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Chapter 148

"The children all sped up . "

"I thought they had no ambition . "

"These little guys are more mature than we were . "

When the three generals were young, they were also high-spirited and wanted to dominate the world . They were really brilliant, but ultimately they did not break through the scope of the solar system . Instead, they had experienced a variety of things . Richness and power, vanity and grudges . To this age, the dreams of these old men had in their youth were the most sincere . Since they could no longer do so, they wanted their inheritors to be able to complete them .

Rush ahead at full speed!

Taros accelerated . Victory was so close!

Achilles accelerated . The Sun God's self-confidence was clear . Although he had fallen behind a little, he could still get first place . His top speed was truly amazing .

Lie Xin still looked tender and beautiful, it did not look like she had been struggling for an entire day and night . She too was running forward at full speed .

Lear also sped up . He was very fast, but with his current speed, it seemed as though he wouldn't catch up .

The only one behind them was Raston . Raston's plan was very simple . He was not the fastest, so even if he accelerated, he wouldn't be able to be first .

In the first group, Titan's Stocker also began to accelerate and his extreme speed in the water allowed him to maintain his lead . His goal was to reach the top five . As long as he could get the position of a reserve captain, he could be famous .

Suddenly, a wind blew and stirred the surrounding trees . . . it seemed like something had passed through .

F*ck, were there ghosts around?

In the dark there were ghosts coming and going?

Stocker trembled and moved forward even quicker . Wang Zheng had rushed forward by tens of meters, and was only running faster . Wang Zheng's movement was indeed ghostly, the surrounding trees were the tool for his long distance jumps from time to time, allowing him to constantly advance quickly .

At this time, Wang Zheng felt that his body was finally in a state of recovery . The first stage of fatigue begin to pass by with the accelerated activity . His body's heat was rising; the feeling was very comfortable and felt invigorating .

Although this was just a man-made satellite, it had formed a small cycle of nature, quite like the that on Earth . Wang Zheng could feel that his surroundings were becoming more and more clear and the darkness was disappearing, and it had little impact on him .

While the other people were obstructed in the dark environment, the speed of Wang Zheng only increased .

The Five Elements . Now that Wang Zheng remembered, he had actually heard it from his father a long time ago . He said that the five elements of the body are the same as the building blocks of the universe as the universe too had only these five elements . In fact, there were many different understandings about this, but he admired this explanation . At that point, Wang Zheng refuted it . This classification was not appropriate . Although there was a sea on Earth, it did not exist on a lot of other planets, but his father did not explain why . Now Wang Zheng understood, this was not the literal meaning .

The Five Elements were spiritual and not to be taken in a literal sense .

Taros was shocked because his record of the fastest lap was broken . In fact there was a madman who was catching up crazily .

Who was it?

The abnormal Lear?


Not likely, these two men should be always following behind him . There was someone who could run so fast in this bunch of people?

Not only that, although this person just increased his speed, he was being followed by another person who was also abnormally fast .

Who was it this time?

Taros also started using his full strength . If he got overtaken at the last point, it would be like getting up early but coming to work late, something just too shameful .

At this time, a lot of people felt their power awakening . The more they exerted their physical strength, the more power was grasped from their potential in their genes . When it was almost time for completion, their power would invariably break out .

Burst strength differed from person to person .

Luo Fei was in the top ten . The Fatty had just refreshed the record for fastest lap, but it did not take long for it to be broken . Which crazy man was running so fast?

And that person was much faster than him .

Wang Zheng became faster and faster . Although his body was dashing toward the front, his whole body had entered an ethereal state . Even he himself did not expect this . He had only reached this realm in his dreams .

While dashing, he became one with nature, feeling the vitality of life and the power of nature . The stress from fatigue and from the increased speed which had been accumulated had been released! It was like his spirit had suddenly been released . The experience from some time ago had also helped boost his understanding . The Five Elements were like five invisible naughty wizards dominating the world . In the past, he could only feel their presence, but now Wang Zheng seemed to be able to "see" them . Wang Zheng understood that he had taken a step forward towards an improvement in his understanding .

Unfortunately, the space city was too small . The cycle of nature was not complete and he could not understand the elements completely . However, Earth was too large and that too posed a problem . It seemed as though it might not be so easy to form a complete understanding of the elements .

Wang Zheng did not know the uproar which his swift speed had brought about .

"Damn, who is this? Is he mad? What 's that speed? Is this guy driving a car?"

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"I didn't know that there was such a master hidden in this group . Isn't he tired?"

Not only the general students noticed this, but Lear and the others also noted that person's performance .

Achilles was a little surprised . It seemed that he had underestimated this group of

participants . There truly were crouching tigers and hidden dragons . Things were getting interesting .

Lear got a little surprised for a moment . A figure emerged in his heart and his mouth

had a trace of a meaningful smile . He was planning to accelerate, but he suddenly decided against it .

