people and vehicle roaming in its entirety all the days and night every day of the year and as you can imagine, the bussiness and clientele were always coming and going . One of those high-end and luxurious restaurants was "Erin's Golden Spoon" and they had gained a good reputation in the capital through years of effort and excellent service to all their customers paying attention to the most minimum details . This night was no different and you could see the staff coming and going with a dignified and professional aura while smiling and attending every client with the best of their abilities . After all, they understood the basic idea that you must serve your clients with your absolute best, otherwise, you could only blame yourself for going out of bussiness . When the doorman took sight of a very luxurious ship coming their way, his instintcs told him that they would have very important VIP's to attend today .

- "Sir"- he said through his intercom- "we have another VIP coming . "

- "I'll be there in a minute"- answered the boss- "remember to give the best of services . "

- "Understood"- he said and immediately he called two assistants to receive the person personally and give time to his boss to appear .

The ship landed in the designated area and soon the doors and stairs lowered down letting the people inside walk to the doorman . It was a couple which consisted in a dignified and refined lady in approximately her sixties but whose features transmitted great wisdom and fortitude . Next to her a young and strong man who was serving as her escort . The doorman and the attendants bowed to the customers and guided them to the entrance where the boss of the establishment was already waiting with a big and sincere smile .

- "Senator"- he said while bowing profoundly and looking at one of his most important clients with joy- "you honor this humble establishment with you presence . . . "

- "Alaster . . . "- said the woman with great eloquence and security- "I have told you many times that this kind of welcoming is just wasted in me . I come here because of your great service but I think everything has a limit . "

- "Our curstomers are the most important"- said Alaster smiling at her with great passion- "but some of them require more attention and you re definitely in that group, Senator . "

- "Hehe . . . You are a sweet talker as usual, Alaster"- she said smiling warmly at the owner of the establishment- "I would like to know if my "friends" have already arrived . "

- "One of them is waiting for you, Senator"- said the owner without prying much on his customers' bussiness which was another reason why this establishment was very popular among politicians and bussinessmen- "Please, permit me to accompany personally . "

- "Thank you for your courtesy, Alaster"- said the Senator following the lead of the boss .

- "No, no"- said he while guiding them- "it is my honor . "

They were taken to the third floor of the establishment which was reserved only for VIP customers who wanted privacy and safety while also the highest class delicacies and service .

- "I'll take my leave here, Senator"- said Alaster with his ever obsequious tone- when you are ready to order, just press the bell and we will attend you with promptness .

The senator nodded and Alaster left the area with the waiters and waitresses that were accompanying him . The escort made sure none was in the area before knocking and opening the door for the senator who thanked him and entered with graceful steps . As soon as she entered she saw her loving and loyal friend sitting down while drinking a cocktail on the table .

- "I'm sorry I'm late"- said the senator changing her way of speaking to a more familiar and casual tone- "I hope you didn't have to wait too much . "

- "We're both old enough to know that some minutes make no difference in comparison with all the years we have lived"- replied her friend with a strong but playful tone- "Also, you know the rules . . . since you came after me . . . the bill is on you . "

- "Oh my . . . "- said the senator pretending to be shocked while looking at the woman in front of him with disdain- "since when have you become such a miser?"

- "Since I have to use every credit against the First Order"- said the other person with a serious tone .

The two women saw each other in silence until they broke in smiles and laughs and got near and hugged each other with great care .

- "It's great to see you, Leia"- said the senator hugging her best friend and feeling a warm emotion in her chest .

- "I'm very happy to see you too, Mon"- said Leia Organa who was sincerely joyful to see her loyal friend and ally Senator Mon Mothma .

The two women separated and saw at each other eyes with the streght of a friendship that only time and difficulties could forge .

- "You did a good job, Taslin"- said Leia looking at the man who had accompanied and protected her friend- "I hope you didn't find any problem on the way here . "

- "Nothing to report, General"- said Taslin Brance who was a major in the Resistance and one of the most competent officers under Leia- "Senator Mothma made the task very easy and I even learned many tricks from her . "

- "Bah! He is exagerating!"- said Mon Mothma smiling at his comment- "did you teach the members of the Resistance how to flatter now?"

- "I wish I could"- said Leia laughing- "God knows we need more charming fellows, but Taslin is a special case . Let's sit down while waiting for the rest . "

They sat down and started to talk about the meeting they will have today and its importance for the future of the Republic .

