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Chapter 817: 817

This was Achilles, the Sun God . He had the strength to put a perfect finishing touch to things .

However, Dynasty battle team wasn't panicking at all despite facing such a situation . Almost instantly, Lear had given his orders .

Subaru's Mayan's Mantis had started to sing . This was a civilisation unique to Maya based on their understanding of energy – Death Song Beam!

Achilles felt a chill and clearly felt the seriousness of the problem . At this moment, he could only depend on Lu Bei's Wind Whisperer to stop the opponent . The truly scary mech wasn't the Heavenly Crystal King but this Mayan's Mantis . The Dynasty battle team had never used it in their previous matches . However, those who had participated in the IG would definitely know .

It was just that in terms of time, he had already calculated . It was enough!

The other mecha also responded rapidly and were moving rather quickly . Lear's Unbounded rushed towards Achilles with a smile at the corner of his mouth .

"It's over," said Hocatolin faintly .

However, the surrounding people didn't know who Hocatolin was referring to . Only Hocatolin knew that the Fiery Moon was finished .

Achilles' expression changed drastically . The Death Song Beam exploded . At the moment that Death Song Beam appeared, all the mecha had deactivated their energy shields . This was the only way to counter this move . Energy shields would only cause more damage to be taken .

Although they didn't suffer the stacked damage due to energy shields, the mech still received a blow . Once the effects of an ambush were stopped, the lack of individual strength was on display .

The Overlord had rushed to the front of the Heavenly Crystal King but was torn to shreds even before having the time to struck . The reaction of Siscoco was too slow .

As the scout, the damage received by Lu Bei's mech was slightly greater . However, he managed to breakthrough to the front of the Mayan's Mantis . He injected his Ability X into his knife but did not manage to connect . Suddenly, his view turned black . The Wind Whisperer had been pierced by an energy beam .

This was the level of strength of the Mayans .

Lie Xin was panicking and feeling a little angry . She had not expected a tactic that they had been plotting for so long was countered in such a way . Luo Fei had already gone beside her .

"Get lost!" With a sudden outburst, The Fire Demon switched on its energy shield . The flames burst out violently . This could even directly kill Luo Fei .

Up till this point, Lie Xin had displayed an extremely strong impact in individual and team battles . It was especially so in the aspect of Ability X where she dominated endlessly .

Luo Fei clearly wasn't willing to go head-on against Lie Xin . He swung his beam saber while Weakening Ability started pouring out .

However, the fatty immediately felt a chill down his spine . Oh damn, it was useless!

Lie Xin had reached the level of Heart Flame . Fire of the five minor elements, when trained till a certain level, could indeed have the effect of burning through negative energy . It was at least able to achieve self-defence without trouble .

The fatty could see a violent and ruthless strike coming towards him . For Luo Fei, he had no affinity with toughness and fierceness . However with a rotating movement, the mech had avoided him agilely . Lie Xin didn't have the time to pay attention to this damned fatty . She lunged ahead directly as her target was the Mayan's battle mech .

However, she had underestimated the fatty's agility . The Wind Whisperer in the hands of the fatty was just like an agile butterfly . Lie Xin wanted to break through but it was a futile attempt . The fatty was just like a homing bug and harassing her constantly . Lie Xin wanted to fight him head on but the fatty would just open up distance between them . His advantages in techniques and the agility of the mech were clear . This wasn't an individual battle and the fatty didn't care about how others would see him at all .

Valuable time was exhausted by the fatty in such a way .

As for the tank Peng Wu, he had rushed towards Milo . Milo launched a barrage of attacks on Peng Wu and Peng Wu could only be in a passive position taking the attacks . However, Peng Wu didn't care at all . His objective was to completely stall Milo and stop Milo from contributing to the team battle . The judgment was correct . As a tank and yet being able to stall the opponent, his skills could be easily deduced .

The key battle had started between Lear and Achilles . The strength of the two of them should be similar . However, it wasn't the case now . Lear had been resting and reaping the benefits while Achilles previous magical Scattering Fire previously had took a huge toll on his Ability X . With Achilles' ability, he would be able to recover if given some time . However Lear seemed to have calculated all this . Just when Achilles was in an awkward position, he had made his move towards Achilles .

Unbounded Sky Chains, without form or substance!

Lear's Ability X completely engulfed Achilles Moonlit Knight .

Devouring + Bind!

