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Chapter 329: Enthusiastic Aslanian Girl

Wang Zheng really did not expect something so small to cause so much worry for the people around him . The moment Ye Zisu saw Wang Zheng, she inspected him from head to toe, and she was only relieved when she made sure he was OK .

Standing beside them, Chi Muye's jaw dropped wide open while staring at Ye Zisu . "I'm Wang Zheng's best friend on Aslan . Student Zisu, right? If you encounter any issues on Aslan, feel free to come to me . I am known as the renowned Maca Tiger . There's nothing I can't do . "

In an instant, Chi Muye had turned into a chivalrous person . "So there are pretty girls on Earth too . "

Wang Zheng was between laughter and tears . "What are you saying? Did you really think Earth was some sort of primitive world?"

Ye Zisu couldn't help but giggle . "I only found out when I came to Aslan too that the outside world had so many misunderstandings about Earth . "

"It's actually just a lack of understanding . Zisu, seems like there is a need for us to help everybody understand Earth better . " Wang Zheng's eyes glimmered . Going through all these events did not bring him down . Instead, it riled him up .

The more this was the case, the more they had to put up a fight .

"Big Brother's raising the flag? Of course Zisu will follow with all her heart!" Zisu felt the same . As an Earthling, she would never back down .

"Alright, alright, since we are all fated, let me buy you all a meal . Let's celebrate Wang Zheng getting out of trouble!" Chi Muye chuckled .

Ye Zisu was one hundred percent confident in Wang Zheng's capabilities . After all, she was the heir of OMG and had been well versed with society's structure of power since young . Fighting for Earthlings in Aslan Royal College was not something that could be done with one's capabilities alone .

Sometimes, Ye Zisu felt useless . In times like this, there were too few things that she could do, while for Lin Huiyin, some things could be easily resolved with just one line .

"Zisu, here . " Not far away, a girl in a flowy, long dress waved at Zisu .

Zisu smiled . "Big Brother, this is my friend, Bi Yuyan . She majors in mech research and design, and she has helped me a lot in the past few days . "

Bi Yuyan was very tall . A typical Aslanian . Very enthusiastic . "Wang Zheng, nice to finally meet you . I've heard from Zisu that she has a really outstanding big brother . "

"Heh . You must be disappointed . Zisu, don't praise your own family," said Wang Zheng . "Chi Muye, my friend . "

"I know . The Know-it-All of the Physics Department . It's said that you have a way to resolve anything . " Bi Yuyan chuckled .

"Well, well . It's my honor to be of everyone's service . If you pretty ladies have any problems, feel free to come to me . I will do my best, even give you my life . " Chi Muye gleamed upon seeing two pretty girls . He did not bring up anything about rewards . "I'll buy all of you a meal today . We've travelled millions of miles to become friends . "

Bi Yuyan smiled and nodded . She took Ye Zisu by the arm and said, "Since someone's treating, let's not stand on courtesy . "

Bi Yuyan was the type who was pleasing to the eyes . The first glance at her probably made people feel comfortable, and the more you looked, the better-looking she appeared . She had a classic air of elegance, a good personality, and a very sincere smile .

It could be seen that the Maca Tiger was rather eligible . He had put in a good deal of money to treat them too classy tea with snacks . It was an expensive meal and was incomparable to the free food they got .

It has to be said that news travelled fast . Everybody knew the thing about Klimton being banished, but from they way they spoke, it seemed that the Aslanians did not care much for that person . Klimton was a typical bully, and it was a wonder how people like him could stay in school for so long .

"In the future, if you have any problems, feel free to come to me . Not big problems perhaps, but I can handle small problems . "

"Yuyan is a committee member of the Student Union and also a member of the Aslan Discipline Committee . Actually, for things like that, just go straight to the Discipline Committee and they will handle it right away," said Ye Zisu .

Wang Zheng did not comment . He did not have the habit of relying on others . Moreover, waiting for backup to arrive in emergencies? He'd be beaten into a pulp by then .

"Can't tell that you are rather skillful . Klimton's two lackies may be ordinary members in the Kendo Society, they've learned a thing or two," Bi Yuyan asked with curiosity .

"I train a little in close-quarters combat sometimes . It's a personal interest of mine . " Wang Zheng took a sip of the expensive black tea . It was a pity that the taste was pretty much average . Chi Muye, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying it very much .

"Oh, really? Then you're in luck . Aslan values close-quarters combat skills very much . We have very specific categories, like Kendo, Judo, Ultimate, and so on . It's of the best quality in the whole Milky Way . If you have time, you should try it . You'd learn a lot . "

Wang Zheng smiled . He had . . . zero interest in these things . Compared to the martial arts he learned in the Rubik's cube, these were all nothing . They were too easy .

Bi Yuyan had an eye for detail . She seemed to notice the insipid look in Wang Zheng's eyes, but she did not expose him for it . She remained enthusiastic . "It's harder to get into a society, but if you're interested in any of them, I can help you to resolve the membership issues . "

Bi Yuyan was doing this for Ye Zisu . It was the first time she had met such a talented friend whom she got along well with . She only regretted the fact that they met so late .