- "I'm sorry you had to cancel your retirement" said Leia taking Mon's hand and souding really apologetic .

- "You don't have to"- said Mon patting Leia's hand- "we're both born diplomats, Leia and we both know that politics one never really retires and just takes prolongued vacations until he or she finds something new to complain about . "

The three of them laughed and Leia knew she had a good point . She knew that they would probably continue their political careers until the end of their lives .

- Plus- said Mon looking at her friend teasingly- you're the one who started with the now popular trend of politicians returning to the public eye .

- Well, someone had to fight the new threat- said Leia- and since they youngsters were not doing anything I supposed it was up to us to show them how to fight! What were they expecting? That I knitted sweaters while the First Order destroyed everything we had built until now?

- I don't know- said Mon shaking her head- I've heard you do a superb crochet and I still have that shawl you made for me!

- Hah!- said Leia having her cheeks a little red- "if by doing crochet we could defeat the First Order, I'd do sweaters and shawls the whole day . "

- You never change, Leia- said Mon taking a sip of her drink that Taslin had kindly served- and that's a great thing . . . how's Han?"

- "Well . . . Han is Han"- said Leia smiling at the mentioned of her husband- "if I can't stay still in a place, then you can imagine him . . . "

- "Well that's true"- said Mon smiling also while seeing the change in the eyes of Leia when she mentioned Han . Such a sweet look- "I can't really imagine him living a calm retirement . "

- "You can say that again"- Leia said and she looked like a teenager talking about her problematic boyfriend- " I had to tie him down to stay in a place and he would still be on the move . . . he was even happier than me when we decided to start the Resistance . . . it was like watching a kid with a new toy .

- "I'm sure he has been of great help"- said Monfeeling a little jealous of Lei that had such man by her side- "I thought he would oppose your return . "

- "Hah! He knows me better than that"- said Leia showing a proud face- "He know I would have done it even if he didn't want to . . . I respect his decisions so he'd better respect mine . . . "

Leia smiled again like remembering something nice and started to sip her glass again . Mon knew tha Han Solo was the only manwho could deal with Leia and also Leia was the only one who could deal with Han Solo but in the end, after fights and discussions, they would always reach an agreement and they both would respect it . After so many years and experience so many difficulties and happiness together, Mon could not think of a better team to lead the Resistance .

- "But I couldn't have done it without Han and Luke"- said Leia sighing- "they both do their best and I must also do my share, don't you think?"

- "You still don't have news of him?"- asked Mon Mothma with a serious face .

- "Not yet"- said Leia with a sad smile that transmitted her worry- "I know he's in problems but I sense he's still alive . I would know otherwise . "

Luke Skywalker, Mon Mothma still remembered that young boy who had led the Rebel Alliance to victory and she had personally witness his transformation from a typical pilot to a valiant general with misterious powers and skills . Mon Mothma had heard about his dissapearance two years ago and how the First Order had taken advantage of this which showed how much the Resistance depended on Luke .

- "We'll have to wait for news from Poe and Lor San Tekka . . . "

- "I've heard many good things about Poe Dameron"- said Mon trying to change the gloomy environment .

- "He's the best pilot I have after Luke and he's my most trusted aide"- said Leia- "But don't tell Han I said that and no offense Taslin . "

- "None taken, General"- said Taslin smiling- "we all know the capabilities of Captain Dameron . He has proved his worth to all many times . "

- "Ding . . . Senators . . . "- said the voice of Alaster by the intercom inside the private room they were- "your guests have arrived and I will guide them to you . "

- "Thank you, Alaster"- said Leia using her diplomatic tone- "please bring us the special smorgasbord that is so famous . "

- "At once, Senator Organa"- said Alaster who felt very proud and hoored by her words- "It will definitely not dissapoint you . "

- "It's time"- said Leia looking at Mon and they both grinned fearlessly .

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- "Another battle to win . "

- "Just don't be so hard on them!"

- "You should follow your own words . "

- "You're the kind and understanding one and I'm the direct and harsh one, remember?"- said Leia accomodating her clothes one last time .

- "We should change roles one day . "- said Mon Mothma smiling .

- "Not today"- said Leia looking at her with a serious look- "This meeting is too important . "

- "I know"- said Mon Mothma and she also put a serious but courteous face .

After some minutes they could hear the steps coming from outside the door and they even could hear some voices that did not sound very pacific . Leia and Mon just smiled since they knew this would happen and the door was opened revealing four people in which two of them seemed to be very agressive to each other . Leia and Mon stood up and greeted the newcomers .

