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Status Meister - Chapter 11

Published at 14th of March 2016 09:54:57 PM

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Team Fighting

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When I collect the medicinal herb or hunt the rabbit which I found, I put them in my inventory .

「Why do you know, where the medical herbs grow?」

「It’s intuition, Intuition!」

While blushing, I head towards the green points marked ahead in the forest while cheating, a brown creature appeared in the way . Is this a wild boar?

「It’s a wild boar, please be careful as to it can rush at you!」

When I heard that, it started to run at me .

It is surprisingly fast . Well, if it continues, then it will hit Millia .

… . Without even think about it . I jumped in front of Millia, thinking that I had to protect her from the wild boar .


I caught onto the tusk from the front . Then I stabbed it with my knife, and killed it with a single blow . The wild boar fell down with a thud while badly bleeding .

「Catching it from the front . What would you have done if you had been hurt by it?」

「I mean, it was aiming at Millia . Because if it had hurt you, I don’t know what I would have done . 」

She blushed again, I shouldn’t be embarrassed . Furthermore call what to being protected partly due saying, it is the face .  (お、また赤くなった。照れてるなしかも守られたこともあり何も言えないって顔だ。)

「Well! AAAA!」(「で、でも! も! あぁぁーっ!」)

She stomped her foot on the ground . Plus that conceals it is possible to shine, Should no feeling of me that cannot be done though want to be preached by me . Yes, I understood .  (足を地面にダンダンってやってる。照れを隠すプラス、説教したいけどできない感じだなうん、分かってきた。)


「Already . What is it?」

「Embarrassed Millia is also pretty . 」

She turn red, while making her mouth gasp . Did I push her a little too much?

She would get very angry if I start to pet her .

Though I understand Millia, this is not a place that I can be mischievous and I will leave it be for now .

While observing Milia . I check my HP .

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HP: 340 (240+100)

Because I wasn’t able to get hurt .  I wasn’t able to determine somethings?

I finished confirming what I need to know, so when I tried to put away the wild boar into my inventory, a brute’s roar can be heard from the front .


「By any chance… . 」

「Let’s run away for the time being . 」

I pick up the hem of my jersey, and the face of Millia, who said such a thing, turns gray .

I should have put the wild boar that I killed immediately into my inventory because the wolves seems to have been attracted to the smell of wild boar’s blood and seems to be come over here .

I have decided to run for the time being while holding onto Millia’s hands .

I should be able to exit the forest if I run straight forward .

「Hey! I can run by myself, you don’t need to hold onto me . 」

「No, endure it a little because this is faster . 」

Though I am holding her under my arms like a luggage, but I really meant to hold her like a princess in my arms . Because I am holding a knife in the one of my hands, I’m sorry .

Even though I was running at full speed, it seems that I have been already surrounded and also one jumped straight at me .

「KYA! They have caught up . 」


I avoid to the left and cut the side of the wolf with the knife with all my might .

However, there seems to be two more of them waiting and ones again threw themselves at me at the same time .

When they jumped at me, I took a step back, and just like the previous one I cut it’s side .

I turned around and also cut the other one .

When I turned around, I was bitten by it on my left shoulder, but it is only a slight pain .

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It’s okay, but I checked my HP just in case .

HP: 320 (240+100)

I got bitten by that big wolf and it only did about 20 damage? Because it was me, it was alright . But if it was Millia who got bitten then more than 1/4 of her HP would have gone . It may have been an instant death .

I decided that this is bad and began to run immediately, but two more wolves came out from the places that the previous two came from .

Because there is no help it, I changed the direction and started to run the other side .

When I was running for a while, I came across a open space with one big tree .

Not having attacked us while we were running, was the purpose to drive us in here? Indeed, this is what it feels like when you hunt in a group .

I set down Millia near the tree and turn around to confront the wolves .

