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Chapter 90

"The success was due to Professor Xiao Fei and the team's efforts, I was just lucky to be there . Let's go somewhere else . "

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Wang Zheng said, with a peaceful tone . The training with the Rubik's Cube had him lose interest in bickering with others; it was too meaningless .

Liu Qing looked at Lingfeng in contempt . "Did you see that? A real man does not flaunt his strength . Wang Zheng, call me up anytime if you are interested in dating me . "

She then wrote her cell phone number onto Wang Zheng's palm and stared at Lingfeng in disdain before strutting off arrogantly .

The surrounding crowd seemed to have heard the commotion, and their eyes filled with awe . This was the legendary Wang Zheng .

Wang Zheng did not expect to have gained such a reputation .

"How is that possible . . . YOU?" Lingfeng was in total disbelief . It was against his knowledge about the workings of the real world for someone who was near invisible in middle school to suddenly become a key figure in college . It was impossible .

Wang Zheng shrugged . He could not care less about what others thought of him . He was lazy and did not feel the need to explain himself, nor was he interested in petty bickering .

"It really is him!"

"Yes, so powerful . Ares College's first victory was all because of him . "

"So handsome, and so skillful at the same time . "

"He truly is handsome . How lucky would I be if I could be his girlfriend?"

Zhao Lingfeng's face was as black as charcoal . Gritting his teeth, he snarled, "Wang Zheng, know your place . You are not suitable for Zisu, and don't even think about just counting on your luck . "

Zhao Lingfeng's handsome face was distorted with a threatening visage .

Wang Zheng was stunned . "You were behind yesterday's incident?"

Lingfeng breathed hot air out of his nostrils . "That was just a warning . I won't go easy on you the next time . "

Looking at the delightful smirk on Lingfeng's face, it seemed like the gangsters did not tell him the truth .

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Wang Zheng shook his head in disregard . Why did Lingfeng have to go to this extent? They were still classmates .

Wang Zheng was about to walk away, but he was pulled back by Lingfeng . "I am talking to you!"

Huiyin, who was standing at the side, watching the whole situation unfold, could no longer tolerate Lingfeng . "Can you get it right? It is Zisu that likes him, you bastard!"

"You little brat, this does not concern you!" Lingfeng swung his arms across and knocked Huiyin's hat off .

Wang Zheng was someone with a good temperament and did not concern himself with petty arguments . In his eyes, Lingfeng was only a spoiled guy, but this did not mean he could take it this far .

With just one hand, Wang Zheng lifted Lingfeng off the ground . "Do not hit girls, especially kids . On the grounds that we were classmates once, I will let you off this time . "

At this point, the whole cafeteria was silent . Lingfeng's struggling could be heard throughout the premises .

"Doesn't she look like Lin Huiyin?"

"Yes, so cute and pretty!"

"I really feel like hugging her . "

Huiyin immediately put her hat back on and tugged Wang Zheng's sleeve . "Let's leave . "

Wang Zheng tossed Lingfeng aside and pulled Huiyin out of the cafeteria . He did not want the attention, but who would have thought that Lingfeng would take things this far?

The entire journey back, Lin Huiyin felt that Wang Zheng's situation was extremely unjust . "You should have just taught him a lesson!"

Wang Zheng glanced at Huiyin . "You sent someone to stalk us . "

Huiyin blinked her eyes innocently . "I only wanted to check on your progress! I am only thinking of your own good . "

Wang Zheng patted Huiyin's head . "Don't worry, I will not put Aina in a bad spot . "

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Thankfully, Huiyin did not carry on with her bad intentions, or else Wang Zheng would not have bothered to speak much more .

Huiyin suddenly shifted topics and asked Wang Zheng curiously, "I really could not tell you were so capable . Did you really come up with the Space Time Displacement Theory?"

"I only participated in it . " Wang Zheng did not want to dwell on the issue much, or to put in it other words, he did not want to get himself too entangled with Aina's cousin .

It was a reasonable explanation that Huiyin accepted, so she stopped asking Wang Zheng questions .

Huiyin pouted . After all this while, Wang Zheng was still treating her like a kid and still did not care to converse seriously with her .

Huiyin suddenly stood up . "I want to go back to the hotel . "

Wang Zheng nodded . "I will send you back"

Huiyin shook her head fiercely, "There's no need, I have other people who would be willing to send me back . "

Wang Zheng was nonchalant . "In that case, I will be on my way . "

He did not need to be too worried about her safety . Other than being a celebrity, she was a princess of Aslan . After the mistake he made with Aina previously, they would have definitely stepped up their security procedures to ensure the safety of their royalty .

What Wang Zheng did not know was that the military of Aslan was being called to action as a result of the previous situation with Aina .

Wang Zheng still had his dignity, so no matter the outcome, he did not need outsiders to interfere with him and Aina's relationship .

Suddenly, a notification came in . It was marked as special message right from CT's administration .