- "Good evening, Senators"- said she using her typical diplomatic tone which was respectful but not subservient- "it's a pleasure to see that you arrived well . "

- "I'm also very happy to see you well, Senator Organa and Senator Mothma"- said Amilyn Holdo ignoring the other party while showing a bright smile to the other two women . She had come with a female bodyguard who just nodded behind her- "this would be a very joyful situation if not for the presence of certain disgusting people in the room with us . "

- "I greet the two ladies in front of me"- said Senator Ransolm Casterfo who just smiled warmly at Leia and Mon while being impervious to the comments of Holdo- "just ignore the vulgarities of the female next to me . "

- "What did you say?!"- said Holdo whose face showed a great fury and seemed to be about to throw herself at Casterfo in order to kill him . However, the bodyguard of the man advanced in a signal of warning .

- "Senators, please"- said Mon Mothma- "we are here to discuss common ground topics and to enjoy a meal . Please, let's leave our differences and sit down . "

The two senators looked at each other and they sat down with their bodyguards standing behind while remaining alert . Soon after, the servants of the establishment entered and placed many dishes and delicacies in front of the politicians who could not help appreciate the skill and cared the cooks has put on them . Once they had finished serving the food the servants went away reminding them to call them if they needed something .

- "How are the things going in the internal elections?"- asked Mon Mothma enjoying the food in front of her- "I heard that the polls show a very good support to you, Amilyn . "

- "The people recognize the best candidate, Mon"- said Holdo who showed a confident smile- "I am sure that the results will not be surprising for us . "

Amilyn Holdo was a female human that represented the planet Gatalenta and she was a member of the Populist political faction which was one of the two major political forces clashing each other inside the Galactic Senate . Leia and Mon Mothma could be considered also part of the Populist faction but they were more of the right side of it and Holdo could be considered a Far-left Populist which wanted total equality and justice to all races and total independence for all the planets to choose what to do without the intervention of the Senate . Leia disagreed with this since total equality was an absolute impossible taking in consideration that every race and culture was different and force equality would be impossible since they would not even be able to define what "equality" means and Leia knew that the galaxy needed to Senate . If each planet was given total freedom independently from the Senate, it would be millions of people disagreeing instead of thousand of senators disagreeing making the taking of decisions impossible . Also, who would be able to stop local tyrants and maybe a new Emperor rising without the watch of the Galactic Senate .

- "I heard it's not the same for you, Senator Casterfo"- said Holdo looking at the thin, tall, white man with gray hair and cleanly shaven face- "Maybe you would have better results if you let your bigotry and racism behind . "

Ransolm Castesfo was a senator representative of the Planet of Riosa and he was a member of the opposite faction in the Senate which were the Centrist faction which looked for more control over the systems and planets to make the galaxy stronger and who looked for a strong leadership that maximized the results . Leia disagreed with them since they had the same tenets of the dissapeared Empire and as its opposite faction they had radicals inside which were in contact with the First Order but Casterfo had a more mild approach of the Centrist ideas .

- "Hehe, that's funny from a person who hates males and is surrounded by only human females"- said Casterfo smiling without showing any anger- "though I should not surprised such words from an emotional and cringing leftist like you . "

His voice was such that one could have just imagined he had said something nice to her . Leia and Mon Mothma stayed in silence knowing that Holdo had asked for it herself and to be honest, Leia thought the same as Casterfo, Leftists always cry discrimination and bigotry when they could not win by debating and it was them who were like that mostly . Holdo was at loss from words when she heard that and she just took a glass of liquor knowing that if she reacted violently, she would be giving Casterfo the reason .

- "I prefer to be that and not a tyrnant who oppress people"- said Holdo who was incredibly red from fury- "I suppose you still continue with the Empire ways . "

- "Ho! Again you let your emotions blind your reasoning . Didn't Gatalenta get its current development thanks to the Empire economical projects?"- said Casterfo who was a veteran diplomat who always liked a good chance to debate .

- "We got what we are by our own means"- said Holdo with security .

- "But using the legislation and support of the Empire"- said Casterfo looking at Holdo with superiority- "Too bad you have to suffer a decline of 51% in your economy since the fall of the Empire . "

Leia and Mon Mothma smiled but said nothing . They knew it was better to let these two burn their fuel before talking about the main topic of today .

