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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 5.3

Published at 29th of September 2018 06:27:30 PM

Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5 Part 3

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The host announced the names of the other actors one by one . Even the lead
actor of the movie, Lu Qing, who had won best actor before, had become a
support actor for Director Gu and Cheng Jiang .  When Ye Qiao went up on stage,
no one was paying much attention to her . She silently passed by Gu Jin .

She kept her face looking straight forward and saw from the corner of her eyes
that Gu Jin was standing right next to Cheng Jiang . Gu Jin even glanced at her .
He wasn’t at ease as he usually was . Was he feeling a bit of guilt?

It was too bad that she didn’t have a chance to take a good look at him .


The host interviewed every actor . It took him ten minutes to do so and a third of
the time was focused on Gu and Cheng Jiang-- --

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“What made you decide to take to the big screen?”

“What made you decide to take such an unconventional role?”

“Why did you choose to work with Director Gu?”


Why? Maybe just because he was Gu Jin .


Ye Qiao stood on the stage listening to Cheng Jiang answering those questions .
Her voice came through the microphone, hurting Ye Qiao’s eardrums: “This time
I’m very honored to be able to work with Director Gu . When I first received the script,
I was deeply moved by the tenacity of ‘Qin Mian’ . But I did hesitate because of the

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unusual subject of the movie……”

Even her voice was enchanting, awe-inspiring enchanted .

The flashing lights, her voice, the whole world seemed to have submerged in a tidal wave .

Ye Qiao became trapped in Cheng Jiang’s voice and began to feel herself drift away
again . She felt the urge to take her pills . She didn’t even notice that the host had turned
to interview Lu Qing, someone she’d always admired .


Until the host mentioned her name: “You and Cheng Jiang have worked together for many
years . In the newly released film, you worked with Ye Qiao which had received great reviews .
This time, do you wish to create new spark with your old partner or do you expect to interact
more with your new partner?”


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Ye Qiao almost instantly glared at Xu Yinshan .

The host’s question was weird and sensitive . It couldn’t possibly be a prepared question;
it was obviously something the host had improvised on the spot . Lu Qing’s answer could
also be expected-- --No one would make Cheng Jiang look bad just for Ye Qiao’s sake .

The host was a close friend of Xu Yinshan and it was obvious who wanted to embarrass
Ye Qiao .

Xu Yinshan gracefully smiled at the lenses aiming at the stage . Ye Qiao however could
smell the insidiousness in her smile .


Were all people in this world like this? Or only the people in this business were like this?
They tried to step on you though the matter really didn’t have anything to do with them .


“Both are excellent actresses who I have had the pleasure to work with . ” After he finished,
Lu Qing took a glance at Ye Qiao . Ye Qiao was sure that he knew what was going on here
because she could see sympathy in his million dollar eyes .

It was very kind of him, as a qianbei who had worked with her before, to give her silent support .

But what she didn’t need was sympathy .


When the host asked her why she took the role in <The Watcher>, her heart clamored for
the satisfaction of tearing all the facade down .

She wanted to be break into pieces and be hated by everyone .

She wanted to stand in front of an oncoming storm and be torn apart against the rocks .

She wanted to say the words expected by everyone-- -- “Because of Gu Jin . ”


But, she was Ye Qiao .

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