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Chapter 459
Chapter 459: The Wise

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Drawing out a book, it was titled, "The Secret History of Mankind" . As he flipped opened the cover with enthusiasm, oh damn, it was a novel . One could tell from its content page . This was a book that old man Lan read frequently . The blade wielding warrior in the book had become a god . This was no longer a novel . It was more of a biblical story . These books seemed to have originated from Earth . Could it be that this old man was interested in Earth?

Drawing out another book, it was finally a normal book . The beautiful ladies within the book were all wearing scantily . Clearly, it was an adult magazine . The pages were more worn out than the previous novel about the blade wielding warrior .

However, one look at the publishing date and Wang Zheng threw it to a corner decisively . It was on beautiful ladies that were more than 50 years ago . Only an old man would have read it so frequently .

"Kacha", the door of the research lab opened . Old man Lan Jiang was mumbling a series of numbers as he walked in . When he saw Wang Zheng suddenly, it took him a while before regaining his senses and said," Why were you still here!"

"Wasn't it you who asked me to come over?"

"Oh, there's nothing for you anymore, just go back . " said Old Man Lan as he waved his hands, signaling Wang Zheng to go away .

Clearly, student Wang would not be offended by this disrespectful old man . He took the book about the blade wielding warrior and returned to his room .

The room was for two people and wasn't for him alone . There was also a guard of approximately 40 years old . There wasn't anyone who was willing to share a room with him because his legs were so smelly that could even cause a hole in the ozone layer .

"Hey dude, if it is smelly, you could just say it . Stop covering your nose . "

He was still a nice person . After nagging for a while, he went into the washroom to clean his feet . He washed it 2 times with soap .

One couldn't be sure if he really did manage to wash away the odour or was it because Wang Zheng had gotten used to the smell . As long as Wang Zheng kept some distance, there's nothing he could not get used to . Wang Zheng smiled . After settling his personal hygiene, he started to flip through the book carefreely .

Forty year old guard, Scar Face Luo, was taking a video . He was posing in different ways in front of his skylink while constantly calling out to his little sweetheart . One could tell that he was calling his mistress and not his wife . His Skylink was unable to communicate externally . However, he could still send videos to his family in the satellite room .

Just when Wang Zheng was reading the most exciting part of the book, Sun Xin had arrived .

"Has something happened?"

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Sun Xin took a step forward and said," The Wise ones from various Tita Tribes would be coming over to discuss matters tomorrow . No matter who you meet, do not tell anyone that you were from the Milky Way Alliance"

The people of Tita had a good relationship with the early immigrants to Tita . After all, they shared a number of common interests . However, they had a deep-rooted hatred for the people from the Business Organisations attempting to extract resources from Tita, and the Special Inspection Team from the Milky Way Alliance .

The people from Tita would not trust outsiders easily . This wasn't surprising considering the fact that they were of a different race . However, once they had built up trust, they would not go against it easily .

Wang Zheng nodded his head . He was still a clueless soldier, not knowing the situation of the place currently .

At the same time in the house of Lan Jiang, Lan Ling was doing the tea ceremony for the old man .

"Uncle grandpa, how do you feel about him? Is it just me being deluded?"

Lan Jiang smile gently and said," I'm afraid this guy probably had some background . I couldn't see through him . However, he does not seem to be bad-natured . However, the current situation is a little more sensitive and we should pay more attention to it . "

Lan Ling nodded . Despite the low probability, Wang Zheng could also be a spy sent by the Milky Way Alliance . This was because if it was not a setup, how could anyone survive in an escape pod that had crashed . The person would had suffered grave injuries or even vanished into a puff of ashes .

Meanwhile, the influence of the Lan Family could be deduced from the scale of the convention regarding the Tita Tribes .

Although it claimed to have representatives from all tribes, only 2 thirds of the Tita Tribes had sent their Wise Elders .

In the cloudless sky, a burning hot sun was roasting everything on the ground . Groups of people from Tita walked out from the deep mountains and entered into the Lan Kao City and to the Lan Family .

In the entire human world, probably only the Lan Family could maintain a friendly relationship with the Tita people . This was also a strength of the Lan Family from being the leader of the immigrants .