- "Also, order and discipline are not oppression but ways to boost development . I thought you had learnt that after you begged for the Senate to approve a loan to your planet after you defunded yourselves due to stupid social projects that helped none . "

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- "We used that money to help the minorities and oppressed groups . "- defended Holdo- "we have to show generosity if we want results . "

- "And were those results positive?"- asked Casterfo looking at Holdo grinning . She just stayed in silence knowing the results were not good at all- "Uncontrolled generosity only leads to the destruction of economy, which leads to the suffering of the people that have nothing to eat . "

- "Do you prefer to let those poor people die?"- asked Holdo desperately and shocked .

- "The majority will not"- affirmed Casterfo- "people are tougher than you think and they will find a way . . . but if you just give them money for free, they'll get used to it and they will become a weak and useless burden but you should know better of that, right?"

- "We only want that everyone is equal and has the same opportunities . "- said Holdo .

- "That's another way to say that you want certain groups to be pampered"- said Casterfo shaking his head- while you abuse of the real hard working people . In simple words, you make the working class pay for the lazy class that you call oppressed . "

- "I don't care about your opinion"- said Holdo with a horrible face- "I will defend the oppressed even if none else thank me . "

- "Haha!"- Casterfo laughed- "my poor Holdo . . . you speak as if those so called 'opressed' people thanked you for your efforts . . . isn't your government suffering daily protests by the same people you try to help?"

Holdo tried to say something but she could not say a thing . Casterfo had just presented the facts and she could not defend from that .

- "I'll tell you why and it's very simple"- continued Casterfo as if he was talking to a students- "Lazy people are like black holes, no matter how many resources you put on them, it will never be enough . They will always want more and more without a word of gratitude and the day you can't continue, they will attack you and rip you apart trying to get whatever they can from you before you die . "

He started to chew a fruit while letting the ideas he said sink in the environment . Leia could not deny this since she has seen many examples of it .

- "That's why in my system, we follow capitalism and meritocracy"- explain Casterfo with a calm tone- people know that if you work hard and follow the rules, you can prosper and none can stop by law, unless of course you're breaking it in which case you will pay the consequences . If you are lazy, none will help you, why would we? So the majority finds a way to survive and even prosper . Thaks to that our economy is bustling, our crime rates are low and our publicmanagement is improving by the day . Can you tell me the same, Senator Holdo . "

Holdo just stopped talking and it was obvious who was the winner of the exchange . He then vanished his smile and looked at Leia and Mon Mothma who were listening without commenting .

- "It's that same weakness that has infected the New Republic"- he said in a cold tone- "it was because of this that the First Order has been able to grow so much . "

- "I thought you would love to see the First Order thrive"- said Holdo- "since they have similar principles to yours . "

- "And that is why you should do your homework, Holdo"- said Casterfo and they could feel his anger- "the First order represents all the negative aspects that the centrists like me are trying to improve . "

- "The Empire had nothing good!"- said Holdo .

- "Everyone here knows better"- said Casterfo- "As for political philosophy, all we Centrists want is to take a fair look at what aspects of the Empire actually worked . Centralizing power, creating maximum efficiency, binding the worlds of the galaxy closer together . Can you honestly say it did no good whatsoever?"

- "Whatever good came of the Empire came at too high a price . "- said Leia with serious eyes- "should I remind you of all the atrocities the Emperor commiteed, Senator Casterfo?"

- "I agree completely, Senator Organa"-said Casterfo kowing that Leia Organa was a different kind of material than the explosive and easy to beat Holdo so he used a more polite tone with her- "But what if we could achieve some of those same benefits without repeating Palpatine's mistakes? That's what we want . . . but the existance of the First Order just damage our goal and must be eliminated . "

- "Then we agree in the most important"- said Leia who took the opportunity- "which is why we must now hear your opinions about the topic of the next week motion and the next election for the Supreme Counselor in a month . "

- "If you're talking about the motion for decalring the First Order a terrorist organization"- said Casterfo smiling- "then I can assure you, Senator Organa that we are on the same side . "

Leia could not help but smile to this affirmation . This was the reason he had looked for him, Senator Casterfo may be cold and tough but his core was still democratic, a tough democracy but a democracy still . Even if many could dislike his personality and means, none could deny the great social and economical development that was starting to make Riosa bloom and soar in the galactic scene .