Stocker clenched his teeth . He wanted to keep his position . He had come to this point, so how could he give up now?

Fatty Fei also ran about wildly . He was not afraid of losing face for himself, but he could not lose face for Lear . This was Fatty's dignity . Anyone could look down on him, but he couldn't let Lear look down on him .

A flying Fatty was dashing forward . His footwork was not much worse than Wang Zheng's . When he was running, he used both his hands and feet . It seemed like he didn't have formal training, so it was done entirely by his instincts . Although it was wild, it was extremely coordinated .

Now that it was the last moment, many people had shown their real abilities .

Zhang Shan and others looked at the map and the sudden change of speed of the numerous dots on it, while laughing and crying . "This shouldn't be called IG training, they should call it a monster training camp . "

Zhang Shan had been really discouraged once, but that feeling had passed . Since he had persisted this far, he really felt that he could hold up even in the face of even more difficult training . Having such a result from only a few months of formal training, he believed he had been able to live up to the expectations of his own teammates .

Wang Zheng was just too fearsome .

Just as he thought this, he felt movement behind him . Wang Zheng had appeared .

"Really? I have been lapped already?"

Wang Zheng waved his hand and rushed past . The three people looked at each other with confusion .

Meng Tian's eyes showed a trace of admiration and a little confusion . His melee combat strength was very strong, his physical strength was also very good; didn't he just go through basic training? He heard Ye Zisu say that he just practiced by his own, but how could general practice push him this far?

"I think Wang Zheng should be the captain," Zhang Runan said .

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"So do I . "

"I agree too!"

In the first stage, under the leadership of Wang Zheng, when the conditions were not ideal for everyone, they still successfully killed the Queen Zerg . Although they all felt lucky, every step was stable . Where did luck come into play?

And in the distribution of personnel, everyone had played to their own strengths so that they could complete the task with no damage to themselves .

In the eyes of others, it seemed like luck, but wasn't it their strength? Just because Wang Zheng was not famous…

"We should also speed up . We can't lose face for the captain," Zhang Shan said .

"No problem for us, are you okay?" Zhang Runan asked .

"What a joke, you asked if a man was okay!"

Taking big steps, Student Zhang ran forward .

Another hour had passed and the sun began to rise . Yet at this moment the strongest wave of people had begun to gather . There was no more than one lap left . The horns of the final decisive battle had sounded .

First were Taros and Achilles . There was not much distance between the two .

The third was Lie Xin and the fourth was . . . . . . Luo Fei . This little fatty had even jumped up to fourth place, which was probably something no one had even imagined .

Dong Xiaosa and those people, when they saw Fatty, they only thought going through their minds was that he was being lapped again .

The fifth was Stocker . The swimming part was very time and strength consuming . At the same time this was the biggest advantage Stocker had as he could swim fast and had high endurance .

The sixth was Lear . Lear . . . No one knew what he was thinking . You could see he was not exerting himself, but didn't he want to be a captain?

The seventh was Pi Xiaoxiu . During the final stage of the sprint, he was the fastest among the Eight Stars

Although the other people's speed was not slow, the strength of the Moon still placed

them as the first group .

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Eighth was Raston despite the fact that he was not good at running . After all, his strength was his forte .

The ninth was Lin Ruofeng, the 2nd strongest among the Martians . He looked weak,

unlike most Martians, but he had a good foundation .

The tenth was Wang Zheng . Student Wang had surprisingly gotten into the top ten . Although he had fallen behind by a lot since the start, his speed was amazing and he was catching up . While the others were slowing down in the dark, he was accelerating .

The first group had entered the final fight .

One more swim through the water and then a short sprint on land would lead to the finish line . At the finish line, Meng Ao and the others were waiting .

At this moment, it was clear that it was more meaningful to witness the scene personally .

The three generals also started betting amongst themselves . Lie Wuqing and Drachmach, of course, bet on their own people that they would win . Only Meng Ao felt depressed . Lear did not have the intention to fight . Hence had nothing to say, and he could only be quiet .

Achilles had caught up with Taros . Taros clenched his teeth . "This damn kid, couldn't he just lose for once . . "

"Achilles, this time, I will defeat you!"

"Haha, can you even defeat me?" Achilles was always so confident . He had never been afraid to challenge anyone . He welcomed any strong challengers .

Taros was angry indeed . Although the five people were equally famous, in Academy X, no one had ever defeated Achilles . Otherwise, this guy would not have gotten the title of the Sun God . Taros could not stand this overly arrogant guy . It was as if he was born to be superior .

"If we compare our sheer speed, you are not as good as me . Do you dare to bet against me?" Taros said .

"No problem . What do you want to bet with?"

"Whoever loses will quit the competition and support the other," Taros said .

"Then you can wait to be my subordinate . " Achilles laughed and instantly passed by Taros with a person's width distance between them

The madmen began to show their madness . Taros followed Achilles closely, but the distance didn't close .