This was Ye Zisu's big brother . A big brother who seemingly caused plenty of worry . Bi Yuyan wanted to make Wang Zheng stay in his lane and not cause Ye Zisu any trouble . When something happened, Ye Zisu immediately put aside everything she was doing and rushed over immediately .

"Sure . " Wang Zheng felt that she was being overly enthusiastic .

"Yuyan, I've heard that there's plenty of pretty girls in the Aslan Discipline Committee . Could you introduce some of them to me?" Chi Muye finally said something . And he cut right to the chase .

Bi Yuyan smiled . "Of course . You've come to the right person . I have a few close friends who are still single . They don't like how boring Aslanian men are either . "

She glanced at Wang Zheng as she spoke . This was an interesting person . When it came to girls, any slightly normal boy would be greatly interested, or they would at least react positively . He did not have much of a reaction . Could he be feeling inferior? She really couldn't tell how extroverted and confident this person was . He was sort of different from what Zisu had described .

"Wang Zheng, do you have a girlfriend?" Bi Yuyan asked zestfully .

Wang Zheng was about to answer her question when Bi Yuyan continued . It was clear that Wang Zheng had a boring personality . She had already come to her own conclusion . "I heard from Zisu that you have made great accomplishments in physics . Aslanian girls like clever boys best . I have an outstanding friend in the Physics Department . Perhaps you'll have a lot in common . "

Wang Zheng smiled bitterly and gestured with his hands . This girl was way too enthusiastic . "There's no need to . I have a girlfriend . "

"Really? A friend from Earth? We should keep trying new things while we're still young . Why don't you talk to her and see if you have anything in common? Starting with being friends will do . " Bi Yuyan seemed unconcerned . It was normal to date at this age; what's the big deal? Plus, given her professional judgement, this big brother of Zisu was probably still a virgin . At least he looked inexperienced .

Wang Zheng waved his hands . "No need . I really do have a girlfriend . She's Aslanian too . "

"Ah? Really? Wang Zheng, you act way too quickly . I've been on Aslan for a few years now and I haven't found a suitable girlfriend," Chi Muye said, curling his lips .

Bi Yuyan's lips curled . This man was such a brag . "Oh, really? Is she also from the Royal College?"

Wang Zheng didn't want to talk about this anymore, but Bi Yuyan had no intention of letting it go . "Zisu, does your big brother really have a girlfriend? I am prepared to introduce the belle of the Physics Department to him . I'm a council member of the Student Union, and I mean what I say . "

Ye Zisu's face fell, but very quickly, she smiled again . "Yuyan, you're way too zealous . Big Brother is attached . "

"Oh, alright then . I couldn't tell that you'd act so quickly," Bi Yuyan said, sizing up Wang Zheng . No matter how she looked, this nerdy lad couldn't possibly hook up with an Aslanian girl .

"Ahem . Sister Yuyan, stop doing that, will you? Show me some concern instead . There is another single man here . "

Chi Muye said pitifully .

"How could you not know the pretty girls in school? There's no need for me to make introductions for you . "

Bi Yuyan said . Seemed like Chi Muye was pretty well-known, too .

"That's not the same, you only see what's on the outside . If you really understand what I'm like on the inside, you'll discover my plus sides . "

Chi Muye said, patting himself on the chest .

"Student Yuyan, you can consider it . At least when I first came to Aslan, Muye helped me out a great deal . I think a helpful person would make a good choice of boyfriend . "

Wang Zheng immediately helped promote Chi Muye .

"Alright, I'll try . "

"Oh, who were you going to introduce Wang Zheng to? Could it be . . "

"Of course it's Si Jiali . Is there a second belle in the Physics Department?" Bi Yuyan chuckled .

Pfffffft . . . .

A mouthful of tea was spat right into Wang Zheng . Chi Muye could not swallow his tea in a crucial moment like that, but he couldn't possibly spit it at the girls, so . . .

Why didn't he spit in a direction where it was empty?

Not sure . Perhaps he was looking for a target .

Student Wang couldn't help but wipe his face . What was wrong today? He had been spat at continuously .

"Ahem, Yuyan, are you trying to help him or sabotage him?" Chi Muye was between laughter and tears . "Wang Zheng, I'm not saying that you're bad, it's just, Si Jiali, her, status . . . "

"You boys are too stupid . Si Jiali is cold, but she likes talented boys . Especially in terms of physics . Zisu said you've made great contributions in space physics, and I believe she wasn't exaggerating," said Bi Yuyan .

"Yuyan, don't go through that much trouble . Big Brother won't like her," Ye Zisu said bitterly .

Chi Muye and Bi Yuyan were stunned .

This . . . well, there was a limit to how much one could brag .

Thankfully, they did not carry on with this subject . It would go overboard if they went on talking about it . It was going to hurt others' egos .

At that moment, Ye Zisu had really hoped that Aina would appear .

After the four of them parted ways, Wang Zheng headed to the training building of the Mech Department . He had finally gotten the identity card, and he had to try it out no matter what . That was his main purpose of coming here .

At the thought of that, his worries were all thrown out of the window . Most importantly, he could experience for himself the top-notch high-end mecha of the Milky Way . He was filled with the desire to pilot them .

Who knew, maybe he could get another try at piloting an Atlantean mech .

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