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Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Yun Xi’s Choice

After saving this world from Shaya Longnis’ hands, there were still a great amount of Shaya’s energy, which was extracted out by Casina’s “The Magnificence of Sky Dance”, left in this world . The sailing jellyfishes were using it to rebuild this world .

As a side effect, as the Emperor that was recognized by the god and the world, Yun Xi also got benefits from it .

Infinite spirits of heaven and earth flowed toward Yun Xi and filled his body, but didn’t cause any burden to his body .

One circle of beautiful light after another circle spread out from the place where Yun Xi was standing at, sending ripples across the world .

One Mist Soul girl after another appeared in the ripples and smiled at Yun Xi .

Their originally thin bodies were becoming more and more substantial and beautiful .

As the reward of helping Yun Xi defeat Shaya Longnis, they also obtained the blessing from this world .

All of Yun Xi’s one million brides had obtained the reward .

Especially the Starwing Knights girls, because they were the cores of the Mist Soul Army, they obtained much more benefits than others .


The energy that had returned to their bodies were the purest energy from the source of this world . Only after obtaining the permission from the world’s will, ordinary people could have the luck to absorb this treasure .

Because Hua Yue and Xiao Cao’s help determined the final victory, they obtained the most reward . Their bodies were covered inside with a great amount of the world’s energy and all their mortal natures had been washed away .

They hadn’t reached the hero rank, but their bodies had become more perfect than most hero ranked beings .

To them, there was no barrier that was still barring their way of reaching the hero rank . They would reach this realm naturally in the not too far away future .

“This is… The World!” Yun Xi had become the new core of the Water God’s world . He could clearly see the truth now .

The entire Water God’s world was a large garden building on Hydra’s body .

Hydra’s body was the bedrock . The islands, no matter whether they were big or small, were all Hydra’s heads and scales .

Hydra’s blood were the sea and rivers .

Hydra’s bones were the mountains and ground .

Hydra’s breathing was the source of the mist that was covering the entire world .

This world was transformed from Hydra’s body, this was the reason why Shaya Longnis attacked this world without mercy .

After being judged by the Guardian of the Door, Hydra had to sleep again . Before she closed her eyes, she handed this world over to her most beautiful bride .

From now on, Yun Xi was the master of this world, the White Emperor .

This was the biggest reward from the stars .

As long as he was still in this world, he could gain infinite power from its source, this world . Since he was the highest Apostle and the Water God’s bride .

In this world that was covered by mist, he could summon wind and call for rain .

His Mist Soul Army could build countless wonders in this world . Since they would never die, they would become the most problematic defense to any intruder .

Only if he ordered, the people all over this world would move for him . The Caelian City and the eight new islands would offer him endless energy, and the sailing jellyfishes and butterflies of death would follow his command .

Even if he left this world, the abilities wouldn’t disappear . Hydra was a real god, as Hydra’s bride, Yun Xi could use her power anywhere .

In order to obtain all of them, Yun Xi only needed to do one thing: put the White Emperor Mask on his face .

After the battle with the Sky Sword, the White Emperor Mask had become the token of this world’s master .

If Yun Xi was a common hero ranked person, he would live in this world, just like what Yun Que thought .

As the owner of this world, he could do everything here, enjoying the most comfortable life . At any rate, there wouldn’t be any paradise that was better than this world .

This world had accepted Yun Xi completely . No matter what kind of demand he asked, ridiculous or shameless, the people in this world would do it for him without doubt .

At this moment, a “little devil” was whispering in Yun Xi’s heart .

Stay in this world . This is your paradise, the heaven that could satisfy all of your wishes .

You are the only person that was beloved by the god . Before the Water God wakes up, you are the only avatar of the god in this world!

Whatever you do, you will be forgiven . No people would doubt your will .

If one million brides aren’t enough, you can look for more beautiful girls in this world .

As long as you ask, the world will meet all your requirements .

There wouldn’t be any opportunity that is better than this . Why are you still hesitating?!

“Oh… it really is a paradise!” Yun Xi looked around this world . After suffering this devastating disaster, this world was recovering .

Through the eyes of the sailing jellyfishes, Yun Xi could see all the corners of this world .

Hua Yue and Xiao Cao were still standing at the south pole and north pole of this world . They were absorbing and understanding the rewards they’ve just obtained .

Other Starwing Knights girls were in Caelian .

After returning to the real world, they had retrieved all of their real memories . Looking at the native girls around them, their minds were in a huge mess .

Other Sword Palace disciples were in the wilds . Unfortunately for them, there were a lot of wild animals surrounding them and looking at them with hunger .

The twin witches just arrived at a town being rebuilt . It seemed that they were trying to understand what happened in this brand new world .

Yun Xi’s childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, rushed into Caelian and looked for someone with anxiety .

“Hua Huo…”, Looking at the familiar figure that was running in the streets of Caelian, Yun Xi finally made his decision .