Solon found a new opponent for him, a very valuable competitor . It was a diamond-ranked assassin-type player from the moon . She had a miraculous record of a 10 win streak and had the entire Moon CT community talking for an entire month before she strangely disappeared . Who would have thought that she would come back to challenge "Skeleton?"

He was earning quite a lot from CT and was slowly accumulating his wealth as his popularity grew . In the past, Wang Zheng only required money for food and clothing, but now he wanted to participate in the development of space technology . He wanted to earn as much as he could and rely less on Xiaosu's help .

He immediately replied back to the mail and set a time . The battle would start at 8 o'clock .

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Solon was considerate enough to immediately send Wang Zheng battle videos and information on his opponent .

Wang Zheng was studying his opponent on the way back to school, and she really intrigued his interest .

This female warrior used a mech model that was very famous on the moon, one that had been specifically designed for female assassins – Brightmoon Generation 8 .

This model was light, which allowed for swift and flexible actions, especially suited for petite, female warriors . With the increasing presence of females with high genetic scores, the percentage of females in the military was increasing, and they were deployed more and more frequently . In certain special battle circumstances, female warriors were more suitable than male warriors . Thus, this mech model was highly used in numerous countries .

Although the Brightmoon series had made amazing technological progress over the years, the advantages and disadvantages of using the model were very obvious . It was an exceptional assassin-type mech . However, the model was relatively more difficult to pilot and was characterized as an elite mech, only suitable for the most expert of players .

What impressed Wang Zheng even more was the operational abilities of the opponent, as well as the recent track record the opponent held . The opponent was powerful, matching the last opponent he met – the fake Magic Bird, but her battle style was prominently different .

Suddenly, Wang Zheng realized that CT would give him greater exposure to opponents, allowing him to accumulate his experience, all while tracking his own progress . Of course, he was sure he would not be addicted to the game .

This experience was something that Bonehead could not teach . In the Rand Empire, every warrior was very much skilled in battle . Many would have gone through at least a hundred battles each . It was from that experience that a warrior would be able to explore the mech model they were comfortable with . Although this was also the scariest part about the Rand Empire, battles were always ongoing . On this planet, however, there were limited battle opportunities, more so for a student like Wang Zheng .

An Jili sat quietly beside Huiyin, while Huiyin pouted her lips sulkily .

She was so mad that that guy had really left like that .

How could he do that to Lin Huiyin? And she was Aina's favourite cousin . What a rebel Wang Zheng was, offending her even before he got married to Aina!

An Jili bursted out in laughter . This was the first time she had seen Huiyin defeated . Huiyin's sweet and understanding nature was welcomed everywhere she went . Thinking of it, how could a princess join the entertainment industry? It was strange how the royal family was not very opposed to it and even closed an eye on the situation . It must have taken Huiyin a lot of effort to persuade them, especially because she was still underage .

This Wang Zheng was also an interesting person; he was either simple-minded or simply foolish to be so hard-hearted .

"An Jili, what do you think about Wang Zheng?"

An Jili smiled . "I don't know him too well, so it's difficult to say . "

"Heng! Stop acting mature . I want to see how long he can keep up with this pretense!"

Wang Zheng was not much older than her, but he was always acting so old-fashioned . As a young person, he should have fought with Lingfeng just now, but instead, he was acting as calm as a fisherman who was holding a fishing rod .

Wang Zheng was indeed lacking in youth . To look at it in detail, he was tortured by Bonehead in the Rubik's Cube for five years, so his physical and mental stamina were unimaginable to an average person . In addition, he was trained since young by the Old Merchant and thus possessed a level of independence and maturity that was out of the ordinary .

It was only when he was together with Aina that he behaved his true age .

Huiyin's large eyes rolled from corner to corner as she pondered . Suddenly, she had a eureka moment and blurted out an idea that shocked An Jili .

"That . . . does not seem like a good idea . . will Principal Gu Te agree to that?"

The little princess pounded on her chest confidently and said, "Of course, I am Lin Huiyin!"

An Jili shrugged her shoulders . Of all people, why did Wang Zheng offend Lin Huiyin? She was actually Aslan's meanest imp below that cute, bubbly exterior .

Wang Zheng could finally catch his breath after he left Huiyin's side . From what he could tell, Aina must have been pressured by their love . As a man, he could not cave in; what he needed right now was more time .

Wang Zheng went directly to Zhuo Mu's place, where he started to prepare for the IG competition . It was said that team participation was needed, and the team members would be sent to the Moon for improvised training . From there, only the best would be picked . As the victor of the exchange, a greater number of warriors will be selected from Ares College .

They were Wang Zheng, Meng Tian, Zhang Shan, and someone Wang Zheng would never have guessed even in his dreams .

Zhang Runan!

How was it that the Arts Society president was selected for this focused team?

While Wang Zheng was out on his mission, the rest had continued with their training . Zhuo Mu was also happily imparting his skills, and he was especially delighted to see Wang Zheng . "Our brat is now a celebrity, getting attention everywhere he goes . However, don't forget your purpose here!"