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Chapter 706

Chapter 706: Trap

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There was obviously no need to hide the incident of Li Yizhuo . Obviously the details would not be announced to the public but without a doubt, a new hero was born .

The other party that had benefited was Wang Zheng . Elite Academy had in an elaborate way, praised Wang Zheng for the courage and tactfulness he displayed in this mission and bringing back the diary . Rumours had it that becase of this incident, Wang Zheng would be awarded the Milky Way Alliance Peace Medal .

This was definitely a glorious thing . The Elite Academy was also immersed in a commotion with both compliments and criticisms .

Some had said that escaping death would bring about future blessing . Rumours had it that Wang Zheng’s body had recovered without any major issues and he should receive the honour in person . He would likely have to rest for a month at least . If he rested for a longer period of time, it should also not be a problem . Therefore Wang Zheng should also possess the right to continue participating in the tournament . It was just that he had missed the preliminary rounds . There seemed to be a problem for him to just enter the finals . However, the school would be giving their explanation on this .

There were also a group of people who weren’t that happy . In their eyes, what had Wang Zheng done?

An inferior pilot was swallowed by a Zerg . He was able to make it back eventually due to Major General Li Yizhuo . He was at most just a courier!

What was the basis for him to receive such a high honour?

To participate in the finals directly? With just his standards? He would definitely be whipped like a dog!

After all, there were too many proud and arrogant people in the Elite Academy . People had been putting their all in this place and yet were still eliminated . All he did was to complete a round at the place of the Zergs and he had established merit . Was this fair?

The minority who knew the truth would not say anything, at least for now . The information had to be further verified . Moreover, those at the top would not care about these problems too .

As the person involved, Wang Zheng was very calm . For someone who had experienced various forms of life and death situations, these doubts were at most a quarrel among kids . Li Yizhuo had been a great model for him . It doesn’t matter if your dreams were big or small when living as long as you felt that it would be worth it .

Zhang Shan and the rest were beyond just hapy . When Wang Zheng was discharged, they organised a welcome party for him . Snow Li and his other good friends had all attended .

While this place was lively, Lin Huiyin was quarrelling with Angela . She also wanted to attend but was stopped by Angela with all her might .

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“Little ancestor, you really cannot go!”

“Why? Are you saying I don’t even have personal freedom? Who I befriend is my own business!” Lin Huiyin was rather stubborn .

Angela didn’t know how to respond . It was logical but this matter… she couldn’t make the decision . It would be fine if it was any other person, even if they might have a lower standing . This would only make others feel that the Princess was being approachable . However the other party was Wang Zheng . This person had become a taboo in the Royal Family . It was lucky that Aina had performed well this time . Otherwise, she wouldn’t know what would happen .

Lin Huiyin was feeling really complicated . Why were the people around her always so pretentious? Looking at Wang Zheng and his friends, they were living the right way . They could cry when they wish, they could laugh when they wanted and they could be loud when they felt like it .

In the end, Lin Huiyin still didn’t go . This was because she didn’t want to put Angela in a difficult spot…

On Tita Star, the project had also entered the critical stage . The movements of the Lan Family were affecting Yan Xiaosu’s decision . However Lan Ling seemed to have lost control . She still couldn’t defeat those old people who were using their seniority to gain an advantage .

The current mobile armour project was the first move by the Little Lucky Star Tita Star Investment Company . They had to get a good start and create a good momentum .

Yan Xiaosu also couldn’t obtain help from Wang Zheng’s side in short notice . The truth was that he didn’t want it to be this way too . He couldn’t add on to Wang Zheng’s troubles when he encountered a small issue . It might be alright if it was about something else . No matter how good the relationship was between Wang Zheng and the people of Tita, it would still be dependent on the product in the end . Otherwise, it would only cause the standing of Wang Zheng in the hearts of the people of Tita to continue to fall .

Yan Xiaosu wanted to understand this a little further . He also wanted to prove his own strength and vision . For now, he had to believe in the research and development capabilities of Ye Zisu’s team .

Yan Xiaosu might have been praised to the sky by the few rich guys but his mind was still clear . He didn’t really see their “loyalty” as real .

For other firearms dealers, Yan Xiaosu wasn’t very worried . He had confidence in Ye Zisu’s design . She had gone deep into the place of the Tita people to understand them and was really designing the mobile armour from the perspective of the Tita people . Her prototype machine had also received great reviews from various levels of the Tita people . This was only the half-completed product and wasn’t the completed product with full functionalities .

With their relationship with the Tita people now, as long as the standards of the product were equivalent, the chances of them winning the bid were extremely high .

However, they had to be careful of the Lan Family .

When compared with the Lan Family, Little Lucky Star no longer had any advantage . He had not expected to become competitors of the Lan Family in the end but this was business after all .

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“Brother Yan, the Lan Family has not made their moves . Initially, the Meteor and Thor Organisation had the highest chance . However, they didn’t have any signs of collaboration with the Lan Family at this moment . The meeting between Lan Ling and Lei Fan from the Thor organization was also cancelled . ”

Jasper’s attention on the Investment Company was only second to Yan Xiaosu . Yan Xiaosu was the core, the heart while he was the skeleton . The company was formed using his connection network . If he was to fail, not only would he be embarrassed but his ability to plan for the big picture would be in doubt by his family .

