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Chapter 417: 417
Chapter 417: Frozen Sunset

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The swallows returned into the piercing sky as Xia Li's blow missed . Xia Li pounded his shield on the ground and blocked the leg-cutting blow of the Frost Gazer . Among the loud sound of collisions, one could still hear the roaring voices coming from Astina's team .

"Kill him!"

Xia Li howled through the public frequency channel of the Corona Warrior .

The Corona Warrior started emitting faint rays of red light . They were like raging flames that were burning . Ability X!

The outer shell of the Frost Gazer mech became even more sparkling and crystal clear . There were snowflakes amidst the faint rays of white light . This was an ice attribute Ability X .

Both sides were warrior types, so there was nothing fanciful . And once again they were having a full frontal face to face confrontation!

The warrior shield in Xia Li's hand became thoroughly red . This was not simply a burn caused by fire attribute, it also possessed an additional special Ability X "G Material Pulse" . The G material was able to produce a type of reaction that could interfere with the Ability X of the target . To put it simply, it would dissipate the opponent's energy if it collided with the shield .


Xu Dongsheng suffered a loss, and his mech flew backwards . While the opponent was pretty cocky, carrying his own blazing sword, he was showing off his aggressiveness and being provocative .

A real man must prove himself, especially in front of the girls of his enemies!

Not to mention that the feeling one got from the beautiful women of the Hail Cloud Alliance was something different . Burning away their happiness with fire was a true pleasure .

The titanium saber of the Corona Warrior was strangely reflecting cold rays in the sky . Swallow Return . It was a strange type of attack which was executed so fast it could not be perceived . At the same time, the movement was extremely fluid, much like swallows returning to their nests; it was something automatic and natural . Even Xu Dongsheng being stabbed to death had an aesthetic feel to it .

Xu Dongsheng's expression became even more grave and stern . He would not lose face in front of Snow Lee, this was something that he would never allow .

Suddenly, an ice pillar thrusted up from the ground!

"Ice Dragon Thrust!"

The rays of the sword dispersed . There were no nests the swallows could return to .

Xia Li activated the shield of the Corona Warrior . He jumped up and also immediately used the warrior shield in his hand and placed it horizontally onto the ground for defense . The energy contained within this individual warrior shield could defend against one attack of a high energy missile .

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However, it was unable to defend against the piercing chilliness . At this moment, his opponent suddenly pierced through, and strong, freezing air enveloped the Corona Warrior in an instant .

The flames of the mech stopped swaying . And layer and layer of snow white crystals started appearing on the surface of the mech, and inside…

Xia Li's jaw dropped open . His whole body was also covered with crystals . The numbness was like being injected with anesthetic .


His Ability X was also frozen… his opponent had exceeded him by one whole level .


The Corona Warrior disappointingly toppled over .

For a person with a C-rank Ability X, it was obvious that such an effect could be produced . The rank was not even the same, and the vanguard of the Hail Cloud Alliance unexpectedly already possessed C-rank ice ability . This also meant that he possessed the ability to kill any pilot below rank C within a second with just one attack .

This was not something Xia Li could compete against . For people of the same Ability X rank, they would be looking at the unique characteristics of their abilities . However, if the ranks were different… it would lead to one side being crushed overwhelmingly .

The dominance of Xu Dongsheng resulted in subtle changes to the momentum of Astina . For the second and third rounds, they also lost to the Hail Cloud Alliance by a miniscule amount .

Bishop was hopping mad, and was cursing and scolding around loudly . And after scolding, he roared to cheer for his team members once again . Astina, Astina, Astina…

Actually, the battle of ice and water was based on the momentum . Whoever took control of the momentum of the battle would hold the advantage!

They had been trashed by their opponent 0-3!

This indeed went beyond everyone's expectations . Everyone had thought that this would be an evenly matched battle .

Momentum! For the fourth round, they had to win this round without any hesitation! To display and bring back the momentum of Astina, that was the only way possible for them to turn their defeat into a victory .

Bishop stood up and looked towards the opposite side . As expected, Snow Lee had also stood up .

At the moment, Bishop looked into Snow Lee's eyes . His look was not as fiery as before, but rather, it was filled with heaviness . The heaviness of the burden where he must win .

Without any hesitation, Bishop picked the Fire Dragon King, from the super series mecha of Astina Federation .

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Snow Lee's gaze was still cold . For her choice of mech, she chose the Frozen Sunset . This was also the mech that made her famous .

Bishop vs Snow Lee .

Fire Dragon King vs Frozen Sunset!

The strength of both of Astina team and Hail Cloud team were actually on par . If Bishop won, the momentum of Astina would rise, and it could be possible for them to win four rounds in a row to overturn the situation .

Would Snow Lee give this chance to the people of Astina?

The Fire Dragon King of Bishop raised his sword horizontally towards the sky . At this moment, he suddenly sent out his declaration .

"You, woman, I want you for sure . "

Previously, he was flirting about, but this time around he was serious . If the compulsory prerequisite to woo Snow Lee was to defeat her, he would be able to reap both the beauty and victory .

