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Chapter 206: Emotional Strength

Brothers Net Café . Wang Zheng was dragged there once again by Yan Xiaosu . There were such facilities in the club, but Yan Xiaosu was not interested in going there . He preferred places with more people as it would be livelier, and he was also more familiar with the people at Brothers Net Café .

Recently, Yan Xiaosu got addicted to using the Jungle Scamper . He had used his own ability and climbed up to the Silver rank . Soon he would be able to compete for a promotion to the Gold rank .

It was a completely different feeling from being carried by someone else . He would get looks of awe from his teammates whenever he hit his opponents .

The most important thing was that whenever the match began, his teammates would feel like going AFK the moment he picked the Jungle Scamper . Proving them wrong after the match was an unrivaled feeling .

These days, nine out of ten Jungle Scampers performed terribly, but Yan Xiaosu was part of the remaining one out of ten that actually did well .

Yan Xiaosu's CT friend list had a quite a few good players, and a bunch of them had carried him before . Now Yan Xiaosu was good enough to carry them instead .

Yan Xiaosu's overall win rate was only around 40%, but his win rate using the Jungle Scamper was 80% .

Even if the battle was a loss, he would be the last one to die . That gave people a feeling that he was wretched, incomparably wretched!

When Wang Zheng and Ella used the Jungle Scamper, it was to continually suppress the enemy while using a retreating strategy . But it was different for Yan Xiaosu . His use of it could only be described as wretched . He did everything possible to be a hidden sniper . Sometimes the opponents even tried to deliberately bait him out, but he would not be fooled . He always adhered to the rule of "safety first", so they had no way to deal with him .

Also, Yan Xiaosu only played on terrains that suited the Jungle Scamper .

Hearing Yan Xiaosu laughing on the other side, Wang Zheng could not help it and started laughing too . Wang Zheng was not interested in combat when there were no suitable opponents .

Instead, he looked at the mecha in his library and the most recent news .

Xiao Fei's reputation had grown recently . He had originally planned to spend time on her subject during the holidays, but sadly he could not find the time for it .

There were invitations from all over the galaxy, one after another, at different times . Many of the schools did not have holidays, but there were invitations from the National Academy of Sciences and the Federal Academy of the Solar System . It would not be wise to reject these invitations .

Xiao Fei had become successful this time . Additionally, she had suddenly become the winner of the Milky Way Alliance's Nobel prize for physics . Dong Xuewu no longer had a chance to beat her . The only comparable award was the best contribution award, which was also one of the biggest awards as well as the biggest honor a scientist could have . Her competitor was Mu Fengchun, who had also made large contributions in mathematics and its relevant fields .

On the familiarization of the mecha, Zhuo Mu had no way to help . They could borrow the CT system to achieve a certain degree of understanding . If the conditions had been ideal, he would hope that Wang Zheng and the others would have been able to familiarize themselves with all the mecha available . To both know oneself as well as the opponent would allow them to be unbeatable . But then again, reality was not so kind .

To a professional soldier like Zhuo Mu, the CT system was only able to provide at best 10% of the actual feeling of piloting a mech . But this was the best they could do under current circumstances, and some form of information was better than none .

In fact, the simpler a mech was, the better it would be as a form of reference . In contrast, the more advanced the mech was, the less likely it would be useful as reference due to it being too specialised . Even if the functions were similar, the pilots needed to understand the performance of the mech as well as how it actually operated . The CT versions were overly simplified .

Furthermore, the more advanced the mech, the more difficult it was to pilot it . This was true not only for the Atlantis mech .

Wang Zheng went through the data that Chen Xiu sent him while looking for some suitable combat videos . If a video made it onto the list, it had to contain something of value .

Mankind's potential was unlimited . Once a suitable mech was found, its potential could be maximized through the one's power as well as imagination . In fact, Wang Zheng knew that he could use anything, but his powers of imagination were next to nothing .

But this was his own personal assessment . If Yan Xiaosu had heard this, he would have farted in protest .

How could the theory of transcendence be so simple?

Was this the thinking of someone who would go against the entire galaxy?

It was simple to Tyrant Su . As long as he had a bit of light, he felt like he was the sun .

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After watching for a while, Wang Zheng heard his mailbox notification ring . He initially thought that it was Chen Xiu and the others, but he found out that it was Xie Yuxin .

"That rascal, I thought he had forgotten about me already!"

Wang Zheng opened the mail and was totally stunned .

He had been pondering this question for a long time . Even the people around him had no answer to it . And suddenly, someone sent him the answer he had been looking for . This sort of feeling was impossible to describe .

"This is my personal understanding on what Ability X is . It may not be totally accurate . I hope this will be of help to you, Wang Zheng . Also, please don't let Yan Xiaosu be lazy . I hope that next time we meet up, I will have made great achievements and will be leading a wonderful life!"

Xie Yuxin still spoke so blandly . Wang Zheng had never seen him be anything more than ambivalent . Everyone had their own goals, what was Xie Yuxin's?