Putting it in another way, he was different from the others . Jasper’s fate had unknowingly been intertwined with the Tita Investment Company .

“That’s great . If we succeed this time, the company would really be able to grow bigger and stronger . ”

Yan Xiaosu heaved a long sigh . Tomorrow would be the bidding day and the prototype machine had been manufactured since yesterday . Everyone had taken a look and had the same opinion on it . This time, the bid was definitely theirs as long as the Lan Family did not interfere . However, even if the Lan Family had interfered, their model would still hold the advantage .

Gabre had opened a bottle of champagne . “Let’s have a toast . I have just seen the prototype with Pila . I have the feeling that we would definitely succeed!”

Pila smiled . “That’s right . ”

Gabre Smiled,” It is rare to see Pila so focused . I had thought that he was only interested in beautiful ladies . ”

“D*mn you . I’m equally interested in money . ” Pila had raised his wine glass . He squinted his eyes and had a very different smile .

Yan Xiaosu also drank a glass and relaxed himself . “Great, tomorrow would be the real battlefield . Everyone please rest early . ”

“The last toast!”

“A toast!”

At night, Yan Xiaosu forced himself into sleep .

Jasper also fell asleep alone . Since he had arrived on Tita Titan Star, this was the first time there wasn’t a women who slept with him .

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Gabre also lost interest in his beautiful secretary . The bidding tomorrow would be a fierce battle and he had to preserve his energy .

The most lustful Pila was also alone . However, he wasn’t in his pyjamas but was wearing a suit .

It seemed that he was waiting for something .

Ring ring—the Skylink was blinking!

Pila immediately connected his Skylink .

A white person wearing a blacksuit appeared in the video conference . “Mr Pila . ”

“Good evening Mr Duff . Regarding the transaction we have been discussing…”

Duff smiled gently . “It had been done . Hope we have a happy collaboration . ”

“Mr Duff’s reputation is well known throughout the entire Commerce Alliance . You are indeed decisive . ” Pila was smiling very happily .

Brothers? Nonsense . They were just a group of friends for food and women . It was still alright to play women together . When it came to business, he obviously wanted to be a boss . If this thing went through, it would also be Jasper who would receive the most benefits . However, it was different now . As compared to choosing Little Lucky Star which did not have connections and foundation, he would rather hop onto the side of the Lan Family . Together with Mr Duff’s influence, this would be the route to success .

In the business world, the fastest way was to step on the corpse of your opponents .

He was the youngest and therefore wanted to smash those blocking his ways to the floor .

Bidding day!

On this day, it was as lively as a festival . The entire Tita Star was paying attention to this bidding . All the companies final design proposal had been submitted earlier . The Elders of the Tita people was verifying them seriously . Time was passing by a little by a little .

After a few hours, it had entered the discussion stage . It seemed that the internal quarrels within the Tita people were also a little intense . Mu Sen’s expression was a little stern .

Lan Ling smiled gently . “The results are out . We would now like to invite Governor Mu Sen to announce the final winning company . ”

Mu Sen stood up and took a look at the crowd . Everyone was filled with anticipation . “The one who won the bid was… the Duff Organisation . Their design of the Magic Kinetic armour had received the majority of the approval votes and had fully considered the body conditions of the Tita giants . It had also considered the use of soft materials for the joints area to maximise coverage . Moreover it had aptly made use of their understanding of the body conditions of the Tita giants when adding in a small energy shield device . This would aid the Tita people in walking out of Tita Star and be involved in the various matters of the Milky Way Alliance . ”

There were organisations that were happy while others were sad . When they heard about the results, Ye Zisu and Yan Xiaosu was feeling more than being struck by lightning .

Not only was that because that they had failed but because the design of the other party was exactly the same as theirs!

The concept map on the screen was completely the same… It was just it had a little more decorations on the external side .

How could there be such a coincidence?

The decision of the Tita people was clear . Duff was slight better . Moreover, his organisation had the strength and was well funded . This was something that a company like Little Lucky Star couldn’t compete . As for favours, the Tita Elders had believed that they had repaid whatever that had to be repaid . Moreover, this company couldn’t represent Wang Zheng . If Wang Zheng was here personally, it wouldn’t matter if it was awarded to him . However the question was Wang Zheng had never been asked about this matter .

Considering things from the point of view of benefits to the Tita People, it had to be Duff . Moreover the cost proposal by Duff was more beneficial than Little Lucky Star by a lot .

This was a lethal blow .

The only one wearing a slightly peaceful smile was Pila .

Jasper’s face had darkened . The first reaction was there must be a problem . The commerce field was just like the battlefield . He didn’t have evidence and there would be no use . Saying it out would only cause his family to ridicule him as childish and couldn’t achieve bigger things . The outcome would be worse . If a person was so easily scammed, he/she would be more useless than failing .

On the stage, Lan You and Duff was basking in all the attention and glory . This incident had proven that to do business on Tita Star, you would still need the Lan Family!

Yan Xiaosu’s face had darkened and stern . The real problem had arrived now…

“Everyone, I know that everyone is tired from waiting . We will be taking a half hour break now . Everyone could have some drinks and desserts with flavours of the Tita Star in the hall . The official signing ceremony will be held half an hour later . At the same time, there is a surprise waiting for everyone . ” said Lan Ling .