Therefore, he had to win . Ever since he was born, Bishop had never had any goal he was not able to accomplish . Even if it was something really high, really big, really far, or even really impossible, if he set it as his goal, he would definitely be able to accomplish it!

This time around, there was also no exception!

Boom . . .

Once both parties were engaged to fight hand in hand, it was an intensifying close distance battle . Both parties did not hold back, and there was an outburst of Ability Xs straight after they came up!

The whole body of the Fire Dragon King had flames bursting out from head to toe . The beam saber was also ignited in flames, and a flaming whip like a ray of light extend out from the sharp end of the sword . Kiss by the Tongue of Flame! This was Bishop's Ability X . Any material encountering his tongue of flame would all be molten and fall apart .


The Frozen Sunset mech was an exception . There was a layer of ice frost covering the top of the whole mech, and it allowed the tongue of flame that came out of the beam saber of the Fire Dragon King to strike on it any way it wanted to . However, it only left lines and lines of burn marks on it, and did not cause any serious damage to it .

Snow Lee did not say a word, but that did not mean that she had no reaction .


She was a beautiful woman .

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Just because of this .

Everyone who saw her talked about her, but everyone was just talking about her looks, her figure, rather than admiring her for her current position . It was as if she had become the IG team leader because she was beautiful!

Nobody saw her hard work, no one saw how she had trained with all her might . They only saw her bright and neat outward appearance!

Her man must not be one who only saw her looks first!

There was no change to Snow Lee's expression, but white light was erupting from her eyes, and it was as cold as Wanzai .

The Fire Dragon King also erupted! A battle between ice and fire? Fire would always be the most powerful! For Bishop, all his muscles were bulging, and his sweat evaporated immediately after it appeared, due to the strong heat .

Dragon Snake Delirious Dance!

The tongue of flame from his beam saber became even thicker . The red flames also became purple in color, and its formidable power was three times stronger than before!


The Kiss by the Tongue of Flame swept across the shoulder of the Frozen Sunset . The mech, which was made of cold frost, immediately melted, and there was a long crack in the shoulder of the mech . Facing this power of a super mech, it was extremely fragile, like tofu .

Bishop's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets . The G material had been continuously extracting his power, and he had long exceeded his limit!

He could only last for at most five more seconds in this state . However, that would be enough for his win . The Fire Dragon continued to wave its tongue of flames . Then the engine erupted . With a frequency conversion, he was advancing forward at high speed . Just one more lash to the front and the victory would be his!

The Frozen Sunset did not retreat . The eyes of Bishop were shooting flames, his victory was right before his eyes, and intense roars were already coming out of Astina's faction . "Victory, Astina! Victory, Fire Dragon Bishop!

"Astina!!!" Bishop roared .

In an instant, the tongue of flames erupted again, and it became a fire dragon!

At the last moment, it was boosted once again . It caused the ability that was originally able to last for five seconds to be reduced to one second; however, the formidable speed was boosted by ten times!

Regardless of whether the Frozen Sunset chose to retreat or remain still, there would only be one outcome: the mech would be swallowed by flames!

As for whether Snow Lee would be seriously injured or whether her dainty looks would be destroyed, Bishop did not care about it at all, he just wanted to conquer her!

As long as he conquered her, it would be fine, as for what his woman would become, was that important?

The fire dragon in the sky looked as if it was alive . Like a coiled up dragon, it uncoiled and lashed towards the Frozen Sunset!

He was surely going to win .

"Icebound Nation . "

The voice of Snow Lee sounded for the first time .

Her cold voice came out of the loudspeaker of her mech . It was obvious that she could not stand the roars and shouts of "Astina" from Bishop and was making a counterattack . Her cold voice was so sweet-sounding and ethereal that it seemed to be able to attract and hook away the souls of people .

The voice of a beautiful woman .

The voice of snow .

The voice of ice .


There were a buzzing sound coming through, and it was ringing in everyone's ears .

A ray of white light started spreading out from the body of the Frozen Sunset, spreading out in circles . Icebound, freezing, everything was covered with frost . The Fire Dragon in the sky froze, the purple flames also stopped swaying, and then it was smashed into pieces, and the bits and pieces of ice crystals were like snowflakes .

Freeze the flames!

Bishop's mouth was wide open . The piercing chilliness suddenly reached into the mech . In an instant, his entire self was wrapped in ice, and it formed a lump of ice .

This was the power of the warriors who were prophesied and born in the year of the Ice Dragon Dance . And this also indicated the rise of the Hail Cloud Empire .

The Hail Cloud Alliance team won with a score of 4-0 . They had started to reveal their claws . And people would no longer dare to belittle the Hail Cloud Alliance just because they had six beautiful women in their team .

The Icebound Nation ability which erupted from the Frozen Sunset that Snow Lee had used stemmed from an unfathomable Ability X . It completely changed the surroundings!

The rating of this ability was definitely middle C-rank, or even higher!

This hardly differed from the ice ability that Wang Zheng had used . It was not only Wang Zheng who was thirsting for the throne .

And at this stage, every person with a C-rank ability was extremely formidable . If you belittled them, the consequences might be so tragic that you would be having nightmares for the rest of your life . And there were already two who had emerged from the Hail Cloud Alliance, and they were also dashing towards the finals .