A Wise Elder would be accompanied by a contingent of 4 Tita warriors . A real Tita warrior would have to go through 12 different trials in the Tita tribe before receiving the honour of the name "Warrior" .

After seeing groups and groups of people of Tita going into the Lan Family, Wang Zheng felt for the first time the influence and position of the Lan Family on Tita . One of the three largest forces in Tita wasn't just a bluff .

However, after seeing the people from Tita, Old Man Lan went crazy . He gritted his teeth and with his eyes reddened, he held back the Wise ones from the Pool tribe and roared, "Khalifa, you need to understand!"

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The short and small Khalifa shook Lan Jiang off as though he was the plague . In an instant, Khalifa ran away quicker than a rabbit with his four warrior guards and disappeared from view .

Those people from Tita that had a good relationship with the Lan Family would have known that there was a crazy guy in the Lan Family who had always wanted to dissect a Tita person for research . He even wanted a living sample instead of using a corpse . It was clear then, why Khalifa was uninterested in speaking with him .

Seeing that the people of Tita had treated him like the plague, Lan Jiang turned around and vented his frustration on Wang Zheng .

However, after punching Wang Zheng's arms, he walked away rubbing his knuckle while cursing," This dude had some muscles . He wouldn't even feel pain while I would injure myself if I continued hitting him . "

The escort team had their hands full . The Wise ones of Tita were following the rules . However, this couldn't be said for their Warrior guards . Not only that they had a huge appetite, they were also unreasonable . In a short period of time, there were already 5 duels resulting in 3 of them sustaining serious injuries and 1 of them dead .

There was still another pair duelling on the stage .

Wang Zheng was watching the bustling scene . For the people of Tita, as long as they were not Wise ones, they would be a natural warrior . They had an average height of over 5 metres, 3 hearts to provide them with the energy, a huge skull with a brain capacity 1 . 5 times of a human . These were research data he saw from Old Man Lan's research . The people from Tita had extremely well developed brains . The athletic abilities of a normal person of Tita would be much greater than a human warrior who had undergone tough trainings . These elite warriors of Tita would be even more so .

It was a primitive duel with every punch landing on the flesh of each other . However, the 2 warriors of Tita did not seem concerned . Wang Zheng saw the punch of a Tita person fail to connect and smashed heavily onto the wall . A huge piece of the wall, which a pistol could barely leave a dent, immediately fell off . On the other hand, there wasn't even signs of abrasions on the fist of the Tita Warrior .

"Monsters with steel-like skeletal structures . To go against them, one would have to use armour piercing rounds or explosive rounds . "

Old Man Lan Jiang reappeared unknowingly with a huge packet of peanuts in his hands and peeling them and eating them while watching .

Wang Zheng smiled and reached to grab a handful of peanuts to eat . Lan Jiang took a glance at Wang Zheng and shoved the packet of peanuts decisively to Wang Zheng and said," There's no salt . "

When one aged, one had to consume less salt . However, the older one got, the more one would like to consume things with a strong taste .

The duel had ended . Without surprise, one of them suffered serious injuries while the other only suffered some light injuries . The scene was very bloody . However, the surround Tita people let out howls like tigers and wolves . The two tribes which the two warriors represented did not bear grudges as a result of the duel .

Lan Jiang looked at the injured Tita warrior . His eyes turned red once again and he rushed forward . He wanted to pursue his research in the name of treatment . However, he was thrown out by the rest of the people .

There were 3 phases to the development of the people of Tita .

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The first phase was infancy . At this phase, all of the people of Tita were the same .

The second phase was a phase where the people of Tita could make a decision . At 12 years old, the people of Tita would choose their own personal path of becoming a warrior or becoming a Wise one of the tribes .

The third phase was the maturity phase . At this phase, there would be a distinction between warriors and the Wise ones .

Lan Jiang wanted to know why the people of Tita had a phase which they could make a decision as to how they planned to develop . To be able to decide on the evolution direction of oneself, it was truly an amazing thing .

It wasn't strange that the people of Tita had treated him like the crazy plague . They were already giving the Lan Family face by not killing him with a punch .