Wang Zheng did not know himself, but one thing was for sure: this rascal had made it big . He was actually able to have a premonition of the direction his own goals would take him .

If this guy were a lady, he would be a very pleasant person .

With regards to technology and training, Wang Zheng felt confident and was not worried about his opponents . But Bonehead's training emphasized understanding the unknown . In the era of Ability X, even if they were not prepared for it, they had to understand it at the very least, or else the level of uncertainty in combat was too high .

Xie Yuxin's familiar face appeared . "Wang Zheng, I do not know why your genetic score is so low . But according to my Ability X, you and Xiaosu's life forces are very strong . I guess it is just a problem of awakening it . "

Wang Zheng laughed bitterly . His chances should be quite good, as he was able to complete the Rubik's Cube as well as endure such torturous training . Under these conditions, why hadn't his Ability X awakened yet?

Ever since the cultivation of the Five Elements, Wang Zheng felt that he had gotten closer to achieving his Ability X . There were other aspects that he had gotten stronger in, but he had yet to break through .

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Xie Yuxin wrote the latter part in words . It could be seen that he was trying to put his interpretation into words . These were just some of his insights and not the absolute truth . He hoped that it would provide a reference for Wang Zheng, or perhaps even enlighten him .

Technically, Ability X was the power contained in each person's DNA . It might look incredible, but it was not really all that mysterious . It was just that humans were too dependent on machinery, and this caused their powers to gradually fade away . This was in contrast to the Zerg, which had relied entirely on genetic power, the exact opposite of what the humans did .

But just as human science and technology had reached a certain degree in forcing this ability to manifest, this genetic power had undergone a dramatic change .  A mutation occurred and it had created problems in human genetics .

It was a situation that could potentially wipe out mankind . Later on, at the highest level conferences of the Solar System Federation, this development was stopped and mankind returned to the old path .

However, with the steady development of science and technology as well as the slow rise of genetic technology, humanity's pursuit of physical health and longevity would be impossible to stop . The control of genetic technology was slowly loosened . After all, with the last experience, the technology of forced change had been completely banned, but it did not prevent the gradual improvement of human genetics

This natural evolution of adaptation would contain a certain rate of elimination . Some humans would awaken their powers, while some would not . But the awakened humans had obtained this power naturally and would not suffer any backlash .

It has to be acknowledged that Atlantis provided a lot of help in this regard . This allowed humans to have a better understanding of it .

Many scientists and professionals had done research in this area . The citizens of Atlantis possessed strong personal power . It would be an exaggeration to consider them super soldiers, but their average power level was very high . They were a race that possessed both strength and intelligence, but they worshipped God . They also had complete control over their desire to expand . This was very strange as it seemed to go against common human motivations .

The current explanation was that they were able to control themselves from expanding rampantly, hence preventing themselves from spreading themselves too thin, weakening, and eventually destroying themselves .

If one chose to expand rampantly, it would inevitably lead to catastrophe .

Humans were strong, but they relied on their tools . Once they left their tools behind, they were no longer as threatening . This also had the effect of allowing the humans to remain relatively peaceful . But even so, ambition could be formidable . Just looking at the expansion of the Milky Way, one could see the reason why .

The people of Atlantis had a sense of sentimental attachment to their history, and through various channels, humans had come to an understanding of it . They had once expanded but suffered a heavy blow and finally returned to a calm and sustainable pace of living .

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This present system could never have been formed overnight .

Humans were the smartest . To maintain strong ambition as well as strength at the same time while also maintaining the steady development of the entire nation, a balanced approach was by far the best choice .

Looking from the history of human development, the humans did not lack time or patience .

Even if it could not be done in a generation, they could take two generations or even ten generations . As long as they had a goal, that was sufficient to them .

The Ability X in humans gradually matured over time, and genetic adjustment had a gradual effect on it . A small number of humans changed and gradually began to transcend their limitations .

After all, humans did not want to end up becoming the monsters that science fiction predicted . These were creatures that were brains in vats .

The body must not be allowed to weaken .

Ability X was popularly regarded to be akin to the power of an animal . Such as Zhang Runan's power, which was akin to having the strength of a bear . It was naturally powerful regardless of one's musculature . .

Besides, there were other abilities, such as the perception of danger and the ability to breathe underwater . These were present in the biological genetic chain, but they were either dormant or disappearing over time . It was only now that these abilities had begun to awaken .

Currently, humans were vaccinated when they were born . In addition to disease prevention, these vaccines provided an opportunity and in some cases were the main trigger to awaken their latent abilities . Some people would not see a reaction in their lifetimes, but they would be able to pass on any subtle changes to the next generation, improving their chances of success .

In essence, everyone had a chance of awakening .

Thus, Xie Yuxin thought that in order to awaken one's Ability X, one must first believe in it . Human's powers had always come from an eruption of emotions .