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Published at 26th of March 2020 09:40:06 AM

Chapter 1388: 1388

Chapter 1388: The Importance of Strength

Lan Ling and Ye Zisu nearly broke down when they saw this scene . They were girls after all . The others couldn’t speak either . Time seemed to have stopped . The beam was coming towards them . This was the last phase . Masdar and the rest had met with many such situations, so they knew how strong the super warriors were with their last struggle . However, Wang Zheng had no chance .

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The meteorite blast hit the Shiny Crystal Mech squarely, sending a sound wave horizontally . The four super warriors flew off on the impact . Everything turned white .

After a while, Mu Sen and the rest had their visions restored . A gaping, black hole showed up on the screen . Nothing was left, the super warriors had disappeared as well .

Haddis sucked his cigar in space . This was something good from Earth . It felt good to see the Crystal Mech being destroyed . Haddis knew victory was near .

“Get all the land troops ready, all out attack in five hours . I want to be in the governor’s house by tomorrow night!” Haddis bellowed .

The strength of a person was really small in the face of a country . Tita was now just an empty shell after losing their pillar of support and faith . It would crumble with time . Wang Zheng had given him quite a bit of trouble, but he finally got rid of him .

Yang Fan and Woolf couldn’t say much . Wang Zheng was the miracle of the era in Elite Academy X . He had managed to get through all obstacles there, but was killed the very first time he appeared in a real battle .

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The weakness of a person was fully exposed when a country wanted to deal with them . Yang Fan and the rest settled their feelings quickly . Warriors weren’t required to have feelings . This process would pass real fast anyway, and killing indiscriminately would make anyone forget . They only hoped that the Titans knew what was best for themselves and surrendered quickly .

The main countries of the Milky Way Alliance had either dispatched their troops or were already in battle . However, none of this seemed to be happening in Atlantis . Unlike Tita in the pits of a fiery hell, Atlantis was still beautiful . That was why it was important for a nation to be strong .

Princess Xin Yue smiled happily in the bright and magnificent hall . It was the first time her birthday party was so lively . Previously, the Milky Way Alliance only knew the two princesses from Aslan, everyone else were sidekicks . Today, however, Princess Xin Yue was everyone’s target . She had reached a suitable age for marriage and would search for a suitable partner amongst the human countries according to past practices . Whoever married the Princess would be able to obtain a powerful ally . No one would dare to provoke Atlantis .

None of the countries were going to let this chance slip by . They could discuss cooperation even if they weren’t successful for the marriage . Atlantis would probably be open at such a time as well . They probably wouldn’t be inflexible and stubborn, to be fixated only on Aslan .

“Your Highness, happy birthday . ”

A middle-aged woman came into Princess Xin Yue’s view . She had an exquisite look and slightly raised eyebrows, typical of the Federal Republic of Manalasuo . It was time to present their gifts . Many were also waiting for an opportunity behind her .

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Princess Xin Yue personally received Lady Manalasuo’s gift and thanked her . “Madam Buluo, thank you for coming, I’m honored by your presence . ”

The lady was surprised and happy to hear the Princess address her by her name and wanted to have a chat with the Princess . However, the proud lady from Mayan Empire tutted impatiently, the decorative crystals on her clothes colliding, hurrying her along . The lady said a few words of blessings and backed away, all smiles .

Prince Hao Lin smiled as he watched his sister deal with these ladies . He didn’t need to entertain them this year . In previous years, he had entertained them for all sorts of diplomatic acts . That feeling wasn’t good at all . The little prince possessed wisdom and calmness that didn’t match his age .

“Her Majesty the Queen is here!”

The ball reached its climax with the announcement . Princess Xin Yue was no longer the main attraction of the ball . It had now transformed into an arena for political battles . Everyone put forth their best foot in front of the Queen . This was a real performance . You would win as long as you could discern the attitude and intentions of the other countries, including Atlantis .

That was especially true with Aslan in this state .

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Everyone wouldn’t need to put so much effort if Kashawen were still alive . Aslan was more reliable than Arbiter in many ways . They set the rules when they were strong and they were the ones who stuck by the rules they made themselves .

The situation was different now . The Prime Minister had been assassinated and their fleet was defeated . The new Queen, Aina, had obtained the unanimous approval from Aslan through her outstanding performance . It was, however, difficult for the rest to acknowledge her abilities internationally due to her tender age . Could she turn the situation around?

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse . No one dared to put Aslan down, but the international situation was changing . There were all sorts of chances . The attitude of the Atlanteans would determine the thoughts of many . They were one force that the future could not do without .

However, to the Atlantis Empire, their peace wasn’t a declaration of their neutrality . There were countless turbulent undercurrents hidden beneath the quiet lake . Secrecy was necessary before any plan was revealed .

No one noticed Prince Hao Lin disappearing from the ball since the Queen and Princess Xin Yue attracted all the attention .

Hao Lin smiled at a middle-aged man in Aslan’s army uniform . “General Lin Yi, apologies that I’m the one entertaining you . ”

“I didn’t come at a very appropriate time . ” Lin Yi smiled as he replied . It was obvious that he had chosen to come to Atlantis at this time on purpose . They could not be more careful now . It seemed like Atlantis wouldn’t choose Aslan even if there was a political marriage this time . However, they could not allow the party to be against Aslan . Lin Yi came with this mission in mind .

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