"Were you not going in for the meeting?"

Wang Zheng took a glance at Lan Jiang and managed to found a question to ask him .

Lan Jiang was still pouting and said," I am only interested in science . What do you even know? Well-developed limbs with a simple brain . How could we even interact when you did not even know about the Theory of Warp Speed by Lauren Lee?"

It was clear from the scenes that had happened, who truly was being treated as a monster by the people of the Tita . Wang Zheng smiled gently and half-heartedly replied to Old Man Lan while looking at the new battle with 2 new warriors .

The 2 new warriors were equal in strength and were of the endurance type . One couldn't be able to tell who would emerge victorious .

"Don't be misled by their life-and-death duels . This was also part of their customs . In a gathering of the tribes, if there wasn't 3 or 5 deaths, it wouldn't be considered a lively and bustling event . Isn't this exciting?"

"All these people were warriors . Weren't they reducing their own combat strength?" said Wang Zheng as he felt this was even more crazy .

"The customs were there for some reasons . As for the reasons why, I still do not understand . In the tribes where there are warriors who died, the next generations of warriors would be stronger . "

Wang Zheng blinked his eyes .

"Brat, stop thinking too much about it . It must be a sacred duel . If one was to purposely not give their all or was looking for death, there wouldn't be such an effect . There would even be punishment . Those damn people of Tita thought that it was their god who made such things happen . A bull sh*t god if youre asking me . There must be a scientific reason for all of this . "

Old Man Lan said naggingly . It was more of mumbling to one self than explaining to Wang Zheng .

Wang Zheng took it as a warning to himself . Science can be studied and treated as a hobby . However, one should never be too engrossed in it . Science was just like that . The more you knew, the less you really know . This was a vicious cycle and one would eventually lose himself in it . It would be much better to just be a warrior . A man should be hot-headed and see it as motivation .

In the duelling room, the warriors of Tita were in the crucial moments of the duel . The two warriors let out a howl in unison . The abnormally huge bodies of theirs became even larger . An aura was surging out from the bodies of the 2 warriors as though 2 ferocious beasts were releasing and showcasing their energies .

As they clashed, the floor split . Wang Zheng looked seriously at it . With such strength, it would not be any weaker than Ability X .

One of the Tita Warrior's was weaker in strength but had the advantage in his speed . He was dodging consistently while exhausting his opponent's strength .

Old Man Lan Jiang was mumbling to himself . It would be best if both parties ended up with serious injuries . However, hopefully they would not die or else he would not have the opportunity to pursue his research in the name of science . Wang Zheng was a little worried after hearing it . This old man had a heart that was blacker than coal and oil . This old man had asked him to be his assistant, but could it be that he was plotting some live body experimentation?

Roarrr . A huge roar came from the duel room . The stronger Tita warrior managed to grab the arm of the weaker Tita warrior and tore it off . Dark red blood spurted out like a fountain . The other warrior did not show any signs of pain, as though the arm that was torn off wasn't his arm but some unnecessary rubbish . He kicked out both of his legs and landed heavily on the chest of the opponent's chest . This was a last ditch effort with all his life force . . .

Both parties had suffered massive injuries!

Roarrrrrr… . .

The spectating people of Tita did not had any intention to rush forward to administer emergency treatments . One couldn't deny the fact that watching a brawl between giants was both awe-inspiring and motivating . Even Wang Zheng had wanted to give it a try .

"This was a battle between our warriors . Young guy, this must be the first time that you have seen one . "

A Wise one suddenly appeared at one side . He was shorter than Wang Zheng by a head and was approximately about 1 . 4 metres . His face was covered flabs of meats and was emanating a different glow from his dark skin . He had a pair of clear eyes that seemed able to see through everything . What an amazing race!

Lan Jiang could recognise this Wise one and said, "Mu Sen, this dude was picked up by Lan Ling . If you did not mind, I would exchange him with one of you, as long as they are still not dead!"

Wang Zheng was dumbfounded . Did this old head need to be so ruthless . . .

Mu Sen did not care about what Lan Jiang said but continued looking at Wang Zheng .