「What should we do… . well! Shoulder! There is blood coming from your shoulders!」

「Ah, it’s okay . Millia didn’t get injured, right?」

「I am okay . Because I didn’t do anything . 」

「Then it is good . Please don’t move from there . Because I will be concentrating on fight them . 」

Oops . I should have given Millia a weapon or I should have asked if she could use magic .

Is it because of my status is high? I seem to be able to follow the movements of the other party . But I don’t know whether or not I can protect Millia by myself .

Did the wolf get cautious after see me defeat three of their companions with a single blow? Since they have stopped moving a few feet in front of me .

When I counted once again, it seems that there number has increase to seven . This is getting dangerous .

Only one of them is slightly bigger than the rest and it is the only black one . Is he the leader?

If I beat him, the others might run away, as it is not possible to escape right away .

Altogether, it seems there is more than six of them . It will be dangerous if they attack altogether .

I only have to concentrate in front of me because there is a tree in the rear .

However, it is more likely that the wolves will attack at the same time if I give them time to organize . I think that I should be the first to attack them .

I thought about it and ran towards the wolves . In response to it, the wolves divided into two in the right, two in the left and three to the front of me .

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I see . It seems that I am able to predict how they are going to attack?

When I try to either kill from the right or the left, it leaves me open to the wolf from the other side . Then there is the danger of them aiming for Millia . That would be bad .

There is no helping it . All I can do is protect her will also trying to kill them .

This is how you should work together!

I thinks so, and dash towards them .  Then, there are still four of them left and they came running .

I feint and stepped back, in the place where the four sprang upon and moved to the left and killed the closest one .

Having just killed the one which came from the right, I let the other two to bit my left hand and foot deliberately .


Even though I was bitten I was still in good condition!

I stuck the knife into the back of the two that was biting me .

(Is the HP alright?)

HP: 216 (240+100)

Hey, it isn’t as helpless as before, only the leader poses a problem .

Depending on where it was going to attack me? Will determine the difficulty of killing it, as I am getting very tired .

Well, it is good . There are only three dogs remaining .

One of the three wolves slowly moved to the left, while the other moved to the right .

When there is a gap between me and Millia, one of them might try to attack her .

Will, I think so, I take off the jersey and tear it . So that I could wrap it around my left hand and move close towards Millia so that if they try to go after Millia, I could protect her .

So when I saw a good chance at defeating them, I attacked them . This time, all three of them attacked at the same time .

However, because I can see their movement, I start running towards them quickly and let my left hand which is wrap in my jersey, bitten by a wolf . Then I cut the wolf that is in front of me .

And then the wolf that is biting my left hand is stabbed as the last one bits my right foot .

Phew… . I somehow managed it . Is the HP alright?

HP: 104 (240+50)

I seems to be all right .

Feeling at ease I sit down .


Millia jumped into me, while crying .

「Hikku! WAAAA! Why WAA . .  Are you doing something so dangerous . 」

Millia who jumped into me is held with my left hand and as I am petting her head with my right hand .

「Safe, it is safe now . Right?」

「Jiwa! Waaa! Kusun! Kunka!」

Millia continued to cry, she began to sniff while crying for a while, so I placed her on my lap and continued to pet her head .

「I was very scared . Please don’t fight like that anymore . What would I have done if Takashi was eaten…」

「I have been fighting properly? It is alright . Because both of us are alive . 」

Millia is still shivering . She must have been very scared . In addition, she seems to have started to cry .

「That’s not it . No this… . I don’t want to see Takashi keep on getting hurt… Anyways I wasn’t able to do anything . 」

「Did you fall in love?」

After being surprised, she looked down .

「It’s a foul to say such thing at such time . Though it is not that I have falls in love .  yet……  It was good . 」

Did you not fall in love? But this a good time to earn alot of points with Millia . It’s a good feeling .

「I thought that I had more power」

「Because you are still a novice, it’s inevitable . Let’s do our best from now on . 」

So, today was the first day, the party was created .

Our adventure has just begun!

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