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Chapter 1076

The same went for Dina . He could feel the calm in Wang Zheng, something that only the strong were capable of . Besides, he did feel a strange sense of kinship with Wang Zheng . Such a situation was rare . Among humans, they only felt it with Aslan’s Princess Aina . Of course, Her Highness had felt the radiance from the temple and therefore was different .

The Atlanteans’ proactive greeting had given much pressure to the teams, muttering among themselves . They felt like Saruman Snake had emerged from some fissure in the rock . They had not reached where they were in the span of a day .

At least Team Leader Wang Zheng was like that .

How the rest of the team was, Wang Zheng was disinclined to say . There were too many factors at play . If it were single challenge, at this level, there was not much that could stop him in this hall .

This was not arrogance, but confidence accumulated through numerous battles . If he had no confidence after surviving so many close shaves with death, then he was indeed not worthy of mention .

The reason why Earth, and even the Solar System, was unable to keep up with the pace of the great stellar universe was because a moderate path was not suited to the wild and frenzied pace .

Closely following, Aslan’s leader, Lin Feng, brought the Sword Shield Rose Rider battle team in . This captain was composed . He did not much heed those around him . Given his age and maturity, he could not be like a child . SIG’s level was considered low to him . He did not even feel like showing off .

Seeing the Saruman Snake battle team seated smack in the center, he did not comment, but sat down on one side .

Those who had expected the Sword Shield Rose battle team to start something were disappointed .

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“Damn, I thought Aslan would make them give up those seats . ”

“You daft? This is Aslan’s home ground . They’re above such a dishonorable thing, it’s too shallow . ”

“This is so boring . I miss that year’s IG when things were heated . ”

“It was all spoiled kids then . It would be silly to quarrel now . ”

Many of the major teams continued to stream in . Each strong team’s entrance would be greeted by turned heads and stares, as though it was an introduction before the main competition .

When the first row was filled, the venue inexplicably quietened . The awesome aura that the 10 seeded teams emanated was filled with a spiritual confidence . These 10 teams evidently needed to prove they were the best through battle, but had no need to prove they were in the top 10 .

Arbiter’s Soulless battle team leader, Aragorn, appeared unremarkable, with no special features . The entire Zero Degrees battle team was bland and boring . Even at such a relaxed situation, they all looked cut from the same cloth .

The Child of Light battle team indeed “gleamed” . They were sparkling too much . The Mayans’ recent international performance was commendable .

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The Zero Degrees battle team from Hail Cloud Alliance . Ai Zhengyang’s countenance did have some resemblance to Ai Xiaolu, but these similar-looking cousins’ relationship was not that close .

The Darkness Empire’s Dark Knight battle team looked mature . They were slightly older in years . Leader González had begun to build a name for himself in the military world . It looked like the Darkness Empire had ambitions as well .

Here, you could see how foundationally solid the teams were . Those like the Darkness Empire, Versailles Empire, Lya Sphinx had teams with older members . Everyone knew that before the age of 30, the older the stronger . They were headed for the peak, and were not on the decline .

But the strongest countries rarely wasted their energy worrying about these competitions, which again demonstrated their foundation .

On a closer look, Saruman Snake’s average age was the lowest out of the top 10 .

Because they had no overage or close-to-overage members . All four Elite Academy X teams were the same, at about 20 years old, give or take one or two years . Everything else aside, Elite Academy X was ahead of other schools in this regard .

It could be a point of discussion before the competition . On the battlefield, strength spoke loudest; otherwise, one would just be a braggart .

When all the members were present, Si Jiali walked up . As the student council chairperson of Aslan’s Royal College, she was also the one who would receive all the attention . One has to know that the student council chairperson would without exception become a bridge in Aslan, although she might not seem so now .

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“Greetings, everyone . I am Si Jiali, and I welcome all you military school elites from all over the universe to this iteration of SIG, organized by Aslan . Actually, I’ve been observing all of you sneakily from the start . There are a lot of hunks . Clearly, you could earn a living with your faces alone, but you decided to conquer the world instead,” Si Jiali said . Immediately, there was laughter . The razor-sharp atmosphere in the room softened in a flash .

In such a gathering of might, the atmosphere was extremely stiff . But it did not have to be this way, since the competition had not even started yet .

Of course, Si Jiali also knew that this was not her stage, and she did not prolong the issue . “And now please welcome General Akerlof from the Milky Way Alliance Command Division to introduce the competition proceedings in detail . ”

Lieutenant General Akerlof walked to the middle of the podium and surveyed them . The general’s expression was more solemn, and he had no intention of engaging in banter . “The preliminaries will be divided into five groups and carried out simultaneously . The groupings and matchups will be sent out to your Skylinks . Each group will have two seeded teams . The preliminaries are in an elimination format . The loser will be directly eliminated . Each of your teams carry with you the hopes of your country and school . I hope that everyone can do their best and have no regrets . ”

Lieutenant General Akerlof said no more . The entire process had been brief, with no mention of what was to come . It meant that if you could not pass the preliminaries, you could arrange passage back . The first phase was a filter, and very important to each team and individual .

What remained was for Si Jiali to introduce the competition period . The Royal College’s reception for them, as well as the way to use the public facilities . Of course, a copy would be disseminated through the Skylink, but as the host, the Royal College would still give their best .

But a majority of the members were ignoring all this, because everyone was caught up with the groupings . Of course, the important thing was their first opponent .

Because there were many teams in the preliminaries, a simulated environment was used . Another reason was that the ability gap might be too fearsome in the preliminary stages, and unnecessary deaths could be avoided .

In the past, another reason SIG had no real value was because ability did not develop uniformly . This period was when one’s ability underwent changes .

Although the 10 seeded teams were strong, none of the top 50 teams were no easy meat . Although the Asura battle team was not in the top 10, there were two Earth-rank warriors there – who would dare to call them weak?

And Arbiter, Manalasuo, and other teams from superpower countries . Matching against them would be one’s luck .

It also depended on each team’s state of mind . Those with a good attitude treated it as a learning experience . Facing against strong teams was not a bad experience, and to be able to stand on the same stage as them was a once-in-a-lifetime experience .

Those with a sour attitudes went without saying . Before too long, everyone’s Skylinks were going off . The groupings were secondary . The key was the first match up, which was important to every team .

After it was over, some were celebrating, while others were commiserating .