Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 1295

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Chapter 1295: 1295

As soon as Ye Mo got in the Golden Page World, blood shot out like arrows . Even Shadowless flew over, worriedly buzzing .

Ye Mo ate a few pills before stopping the bleeding .

Four hours later, Ye Mo took off the broken cultivation artifact armor and washed himself . The most serious injury almost sliced his arm off . Ye Mo rejoiced, if it was sliced off he wouldn't be able to get it back for sure .

If he was just ten milliseconds slower, he would be dead . This 37th domain wasn't a domain, it was a place to kil .

Ye Mo was sure that any master from the cultivation realm who came would be dead for sure .

There were some serious problems with this place .

This place seemed to attract high level cultivators here, the more powerful and the more talented cultivators were, the more easily they were killed here . This was because the more powerful you were, the greater understanding you had of domain and thus you could go further .

Thinking about this, Ye Mo shivered . According to this train of thought, Heaven 36 Domain was set up just to kill prodigies .

Why was it so?

One day later, Ye Mo recovered and thought about this place carefully .

The instant he came here, his domain was shattered by the space here and his body was bound by the space . If it wasn't that his domain was in great completion, he would've been dead already .

The brief instant that his domain stopped that binding allowed him to escape . Almost every inch of the space had fierce killing intent that was as powerful as a truth realisation state tertiary stage cultivator's full powered attack .

Who could block this entire space filled with killing intent? Even if Chu Jiuyu was here, he would be dead for sure . Even a cultivator who could rip open space wouldn't be able to get away in such a short time .

Only immortals could escape - but would immortals come here?

The more he thought about it, the greater Ye Mo's fright . Which bastard was this? He was so bleak!

Ye Mo threw out a surveillance formation outside and saw an extremely terrifying space .

Dense killing force hung densely in the air . Ye Mo knew that if any life came here, the killing intent would be triggered .

This killing force existed in the form of light . Just how powerful space attack formation means were needed to set this up? How much spirit power was needed to power this?

But soon, Ye Mo found that these killing force were just the tip of the iceberg . In this space, there were waves of space distortions . They were clearly invisible and an extreme type of space kill formation . Just these space ripples were enough to tear apart any cultivator .

In the past 36 domains, the space distortions, pressure, and pulling weren't completely formed so his domain could stop them, but here, they were all formed .

This was just the killing force he could see, just how much more invisible killing force existed here? Ye Mo didn't dare to imagine .

In order to see more, Ye Mo threw out a few formation surveillance formations . They had no life force and thus weren't attacked .

Ye Mo carefully moved his Golden Page World while throwing out surveillance formation . He really wanted to go back to the 36th domain, but it had also disappeared .

His control of Golden Page World wasn't perfect and thus he couldn't move rapidly .

When the gold spot representing Ye Mo finally disappeared, the square and observer hall exploded . Many people thought Ye Mo was teleported out but moments later, they knew Ye Mo wasn't teleported out .

Thus, there was only one possibility . This cultivator was killed .

Sighs of pity and happiness sounded . It wasn't good news that a cultivator like this died, but it wasn't bad news for some of these power factions here .

The happiest was Meng Sha . He eased up and wiped his sweat . At the same time, he thought of Ye Mo's family and friends .

Cruel glances beamed in his eyes . This man dared to insult him, now that he was dead, how could he let go of the people who came with him?

He has never lost so much face before .

In Su Jingwen's room, she thought that Ye Mo came out after the spot disappeared, but after a long while, she didn't see Ye Mo come for her . She felt something was wrong .

Soon, there was news that Ye Mo died there . Even though Su Jingwen was nascent soul state level seven, she felt dizzy .

Tang Mengrao quickly held her, she wanted to persuade Su Jingwen that Ye Mo might not be in trouble but even she knew that Ye Mo was certainly in trouble .

Seeing this Yan Yan came to comfort her . "Sister Jingwen, why don't we wait for Ye Mo at the entrance of the heaven domain?"

Su Jingwen shook her head . "I agreed to Ye Mo to not leave unless he came . Now that he isn't here, I'm not going to leave . I will wait for him here . "

Yan Yan hesitated but Tang Mengrao nodded . "Jingwen is right, we can't leave . This room has no time limit, if we leave here we'll be in danger . "

Yan Yan wasn't dumb and almost immediately realized what Tang Mengrao meant .

Everyone fell silent, no one wanted to talk at this moment .

Three days later, the place calmed down again . Those cultivators came and left quickly .

It was of course very significant to reach the 36th domain . But so what if he didn't come out? No one cared about a dead cultivator .

Yue Chan worried about Ye Mo but she was also worried about the spirit stones . No one spoke of the spirit stones and she didn't dare to ask . It was as though they forgot people in here had bet .

It was the sixth day and Yan Yan was talking with Su Jingwen when her face changed . She was about to rush out but Tang Mengrao stopped her . "Don't rush, your brother is in the observing palace, that man won't dare to do anything to him . "

At the door to the observing palace, Yan Zhenxin who only had an arm and was covered in blood rushed in . Before he could go upstairs, however, someone stopped him . "The observing palace forbids fighting, but it's not a place for cultivators to avoid danger . "

Yan Zhenxin ignored this cultivator and yelled to the second floor, "Don't leave here, Xi Zhong Merchant Association is waiting . They want to capture brother Ye's wife!"

Yan Zhendong who was at the first level quickly held Yan Zhenxin and said with red eyes, "It is the Xi Zhong merchant association . "

The cultivator ignored Yan Zhendong and said to Yan ZHenxin again, "Please leave, no fighting cultivators are allowed in here . "

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