- "It's nice to hear that"- said Mon Mothma- "but I would like to know what the opinion is in the majority of your respective factions . "

- "There's some disagreements in my side"- said Holdo who seemed a little shaken- "there are some who say that we are looking for a useless war that will bring unnecessary suffering to the galaxy . But I assure you that the vast majority will vote in favor of the motion . "

- "What about your side, Senator Casterfo?"- asked Leia looking at the diplomat .

- "I can't deny that many systems and planets from my faction admire and even have relationships with the First Order"- admitted Casterfo and Holdo harrumphed- "but I still can assure you a 50% in favor of the motion . Especially after the internal elections in three days . I have a great chance to win and if that happens the umber of votes I can assure you will increase dramatically . "

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- "I've heard Ormes Apolin will be a tough opponent"- said Mon Mothma- "According to my sources he has a very strong backing . "

- "He has a lot of allies, true . . . "- said Casterfo with an annoyed expression after the mention of his political enemy- "but his popularity has fallen after the publishing of the last actions of the First Order . Also, people are starting to hear some rumours about his plan to use the Republic in order to get his personal vendetta . "

- "A vendetta? Agaisnt who?"- asked Leia who had heard these rumours for the first time .

- "The supreme leader of the First Order"- said Casterfo and Mon Mothma immediately looked at Leia .

- "Snoke . . . "- she said and her voice had such hatred that the other people felt a shiver in their backs- "how are they related?"

- Hum . . . according to my sources . . . "-explained Casterfo trying to control himself- "Apollin was supposed to have assumed the leadership of the First Order since he was one of the original founders of the group . . . but then, for some reason, the leadership was taken by Snoke who was someone who had just arrived and entered into the group . Soon after, he abandoned the group and started his political career . "

- "It's no surprise he feels angry at Snoke and the First Order . "- commented Holdo- "He just want to use the Republic for his own means . "

- "I don't personally mind"- said Casterfo winning another disguted look from Holdo- "but he's too careless and he will never be a good leader against the First Order . That's why the next elections are critical . If I'm chosen as their candidate for the next election in a month, not only I will give you more votes for the motion against the First Order, but I will lose the Supreme Chancellor in favor of Mon Mothma . Of course, you will have to abide to you promise of giving my faction a determined quantity of seats in the parlament and ministries . "

- "I assure you I will remember you when that happens, Senator . You have my word . "- said Mon Mothma .

- "Then, I am reassured"- said Casterfo smiling- "We must have both factions equilibrated if we want to maintain stability . "

- "You also have our support, Senator Mothma"- said Holdo- "however, I must ask the same in order to pacify the opposing voices . "

- "You both have my word, too"- said Leia who added a strong tone to her comment- "just deal with your respective factions and make sure the motion passes next week . It's the only way we can defeat the First Order before it's too late . Now let's talk about the specifics . "

After that, the four of them started to discuss the next movements and deals with each faction and how they would act in some specific circunstances and they also signed documents where they accepted the agreements of the meeting . Many hours passed before they finished and Casterfo and Holdo stood up to go . When they finally went . Leia sat down feeling terribly exhausted .

- "Good job"- said Mon Mothma- "it went better than I expected" .

- "Yeah"- said Leia smiling- "with this, we will have the legal tools to stop the First Order . That is of course if none of them decides to change sides at the last minute . "

- "I certainly doubt it"- said Mon smiling at the always cautious Leia- "they have nothing to win by betraying us . They know the opinions about the First Order are going down . They will not risk going down with them . "

- "I hope so . . . "- said Leia and then she saw Taslin touched his intercom and changed his expression to a very worried one .

- "What is it?"- asked Leia .

- "We have received news from Jakku"- said he and passed a holotablet to her where she could see the inform . Leia sighed .

- "Bad news?"- asked Mon looking at the face of Leia .

- "Terrible"- said she and started to type some orders in the tablet she had sending some orders- "Prepare the ship Taslin . "

- "Yes, General"- said Taslin and h immediately went out .

- "Poe and the information are lost in Jakku"- explained Leia to Mon who showed a shocked expression- "the first order attacked during the mission . "

- "Do you have any backup?"- asked Mon .

- "One that is already on the way"- said Leia taking Mon by the arm and goign out the room with her .

- "Is this backup trustworthy?"- Mon Mothma asked and Leia smiled .

- "I don't know if that word applies to him"- said Leia remembering certain moment in the past- "but I assure you that he's a very capable man . "Please download our sponsor's game to support us!