Achilles felt as though he was engulfed by a black hole . Even the light in front of him had almost disappeared . However, this must be an illusion . He gritted his teeth and allowed his mental power to explode . That dull and helpless feeling started to subside . However Lear's Unbounded was already right in front of him .


Achilles only managed to barely resist 10 over strikes before losing any ability to retaliate .

All everyone could see was that mystical high speed movement of the Unbounded and the all rounded zero blind spot speedy kill .


The energy shield of the Moonlit knight was destroyed . The Unbounded appeared in front of Achilles with its beam saber raised up high .

It's time to decide things .


The beam saber brought a ray of cold light with it . The head of the Moonlit knight flew up .

Decapitated .


The two mecha fell to the ground . It was just that Achilles was already defeated while Lear was holding the beam saber in his hands and looking relaxed .

The battle had ended .

Lie Xin no longer wanted to continue fighting and Luo Fei naturally wouldn't make his move . She had prepared for it cautiously and thought that she had found the weaknesses of the Dynasty battle team . However, the results showed others that their plan was too vulnerable .

"Achilles made two mistakes . Although he had switched off the energy shield, he had underestimated Mayan's Mantis attacking time . The second thing was that as the main member, his Ability was completely used on the team strategy . This was equivalent to exposing himself to the vision of the enemies . Even if his strategy was successful, he would definitely be dead . No matter how it turned out, he would still lose . " Hocatolin said . He was explaining it for Lin Huiyin . Only the people of Aslan and Atlanteans would have such deep understanding on the mecha of the Mayans . The other countries would just be watching a show .

Huiyin nodded . It was just that she wasn't concerned about the competition but about other things . She heard that this Lear was Wang Zheng's nemesis .

The battle had ended and the audience didn't pay much attention about it . They only felt that Dynasty battle team was too terrifying . Achilles was also a top notch master . In the end, he was still easily defeated by Lear . The Fiery Moon battle team was rather famous recently but had no solution at all . Lie Xin as the spear of the team was also completely stalled by Luo Fei throughout the match .

The strategy of the Dynasty battle team was accurate and the division of labour clear . Moreover, members at each position could complete their mission well, had great individual abilities, and their coordination was top notch . With two Mayans around, it really made this team impenetrable .

Achilles was truly disappointed . Although the line-up of the Fiery Moon battle team was slightly worse, he had not expected to be defeated in such a landslide .

Moreover, his weakness was capitalised by Lear and he was killed in a wave of attacks . If it was regular 1 vs 1, Achilles might even have some level of advantage . Nonetheless, one couldn't retort . A failure was a failure . Lear's strategy and capturing the right moment to strike was extremely accurate . Moreover he was very good in rallying and made the entire process of battle seem so easy and giving off a feeling of being unfathomable .

Among those from Solar System, Achilles' and Lear's strength was similar . However in the eyes of the people from Elite Academy, the two of them were not in the same level . Lear had already become one of the most well-known people in Elite Academy .

The battle had ended and Lear was still very courteous . He was smiling and didn't show any pride and arrogance of a victor . Lie Xin had left directly . She was not interested in acting . This failure made her felt really really bottled up with anger . She needed victory . She needed a great battling experience . She needed to display her full strength to prove that the sacrifice of Lie Guang was worthwhile battle . She desired glory .

Therefore she had put down tangled feelings and formed a battle team with Achilles . She had originally thought that with the two of them together, they would definitely be able to achieve something in a raucous manner . However, this match had completely destroyed her expectations .

She was enraged . Considering that they had employed an unexpected strategy but it was easily resolved by the Dynasty team, she had nothing much to say anymore .

The difference in hard strength couldn't be made up and Lie Xin felt helpless over it . She had originally thought that this semester would still be focusing on individual battle . However, she had discovered the direction of the school had changed . Just when everyone's interest was in team battle, it would be pointless for her to go for individual battles . One person would not be enough to go against the trend . However in team battle, she was helpless about it .

In the Elite Academy, battle teams were ruled by various alumni of major federation . It was especially so for those superpowers as they had top notched allocation of personnel . Obviously with Lie Xin's strength, she could also join those superpowers' team . However, this was something that her pride wouldn't allow .

However, with the Fiery Moon's failure, her target was also destroyed .

Lie Xin's personality was direct . When she's unhappy, she's unhappy . She didn't care about how others would see her .

Lu Bei and Siscoco weren't too concerned about a single defeat . To them, it was enough to be in the spotlight and weren't that ambitious . This was also why Lie Xin was unhappy . Without ambition, what could they achieve? How could they not mind when they had lost?